Short Letters to My Best Friend on His Birthday

Short Letters to My Best Friend on His Birthday (2023)

Birthday comes once in a year and it is a great opportunity to celebrate our loved ones, letting them know how special they are to us.

Good friends, especially, should be made to feel special because they are rare. And a best friend is even more special because they are our favourite.

This 2023, show your best friend some love by wishing him all the happiness in the world on his birthday.

What better way to do this than to write him a short letter expressing your wishes to him?

If you don’t have the words, you have nothing to worry about. Here are a beautiful collection of short letters to my best friend on his birthday.

A Cute Letter to My Best Friend on His Birthday

Express your feelings of utmost love and care for your male friend with these sweet and short letters to him on his birthday. Send to the one you call “my friend” and make him feel specially loved on his birthday.

1. To my best friend,
I know I don’t say it enough but I love you with all of my being and I’m always grateful and thankful to God for depositing you in my life. We’ve had each other’s backs from when we were young and you were so protective of me as if I was your little sister, now we are all grown up and argue a lot, sometimes you behave like a clown but throughout the years, you’ve remained a steady friend and a constant part of my life. We’ve been through thick and thin together and for all the moments we’ve shared and created, I’m thankful to you for them. Happy birthday, best pal.

2. Dear bestie,
I was reading an article the other day of what best friends are for and to my delight, you ticked all the boxes, I can’t say I’m surprised because you’ve been an awesome and consistent friend over the years, you’ve been tried and trusted, you’ve been everything to me and more. Not only have you kept my secrets but you’ve seen me through the worst and best days, not only do you respect and appreciate me but you’ve shown countless times how much you value me. Your birthday is the perfect time to tell you that I cherish and love you more than you can imagine. Happy birthday, bestie.

3. Hey best friend,
I need to let you know that you are so precious to me, I have never regretted choosing you as my friend and confidant and when I needed a best friend, you came easily to mind; your aura, charisma and your rare traits of sincerity, care and generosity made you qualified without an interview and you’ve done a lot and even exceeded expectations, you not only know how to get me out of my dark and moody times, your maturity and understanding is also second to none, just when I thought I’ve seen it all, you always have a pleasant surprise up your sleeve. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday, best friend ever!

4. Hey, best friend forever,
To the most amazing, crazy, witty, intelligent, loving, caring, generous, playful and cutely stupid friend I’ve ever had, this is a shout out to you on your special day because I am going to let whoever cares to know that you’ve been a great friend anyone could ever ask for. You’ve been crazy all year long but that is why I like you anyway. You are so full of life and zeal that negative vibes do not stand a chance with you. Thank you for bringing blinding sunshine into my life, I’ll forever cherish and love you. Hearty cheers, best friend forever.

5. Dearest bestie,
Your type is rare, you are like a gem among stones, if one is not careful, one might take all for stones but I’m glad I saw the gem in you and decided to have you for myself, you are so precious to me and I can’t trade you for anything, you’ve been a rock; solid and sure, wide enough to lean on, you’ve been an anchor; always drawing me out of my dark moods and thoughts, you’ve been a pillow; fluffy and always cushioning my head when I’m tired, you’ve been a surfing board; allowing me to ride on you even when the waves of life come calling, I can go on and on to describe how awesome you are. Hearty cheers, bestie.

6. To the best friend ever,
You are the best thing that ever happened to me, I know that might sound like a cliché but trust me when I say I mean it, you came into my life when I had given up on friendship, even though I was resistant at first, slowly but surely, you weaved yourself into my life and you opened me up to love, trust and care. You’ve treated me like a rare gem to value, you’ve handled my childishness with so much maturity, you are the very definition of a true friend so I’m going to say it again and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cherish you with the whole of my being. Cheers on your birthday, best friend ever.

7. To my world best,
I’ll always cherish my friendship with you from now till time immemorial, we’ve been together as best of friends for years but every time, I discover something amazing about you; you’re so in tune with me that you get me more than anyone, not having to explain everything and you understanding easily is a big relief and blessing to me, not to talk of how you handle life’s issues, you are successful and you’ve achieved a lot and I’m so proud to have you as my best friend. Your new year open doors for more achievements and breakthroughs. Happy birthday, world best friend.

