Touching Miss You Quotes for Friends

Touching Miss You Quotes for Friends in 2024

Being in the company of the special people we call friends, makes us feel happy, loved, and creates a fun-filled atmosphere we always like to be in.”

But every now and then, the thing called distance tries to interrupt this fun and love atmosphere by taking our friends away from us.

When this happens, it can be really saddening, especially when there’s fear of not knowing if your friendship will survive the distance or not.

Rather than just wonder, and feel sad that your friend is not with you, why not send messages to him/her, to express how you feel, and how much you love and miss him/her.

There are many benefits of letting your friends know you miss them. It makes them know they are cherished, and the next time you get to be together, the time and moment are more valued.

Is your dear friend away in college, on vacation, or you simply haven’t seen or communicated with him/her in a while?

If yes, you’ll find in this collection, unique quotes and messages you can send to your friend to communicate how much you miss them, and make them want to rush back home just to see you.

I Miss You Quotes for Friends

I miss you quote for friends, miss you quotes for friends.

1. “I just discovered the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone. And that’s, being far away from one’s dear friends. I miss you so much, dear.”

2. “It hurts that you’re not here, and I miss you. It hurts much more that I can’t do anything about it, and won’t get to see you anytime soon.”

3. “I sincerely am not sure I’ll last another week without you. Everything’s just dry without you. I miss you, dear.”

4. “A snail won’t last too long without its shell, I doubt I would too, without you. I miss you deeply, my darling best friend.”

5. “A day feels like a year when friends are away from one another. It does truly feel like you’ve been gone for a year. I miss you dearly.” Quotation on Friendship

6. “I’m not happy, and you’re the cause. Come back home, and then, you’ll be the cure.”

7. “It’s at times like this, that I wish I had magical powers. I’ll have teleported myself right where you are. I miss you, dearie.”

8. “You’ve been away for just a month, and it feels like a year already. I miss you so much dear, can’t wait for your return.”

9. “I couldn’t wait for you to go and stop disturbing and teasing me. But now that you’re away, I can’t wait for you to be back. I miss you, my beloved friend.”

10. “Like 2 and 3, best friends are meant to always be side by side. I miss your not being here, dearie.”

Missing My Friends Quotes

Missing Friends Quotes, Missing My Friends Quotes, Missing My Best Friend Quotes.

11. “I’m seriously looking forward to the holidays, just so I can see you. I’ve missed you so much, friend.”

12. “I still wish we got to go to the same college. Friends should never be far away from one another. I miss you a lot.”

13. “It’s really unfair that I miss you so much, and can do nothing about it, but wait till the end of the year, before seeing you again.”

14. “The word ‘Distance’, just officially became my worst word ever. I miss you so much, dear friend.”

15. “I’ve just been sad and moody since you left. Only you can bring out the happy and playful side of me. I miss you, my dearest friend.” Sweet Birthday Message for My Best Friend

16. “Life without you, my friend, is like a body without a soul, lifeless. I miss you so much.”

17. “My only prayer is that this distance doesn’t make us grow far apart. I miss you so much, my dearest friend.”

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18. “I’ll give anything just to come see you, and spend some time with you. I’ve missed you a lot.”

19. “I miss you a lot and sometimes wonder if you miss me as much. Come back soonest, my friend.”

20. “WhatsApp, Facebook chats, and Skype are good. But, what’s the use if I can’t get a warm hug from my best friend? I hope you’ll return very soon.”

I Miss My Best Friend Quotes

I Miss You My Best Friend Quotes, Best Missing You Quotes for Friend, Lovely Missing Quotes For Best Friend.

21. “I was wondering why I was hurting so much, and why my heart felt so heavy, then, I remembered I’ve not seen you in a long while. I miss you so much, my dear friend.”

22. “I was considering getting myself another best friend, but, I realised no one can be you. I miss you so much.”

23. “I’m a mess when you’re not around me. Come back to me soon, my dear. I can’t survive too long without you.”

