2021 Best Friend Quotes Ever for a Special Friend

2024 Best Friend Quotes Ever for a Special Friend

Many times in life, we think that we can do and be all we want too without the help of others.

And true to this belief, we achieve unimaginable success.

However, we want up one day and realize that all the successes and achievements don’t bring us happiness that we need. What brings us happiness are people, the relationships we build. They could be our family or friends.

Some people are even so unfortunate that they do not have family and this could by accident or design and therefore fall back to friends to have a meaningful life.

Now, whether you are looking to be a friend, looking for a friend, wanting a better and closer relationship with your friend, appreciating or describing your friendship, this is the best place to be.

The best friend quotes ever below are the best you can get. Use them today more frequently and see how your relationship with that special friend blossoms.

Best Friends Forever Quotes for Her or Him

Best friendship quotes for your best friend forever (Bff). The best of friendship quotes to send to your special friend.

1. “When someone believes in you even in all your faults and failures, just know that they are your best friend forever.”

2. “Best friends forever are friends who know themselves at their best; as well as their worst and still stay friends.”

3. “We are best friends forever because friendship starts with me and end with you.”

4. “You are my sister, my friend and the bestie that I need in my life. You are my best friend forever.”

5. “When two people love each other even when they don’t like each other, just know, they are best friends forever.”

6. “You are the only one I can call stupid and still do stupid things for. That’s because you are my best friend forever. I love you so much.”

7. “Like a warm clothing to the body on a harsh cold night, so are you to my dear friend to me during life’s harsh conditions. Best friend forever is the best description for you.”

8. “The stupid person I can do stupid things with and not feel stupid. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable with you and making me understand that it is okay to be stupid sometimes. Who else but you can I make my best friend forever?”

9. “You fix me and our friendship like your life depends on it. Even when it gets bad, you don’t throw it away. You are our friendship fixer and my life saver. You are my best friend forever.”

10. “I’m not afraid to do things stupid with you around because I know that you know that I’m not stupid. You remain my best friend forever.”

11. “When your friend is so sweet and you couldn’t ask for better, just know you have your best friend forever.”

12. “You are the only one person that is real in my life. You are my best friend forever.”

13. “Everyone needs a best friend, a best friend like you. A best friend who can be their best friend forever.”

14. “There is no one who sees the best in another like a best friend does. You my friend, always see only the best in me. You are my best friend forever.”

15. “You are the best thing that life has ever offered me, the best gift ever given me: my best friend forever.”

16. “To the only one who has the exclusive rights to my time. This is so you know that you are the Best best friend forever.”

17. “You are my best friend forever just as real as the phrase, and, I love you, endlessly.”

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18. “People pay their debts and make amends but you help me with mine all the time. You don’t let me pay it alone just as I do. You are my best friend forever.”

19. “To my best friend forever, the one who gave meaning to me, thanks for being there.”

20. “It takes just one person to be your favourite person in the world and you, my dear is that person.”

21. “For shining your light bright in my path during life’s dark moment, you have proven beyond every reasonable doubt that I can indeed have a best friend forever.”

22. “For sharing my moment of grief with me. Grieving with me was the best gift you could ever give me. You have may yourself my best friend forever.”

23. “What is life without you? What is my life without my best friend forever?”

24. “You are always on my mind and whenever I hear, “best friend forever”, I think of only you.”

25. “You make the hard times so much easier to go through. The laughter is much heartier with you. I love you bestie, you are my best friend forever.”

26. “Best friends forever are always together at heart. We always are that is why you are.”

27. “I think of you and I can’t stop shedding tears of joy for having you as my best friend forever.”

28. “With you, the future is my best friend forever.”

29. “I know how we are lost in conversation with each other even in the midst of crowd and noise. It can only happen between best friends.”

30. “You stay with me and keep me company even when you don’t want to. You are my best friend forever and I never want to lose you.”

31. “You have stood by me and believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. You are my best friend forever.”

32. “The saying – “friends make the world go round” describes the two of us because you, my friend make my world go round. That is why you are my best friend forever.”

33. “You are my best friend forever, I am your best friend forever. We are best friends forever.”

34. “Best friends forever is a phrase used to describe two people; only two of us fit that description, that is why we are best friends forever.”

35. “There is nothing in this whole wide world that can come between us. You are my best friend forever.”

36. “You connect with me so much so that you do not have to see me but you know what is happening to me. Who else can I be best friends with but you?”