8. To the beautiful you,
Everything about you is beautiful, including your silliness and craziness. You are so full of life and gusto and you are so optimistic and radiate positive vibe, your intelligence is on another level and your beautiful soul pumps out love and care endlessly. The way you put others before you brings tears to my eyes and your manner of being thoughtful and paying attention, even to the little details is commendable and enviable. You are the perfect best friend; you give love and light wherever you go and my chest swells with pride at how much you’ve achieved. Hearty cheers, my beautiful friend.

9. Dear crazy bestie,
This is the perfect opportunity to remind you that you are not getting younger, you’ll soon become an old man with full grey hair so consider reducing your craziness and silliness and start getting serious with your life, lol. Scratch that! Continue living your life with so much gusto and energy, let your contagious positivity and silliness never grow dim, continue to break records and set new challenges, continue being the awesome perfect crazy best friend anyone can ever wish for, continue dishing out your uniqueness to the world and those around you. Thank you for all you do and have the best birthday ever! Cheers to a new year, craziest bestie.

10. To the best partner ever,
Relationship has always meant partnering to me; giving and taking and in all my sojourn in the field of friendship, I can boldly say that you’ve been and still are the best partner I’ve ever had. To try and use words to quantify how much your friendship means to me is to try to make the snail a fast walker. You’ve been an integral part of my life, you’ve been in my lowest moments and you’ve featured in my elated days, no matter what is happening to me, I’m always confident that I have you to fall back on. Thank you for being the best partner. Cheers to more fulfilling years ahead, best partner.

11. Your birthday is the perfect time to let you know how important you are to me; so so much! My heart swells with joy and gratitude to God for you, you’ve been a great friend so far and my prayer for this new year of yours is that just as much as you give out love and care, may you receive in tenfold. Happy birthday, best pal.

12. Happy super duper birthday to the friend with a heart of pure gold; selfless and thoughtful is the best way I can describe you. May this new year of yours bear on its wings goodies for you. Have a blast, best buddy.

13. To my best friend who is irreplaceable, I wish you loads of joy, peace, happiness, love and much more in this new year of yours. Know that you are cherished and loved. Happy birthday, bestie.

14. To that person who probably knows me better than myself, who gets my craziness and who exchanges banter with me effortlessly, I say hearty cheers and sending loads of love your way.

15. Today is all about an extraordinary and phenomenal friend, everything about you appeals to me. Thank you for sticking by me and thank you for not giving up on me. I love you and happy birthday, best friend ever!

16. I am ecstatic to know that many years down the lane, I’ll still be privy to everything about your amazing life, you are not just my friend, you are my confidant, cheerleader, encourager, motivator, critic and teacher. Thanks for all you’ve done, have a blast on your special day, sweetest.

17. My life makes more meaning just by you being my best friend, you slay the true definition of the word friendship effortlessly. Thank you for letting me get away with those silly acts, thank you for always being there. Hearty cheers to you, best buddy.

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18. The bible says that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and I never knew its full import until I met you, you’ve been family to me and more. No words can quantify your impact on me, thanks for being you always. Happy birthday, sweetest being.

19. To the one who can contain my craziness, to the one who can tolerate my silliness, to the one who sees more to me than others, to the one who stayed when others used the door, to the one who loved me when I was unlovable, to my best friend now and forever, I say a big hearty cheer to you on your auspicious day, do have a blast, sweetie.

20. Yesterday has never seemed so laden of sweet memories, today has never been so pleasant of positive happenings and tomorrow has never seemed so exciting of pleasures to come. You make all day one to look forward to. Hearty cheers to the only close friend I have.

21. I pray that your special day comes with answers to your wishes and prayers, do have a blast today, my very first and best friend.

22. You have consistently been a source of joy and laughter to everyone around you including myself, I pray for you that your joy will know no bounds and your laughter will resonate more loudly this new year of yours. Have the best of the day, special being.

23. It still amazes me how we came to be best of friends; we are quite the opposite in everything, yet we get along quite well, we’ve had our fair share of arguments and fights but they only make us get closer and know each other better. I celebrate and love you on your special day. Happy birthday, best buddy.

24. When I count my blessings, I count you thrice! You’ve been nothing short of all shades of awesomeness. Thank you for accommodating this crazy being. Hearty cheers, bestie.

25. I pride myself on being independent and being able to function alone just fine but your grand entrance into my life turned it all upside down, now I wonder how I was functioning before you became part of me, thank you for barging in and taking over. Happy super birthday to the most annoying and frustrating bet friend in my world.

