Encouraging Words for Family of Sick Person

2020 Best Encouraging Words for Family of Sick Person

The family is an integral part of life. No human on earth exists without coming from a family. Though there might be a separation, death, or sickness that tears the family apart, they are bound to come back together again in love and with a caring heart. Each member of the family is as important as the other and every family should love each other equally, but when sickness holds a member down, how devastating it feels.

Such moments make every member of the family weary. No one loves to see a part of them in pains. Waking up every morning, best encouraging words for the family of a sick person will be a source of inspiration to stay strong for the sick family member. We do not pray we get sick, but we also know sickness do come in at intervals to temper with our peace. I thought about this and here you have 2020 best encouraging words for the family of a sick person. Be there for a family this year with these sweet encouraging words.

Inspiring Messages for Sick Person’s Family

Since you already know how it feels for the family of this special person, your inspiring and encouraging words will go a long way to help them. Send encouraging words for family of sick person, friend or special person and be glad you did.

1. I’m sorry to hear about the pain you’re going through having your loved one with a health challenge. Please stay strong and keep praying. All will be well.

2. It must be hard waking up each morning to the sight of a sick family member. I pray for quick recovery and that you will have joy always.

3. Whatever it is that has tempered with your peace this season, I believe God will restore you and comfort you and everyone in your family.

4. I want you to know that this too will pass. Be strong and of good courage. Everything will be alright.

5. Health is yours in the family and I pray every sickness give way to perfect health. It is well with your family this time.

6. He will be well. Trust God and pour your heart to Him. He will come through for you.

7. I’m sorry your family has to go through this. Seeing one of you sick can be challenging. I pray you get comforted this time and always.

8. I wish your family member a quick recovery. I know the fellow is dear to your heart as you share the same blood in your vein. Please, be strong for him and put your hopes in God.

9. It will be well, I assure you. I’m praying for you and your family.

10. I pray she gets better fast! Every complication will be erased. It is well with you all in the family.

11. I send my love and prayers to you and your family this moment. Every sickness will end in health.

12. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, I pray your hopes will be fulfilled and health will return to the family again.

13. Sickness will not overcome any member of your family. There will be a quick recovery for him.

14. I pray you find strength to keep going at this moment you have a sick family member. It is well with you.

15. He will get better fast, believe me. My prayers are with you and your family.

16. The family might be in a downcast state at the moment, but I need you to be strong for everyone. You can do it!

17. I wish for your family member a complete and restful recovery. Believe that it will be well.

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18. I’m sorry to hear about your sick sibling. I pray she gets better soon.

19. Family means so much and I can imagine what you feel having a member on a sick bed. I pray health and peace for the family.

20. Please, be strong. Your sibling will be glad to stand up from his sick bed with you beside him all happy.

21. That look of worry will make the family have more sick persons. Please, cheer up for the sake of others. It will be well.

22. I’m sorry about the sudden health challenge and I believe it won’t be more than this. I’m praying for you.

23. This must really be a tough time for you, but I want you to know that it will soon pass and it will end in praise.

24. You all will rock together again. The sickness is not forever. Be encouraged!

25. I know you’re thinking of your family member that is sick at this time. I want you to understand that it will be well.

26. God is visiting you and the family. It will be a quick recovery for the family member.

27. I pray she heals quickly and experience health in her body. Be encouraged that it is well.

28. I imagine how the family must feel right now. It will only get better, by God’s grace.

29. The hospital doesn’t need your brother as much as you do. So don’t worry. He will be fine and they will release him soon.

30. I wish your family member who is sick a quick recovery. There’s joy in your heart.

31. Speedy recovery for your family member. It will only get better by God’s grace.

32. Health is wealth and I pray your family experience the fullness of the two. Stay strong!

33. Sorry for the sudden trauma of seeing your brother in severe pain. I believe he’ll get better. Instead of worrying, pray for him.

34. It is well with you and your family and it will end with positive news.

35. I believe she is getting better now? Your faith is making her healthy. Keep believing!

36. Good health is what I wish your family. Please, don’t stop praying. She will be fine.

37. Sending your family healing for their hearts and vitality for the sick member.

38. I know I might not really understand how it feels, but I have a little idea. Be of good courage.

39. I hope he gets well soon. The family is incomplete without him. It will be a speedy recovery.

40. See me sending the whole family my love at this time. It will be well.

41. Cheer your heart, you will need to be strong for others in the family.

42. You can give your sibling who is sick a reason to fight and be healthy with your smile. So smile now.

43. God be with your family at this time. There will be no record of loss. Be encouraged.

44. Health will be a norm in the family henceforth. It is well with you.

45. Get ready for happiness. You will experience it in a full package because your sibling won’t be sick for long.

46. I bid farewell to every form of sickness looming in the family. My heart is with you.

47. I pray your family member gets well soon. You are strengthened to stay strong.

48. I know the devil is trying to distract you with this sickness, but he has failed. My prayers are with you and the family.

