Happy Birthday Letters to Your Best Friend

We often come by people who are willing to be our friends, especially when the going is good. But not so often do we meet the ones who actually make friendship worthwhile during the ebbs and flows of life.

To have a best friend in a crazy and dynamic world is to be blessed uncommonly. Thus, when special moments of a good ally comes by, it’s wise of us to celebrate them just as we would our family.

One of the most pleasant ways to do just that is to put pen to paper by simply sending them a happy birthday letters to your best friend with its width and length enough to pour down your heartfelt wishes for them.

Here are arrays of the best birthday letters you could ever send to a best friend. The most special attribute of these birthday letters is their capacity to make your bestie be forever yoked with you.

Because you desire that, start with any one of these letters.

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Your Best Friends

When you wish to express your feelings of love and gratitude for your special/best friends, these happy birthday paragraphs or letters for best friends are the best for Him of her.

1. A Special Gift For A Unique Friend. 
Your birth anniversary has become a part of me, my friend. I look forward to your birthday as I do mine. You’re more than a friend to me; you’ve become my saviour in times of hardship and my helper in times of difficulties. I have a special gift for a unique friend like you; I’ll pour down my prayers on you like many showers of rain. I’ll read your birthday poems that will melt your heart away. A best friend is a rare gift from God. I’m glad I got you from the Most High. As you begin this new year of your life, dream new dreams and make your goals your focus. I love you so much, bestie and I promise to keep on loving you until you grow old beside me. Many happy returns.

2. There’s Something Special About Your Birthday.
Many are the days in a year. However, there’s something special about your birthday. The sun rises more majestically on every birthday you mark. The sky appears to celebrate with the earth once it’s your day. You’re the luckiest of all the Earthlings. I’ll never miss your birthday for anything else in the world. You’ve been with me more than a friend should. Now, you make me call you my family. Happy birthday to you, best friend. As you age each day, your joy will never know any bound. Your peace will spread throughout your body and mind. May the good things of life give you a warm embrace. I love you from the earth to heaven and from the galaxies down to the soils of the earth.

3. I’ll Sing You A New Song.
Today makes it another day you brought smiles to your loved ones. You came into the world with tiny little feet, but today, you’ve blossomed into a magnificent angel dwelling amongst humans. I love your heart of friendship. It has poised me to sing you a new song every day of my life. I promise to be that friend you’ll always be proud of. I vow to make you smile when the world tries to take your breath away. May this new age of your life bring you the love you’ve been waiting for. May it birth the happiness you’ve never known before. I love you much more than a friend. You’re the best thing to ever spring out of my world. All of your wishes are granted, for the earth rejoices with you. Live long and smile wholly. Happy birthday, bestie.

4. I Love Your Birthday As Much As I Love You.
A little confession wouldn’t hurt. Thus, I confess that I love your birthday as much as I love you. Bestie, you walked into my life when the world left me by my lonesome. You kept me warm as I was dying of cruelty melted on me. Nothing would ever come in between our friendship and if it ever does, I’ll fight for us. Your breath makes me want to live life more with you. You make everything beautiful as long as you’re part of it. Thus, my life has become a part of the beauty you make. I love you more than I can tell. Tell me what you need, and I’ll get you the world. Keep smiling as this day goes by. I promise to make a beautiful birthday pearl for you. You deserve more than that. Happy birth anniversary, bestie.

5. I’ll Design The Best Birthday Gift for You.
You become fairer than the sun once it’s your birthday. Each strand of your hair glows with pride as you age gracefully. I’ll design the best birthday gift for you, cause you deserve that and more. Tell me the greatest artifact you desire and I’ll give it to you like the best potter. Let your birthday remind you of your dreams. Let it birth your strength to make them come true. I wish you happiness and love. I wish you your greatest desire. Let not your heart be troubled. Never fill your mind with the things you’re yet to achieve. Be grateful for today. It’s such a beautiful thing to celebrate a new year. I love you, my darling friend. Together, let’s make today special.

6. I Hope this New Age Gives You All that You’ve Ever Dreamed of.
In the hurdles and wins of life, a friend is needed to carry on. A true friend was born at a time the world thought nothing was happening, but now we know better, for your light has shone the love we need the most and has birthed the faith we need to carry on. Happy birthday, bestie. Sometimes, I want you as a sister, other times as a lover and all the time as a friend that you are already to me. Know this now and it’s true; I’ll do anything for you and give anything to you. I hope this new age gives you all that you’ve ever dreamed of in the light of peace and love. May your legs walk the path of honor and grace. May you find peace even in the storms of life. Be my best friend forever, sweetheart.

