Best You Are My Life Quotes for Her

2024 Best You Are My Life Quotes for Her

Every woman in a man’s life, be it wife, lover, or girlfriend deserves a great measure of appreciation.

And every man that gets deep access into the heart of a woman does through affirmations and lovely endearments.

Words can’t be enough to express your love and appreciation for her. The import of this can never be undermined, neither is it something that can be overdone.

Just keep doing it and you will see her glow with more love of you in her heart.

Let’s take a ride. It promises to be fun all the way.

Here, you’ll find the best out of many ‘You Are My Life Quotes’ for Her to make 2024 more adorable for her.

You Are My Everything Quotes for Girlfriend

Romantic You Are My Everything Quotes and Sayings for Her (Girlfriend) that will make her love you more than you can even imagine.

1. My desire for you surpasses any human conception. My daily thought is all about you and no one else. I wish my life could remain like this because in you I’ve found a life worth living for. You’re my life.

2. Your beautiful smile gets into my head every single day. Those sparkling set of teeth brightens my heart and enlivens my day. I delight in your happiness, my angel.

3. You deserve the very best in life. And the best you can have is the love of me in your heart. I owe you my life to be with you till eternity.

4. Believe me, darling, I have never come to love any damsel like I do to you. You turn my life around and make me feel so good. You’re all I ever desire.

5. You hold the key into my heart. My heart beats daily for you. You’re my life baby.

6. I have lived my whole life preparing for the coming of my angel. I am so glad it’s you destiny brought my way. Now that you’re in my life I will devote my entirety to love and care for you.

7. How you came to possess everything I ever desire in a woman is still a mystery to me. I am completely immersed in your love and will live to adore you with every passion in me.

8. I will never trade my love for you with anyone else. My heart belongs to you alone. You’re mine for life.

9. The only thing I want now is to get more immersed in the pool of your love. I know I can always survive, but never to fall out of loving you. You’re my life!

10. Your good heart attracted me to you. You deserve a queenly treat for you’re such an amazing lady.

11. The fire of your love keeps burning in me. This love has come to stay and nothing will put out the fire.

12. I pledge to love, protect and shield you with my life. Your place is right beside me and I will follow this love up with my last breath.

13. For the love of you baby, I will place my ring on your finger, hang my diamond necklace around your neck. This will guide you against any distractor. I can’t bear the hurt of losing you.

14. Thank you for refusing the proposals of men who came ahead of me. Wouldn’t have had a place in your heart if you’ve given it out. Now I’m confident your heart is reserved for me alone. I will guide it safe till the very end.

15. We connect so easily and deeply, our hearts beat as one. We are more than friends. We are soul mates.

16. These few times I’ve been with you, your love has taught me so many things I’ve never learnt in past years. I will keep learning so I keep growing in my love of you.

17. A better person I’ve become ever since I started moving with you. I pray this love takes us beyond ordinary to our desired destination.

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18. How well we’ve grown deeply in love reveals every of your heartbeat I can read. I can feel when you’re happy and when you’re sad. But I long to make you ever happy and turn around your sadness.

19. My every thought of you brings smile to my handsome face. I look forward to having more beautiful experiences with you.

20. We dialogue with ease and reason amicably. Our mutual understanding is such that others can always emulate.

21. My desire for you surpasses any human conception. My daily thoughts are all about you and no one else. I need you badly my darling.

22. Your love comes so sweet and magical. I feel so lucky winning your heart and gaining your love. I wish your whole heart could be mine always. I love you endlessly.

23. You’re the only story I wish to tell the whole world. Our union makes a perfect match. You rock baby.

24. Listen, bae, the best description of your amazing personality is the fact that you possess beauty plus brain. I feel so lucky having you, my adorable princess.

25. I wish my life can remain this beautiful because in you I’ve found a life worth living for. You’re my life.

26. The eyes of a dove is nothing when compared to your sparkling set of eyes. Each time I look into those lovely eyes I feel great satisfaction within me. You’re my life and sunshine.

27. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever come across. I adore you with everything that breathes in me, my treasure.