37. “Thank you for choosing to share your amazingness with me and doing so beautifully. You are amazing, the best friend I could ever have.”

38. “Happiness is when you are mine and I am yours. When we are ours and best friends forever.”

39. “Life always happens but you don’t allow it to happen to you; all the inspiration I need to be your best friend forever.”

40. “Hello, friend !@BFF. You make going through life so easy.”

41. “The sweetness you bring to my life is indescribable. You are my best friend forever.”

42. “God blessed me with a friend like you and blessed the universe with our friendship.”

43. “Thank you for making me your best friend forever just as you are mine.”

44. “You are my best friend forever: in my best of times and in my worst of times.”

45. “I have you as my friend and I know this friendship will last forever because you are the best friend I could ever have, forever.”

46. “Thanks for being my best friend forever in return even though you don’t have to be.”

47. “I love being your best friend forever because you are my only best friend forever.”

48. “You have seen the best of me as well as the worst, yet you stuck to me like my second skin: only the way a best friend does. Only me could be your best friend forever.”

49. “I have the privilege of having many friends and you are just one of them. A friend who is a true friend and my best friend forever.”

50. “Have two good friends, you are lucky, have one, you are even luckier; have a best friend forever, and, you are the luckiest of all people.”

51. “When you are suffering from something and you fight with your life to stop your friend from suffering same, you can bet, you have a best friend forever.”

52. “I open my mouth and even before I start talking, you know the end. If only you could be my best friend forever, I would not have to be talking all the time yet you would just know what’s on my mind.”

53. “The best part of life is that you don’t have to bother about being nice when you are dealing with your best friend forever.”

54. “Every other person consoles me when I cry but you, my best friend forever cries with me.”

55. “Friends stick together for a lifetime but best friends stick forever.”

56. “You don’t always give me validation but you always do give me your undivided loyalty by believing in me. Aren’t you my best friend forever?”

57. “Everyone can be my friend, but only you, my dear are my best friend forever.”

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58. “I don’t need me a thousand acquaintances when I have one true friend; my best friend forever.”

59. “Some people come into your life and you can’t help but agree that they are the most real thing in your life, your best friend forever.”

60. “I truly started living when you became my friend. You made me believe that the phrase “best friend forever” is real. You truly are my best friend forever.”

61. “You came into my life when things were easy so I did not know your value until hard times hit me, yet you stuck. Thank you for being my friend. You are my best friend forever.”

62. “I’m glad I chose and made you my friend. You have proven that one doesn’t need many friends but just one whom they can call their best friend forever.”

63. “Friendship can only last forever when there is one best friend. I’m glad I have you.”

64. “Of all my thousand friends, you are the only one whom I can call “best” and you are forever.”

65. “Thank you for making my story. It can only you – my best friend forever.”

66. “Your best friend forever is one who makes your problems his own just so that the problems don’t kill you, then, he can have you.”

67. “Thank you for not giving me selective honesty. Only a best friend can give the kind of honesty you give me: complete honesty.”

68. “The only thing as hard and crazy as life is finding a true friend and I’m glad I found you, my friend. That is why I made you my best friend forever.”

69. “It is difficult to make, keep and grow money. Even more difficult than that is to make, keep and grow friendship: only best friends forever come this far.”

70. “I tried to be a good friend but you became my best friend; bringing out the best friend forever in me. You remain my BFF.”

71. “You try to change any bad situation you find me in and when you can’t help, you put yourself together in the situation with me. Making you my best friend forever.”

72. “A best friend is a keeper and a keeper is a best friend. You are both my friend, my best friend forever.”

73. “I have been truly blessed for having you in my life as my best friend. I need no one other requirement to have you as my best friend forever.”

74. “It seems that the phrase, “best friend forever” who founded by you, because, only you truly fit the definition.”

75. “You love me so much, you always save me from myself like only a best friend does.”

76. “Life is deep but true friendship is deeper; it is what gives deep meaning to life. You give the deepest and truest meaning to my life and to our friendship. You are my best friend forever.”

77. “True friendship is when you love someone so much so that you help them in saving you by saving yourself. Thanks for saving yourself to save me. You are my best friend forever.”

78. “You remind me about myself and my selflessness. You are my best friend forever.”

79. “A friend is someone who listens to your story again and again, yet he is not tired of it. A best friend is someone who makes your story.”