26. I count myself not just lucky but blessed to have you in my corner1 thank you for being awesome. Hearty cheers on your auspicious day, special soul.

27. I hope that your birthday is as sweet and rewarding as you are to me. Thank you for showing me limitless possibilities in the field of friendship. Hearty cheers, best buddy.

28. If I had limitless resources at my disposal, I’ll ensure that today stays etched in your memory forever but I’ll make sure the little I can, I will ‘cos you deserve to have a day as fabulous as you are. Happy super-duper birthday, bestie.

29. You are the best of them all, you’ve proven your worth over and over and I can say proudly that you are my best and closest friend. Hearty cheers, sweetest friend.

30. Thinking of how wonderful and supportive you’ve been to me, my heart swells with prayers for you and I can only ask God to bless you beyond ramifications, to enlarge your coast, to fill the days with joy and peace and to always supply your needs. Have a blast today and happy birthday, best friend.

31. I celebrate you today because you deserve to be celebrated, even every day, you are worth so much to me. Happy birthday, best pal.

32. Happy birthday to my sweet and precious friend, thank you for gifting me with your friendship and for always staying true to me. Have a blast today, sweetest being.

33. Your friendship has been a constant source of joy and peace to me, therefore, I wish you all the joy and peace that you desire. Have a fabulous day, bestie.

34. If there is someone that I can sit and talk to for a long time without feeling pressured or burdened, that is you. You always have the right and soothing words to say. Thanks for always listening and for handling my challenges with maturity and intelligence. Happy super birthday to you, darling.

35. Dear bestie, thanks for being a sounding board for my vents, thanks for being the listening one, thanks for giving your shoulders to cry to, thanks for celebrating my small feats with me, thanks for the advices and helps, in fact, thanks for all you do, I can’t count them all. This new year of yours speaks better things than the past ones for you. Hearty cheers, best pal.

36. When I think about all of the memories we’ve created together, all the obstacles and challenges we’ve faced together and overcome, all the sad and happy moments we have been through together, I can’t help but be thankful to God for making our paths cross. I don’t take all you’ve done for granted. Thanks for being awesome all the way. Happy birthday, precious one.

37. They say everyone comes into our life for a reason and I couldn’t agree more, your job description is to terrorize, annoy, frustrate and scare the shit outta me! But more than those, you’ve been an astonishing friend, the perfect being I needed when you came. Happy birthday and cheers to more crazy years ahead, best bud.

38. When I think of the best way to describe you, all I can come up with is ‘a force to reckon with’, your entry into my life itself was dramatic and you didn’t leave me a choice in being your friend. You took care of me and motivated me when I felt lazy, you are my strong forte and I cherish you for all you’ve done. Happy birthday, sweetest pal.

39. To the most inspiring being in my life, to the one who had great faith in me even when I lost hope in myself, to the person who saw the good in me when others didn’t, to the best of them all, I say a hearty happy birthday! May your days be filled with joy and laughter. Have a blast!

40. I get emotional when I remember how important you are to me, the things you’ve done for me are immeasurable, the days when you always encourage me never to give up, the days you stood up for me, the days you had my back solidly, I don’t know how else to define you than my guardian angel, when you come on the scene, I always know that everything will right itself again. Thank you for making it into my life. Happy super duper birthday, precious gem.

41. To my partner in crime, the adventurous one, the one who is never tired of confronting new challenges, the ever-optimistic one, the one who has never taken my vulnerability for granted but helped me to harness and develop my strength, to my best buddy ever, I say a big thank you and I want you to know that you deserve to be celebrated more, even on your special day, happy birthday, beautiful soul.

42. It takes a special person to see another at her worst and best and to still stick on, to still love and respect and to still cheers her on. That’s exactly who you are, I never made a mistake in allowing you into my life. Hearty cheers to you, sweetest being.

43. Despite all that life has dealt us with, the challenges, separations, fights, arguments, I’m happy to know that we are still best of friends and we are only getting stronger. Thanks for being incredible! Happy birthday, best pal.

44. You never get tired of hearing me whine, you always tell me the truth and never sugar-coat things, you have never disappointed or betrayed me, never given me cause to regret being friends with you. Can I say thank you a thousand time for being marvellous? Cos that’s what you are! Hearty cheers to you, my best friend.