7. So, on this Remarkable day of Bliss, Let Me Be the First to Remind You.
I’ll mount the highest mountains with courage, fight the wildest battles with bravery and win the deadliest fight as long as I got my best friend with me. So, on this remarkable day of bliss, let me be the first to remind you that you’re loved by me, appreciated by all, and admired by the eyes that behold you. I wish you many more years of substance and love, peace and tranquility, forgiveness and serenity, prosperity and gaiety. Know this much is true; I’ll hold on to this friendship, cause we are worth fighting for and to you, for you’re worth the treasures of my present and future. Happy birthday, bestie. If cakes wouldn’t do, I promise you, all my love until when eternity beckons on us.

8. Happy Birthday to the Friend I Wouldn’t Exchange for the Finest Gold.
Wines ain’t tasty without a friend to dine with, life is all gloomy when a bestie goes missing. Happy birthday to the friend I wouldn’t exchange for the finest gold. Gracefully, have you colored my world with the goodness of your heart. You’ve given meaning to my life with every moment of fun we’ve had together. Your words are more than inspiring, for they heal and cure. Your hugs are not just friendly but embedded with the grace of peace and elation. I’ll send prayers to the heavens until the night comes, I’ll adorn every second with kind wishes of peace and prosperity. I hope you have all your needs met, cause mine you have met without refrain.

9. Best Days are For Besties.
Every day are with friends but the best days are for besties. Happy birthday to the friendliest friend of my world. You’ve celebrated my wins and erased my losses with encouraging hugs. I’ll choose you over fine gold, cause our friendship has birthed more valuable treasures. I hope your days are as many as the leaves of the forest and as colorful as the rainbows in the sky. May your cup be full with prosperity, may your grass remain green and with peace shall you lay on it. May we have new friends, but remain best friends until forever. May we have new dreams but hold on to our old dreams of togetherness till a new world comes.

10. Age with the Wrinkles of Victory and Prosperity.
Life hasn’t been the same with you by my side, for all troubles are now gone since worries have slowly faded away by the strength of your support. I’ve since found a good friend in you, hence, I’ll give the medal of a best friend to you. Age with the wrinkles of victory and prosperity live with the happiness of a victor. Happy birthday, bestie. Your light pierces through the dark with the force of love. Your charm lies in the peace you serenade my heart with. You’ve shown me your dream, I hope the stars lead you to the path of its realization. You’ve given me your all, I hope you find love that is true and prosperity that blesses. May the support of the angels build you a new world of fulfilment here on earth. I love you, bestie. And I’ll show it for the rest of our lives.

11. With my whole heart, I wish you nothing but joy. May every emptiness you feel within be filled with love. Happy birthday, best friend.

12. May this new age be full of beautiful adventures. May you create new and lovely memories each day of this age. Happy birthday, bestie.

13. I looked above and beneath me, yet I find no one like you. Indeed, a best friend is a rare gem. Enjoy your birthday with every fibre of your being.

14. May everything good become so easy for you to get like a breeze. May the earth succumb to your heartfelt desires. Happy birth anniversary, my dear.

15. It’s such a beautiful thing to have you as my bestie. Even more beautiful is the grace of seeing you grow old. Happy birthday, sweety.

16. May this day be more colourful than a rainbow. Happy birthday, bestie. May your soul never be troubled and your peace never be taken away.

17. May you be blessed than you ever envisaged. May your dreams come alive every day of your life. Happy birth anniversary, best friend.

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18. Happy birthday, dearie. May every gloom in your sky be turned into sunshine. Live long and prosper, beautiful.

19. Happy birthday, bestie. You made my childhood unique and beautiful. May the rest of your life remain awesome and rich in glory.

20. Happy birthday, best friend forever. Embrace the warmth of a new age and relish the pleasantness of good wishes.

21. May you be far from sorrow, but find your peace in prosperity and happiness. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

22. When I think of today, you come first to my mind. May your beauty be more fascinating than the most beautiful landscape. Enjoy your day.

23. May you receive the warmest welcome into this new age of your life, bestie. Enjoy your new age.

24. Have yourself a magical birthday free from worries and blemishes. I love you, bestie.

25. Happy birthday, dearie. I hope every good gift makes a stopover at your abode for you deserve that and so much more.

26. May you be drenched in goodness. May your spirit be awakened into everlasting joy. Happy birthday, best friend.

27. May your joy know no bound. May every shade of darkness be turned to light. Happy birthday, dear.

28. Make the most of this new age, for you’ll only be this old once in your life. Leap for joy and let your joy be known. Happy birthday, sweety.

29. Happy birthday, bestie. May your aim this year be achieved before your next birthday. Do well to celebrate yourself today as the world celebrates with you.