80. “A friend is someone who knows the nastiest of things about you and remains your friend, nonetheless.”

81. “I was never a good friend but you came into my life and made me a best friend. You, my darling are my best friend forever.”

82. “Because we remain friends more than forever, I suggest that we just declare that we are the best friend forever.”

83. “Our best friends ask how we are and don’t want to hear just ‘fine’ because they are interested in knowing exactly how we are. These friends are our best friends forever.”

84. “You still believe that I am the best even with how broken you know I am. I remain your best friend forever.”

85. “A friend is someone who says the nastiest of things about you to you and fights you, just so you two can remain best of friends.”

86. “God gave me you to make my life beautiful because you are the most beautiful thing and person in my world. You make my world beautiful. I make you my best friend forever.”

87. “You are the only friend who brings out the best in me. You are not just my best friend, you are my best friend forever.”

88. “You are truly yourself around me, therefore, making me less afraid to be truly myself around you. You are a friend indeed and only you can be my best friend forever.”

89. “We are living a promise we never voiced out but internalized. Thanks for keeping the promise. You are my best friend forever.”

90. “You are my best friend forever even when I am not so much of a friend. I cherish you beyond every other thing.”

91. “You know me at my default as well as I know you at yours. That is what makes you so dear to my heart, my best friend forever.”

92. “You accepted me to be your friend and created ‘us’. Now we are best friends forever.”

93. “Having you as my friend is a privilege. That is why I have decided to make you my best friend forever.”

94. “When people say that you are crazy, I tell them that you are the best person to be friends with me because only you can understand my craziness, get crazy with me and to towards me and cure me of the same craziness.”

95. “You are kind, pretty and brilliant while your friend is selfish, ugly and dumb yet you chose him and made him your best friend.”

96. “Frenemies are backstabbers, friends don’t stab you and best friends stab you right in the face; in your best interest. You are the best front stabber in my life. I appreciate you, my best friend forever.”

97. “Our friendship is in my best interest because you are the best person in the world so I figured out that you are the best friend I would ever have.”

98. “The word ‘best’ was invented for our friendship because it really describes you. I wish there was a better adjective to describe our friendship. Let’s just manage ‘best friends forever’.”

99. “God gave me the beautiful life by giving me what makes life beautiful – my best friend forever.”

100. “That one person that sticks to us when life happens to us and our faith in people die is our best friend ever.”

101. “Life is a relationship. Without relationships, there would be no life. Our friendship is the best version of life that any relationship in this world.”

102. “We don’t choose our families, so we sometimes discover that we are stuck with them but our friendships help us understand that we never have to feel stuck. Thank you for being my best choice.”

103. “Where would I ever be without you my best friend? You take me to heights unimaginable. My best friend forever can only be you.”

104. “No matter how hard life hits us, we all have that one friend who is into us, that one cheerleader to root us on; who is also our best friend.”

105. “That one friend whose friendship is beyond compare is the only one who can be our best friend forever.” Long Sweet  Message for Best Friend

106. “We risk our lives when we stand up to an enemy even more so when we stand up to our friends. Only best friends stand up to friends for the best.”

107. “Friendship is not about family or who you have known the longest, but who has impacted your life the greatest. That person is your best friend.”

108. “Your best friend forever is that person that you are allowed to feel bad towards and not feel guilty about it. That person is you my friend and I love you.”

109. “Having that one person you can feel entitled to is the best thing that can happen to anybody. Having a best friend forever.”

110. “The more I believe in you, the more I believe in myself, the more I believe in friendship and the more I believe that we are best friends forever.”

111. “My best friend ever is the only one that can resonate with me.”

112. “Ever since you relocated, I have tried to make new friends so I can get another ‘best’ friend to no avail. I only discovered that distance does not change the fact that you are my best friend forever.”

113. “When we first met, I thought I was meeting a stranger. Then we started talking and I realized that you are the best friend I was meeting for the first time.”

114. “My life got more meaning ever since we met. I should have met you earlier but I’m glad I met you now.”

115. “Even though we grow separate and at far distances, we can never grow apart in our friendship.”

116. “You are that person that I feel close to when I am far away. Even when I am with a lot of people, I don’t feel close to them. You are my best friend forever.”

117. “You give me so much that almost all I have were given me by you. I can never repay you but I will remain your best friend forever.”