28. It’s good to know that you’re happy with me. I promise to make you happier all through the year and beyond.

29. My seed of love has been planted in your heart, you’re the only right lady for me. I will keep watering till the love is fully grown and nurtured unto maturity

30. You’re the cool breeze that wakes me up every early morning my sunshine during the day. You calm my stormy heart and make my world so lively. You mean so much to me dearie.

31. You’re fair and lovely my dear. Kindhearted beyond words, beautiful beyond description. My darling, I cherish you ever.

32. Your good heart enchants me so greatly. You have stolen my heart with your ravishing beauty. Now I can’t help falling for you all over.

33. Everything about you is perfectly matched, just as you are perfectly handcrafted for me alone. My queen, I love the fact that you’re mine.

34. My heart couldn’t resist the touch of your love, as my desire rests on no one but you alone.

35. This love is highly dignified. You’ve come to fill a vacuum no one can. You’re such kind of woman I wouldn’t trade for silver nor gold. You are my everything.

36. You are an asset in disguise by adding values to me. You complement me in so many ways. I will also en-wrap you with my undying affection and impartial devotion.

37. Your absence all these while has been so unbearable. I want you so desperately. Can’t just wait till you totally become mine forever.

38. I have kept you so special like a secret garden, only my seed could be sown and to flourish withal. The fruits that come out of you are the finest, and the proceeds are bountiful. You’re my fertile land.

39. Your lips taste like honey. I wouldn’t mind to get drunk in your love having my lips on yours. Your kisses are the rarest and the sweetest I’ve ever had.

40. I am strong with the passion of searching for your beautiful soul all the while. Now that I have you, I promise you’ll be my lover till eternity.

41. Never have I been genuinely interested in anyone like I am in you. You will remain ever special in my heart.

42. Your noble character is a delight to many especially those who have come in contact with you. Your praise is always on everyone’s lips. I respect you for that, baby.

43. You’ve got such great power and influence, sweetheart. Little wonder I fell helplessly for your charm. Your love does me a lot of wonders.

44. I believe this strongly, babe. You and I are just meant to be. And together we shall live forever. You’re my life!

45. Not for a second do I ever doubt your love for me. I am also indebted to you, my love as I pledge to take care of you till eternity.

46. The feeling of sharing my life with you makes me more fortunate than anything else in this world. My heart beats round and round for you. You’re my life, angel.

47. There’s a lot I’ve learnt from you. For the memories shared together, and all the secrets you couldn’t withhold from me, all these make me feel more special as you are.

48. My queen, thank you for just being the best of you at every moment. Everything gladdens my heart as much as you do. You’re mine forever.

49. What more can I say? When all I have in the world is nothing but you. Now I am so rich in your love. Everything about you feels really good to me.

50. Heads turn, hands in acclamation, and praises rend the air everywhere I step. You are behind this great success. Thank you for your unwavering support.

51. This love is without end. I will stand right by you both in the good and the bad times. You mean the world to me.

52. A beautiful life is only achievable having someone like you to myself. I enjoy every bit of your company baby.

53. I wouldn’t have gone this far but for your staunch backing. I dedicate my life to making you happy all through the year and beyond.

54. I grin that my words thrill you and make you blush all the time. I love to see more of you in that light.

55. I’ve never felt this great until I met you. You’re simply the best thing in my wildest world that has ever happened to me.

56. I bless the day I first met you. The beauty in your eyes and soul endeared me towards you.

57. Your blotches and blights mean nothing to me because I know I have mine also. What matters now is my undying affection and desire of you.

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58. You’re the backbone of my highly esteemed breakthrough. I am forever indebted to you for your great influence on me.

59. Your heart is where I forever treasure to be. By your side lies the comfort, strength and encouragement I need to keep running. I want to build my empire around you.

60. The calmness of your voice in the early hours of each morning comforts me for the rest of the day. I long to hear you speak to me daily as I live.

61. The only place I’d long to build my abode is right inside your beautiful heart. Together we’ll live forever. You’re my life!

62. You shield my weaknesses. You got my back every blessed day. I’ll live to treasure the richness you brought into my life till eternity.