24. “No matter how many new friends I make, there’ll never be any that can replace you. I miss you, my one of a kind friend.”

25. “How could you have gone without me? Don’t you know best friends are always meant to be together? Now, I miss you so much.”

26. “I won’t stop sending you ‘I miss you’ texts till you return. So, you can understand how much I really do.”

27. “If wishes were horses, I’ll be right beside you now, seeing our favourite movie with you. I miss you, my friend.”

28. “I miss you so much, but only when I’m awake. I dream about you every night cos I miss you so dearly.”

29. “I can’t stop thinking about the memories we share, and how good I feel when you’re with me. I miss you, bestie.”

30. “My newest favourite pastime is missing you.”

Missing Best Friend Quotes

Missing Quotes for Best Friend, I Miss You My Best Friend Quotes.

31. “I didn’t think it was possible to miss someone as much as I miss you right now. Come back soon, my dear best friend.”

32. “I never thought I’ll have to say this, but I miss you so much than you can imagine. Come home soon.”

33. “It’s been a while since we spent some quality time together. I miss you, dearie, let’s hang out soon.”

34. “I know I act all strong, but the truth is, I miss you deeply. Can’t wait for you to be back from your trip.”

35. “I feel like I’m all alone in the world, whenever you’re far away from me. I hope you’re planning to come home soon?”

36. “The worst experience I’ve had is having you being taken away from me by college. I miss you so much, dearie, I hope to come see you soon.”

37. “I’ve missed you so much, dear. I hope you miss me too. Prove it by coming home tomorrow.”

38. “I’m sorry if I said anything that sounded like I didn’t care. I really do, and I miss you so much.”

39. “I’m sorry I’ve not had time to visit you as I promised. I’ve sincerely missed you so much, and wish I could run away from all I’m doing now, just to spend some time gisting with you.”

40. “I miss my world’s most favourite person. That person is you.”

I Miss You Best Friend

Missing My Best Friend Quotes, I Miss My Best Friend Quotes.

41. “You’re probably wondering why I’ve sent you so many messages this week. It’s just my way of telling you, I miss you.”

42. “Though we’ve not spoken in a really long while, I do think about you and miss you a lot.”

43. “You might have moved away from here to a place very far away, but you never moved from my heart. I miss you every day.”

44. “I thought you were too troublesome when you were here, but, now that you’re gone, I deeply crave those troubles of yours. Anything, just as long as I get to see you. I miss you, dear.”

45. “You are one of those special friends that can never be forgotten, irrespective of distance and communication gap. I miss you so much, dear.”

46. “It’s been a while I laughed out really loud. It’s cos only you can make me laugh with all my heart. I miss you, my friend.”

47. “I miss all our gists and gossips, I miss us spending the night just talking about boys, and sharing our hopes and dreams. Most importantly, I miss you, my dearest friend.”

48. “Truth is, I can’t fully explain how much I miss you, in words. Only my heart truly understands, if only it could talk. Come back soon, my friend.”

49. “I’ve made quite a number of new friends here, but, it’s nothing close to what we shared. I miss you so much, dearie.”

50. “I know you probably don’t miss me as much as I miss you, but that won’t stop me from missing you and letting you know I do.”

Quotes About Missing Your Best Friend

Amazing Quotes About Missing My Best Friend, Lovely Quotes for Missing My Best Friend.

51. “I thought it will be easy to make new friends and move on. But, I’ve come to realise that it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of friends. I miss you a lot.”

52. “A day’s not complete till I speak to you, my darling friend. I miss you a lot, and can’t wait to see and hug you.”

53. “We used to be inseparable, what happened to us? I miss you so much, my friend, please, let’s not allow distance put an end to us.”

54. “I miss all that you are and do. I miss your smile, I miss everything about you. I’m seriously looking forward to seeing you again.”

55. “If all the tears I’ve shed since you left were stored, I’ll be swimming in a pool of tears right now. I miss you so much, and still can’t believe I might never get to see you again.”