118. “Your deepest dirtiest secrets can never change your place in my life. The place of my best friend forever.”

119. “Thank you for teaching me to love myself and being friends with me. That way, I have been able to become a better friend to other people. For that, I make you my best friend forever.”

120. “Our friendship is the best thing ever created in the universe. Let’s remain best friends forever.”

121. “There is a definition to my life and increase in my self-worth since my friendship with you. You are my best friend ever.”

122. “Friendship is better than wealth. Friendship with you is the best wealth. Knowing and having you is the greatest of wealth – that’s why you are my best friend forever.”

123. “You see me through my bad times and make my good times enjoyable. You, my dear, are my best friend forever.”

124. “Life has taught me that having you is enough. I love you, my best friend forever. It can only get better.”

125. “When I think of how I manage to get by, I realize that it is through enormous help from you my best friend. You, my dear, are my best friend ever.”

126. “My friendship to you is what has given my survival and existence value. I value you, my best friend forever.”

127. “Your thoughts are powerful and so are mine but when combined, they are explosives and set the world on fire. That’s the sign of true friendship – one that lasts forever.”

128. “I love the way you gang up against me like only you can. With you, my best friend forever, life is so sweet.”

129. “Having you is more than enough. That’s why I made you my best friend forever.”

130. “You are just a miracle in a dress. You bring so much joy to all you come in contact with. That is why you will remain my best friend forever.”

131. “My best friend forever is my soul sister.”

132. “You radiate a true definition of a true friendship. Nothing more describes our friendship than – best friends forever.”

133. “Friendship with you is the most difficult yet sweetest relationship ever. You are more than a handful, exactly what I need to be a best friend forever.”

134. “Having a best friend like you is the greatest gift in the world.”

135. “Friends like you are only made for those who are fortunate, lucky and blessed. I’m so fortunate, lucky and blessed to have you as my best friend forever.”

136. “You are a beauty to behold, you are irreplaceable. You radiate peace and tranquillity. Ingredients for best friend ever.”

137. “You are the most genuine friend I have ever had. The most real person alive. I can only do myself a favour by making you my best friend forever.”

138. “Many are my friends, few are good but only one is the best.”

139. “Good friends are rare, better friends are rarer but best friends like you are rarest. I’m so excited to have you as my one and only best friend.”

140. “Your best friend is the only one who sees the unbelievable awesomeness in you that nobody, even you ever saw.”

141. “Some people will never love you no matter what you do. But the person that loves you no matter what you don’t do is your best friend forever.”

142. “Different people are different things to different people at different times but only your best friend forever can be all things to you at all times.”

143. “When you are not famous but there is one person to whom you are the most famous. Just know you have your best friend. Better make him forever.”

144. “You not only let me be who I am, but you help me become who I should be. I become your best friend forever today and forever.”

145. “It is by your being my best friend that I have learnt that I too can be a best friend.”

146. “When you have a friend who never stops you from doing whatever you want except when it hurts you, hold on to them. They just might be your best friend forever.”

147. “My best friend forever is my miracle in one person; all I need to be who I was designed to be.”

148. “You not only develop yourself, you put in so much, almost giving your life up to making me the best version of myself.”

149. “You may be broken but a true friend knows that you are not just a good egg, you are a great egg. You, my best friend are the greatest egg.”

150. “Without you, my best friend forever, my life will be without any sweetness whatsoever. It will be like robbing the earth of the sun.”

151. “Having a best friend forever is by far the best coping mechanism when you have a loss and when you have a success.”

152. “As the greatest believer in me, you make it so easier for me to believe in myself. You are my best friend forever.”

153. “The toughest yet most rewarding jobs are being the best friend of one who is also your best friend. You naturally become best friends forever.”

154. “A good friend appears in your moment of grief and disappears in your moment of celebration. A best friend, on the other hand, lives your grief with you and celebrates you.”

155. “I don’t want to explain our friendship because the more I try, the more difficult it is and the more meaning it has.”

156. “When you came into my life, you first helped me to become a best friend with myself before becoming you my best friend.”

157. “My go-to person, the one I can call up at 2 am my everything and my best friend forever.”

158. “To my best friend, love and believe in yourself even more than you love me. You never know how powerful you are.”

159. “Thank you for being the only person who understands me. I would not have a best friend if you did not.”

160. “Thanks for being the biggest and best influence since I became an adult. Thanks for being my best friend forever.”

