Happy 20th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends 1

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

Birthdays mark a remarkable time in human life’s journey. As a person grows older, a series of events and celebrations take place. One of them is birthday celebrations. It is one of those happy moments where we get to call our friends, loved ones and we also receive prayers, sweet messages and calls in return to mark the day as special. We also help out to celebrate others who have been so unique to our existence.

To those so close to us such as our best friends, we go the extra mile to create a reminder just to celebrate them and make them happy. It is a good thing because one good turn deserves another. Not many people get to appreciate others who have been in their life’s journey, helping them out and showing them true friendship. If you value a real friend and you know the worth of having a true friend, you’d give in your best to make friendship a good experience.

Getting a good concept on how to celebrate a true best friend on their 20th birthday is not common and that’s why you must go all out this 2024 to get a unique way to celebrate a special friend.

It’s made easy right here because I’ve got beautiful happy 20th birthday wishes and messages for best of friends which will cause a remarkable boost in friendship.

Heartfelt Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Your Best Friend

Since you’ve decided to go emotional with sending some birthday messages to your best friend on his or her 20th birthday, these heartfelt and emotional birthday wishes for best friends are all you need.

1. If the sun goes down, I’ll still wish you a happy fantastic 20th birthday. Much love, bestie.

2. It is one of the brightest days and it is your birthday, celebrate in the fullness of joy. Happy 20th birthday, sweetie.

3. I may have a reminder of other special days, but your birthday, bestie, is worth celebrating at all times. You remain special. Happy birthday.

4. Money can’t be compared to a true friend like you. I pray you see many beautiful years ahead.

5. If true friendship were to be bought with money, I wouldn’t have been able to get someone as loving as you. Happy fabulous 20th birthday, sweetie.

6. It is registered in my heart that today is your birthday. I pray that God grants you abundance and greatness as your heart desires.

7. Happy birthday to a best friend with a difference and so much uniqueness. I’m proud of having you as a best friend. I love you dearly.

8. As the sun shines forth, may it shine greatly into your life, goodness, mercy, favour, wisdom, knowledge and strength. Enjoy your birthday, dear.

9. Your birthday gives me a lot of reasons to appreciate friendship. Have a fantastic 20th birthday celebration, bestie.

10. True friends and best friends are rare to come by. I value you, dear bestie. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

11. I bless God for adding to your years. I celebrate with you today. May you remain merry, dearest.

12. As you celebrate today, may it yield bountiful blessings and great miracles for you. You’re such a best friend.

13. You’re my best friend, you’re my best thing, my best confidant and my best in all. Many more years, sweet. Cheers!

14. I would not know what having a real best friend is without you. Thanks a million. Have the best 20th birthday.

15. Happy birthday to the best shoulder to cry on, the best person who listens to all my long and annoying talks. I love you, bestie.

16. Life sometimes just brings us closer to one person with who we would get so attached and feel comfortable. Happy, happy birthday, dear.

17. I’m counting years and not months since we’ve been best friends and I’ve not regretted it. I wish you a fulfilling 20th birthday, bestie.

18. I know you can bring down the streets because it’s your birthday. Make sure you have a lot of fun, dearie. Many hugs from here.

19. I can imagine your smile flawlessly radiating over your beautiful face. You’re my sweetest bestie. Have a blast and fulfilled birthday, best friend.

20. I pray for you today that all your heart desires get fulfilled in your own eyes and that today shall bring you goodness. Much love, bestie. Happy 20th birthday.

21. Though I’m far away, my heart is with you celebrating every moment. You mean so much to me. Cheers to your special day, best friend.

22. Giving you a thousand and million gifts is not enough to appreciate how special you are to my world. I can’t trade your friendship for anything. Happy birthday.

23. I don’t care what others may say, I’ll still celebrate you, bestie. You’re all I’ve got. Happy 20th birthday.

24. If I’m to count the stars to make your joy full, I’ll do it. You are the most amazing bestie I’ve got. Happy birthday.

25. I understand the meaning of having a bestie anytime it’s your birthday. You are worth more than gold. May you live long in good health and peace.

26. You’ve pushed me to the point of my blessing and I realized going in life without a true friend means nothing. Happy 20th birthday, dear friend.

27. I can boldly call you my best friend, anywhere, any day and anytime. You’re the most understanding bestie I have. Have a fantastic birthday.

28. If best friends were found in the sky, I don’t know how many years I’ll get there and find you. You’re blessed, bestie. Have the sweetest birthday, today.

29. Whatever life holds ahead, I pray you have all the best and that you see no reason to be sorrowful. Happy 20th birthday to you.