49. Health, happiness, that is what your family will always experience. Please, ignore the pain of this moment and focus on the recovery ahead.

50. Wellness, I believe your sick family member will begin to experience it from now on.

51. Everything within me tells me your family member won’t be sick for long. I hope you believe that? Be of good courage.

52. I’m thinking of you during this time and I’m praying for you and your family. Stay strong.

53. My prayers are with you as I wish your family strength to be there for the sibling with frail health at this moment.

54. I hope she gets back on her feet soon. It is possible. Keep believing!

55. I’m sending you love to encourage your heart at this time. It is well with you.

56. I believe your family member will walk on the path of good health again. It is well with you!

57. Good tidings of health is what I believe I’ll get from your family. Be strong!

58. We will celebrate the recovery of your family member. It won’t always be like this. Stay strong!

59. I’m sending a get well soon to your family member this time. God be with the family.

60. May you bloom with strength as you stand strong for your family member. God be with you.

61. My heart goes to your family at this time. I pray for you that your sibling will return to you soon and healthy.

62. I pray for quick recovery and a good health for your family member.

63. Good health is what I pray for your family member at this time.

64. I pray his recovery wi be healthy and sound. My prayers are with your family at this time.

65. Receive the grace to be strong for your family at this time. My thoughts are with you.

66. I’m thinking of you always and I’m praying along with you. Please, be strong for the family.

67. I’m sending your family all the strength from above. This will end in joy.

68. I hope she gets well soon. I’m sending you my good thoughts for a time as this.

69. I know your sibling didn’t wish to be sick, but it came suddenly and now she needs you to be strong for her. It is well with you and the family.

70. I pray your family experiences peace to keep moving at this time. I’m praying for you.

71. Your family needs your full attention. Please, be strong for them.

72. You are in the family for a time as this. Play your role by being strong for them.

73. I’m praying for you that your good thoughts over your family member comes true.

74. I might not have the right words to encourage you in a time as this, but please, be strong!

75. I’m always praying for you and your family that things come back to normal and there will be celebration over the family member who is sick.

76. I hope he comes back on his feet, healthy and strong. You are not alone. God is with you!

77. During this time, I hope you still find reasons to pray. It is essential for you and the family. Be of good courage.

78. My prayers and thoughts have been with you since I heard the news. She will be fine, believe me.

79. I know it must be hard on you at this time, but please, be encouraged.

80. She will recover well! And she will need you when she is healthy. So put up your best smile and be strong.

81. I’m sending all my best wishes to you and your family. I believe you are strong and you know this will soon pass!

82. Be strong and sound. Your sick family member won’t be sick forever, that I can assure you.

83. You’re not alone. I’m praying for you to be courageous at this time.

84. I know how it feels seeing someone you love in pains. It will only get better and every pain will subside.

85. Your days will be lively together again as a family. Health will return.

86. I pray she keeps feeling better every day. Good health will return to the family.

87. I know you’re waiting eagerly for his recovery. It is will come sooner than you expect.

88. I know you have a lot of plans on things to do together as a family and this sudden sickness seems to be an obstacle. It won’t last long and happy times will return to the family again.

89. I know you feel without a complete family, you can’t feel joy. I’m praying for you that health will be restored to your family.

90. Be strong and of good courage, everything will soon fall in place and there will be a quick recovery for your sick sibling.

91. I’m sending you everything positive at this time. I hope you get encouraged to stand for your family at this time.

92. My healing thoughts are strong for your family. I’m praying for you. It is well with you.

93. A fast recovery for your family member that is sick at this time. I pray for quick healing and joy in the family.

94. I pray that the fun you missed as a family will become fun again as your sibling recovers fully. It is well with you.

95. I’m sending you and your family good wishes of strength for a time as this.

96. He will experience fun again and it will be in health. Be strong for him and encourage your family to do likewise.

97. I pray your strength be renewed every day and in the midst of this, please be positive. It is well with you and your family.

98. A healthy family is a happy family. I pray health be restored to the one member who is sick at this time.

99. Never let go or be discouraged about your family member’s health. I believe he will be healthy and come back to the family again.

100. Here’s my heartfelt prayer for you and the family. God be with you all and keep you strong in a moment like this.

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