161. “Yes, I’m so sweet that’s why you couldn’t bear to make me your best friend forever.”

162. “I am such a loser, but it doesn’t matter because I won you and made you are my best friend forever.”

163. “The best person alive who has to deal with me forever – my best friend forever.”

164. “To the one who can destroy my happiness if she sees that it is temporal and causing me pain; just so I can have lasting happiness. I cherish you my best friend forever.”

165. “I love you, my best friend but I cannot do without you. You are the best friend forever that I was looking for all my life.”

166. “There is no way I would be the woman I am today if I didn’t have you as the strongest influencer of my life. My best friend forever.”

167. “With you in my life over the past 10 years is the best thing to have happened to me.”

168. “You know I have nothing but love for your selfish… I mean… selfless ass. You know you are a fish but I love you still. We are best friends forever.”

169. “BESTIE GOALS – that’s what we are: you and I forever. That is why we are best friends ever.”

170. “You inspire me to the greatest of heights. I need me no other friend; only you. Be my best friend forever.”

171. “You are the reason I don’t get drowned in the oceans of life. Thank you my best friend forever.”

172. “You know I am sweet, right? Ehen, let’s build a paradise together: you and me where we will be best friends forever.”

173. “You are large, you live life, you don’t shrink yourself so that you can accommodate me. Your life and let live. Exactly why you fit me as my best friend forever.”

174. “Man dies but real friendship never dies. It is forever, That is why it is called best friend forever.”

175. “My best friend forever is simply a friend who has turned into family.”

176. “Our conversation is at it’s best because I’m with the best and you are the best.”

177. “Even though we both mess up multiple times, fight and do a lot other crazy stuff, just know that you are my greatest best.”

178. “Finding a real friend is difficult but living the fun is the best. Which is why they become our best friend forever when we find them.”

179. “I can’t even give you half of what you are investing in my life.”

180. “Nobody respects my boundaries and opinions as much as you.”

181. “The reason we were not Born of the same parents is that they couldn’t have been able to handle us. That’s why we became soul sisters – best friends forever.”

182. “I miss our stealing meat from each other’s meal and struggling for food shamelessly. It is not everyone that you do that with – only your best friend; more so, our friendship is forever.”

183. “Short, Petit, pretty, mouthy, sweet and drama queen who I love unconditionally. My best friend forever.”

184. “You take care of me before yourself, make me laugh when I’m sad, help me when I’m helpless and most important of all, my best friend when I’m friendless.”

185. “No judgment, no competition no jealousy, no hate: only understanding, support, healthy challenges, pure love and most difficult to get. These describe us and our friendship. These make us best friends forever.”

186. “The greatest honour and privilege I have in life, is calling such an amazing person as you, my best friend forever.”

187. “You bring me a complete daily dose of cuteness. You are so rude yet so true – my best friend forever.”

188. “You and I are like phone and SIM. Without one, the other is nonfunctional. So independent, yet inseparable. We are stuck with each other because we became best friends forever.”

189. “I look into the future and all I can see is you and I together, making each other laugh, from the memories we are making together: giving meaning to simple words together. Words like, ‘best’ ‘friend’ ‘forever’.”

190. “When I am the only one that can ask you when you are getting married and take forever to respond to you but you stick with me, just know that you can’t do without me because I am your best friend forever.”

191. “My everyday stalker. I get so uncomfortable if I’m not stalked by you in a day.”

192. “I call my friends what they are to me and I allow them to call me what I am to them. So I call you my best friend forever because that is what you are to me.”

193. “Our friendship is true friendship. Never olds, never dies. Our friendship lives forever, that’s why we are best friends forever.”

194. “You are not my family but you are ready to stand by me and share my pain. You have really shown me that you are my best friend forever.”

195. “Hello, best friend, I always wonder how stupid we become when we are together; despite how smart we are. Only us best friends forever.”

196. “I stay with you for days on end and I don’t get tired of you. I can never imagine my life without you. I don’t even want to think of it. I want to remain with you my best friend forever.”

197. “I love that what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. I like that you are my best friend forever and I am your best friend forever.”

198. “Sometimes the two of us laugh so hard that people think we are dumb. That is only possible because we are best friends forever.”

199. “Thank you for protecting me even in the face of your own danger. Only a best friend forever does that.”

200. “I am my own best friend forever and I love me. That is why I make such a wonderful best friend forever.”


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