45. I’ve had other friends in life, they’ve come and gone with the passage of time, but none has stuck it out with me like you, you are so selfless and caring, your understanding nature is laudable. Thank you for being there. Happy birthday, sweet soul.

46. Calling you my best friend is a gross understatement because it doesn’t start to explain or quantify all you’ve been to me, you are so much more! Hearty cheers, best of them all.

47. Remembering how shitty I was then, what with depression, anxiety, breakups, family strains and others taking their toll on me, makes me wonder if you are not a magician cos you accommodated me and never allowed my actions to push you out of my life. Today, I’m grateful you stayed. Thank you so much and happy birthday, bestie.

48. I can’t help but wonder what I’ve done to deserve such an amazing friend like you, I owe all I am today to you and God and I see that as my biggest blessing. May almighty God bless you abundantly today and forever. Happy birthday, bestie.

49. I am eternally thankful for having you in my world, on this special day of yours, I am most grateful because it marks the day life sent me the best gift I can ever wish for. Your existence in itself is a gift. Hearty cheers, sweetest being.

50. You deserve the world and much more and I wish you bountiful loads of happiness, love, good health, joy and wealth. I adore you. happy birthday, best pal.

51. Cheers to another year filled with joy, laughter, happiness, peace and many more desires come true. Happy birthday, best buddy. I love you and always will.

52. I am looking forward to numerous years of making exploits and creating memories as best of friends. Have a fantastic birthday!

53. I am grateful for your true friendship, you are an epitome of true friendship and I’ll forever be thankful to God for bringing you my way. Happy birthday, my best friend.

54. I hope your birthday is as fabulous as you, as sweet as your cake and as bright as your laughter. Hearty cheers, sweetest being.

55. Just as you have stayed by me, in good and bad times, I promise to stay by you, regardless of whatever. Happy birthday, best friend.

56. If your aura and personality can become colours, I’m sure they’ll paint the town bright red and yellow! Have a bright birthday celebration, bestie. Hearty cheers, best pal.

57. You are the most awesome and amazing friend I’ve ever had. Best birthday wishes, best pal.

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58. To the greatest friend of them all, to the exceptional of them all, to the most thoughtful of them all, here is wishing you a joy-filled birthday with lots of fun and laughter.

59. Your birthday fun and happiness cannot rival how much happiness you’ve brought into my life so here is to wish you a day that is as fabulous in every way as you are. Have the best birthday ever, sweetest friend.

60. Good friends are rare to come by, best friends are the hardest of them all, I’m happy I found you! That’s why I’m not going to pass up this opportunity to let you know that you’ve been incredible in every way. Happy birthday, my bestie.

61. Hey bestie, I just want you to know that I’ve got you in every possible way, especially on your special day. I’m going to make sure that today stays memorable for you. Happy super duper birthday, best pal.

62. What differentiates you from other friends is how you’ve been consistent and how you pay attention to the minute details about me, that’s what makes you unique. Here’s to cheering you on in your new year, knowing that I’m going to be there every step. Happy birthday, best friend ever.

63. Best time to thank you for being an awesome friend for the past year, let’s do more this new year of yours. Happy birthday, sweetest friend.

64. Today is your birthday and naturally, I find my thoughts drawn towards you, even though distance may separate us, our hearts will remain true to each other and you’ll definitely remain my best friend. Hearty cheers, old one.

65. For being there, just listening and supporting, for being solid rock, my go-to person at any time of the day, thank you! I wish you all the best even in your new year. Happy birthday, best pal.

66. A birthday is the most significant day in one’s life and I do hope you enjoy yours to the fullest. Hearty cheers, best buddy.

67. You are the only one I let my guard down around, I can afford to relax and be dumb without fear of reprove or disdain, thanks for being a true friend. Happy birthday, best of all.

68. On this auspicious day of yours, I pray that beauty and happiness will surround you, love and life will never cease to exist for you. Happy birthday, dearest.

69. If I could give you a gift, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes; to see how great a friend you are! Happy birthday, lovely best friend.

70. Another year older, another year wiser, another year to step up your crazy games, another year to laugh and love the more. Happy birthday, best pal.

71. Perfect excuse for good food and great company, let’s not forget to wish a fabulous friend happy birthday! You deserve the best in the world.

72. Your friendship keeps me strong and motivated, thanks for being my best friend. Thanks for being a good example to me always. Hearty cheers, bestie.