63. My soul is woken to your love. My heart throbs within with the heat of passion. I am wide open to the love you bring, darling. You’re the best for me.

64. For me, love is all that matters. So long it’s you I’m building my entirety around.

65. I’ve got no better life to live without you in the picture. You alone fit perfectly the void in my lonesome heart. You’re my life, baby.

66. I believe in the power of love. Your love comes so strong and blossoms like a deeply rooted tree. It grows and produces the finest fruits ever imagined. Thank you for being my angel.

67. You’re the only one I could take home to mama. My home is the place I’d long to have you stay till eternity.

68. Nothing compares to you, I’m at peace with you. You fit the perfect picture of the woman I’ve always dreamed of.

69. Your sweet words are ever comforting. Thank you for being the best woman and the only one I could rely on.

70. I’ve always come to life as you never cease to amuse me all the time. You’re fun to be with and always full of life. I find joy and excitement in your presence.

71. There’s never been any difficulty loving you unlike in time past. Everything about you seems easy and makes life worth living. I’m proud to be your king

72. For the love of you, so rich and amazing, so tempting and satisfying. You mean the whole universe to me. In fact, you are my everything.

73. Everything about you delights my heart. As I behold the beauty of your comeliness, I smile and pride in the reality of having you as mine.

74. My love for you – no money can buy, no water can quench, no river can sweep away, and no one can despise. It is ever priceless.

75. You’re the fairest among women, the delight of my heart, the lover of my soul, my life and everything.

76. I am rich in your love. I am satisfied with your presence. I am refreshed by your warm embrace. You’re all that matters to me.

77. Many words cannot describe you. You’re an embodiment of perfection to me. No one like you on this planet earth.

78. Your pure heart, your innocent look, your queenly poise, your perfect physique…all these thrills my heart. Everything about you is so enchanting and desirable.

79. You are perfectly sculpted to soothe my very taste. How gratifying to have you as mine.

80. Your presence commands attention. Your arrival turns all head. Your speech commands great ovation. You’re such a big asset.

81. My angel, you are a true beauty both within and without. You’ve made me a proud king and you are my elegant queen.

82. This feeling I get when I have you by my side always gives a stirring of being on a mountaintop, where we keep soaring and grooving till eternity.

83. You’re a valuable asset, no doubt. I will keep trying till I win your heart completely.

84. My loyalty is for just one woman. My love is for just only you. No one else but you my darling. You’re my life!

85. I’ve come to easily forget all the disappointment of the past, a result that your presence has brought me so much happiness. I look forward to a better and glorious future with you.

86. Your love came to me when I least expected. Now you occupy a big space no one ever filled. I’m not gonna hold back in loving like before. I will love you till eternity.

87. My princess, I might not have taken enough time to care for you as expect, but know for sure that I love you with my last breath.

88. You’re ever appreciated, you accept the worst of me, and celebrate the best of me. You’re too much my darling.

89. You’re the best memory I’ve ever had and still long to have more promising time with you, honey.

90. Everything about you is fun-filled. I treasure to spend more time, and time again with no one but you.

91. I have never cared for anyone as much as I do you. You are my life insurance and my future is secured with you. I won’t stop caring about you. You’re my life!

92. I wish to spend more time with you while we cuddle, and I stroke your hair, rub your back, massage your feet and catch some fun.

93. You have shown me what true love means with your real affection towards me. I have no fear to love again.

94. My greatest achievement this recent time is gaining your heart and attention. I pledge not to trade your love for nothing.

96. You’re a perfect help meet and a good support system chosen from above. You complement me in ways beyond compare.

97. Things started getting better the moment you took charge of the throne of my heart. My life is made complete with you in it.

98. You are the queen of my heart and the angel of my life. My love for you is endless and my desire of you is till eternity.

99. I could go to the mountain top and walk a thousand miles to reveal the extent of my affection. You mean so dearly to me.

100. My angel, I give you my heart, mind, soul and body. I know they are safe in your care because only you are capable of doing what no one else can do.

Trust you get the best of your desires from the quotes. Thanks for checking by.

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