30. I pray you find happiness and love. I pray joy be bestowed on you like morning dew. Happy birthday, dear friend.

31. May you fear nothing, but be bold and kind for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, bestie.

32. Let the past remain in the past. Begin a new journey today and do well to live each day to the maximum. Happy birthday, honey.

33. May you obtain your heartfelt desires, for this new age of yours is made for wonders. I’m happy you’ve clocked a new age. Happy birthday.

34. Tell me what you need, bestie. I’ll love to make your dream come true today. For you, I’ll search the world for the greatest treasure of all.

35. May your good heart be rewarded by the angels today. May you be honoured and celebrated like the king that you are. Happy birthday, best friend.

36. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I choose to appreciate you today than any other day, cause it’s your birthday. Smile for me.

37. I have one thing to ask of you; never stop loving, for true love will find you as you do so. Happy birthday to my childhood friend.

38. You’ve been the only friend I can truly call a friend. Happy birthday, dear. May heavens make you happy and may the earth never stand in the way of your joy.

39. You look better than you were yesterday. May the rest of your life keep getting better than the days behind you. I love you, best friend. Happy birth anniversary.

40. You’re the reason behind the warmth of the earth today. Your beauty is seen on every surface of the earth. Happy birthday to my best friend.

41. Thank you for been there over the years. Thank you for being my angel when I was surrounded by demons. Thank you for ultimately saving me. Happy birthday to my dearest friend.

42. With you, I don’t need one more friend. May our bond never be broken. May you never be fed up with life. May you always find reasons to smile.

43. Happy birthday, dear friend. May today be the best day of your life so far. May you be fulfilled and joyful till a new year comes.

44. Happy birthday, dear. Do not forget to be happy. Reflect on your past victories and see just how far you’ve come. Wishing you a prosperous new age.

45. I discovered myself because I found you. You’re the friend everyone needs. Happy birthday, bestie.

46. I wish I had known you all my life. Happy birthday, dear. Just say the word, and I’ll bring your dreams to pass.

47. I love the kindness that resides in your heart. You have taught me to be better. Happy birthday, my angel in form of a friend.

48. You’re the truest friend I ever had all my life. It’s your day today and my heart can’t help but bless the day you were born. Happy birthday, dear.

49. You make everything feel better even when the world comes falling down. Happy birthday to a friend indeed.

50. With your support, I’ve overcome so many battles. Thank you for being my anchor. May you see many more years.

51. Happy birthday, dear. May your youthful years be so fulfilling. May your old age be so peaceful and pleasant.

52. Happy birthday, my best friend. May the rest of your life be the best part of your chronicle on earth. Live long and stay blessed.

53. Happy birthday, dear. Make your wishes and the angels would go to work on your behalf. As for me, I wish you true love.

54. Happy birthday, honey. You’re the friend everyone hopes to have. I’m glad that I have you. May you live long to enjoy the benefits of your kind heart.

55. Happy birthday, my best friend forever. Not a single day will go by without you being happy. I love you and I’ll live to let you know that.

56. I have not your romantic kisses but the outpour of your love has done my soul well. Happy birthday, bestie. May the sun that gives light dwell in the core of your heart.

57. I don’t just want to share glasses of wine with you, but my life with you. Happy birthday, bestie. May you be surrounded by the things you dream and long for.

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58. You make every day the best it can be. Hence, you’re my best friend. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May the heavens bless you with earthly and heavenly blessings.

59. When the sun shines, may wealth and health be bestowed on you. When the moon glows, may peace and love be your portion. Happy birthday, bestie.

60. I’m elated to be a part of this new age. May the songs of victory not depart from your lips, thenceforward. Happy birthday, bosom friend.

61. I light the candles of hope, happiness, prosperity, and peace on your behalf. Age in the most pleasurable manner ever. Happy birthday, my best friend.

62. We’ve come a long way, but even longer I am willing to go with you. Happy birthday, bestie. May the odds be in your favor.

63. How much joy it gives knowing you were born! Happy birthday, sweetie. For every loss experienced in the past, I hope you have countless blessings to showoff.

64. To my soulmate and sister; I wish you the most befitting new year ever. May your lips sing new songs of joy. Happy birthday, my darling.

65. Nothing else matters but the smile you give. And many more shall you radiate to the world you live in. Happy birthday, bestie.

66. The earth gained an angel as I gained a best friend on this historical day of perfect happiness. Happy birthday, bestie. May you never miss all the blessings in store for you.

67. As we move from day to day, I hope you receive heaven’s warmth and favor, earth’s riches, and glory. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you more than you know.