56. “Friends should never have to go through the pain of being apart. I miss you so much and hope we’ll get to see soon.”

57. “You’re beyond my sight and reach, but can never be beyond my heart and thoughts. I miss you so much, my friend.”

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58. “On the top of my wishlist, is for my best friend to come back home to me. We are better together, not apart. I miss you so much.”

59. “I have missed you, I miss you, I’m missing you, in fact, you’re missing from me… I believe you get the point.”

60. “It’s no cliche when I tell you I miss you. I really do, and didn’t think I will this much. Come back soonest, dear.”

I Miss You My Friend Quotes

I Miss My Best Friend Quotes, Quotes On Missing My Very Best Friend.

61. “You left, and it felt like a part of me was torn from me. I miss you, my darling friend, much more than I ever thought possible.”

62. “I can’t believe I’m actually missing you as much as I do right now.”

63. “I’ve been staring at your pictures since morning, but, what I really want is to hug you, and tell you how much I miss you.”

64. “I tried playing scrabble on my phone, but, it’s not even close to when I play it with you. I miss you, dear.”

65. “I won’t stop missing you, till I get to see you again.”

66. “I miss our morning jogs, and evening walks. I miss all we used to do together. I miss you.”

67. “My heart and soul misses yours in unimaginable ways. Come back soonest, dearest friend.”

68. “Now that you’re away, there’s no one to laugh at my jokes and encourage me as you do. I miss you a lot.”

69. “I was looking forward to having my alone time, while you’ll be away this weekend. But, right now, I just want to be where you are. I miss you already.”

70. “Every time I hear the sound of a car outside, I keep looking outside my window, hoping you’re back. I miss you so much, dear.”

I Miss You Best Friend Quotes

Best Collections On I Miss You  Quotes, Missing You Quotes For Best Friend.

71. “I know it’s been a while we talked, but I want you to know my heart never stopped thinking about you. I miss you, dear.”

72. “Even if you go all the way to the end of the world, my heart will never stop missing you.”

73. “I started my countdown to the Christmas holiday today, just because I really can’t wait to see you. Miss you plenty.”

74. “I never knew how important your presence in my life was until you travelled. When will you be back? I miss you too much.”

75. “Since you left, I’ve tried to not think about you, but my heart has been unable to do same.”

76. “I made a pact with my heart, that we won’t miss you, no matter how long you’ll be away for. It’s just a week, and my heart already broke the deal.”

77. “I doubt I’ve had a deep laugh since you travelled. I miss your funny jokes, my dear friend. I miss you.”

78. “Distance seems to have succeeded in pulling us apart, but, my heart is willing to fight it till the end. I’ve not stopped missing you.”

79. “No other person can take your place in my heart, my dearest friend. No matter how long you take, I’ll be right here, waiting to receive you home. I miss you, buddy.”

80. “I miss the way you tease me and make me blush. I miss the ways you pamper and take care of me when I’m ill. I miss you a lot, my dearest friend.”

Missing Your Friend Quotes

Lovely Missing Quotes For Best Friend, I Miss Quotes For Friend.

81. “All of me misses all of you, my wonderful best friend.”

82. “Would you believe me if I told you I’ve not had a good meal since you left? I miss your delicious meals. I actually mean I miss you, and the meals too.”

83. “It would have been better if I could pull you out of the numerous memories that are roaming my mind tonight. I miss you really much, my friend.”

84. “If I could fly, I’ll be right where you are now. I miss you so much, and I’ve got many gists for you. Come back soon.”

85. “Thoughts of you make me smile and shed tears at the same time. I miss you unrepentantly, bestie of life.”

86. “The fact that I’m missing you isn’t what’s paining me. It’s the fact that I can’t just vex, and decide to come see you because you’re at the other end of the world. I miss you a lot, my dearest friend.”

87. “Friends like you are rare, and I can’t help but miss your presence.”

