Best Birthday Messages for Best Friend

2021 Best Birthday Messages for Best Friend

The Best you can give to a best friend (to your best friends) might not be the costliest of gifts. You don’t actually have to plan to buy a 24Karat Gold bracelet, a nicely Cut Diamond ring or plan to build a Skyscraper as the best you can give for a friend’s birthday. All you need to make the day a memorable one for your friend(s) is to find a way of predicting what they would like… And then if you don’t have the wherewithal to give the gorgeous gifts, you can still get on their “You made my day!” list.

Birthday messages for Best Friends

To the best of my knowledge, Birthday gifts could come in small packages like sms and text messages to wish him or her (them) Happy Birthday in a special way. You don’t have to gather all happy Birthday Quotes to do this – simple text messages could do the trick! In fact, some friends consider sending birthday text messages to them as one of the best birthday wishes. And if you have such a friend, these birthday wishes are perfect enough to make their birthdays the memorable ones for life.

A suggestion Please:
Celebrating One’s Birthday only comes in a year right? Then, it would be romantic at its best if you find a special hour of the day to send the message to your friend’s phone or post it on their Facebook timeline. Waking up Twelve midnight to send such lovely messages could make you trigger a reaction that would enlist you as one of their loveliest of friends. Isn’t that worth it, or what do you think?

To My Best Friend, Happy Birthday
More than the happy hours,
More than gifts and flowers,
More than the light from the candle,
That, today, shall God do!
Happy birthday to you friend.

Happy Birthday to My Love
May your day be filled with flavour
But more and more with God’s favour.
May all your worries go as vapour
But God’s blessings on you a downpour
Happy Birthday to you my love.

Happy Birthday to My Pal
The joy that knows no end
Friends that won’t pretend
The grace with which none can contend
Is what I wish you on this day my friend.
Happy Birthday to you my pal.
Wishing you Happy Birthday My Sweet Friend
I wish I could swim the all oceans,
I wish I could climb all mountains,
I wish I could travel all place…
Just to find the perfect gift for you on your birthday.
Happy Birthday to you dear.

Birthday Message to Best Friend


Special Birthday Wishes from Me to You
I pray a simple prayer for you:
That God will be your God
You shall fulfill purpose
And you shall know no sorrow but joy
So shall it be on your birthday my caring friend!
Happy Birthday to My Sweet Friend
I wish you more than the gifts you receive,
I wish you more than the joyous moments,
I wish you even a daily experience of bliss,
And I wish you happiest birthday to you.
To My Lovely Friend, Happy Birthday
I wish you more than many happy returns
And Pray that all you’ve lost shall today return
I pray win-win on all races you will ever run

And I wish more than glorious fun
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to my Cute Friend
100 years to come, it will still be your birthday,
And never will it be your death-day
You will live longer enough,
Longer enough to say, God I am ready to come home.
Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Message for Best Friend

Best Wishes for Your Birthday
I lose count of God’s blessings for you
I lose count of His Grace for you.
With joy I Praise Him with you,
And I lift my heart to say cheers with you,
Happy birthday to you.
Best Sms Messages for Your Birthday
It is not a birthday when there is no gift,
It is not a birthday when it’s not merry,
It is not a birthday when it’s not yours.
It’s a birthday and surely yours.
Happy birthday to you.
My Birthday Wishes to My Friend
I wish you more than happy returns of the day,
I wish you success victory and joy in all your way.
And Glory be to God, I join you to say.
It’s that glorious moment again,
Happy birthday to you again and again.
Loving Birthday Wishes to a Caring Friend
No matter what brings you love and happiness
And will make you feel like the royal highness
That is what I wish for this day
My love and my sweet, happy birthday.

Birthday Messages to a Best Friend

Wishing You Unlimited Joy for Your Birthday
In joy every day of your life, you shall abound,
In wealth you shall have more than enough,
In all you do, you will greatly succeed
And you shall be head and not the tail.
Happy birthday to you.
Enjoy your day My Friend
I counted it in months, it’s 12,
I counted it in weeks, it’s 53,
I counted it in days, it’s 365,
But when I counted it in God’s blessings, it’s unlimited!
Once again, it’s your day. Happy birthday to you.
Sharing the Joy of the Moment With You
I heard birds chatter beautifully,
I hear trees move awesomely,
The breeze even blow specially…
I ask why the unusual,
And I was told it’s your birthday
Happy Birthday to you.
I Celebrate You on This Day
Some stones can’t just be left unturned if it’s to celebrating someone like you.
Please, it’s only small happy birthday to you I only get to offer…
It’s wrapped in my heart of heart. Won’t you mind taking it?
Happy birthday…
Enjoy it to the fullest.
My Thousand Wishes to My Dear Friend
As you celebrate this day, May all your thought brings a testimony that will swallow thousands of testimonies. Check it: The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant Places already.
And By my time, it is “glory O’clock” for you.
I wish you all happy returns of this day…
Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Birthday to you.
Thanks for reading Best Birthday Messages on the internet.
I send my best birthday wishes for that best friend too…
I pray, May the friendship last forever, and may you never regret knowing each other, never!

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