73. You are so loving and caring, magnanimous and selfless and I pray the day treats you much better. Happy birthday, darling best friend.

74. You’ve always excelled at sharing and caring, so may this day give you back all good stuff you’ve given others tripled. Hearty cheers, best pal.

75. Your birthday deserves to be proclaimed public holiday because you deserve so much more. Happy birthday, best friend.

76. I didn’t understand the definition of a true friend until I met you and then it made a whole lot of sense. Hearty cheers, best friend ever!

77. May your special day and every other day be filled with sunshine and warmth, laughter and love. Happy birthday, best bud.

78. A friend is one with whom you share your happiness and grief with and you’ve been constant in both situations, thanks for being the incredible you. Best birthday wishes, best friend.

79. With you as a best friend, I know that we’ll still be causing trouble when we are old. You have become more than a best friend, you are now my blood. hearty cheers, best pal.

80. I’m proud to celebrate you because you deserve all the accolades you can get. I’m eve grateful for the gift of friendship and I hope I can be the same great friend that you are to me. Hearty cheers, best friend.

81. I’m sure your birthday is already loaded to the brim with joy, laughter and happiness so make sure to enjoy all the goodies. Happy birthday, sweetest being.

82. As you have been an inspiration to myself and so many others, I hope your birthday inspires you to be more and to do more. Best birthday wishes, best friend.

83. My world is brighter because of you, so cheers to a sunny birthday, a birthday filled with just laughter, joy and so much happiness. Cheers, bestie. Enjoy your day.

84. We’ve shared so much together and I hope you know how much you mean to me. I will never take the memories we have shared for granted because some of the best were with you. Happy birthday, best pal.

85. I am grateful for this day and for all you do. I am grateful to you for inspiring me, for teaching me what it means to be a good friend and always being there for me. Best birthday wishes, best friend.

86. Having you in my life is a blessing, I hope I can give you a lot of good memories today. I hope you are ready for all I have planned for you, some of them will scare you. Hearty cheers, dearest best bud.

87. This is wishing my best friend a beautiful celebration of life! This is wishing my best friend the best in life. And this is to wish my best friend a year full of sunshine. Happy birthday, old one.

88. I know I have the right amount of craziness for your amount of sanity. So, cheers to a new year of opportunity of frustrating the hell outta you! Happy birthday, bestie.

89. You are like fine wine, you keep getting better and richer in taste. It is not simply about the outside, it is mostly about your heart; it gets better every year. Best birthday wishes, sweetest soul.

90. The sun is brighter today and that’s because its colleague is celebrating his special day today. The sun, moon and stars are all celebrating you today, homie. Love you loads, pal.

91. You are an amazing person, don’t change anything about you. Your heart is the brightest part of you, even the sun envies you for it. Hearty cheers, best pal.

92. I’m planning on having lots of fun in the coming years with my best friend so get ready! Have a blast today and happy birthday, best pal.

93. Good friends are worth holding on to, best friends are worth having forever! Good friends are gifts and should always be celebrated. That is why I will always celebrate you. Happy birthday, bestie.

94. Most of my best memories have you in them and I’m thankful for that. I am, especially, thankful that we will share even many more memories together. Hearty cheers, best pal.

95. Best wishes for a happy birthday and a year filled with numerous blessings. I wish you all your heart desires and all the great things you deserve. Best wishes, best friend.

96. May your lucky stars bear to you good tidings and precious gifts. May your days be filled with laughter and your months with smiles. Birthday wishes, best buddy.

97. Just like gold, our friendship keeps accumulating more value and never getting corroded. I will never trade my friendship with you for the finest jewel. Happy birthday, bestie.

98. May your days be crowned with joy and peace, may you be favoured and blessed in all spheres. May you enjoy favour from all creation. Happy birthday, sweet bestie.

99. This day comes only once in a year so let’s get to making this memorable! I have it all planned and I hope you enjoy every bit of it. Hearty cheers, beautiful soul.

100. May you always find real happiness in all that you do. I pray you have more reasons to celebrate and laugh than you have to cry. I cherish and love you. Best birthday wishes to my best friend.

Your best friend is definitely expecting a birthday message from you. And that is to be expected because you would also be expecting birthday message on your birthday. But take it even a notch higher by sending short letters instead. You have enough short letters to my best friend on his birthday on this list.

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