88. “You, my darling friend, are the brother I never had, and life’s best gift to me. It hurts to be away from you. I miss you so much.”

89. “I miss you already. I just can’t get enough of you, and I wish we never had to stay apart.”

90. “No matter how sad I felt, your smile was always able and quick to replicate itself on my face. I miss you so much.”

Miss You Dear Friend

I Miss You Quotes For Dear Friend, Missing You Quotes For Dear Friend.

91. “I think I’m addicted to my best friend’s presence. I actually am, and I miss you so much right now.”

92. “Is there anything I can say or do to make you change your mind, and come back soonest? I miss you.”

93. “How do you expect me to survive for a whole month without you? You just left, and I’m already missing you.”

94. “Hey buddy, isn’t it time to come home yet? Some people are missing you here.”

95. “I was very okay before you came into my life, and now, I can’t even spend a day without seeing you. I miss you already, my darling friend.”

96. “Since you left, I’ve just been here, waiting for your return. I’ll do nothing else till you return. I miss you.”

97. “I feel like I was the one that pushed you away. Please forgive me and come back. I miss you so much.”

98. “If I could pull you out from my phone, I’ll have done that a long time ago. I miss you so much, bestie.”

99. “I miss you my dear friend and a special cheerleader. It’s been a while, and I don’t like being away from you for too long.”

100. “When will I see my pretty friend again? I’ve missed you so much, let’s meet up soon.”

I Miss My Friends So Much

Quotes On Missing You Friends So much, I Miss my Friend So Much Quotes.

101. “Everything here reminds me of you. The atmosphere is just so different because you’re not around. I look forward to your return, dear. I’ve missed you much.”

102. “You’re irreplaceable, my darling friend. I miss you so much and long for the day we’ll be reunited.”

103. “We used to spend a lot of time together, and have so much fun, what happened to us? I miss you, my dear friend, it’s been a while.”

104. “I remain forever grateful for having a rare gem as you, in my life. I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you.”

105. “Things are not the same without you here. I miss you so much, my darling friend. Please come back soonest.”

106. “Was going through my gallery this morning, and so many wonderful memories were brought back to mind. It’s been long I had so much fun, I miss you a lot, my friend.”

107. “Thoughts of you just crossed my mind, and it dawned on me that I’ve not seen you in almost a month. I’ve missed you, dear.”

108. “We are all grown up now, and that’s understandable, but I don’t want to understand why we’re growing apart. I miss you a lot, and I want us to never stop being friends.”

109. “There’s nothing like having a friend that’s always there, and one to share every moment with. I miss you a lot, dear, come back soon.”

110. “You’re physically far away, but, right here and present in my thoughts. I miss you, my friend.”

Caption For Missing Friends

Caption Quotes For Missing My Friends, Lovely Caption For Missing My Friends.

111. “I was doing something silly this morning and could hear your voice in my head, yabbing me. I miss you a lot, can’t wait to see you.”

112. “My definition of fun is the time spent with you, my best friend. I miss you, dear.”

113. “It just dawned on me that we might not get to see each other until the end of the year. I miss you much, dear.”

114. “Come back as soon as possible, or I’ll come over there to bring you home myself. I’ve missed you.”

115. “I know we still talk like almost every day, but, what I really want is to see you, and hug you. I’ve missed you so much.”

116. “Dear holiday, come quickly and let my best friend come home. I miss her already.”

117. “I saw you in my dream yesterday, and you said you will be back very soon, I hope that’s really true, and it wasn’t my mind playing tricks. I’ve missed you so much.”

118. “I wish you were here to help me through this tough time. I miss you more even now, my dearest friend.”

119. “I know I was the one that started this quarrel, and initiated the distance, but, I’ve realised my mistakes now. I miss you so much, please forgive me.”

120. “I feel so incomplete when you’re not here. I never understood how deeply connected we had become until you had to be away for this long. I miss you, my dear.”


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