30. Many may not understand why I call you my best so heartily but I’ve got my reasons and I’m satisfied with your friendship. Love you, babe. Happy birthday.

31. This your new age shall cause breakthroughs for you and make your life a positive example. Have a memorable birthday.

32. If I want to say it all without being misunderstood, thanks for being a best friend with great impact and values. Happy birthday, bestie.

33. When I get tired of things around me, I’ll never get tired of being with you, seeing your beautiful face and receiving lovely pieces of advice. Happy, happy 20th birthday.

34. People say they get to know others gradually but I feel like I have been used to you for a long time. You are just the perfect friend. Happy birthday, sweet bestie.

35. I cant replace your position in my heart. You’re the best of the best. Happy fantastic birthday.

36. I have expiry dates but as my bestie, you get renewed and never expire. Happy 20th birthday, beautiful.

37. As I’m growing successful, I know there is the best part of me growing so good beside me, it’s you, bestie. Happy birthday.

38. If I don’t eat chocolates today, I can always eat again, you’re more precious than packs of chocolate. Have a fruitful birthday celebration.

39. You’re special, unique, lovable and I love your beautiful smile. You’re worth celebrating. Happy 20th birthday.

40. Your ways shall continually be made strong and your voice powerful to win. It’s your best day, I say, happy birthday, bestie.

41. I came across a few friends but they can’t fill the space you alone occupy in my heart. Stay amazing, dear. Have a unique birthday.

42. My sweet bestie, I’m sure your remaining years will be filled with the best ingredients of life. Happy birthday.

43. As you celebrate and recount all your success, you shall go higher and never fall. Have a sweet birthday, best friend.

44. I salute your courage and how far you’ve built up. May great positive changes never expire in your life. Happy 20th birthday.

45. No matter how old you get, I’d always say those stupid things to you. Have fun, dear. Happy birthday.

46. You’re growing older but we’re getting better. You’re a true definition of friendship. Happy birthday, bestie.

47. Happy birthday to a friend who doesn’t see friendship as a business deal. I value you, bestie. Happy 20th birthday.

48. If I’m told ten things to make me lose the friendship, I’d say a hundred things to honour friendship. Love you, bestie. Have a fantastic birthday.

49. I love the fact you’re celebrating your birthday and I’m happy to celebrate with you. I’m fulfilled in friendship with you. Happy 20th birthday.

50. I hope you enjoy today and you’re satisfied. Your friendship is priceless. Have the best birthday.

51. You have a beautiful heart, thinking and soul. The world is blessed to have you being born today. Happy birthday.

52. I thought trying again never works but you told me trying again makes me better and stronger. Have the best 20th birthday.

53. I don’t have flair for birthdays, but for yours, I’ve got an inner joy. Happy birthday, celebration.

54. You’re indeed special, if not I wouldn’t say it a million times. I’m glad it’s your birthday.

55. People sometimes calculate what they gain or lose in friendship but I haven’t lost anything but gained so much. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

56. May your future flourish more than your present. You shall improve in all spheres of life. Happy 20th birthday.

57. I hope that you have a fantastic day today. You’re important to me. I want to say ‘thank you’ and a happy birthday to you.

58. A prosperous New age to come. Glow and grow in grace sweet friend. Happy 20th birthday.

59. Not only on your birthday, I wish you happiness all around life. Happy birthday, dearest bestie.

60. It’s a new age and a new phase for you. Go on and do great things. Happy birthday, dear.

61. Many take steps and just a little mistake turns things around. You shall be outstanding amongst others. Have a fruitful birthday, bestie.

62. I stayed awake just to be the first to say, I care about you, bestie. Have the most remarkable birthday.

63. As you grow older, may your wisdom increase and blessings occur to you be yours. Have a fantastic birthday.

64. Since the beginning of our friendship, it gets brighter with so much to long for. Thank you, dear friend. Happy birthday, bestie.

65. I’ve many reasons to hold this friendship dear and I will. Just enjoy today and feel happy. Happy 20th birthday.

66. The years I planned to stay in friendship have been extended till forever. You’re truly worth friendship. God bless your new age. Happy birthday.

67. You are now my family and a sister. I usher you into a new phase of your life with exceeding joy and peace. Happy birthday.

68. May you remain fulfilled even till your coming birthday. I celebrate you, best friend. Happy 20th birthday.

69. You deserve so much because your heart is so pure and brings out the truth. Happy birthday, lovely bestie.

70. I’m happy you’re happy today. All the very best according to your heart desires, I wish you. Enjoy your birthday.

71. I pray you to encounter uncommon favour, miracles, multiple grace and all good things you crave for. Have a sweet birthday.