68. I won’t make wishes for you but send prayers to heavens to bless you beyond measure, announce you in the full glare of noblemen and women. Happy birthday, my beloved. Savor the tastiest wine and dishes.

69. I never thought I could have a friend like you, but of the benevolence of the most high, I am blessed with you. Happy birthday, bestie. I wish you many years of perfect happiness and love.

70. You’ve made me feel special over the years. Your words have saved me through it all. Happy birthday, my bestie. I wish you a myriad of blessings and favor.

71. To my friendliest friend; I wish you blessings numbering as the stars, favor much more than the sea sands. Have an enjoyable new year.

72. From your hands came the support and love I needed. In your arms, I’ve found unquantifiable hope renewed. Happy birthday, best friend. May the heavens say yes and amen to your prayers.

73. I’ll celebrate your birth all the years of my life, I’ll sing your song as long as my voice rises in the morning. Happy birthday, angel. Wishing you colorful years of love and prosperity.

74. May you remain unbroken and unconquered. May the fears of this world elude you as its blessings find its way into your bosom. Happy birthday, best friend. I love you.

75. Here I am expecting the news of your breakthrough and advancement. Cause from now on you’ll age to win. Happy birthday, my bestie. I wish you many years of fulfilled dreams.

76. May your bones not grow weak, may your light not go dim, may your needs be met. Happy birthday, bestie. I love you now and ever.

77. I wish you unforgettable ecstatic experiences as you continue to age every day. Happy birthday, sweetie. Have a delectable ride through the years.

78. Discover the greatest treasure you’ve ever had as you walk through this new year. Happy birthday, bestie. Love you now and always.

79. Cease opportunities, win battles and claim victories as you unravel the new year. Happy birthday, best friend. Have a delectable new year.

80. One with a kind heart, blessed with a charming smile. Happy birthday, bestie. You make my world go round and round with ecstasy.

81. Happy birthday, my love. It takes only a friend like you to see the true beauty of friendship. May your years be adorned with unhidden victories and celebrated wins.

82. Like an angel without wings, you’ve beautified and eased my world of pain. For the friend that you’ve been to me; I wish you memorable years of breakthroughs. Happy birthday, bestie.

83. Happy birthday, best friend. You better know now that I love you with every breath in me. And I wish you success and love unfamiliar to many.

84. You’ve won my heart over and over again with the beauty of your heart. Happy birthday, bestie. May your cup overflow with abundant joy and riches.

85. Happy birthday, bestie. May the angels light up your face with lasting smiles, and appease your heart with victorious laughter. On this lovely day, I wish you grace and favor.

86. Happy birthday, bestie. May the heavens rewrite your story with the ink of mercy and favor. Wishing you bliss and love, sweetheart.

87. I love this friendship that you’ve given to me. For nothing, will I give it up. Happy birthday, best friend. Wishing you nothing but joy.

88. Happy birthday, sweet angel of kindness. May your wings spread and fly you into the realm of nobility and favour. I love you as I do myself.

89. Happy birthday, bestie. May you share beautiful stories of love and grace. Wishing you happiness unending.

90. Here comes the day we all have been waiting for! Happy birthday, sweetness. May your days be sweetened with the flavor of joy and peace. Have a lovely experience.

91. An angel have I found as a friend. To her, my whole world I’ll give without worries. Happy birthday, best friend. I love you from here to the moon and back.

92. You’ve built my world with the bricks of trust and love. Uncommon is the friendship you’ve offered to me. Happy birthday, bestie. I wish you all the joy you deserve.

93. May you continue to win hearts in your favor and make real all the dreams you’ve nursed. Happy birthday, bestie. Have a delightful celebration.

94. As dark as the world may be, may the light of love and prosperity shine on your path. As prevalent as worries may flow, may your bosom be of peace and warmth. Happy birthday, bestie.

95. I don’t need a thousand of friends when I have you. For only you count as many in the world. Happy birthday, bestie. May your world be a blissful place to be.

96. My eyes on the clock, for a friend was born. I’ll shower her with kind wishes, so, may the heavens rain great blessings on her. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I wish you many years of fulfilment.

97. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May your heart be full of love and joy. Your eyes of charm and grace. I wish you many decades of prosperity.

98. As the sun rises on this morning, I hope your blessings accompany its glory. Happy birthday, bestie. Wishing you many years of prosperity and gaiety.

99. May the turbulent years be far away from you. May beautiful days of victory be the pride of the coming years. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you so much.

100. All round happiness. Forever glow and agelessness. Happy birthday, sweetness. Enjoy exquisite years of favor and blessings. I love you.

With such confidence, go wish your bestie the most beautiful birthday celebration ever.

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Thank you.

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