72. If I truly have to celebrate you today, words wouldn’t be enough. Your thoughts are so sweet. Happy birthday, bestie.

73. You deserve to be treated nicely and you deserve to be truly celebrated today. Have a fabulous birthday.

74. I weighed the worth of our friendship and I saw it’s a rare type indeed. Have the most valuable birthday, bestie.

75. I may not have the whole world to present to you as a friend but I know your worth and you mean a lot to me. Happy 20th birthday, best friend.

76. May your days be wonderful, beautiful, joyful, powerful and fruitful. Happy birthday.

77. I’ve come a long way with you, bestie and I know your essence. You’re loved. Happy birthday.

78. Building a true and lasting friendship with you is the most interesting thing to me. Thanks for being true, bestie. Happy birthday.

79. May your life always taste goodness and nothing less. Happy birthday, best friend.

80. As I celebrate you, I feel blessed to count you as a true friend and blessing to my life. Happy 20th birthday.

81. If I would wish anything, I’d wish that you excel abundantly in all that you do. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday.

82. You shall keep shining and your light shall not go dim. I wish you the very best dear friend. Happy birthday.

83. You’ve given me so much reason to admire friendship. You’re the sweetest. Long life and prosperity, dear.

84. This special celebration comes once a year. May you experience a series of marvellous events. Happy birthday.

85. My gifts may be outdated and weird but I have love more than gifts in my heart for you. Lovely birthday celebration, best friend.

86. If I feel down today it’s because I’m not close enough to give you a big warm hug and whisper sweet words of love which will build your special day to remembrance. I still wish you the happiest birthday, bestie.

87. May you be an outstanding star, a blessed one to all and a great destiny push to help the lives of others. You’re blessed. Happy birthday.

88. A friend is who I can confide in and trust. You’re the perfect definition. I wish you a great life. Happy 20th birthday.

89. May all that you encounter in life lead you in the path. Have the most beautiful birthday, today. Cheers!

90. I wish you, bestie. As you add to your existence today, you shall live to be great and always be on top. Have an achieved birthday.

91. I may be miles far away but my heart and my voice sing happy birthday to you. You deserve the best.

92. As we grew older, we didn’t care for age differences and many things which looked different. You’re just the perfect friend I need. The Lord bless you always. Happy birthday.

93. Anytime my heart leaps for joy, it’s for your voice, your words of positive push, your sweet encouragements and true care. Flourish continually. Happy birthday.

94. Sometimes life gets you so close to those who need us. I’m glad I’m your bestie. Happy 20th birthday.

95. You’ve decided to look so stunning today, may you always appear the best amongst others. Happy birthday, dear.

96. You grew older, my friendship grew stronger. Sweetest birthday, bestie.

97. I want to deeply appreciate you sticking close despite all odds. You’re amazing. Happy 20th birthday.

98. How much more and more my heart prays for you on every single step you take in this new age. Happy 20th birthday.

99. You’re not just celebrating your birthday but your good luck and a special moment. Have a beautiful birthday, bestie.

100. It’s your birthday and I feel the whole world should cheer you on. Have a gorgeous birthday celebration.

Cute 20th Birthday Messages for Best Friends

The Best you can give to a best friend might not be the costliest of gifts. You may not actually have to plan to buy a 24Karat Gold bracelet, a nicely Cut Diamond ring or plan to build a Skyscraper as the best you can give for a friend’s birthday. All you need to make the day a memorable one for your friend(s) is to find a way of predicting what they would like… And then, if you don’t have the wherewithal to give the gorgeous gifts, you can still get on their “you made my day!” list.

Birthday gifts could come in small packages like Sms and text messages to say happy birthday in a special way to your friends. You don’t have to gather all birthday quotes to do this – simple text messages could do the trick! In fact, some friends consider sending birthday text messages to them as one of the best birthday wishes. And if you have such a friend, these birthday wishes are perfect enough to make their birthdays memorable ones for life.

101. To My Best Friend, Happy 20th Birthday
More than the happy hours,
More than gifts and flowers,
More than the light from the candle,
That today, shall God do!
Happy birthday to you friend.

102. Happy Birthday to My Love
May your day be filled with flavour
But more and more with God’s favour.
May all your worries go as vapour
But God’s blessings on you a downpour
Happy Birthday to you my love.

103. Happy Birthday to My Pal
The joy that knows no end
Friends that won’t pretend
The grace with which none can contend
That is what I wish you on this day, my friend.
Happy 20th birthday to you, my pal.

104. Wishing you Happy Birthday My Sweet Friend
I wish I could swim all oceans,
I wish I could climb all mountains,
I wish I could travel all places…
Just to find the perfect gift for you on your birthday.
Happy Birthday to you dear.

105. Special Birthday Wishes from Me to You
I pray a simple prayer for you:
That God will be your God
You shall fulfil purpose
And you shall know no sorrow but joy
So shall it be on your birthday my caring friend!

106. Happy Birthday to My Sweet Friend
I wish you more than the gifts you receive,
I wish you more than the joyous moments,
I wish you even a daily experience of bliss,
And I wish you the happiest birthday.

107. To My Lovely Friend, Happy Birthday
I wish you more than many happy returns
And Pray that all you’ve lost shall today return
I pray win-win on all races you will ever run
And I wish more than glorious fun
Happy Birthday to you.

108. Happy 20th birthday to my Cute Friend
100 years to come, it will still be your birthday,
And never will it be your death-day
You will live long enough,
Longer enough to say, God, I am ready to come home.
Happy birthday to you.

109. Best Wishes for Your Birthday
I lose count of God’s blessings for you
I lose count of His Grace for you.
With joy, I Praise Him with you,
And I lift my heart to say cheers with you,
Happy birthday to you.

110. It is not a birthday when there is no gift,
It is not a birthday when it’s not merry,
It is not a birthday when it’s not yours.
It’s a birthday and surely yours.
Happy birthday to you.

111. My Birthday Wishes to My Friend
I wish you more than happy returns of the day,
I wish you success victory and joy all your way.
And Glory be to God, I join you to say.
It’s that glorious moment again,
Happy birthday to you again and again.

112. Loving Birthday Wishes to a Caring Friend
No matter what brings you love and happiness
And will make you feel like the royal highness
That is what I wish for this day
My love and my sweet, happy birthday.

113. Wishing You Unlimited Joy for Your Birthday
In joy every day of your life, you shall abound,
In wealth, you shall have more than enough,
In all you do, you will greatly succeed
And you shall be head and not the tail.
Happy 20th birthday to you.

114. Enjoy your day My Friend
I counted it in months, it’s 12,
I counted it in weeks, it’s 53,
I counted it in days, it’s 365,
But when I counted it in God’s blessings, it’s unlimited!
Once again, it’s your day. Happy birthday to you.

115. Sharing the Joy of the Moment With You
I heard birds chatter beautifully,
I hear trees move awesomely,
The breeze even blows specially…
I ask why the unusual,
And I was told it’s your birthday
Happy Birthday to you.

116. I Celebrate You on This Day
Some stones can’t just be left unturned if it’s to celebrate someone like you.
Please, it’s only a small happy birthday to you I only get to offer…
It’s wrapped in my heart of heart. Won’t you mind taking it?
Happy birthday…
Enjoy it to the fullest.

117. My Thousand Wishes to My Dear Friend
As you celebrate this day, May all your thought brings a testimony that will swallow thousands of testimonies. Check it: The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places already.
And By my time, it is “glory O’clock” for you.
I wish you all happy returns of this day.
Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy 20th birthday to you.

118. Thanks for reading Best Birthday Messages on the internet.
I send my best birthday wishes to that best friend too…
I pray, May the friendship last forever, and may you never regret knowing each other, never!

119. Specially For You On Your 20th Birthday
Friends could send a thousand wishes
And family could join to wine and dine
But sooner, they will all leave you.
But I pray that God will see you through.

120. Wishes So Sweet To You
Little steps really make a journey
And little drops, an ocean
Oh! how you have come this far!
I wish you a sweet birthday than honey

121. Wishing You Unending Blessings
More than the sweet sensation of honey
And more than the notes of money
I wish you God’s unending blessings
And may His Glory be your dressing

123. May Your Life Be Filled With Heavenly Gifts
More than a belated birthday every year
And more than gorgeous clothing you wear
I wish you a life filled with unending joy
And the outstanding success that none can destroy
Happy Birthday to you.

May your day be rooted in joy that has no end
And happiness than words could ever explain
May every hour bring than you can comprehend
And may you experience such again and again!
Happy 20th birthday to you, my best friend.

A suggestion, please:
Celebrating one’s birthday only comes in a year, right? Then, it would be heartwarming at its best if you find a special hour of the day to send the message to your friend’s phone or post it on their Facebook timeline. Waking up Midnight to send such lovely messages could make you trigger a reaction that would enlist you as one of their loveliest of friends. Isn’t that worth it, or what do you think?

Thanks for reading the happy 20th birthday wishes and messages for best of friends.

I know It’s been a super exciting moment feeding your eyes on these charming messages to honour your bestie’s celebration. Kindly, drop your comments.

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