Trending Sweet Birthday Messages for a Friend

2021 Trending Sweet Birthday Messages for a Friend

Once in a while, something magical happens to every man, it is always more exhilarating if this magic comes in human form especially when they are presented as friends.

These are perfect birthday messages and birthday wishes for that special friend that has been exceptionally magical and sweet to you.

Best Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Every Friend is worth celebrating on His/Her Birthday. Here are Best Birthday Wishes for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel celebrated.

1. Keep being a trailblazer even as God adds to your age on a beautiful day like this. Happy birthday, sunshine!

2. You’re one of God’s most fierce blessings to me. I cherish the way you take me to places that matter. Happy birthday to you!

3. I’m unmistakably delighted to be around to celebrate you again feels like a privilege I do not take for granted. Happy birthday champ

4. For you on your birthday, I wish you favour on all sides and joy unspeakable. Have the best year yet friend!

5. You always have a way of turning a gory day into a glory day either with your simple smile or your wild ways. I’m so lucky to have you sweetheart, happy birthday!

6. I just want my wish on your special day to be one of the wishes you read and smile sweetly. Your smile is good for everyone, keep dimpling on your birthday and beyond.

7. I can’t ever picture you angry or sad. You always have this joy and sweetness around you wherever you go…May you remain sweet forever. Happy birthday!

8. You have touched my heart in so many ways, you’re continuously amazing! Happy birthday.

9. Each time I count God’s blessings, you come up so quickly on the list. I wish you joy, peace and love this year and beyond.

10. You manage to make me smile just by the mention of your name or by the thought of you… Happy birthday, sweetness.

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages for a Friend

Best Sweet Birthday Wishes for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel Special.

11. I do not believe someone like you is capable of growing old at heart. You’re bound to remain young forever friend! Enjoy another celebration.

12. There’s an amount of peace and assurance of greatness that comes with having someone as beautiful as you around. Happy birthday

13. You light up my world without asking for much. I appreciate you, know this! Wish you the happiest birthday!

14. Whenever one of us celebrates a birthday, I make it a duty to also celebrate our friendship that has thrived through thick and thin. It’s your birthday today and I’m so glad I still get to observe my tradition. Be my friend forever birthday girl!

15. Life is meaningless without people like you. You come off as wild and free but you’re actually unique and amazing! Happy birthday.

16. I’ve learned a lot with you by my side as my loving teacher. Be here for a very long time to witness what I have to do with my knowledge. Happy birthday!

17. You deserve everything good and dandy. I’m sure the rest of your life will be the best of your life. Happy birthday

18. If I had to choose in another life whom I’d like as my best friend, I would unequivocally choose you with an overdose of joy. But, I know this is the only life so I want you to live long so I get to choose you daily as we live.

19. On your birthday, I wish you the courage to go after your dreams, the tenacity to continue in the pursuit and the grace to achieve all your dreams. Prosper!

20. Happy birthday dear friend, remember the list of things you told me you’d like to achieve soon? Well, now is soon! Get up and make exploits.

Sweet Birthday Messages for a Special Friend

Here are Sweet Birthday Messages for a Special Friend you can send to your Unique friends and make them feel valued.

21. I may always seem ready to counter your actions and decisions, doesn’t mean you’re still not the friend I look forward to spending my years with.

22. You’re the happiest person I know! May this new year be laced with more moments of laughter and joy!

23. I may not have been the best friend to you. But, you’ve always been very proud of me. Thanks for your stable love and unwavering support. Happy birthday!

24. Happy birthday, sunshine. I may not appear at your door with the largest gift today but I assure you that you have my whole heart forever.

25. I feel blessed as your friend and privileged to be one of the people that get to celebrate your birthday with you.

26. I don’t know how you do it, but I think you should know that you make me believe so much in myself. I’m so grateful for the birth of a legend like you. Happy birthday

27. Hello darling! How does it feel to celebrate another birthday? It feels great here in my heart to be able to celebrate a beauty like you. Happiest birthday to you.

28. I could not imagine a life without your art and music. Feels great all the time to know choosing you means having beauty personified. Happy birthday

29. Life’s about balance. You know what life is about and you act on it, You’re one of the persons truly living. I wish you more life abundantly!

30. I am so proud of our journey. It’s been full of experiences I do not regret. May the celebration of your birthday be the beginning of new beautiful experiences.

Inspirational Birthday Messages for a Friend

Amazing Inspirational Birthday Messages for a Friend.

31. You shine so bright sweetheart! On your birthday, I wish that you shine brighter and better.

32. You deserve the best birthday celebration because you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met. May you get what you deserve.

33. I can still remember how your height of hospitality swept me off my feet at first meeting. You were all shades of wonderful and you have not faltered yet. Happy birthday.

34. You’re my complete opposite! You’re the life of the party while I’d rather not party. I still wonder how we’ve been able to manage each other all these years. May we experience hundred more years as I continue to wonder how we get along. Happy birthday!

35. You’ve been nothing short of a blessing since I met you. It’s so exhilarating to celebrate one of God’s resolute blessings to me. Happy birthday

36. Be wiser, Be better, Be nicer and above all be happier this new year! Best wishes

37. I hope this new year becomes the start of something greater than your imagination. Happy birthday.

38. Here is a simple tip for you as you celebrate another birthday; Be yourself, the world will adjust.
Happy birthday love

39. As evidenced by the fact that you’re top on the list in my message box, You know how to check on me. I appreciate all that you do and pray for God’s blessings in all ramifications of your life.

40. You’re a gift. One of the most amazing gifts wrapped in the most beautiful body. You make my heart flutter with joy each time you present yourself. Happy birthday.

Motivational Birthday Messages for a Friend

Motivational Birthday Wishes for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel celebrated.

41. It’s really settling that I do not have to question your loyalty and honesty. Friends like you are one in a billion. So glad I found you! May your birthday be bright and beautiful.

42. I’m super pumped up because it’s the birthday of the most amazing person I know. Live a fulfilled life champion!

43. We may be miles apart, but our hearts are so intertwined I do not have to worry if you’ll hear all the good wishes I just whispered. Happy birthday

44. You’ve gradually crawled into the most special place of my heart with your simplicity. Stay there forever friend. Happy birthday

45. I knew you first as a wonderful person. Then, I got to know you’re even a more wonderful friend.

46. Sometimes I wish I didn’t waste so much time admiring you from a distance because you’ve been nothing short of a blessing since I decided to get closer.

47. You’re sunshine in human form sweet, there’s a brightness that accompanies your presence that I’ve not been able to explain.

48. Your birthday reminds me of so many great moments we’ve shared together. Moments that have created memories I will cherish forever!

49. Your words of encouragement get me going daily and your smile gives me an assurance that all will be well. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!

50. You have quickly graduated from being a casual friend to the best friend I’ve always wanted with your simple ways and genuineness. May your birthday be a reflection of God’s plans for your life.

Cute Birthday Messages for a Friend

Best Cute Birthday Wishes for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel Loved.

51. Happy birthday to my shopping partner and selfie mate. I wish to go on more adventures with you this new year.

52. As you begin a new year, May God give you abundant reasons to stay happy forever. Happiest birthday!

53. You always manage to make me smile either with your spontaneous conversation or playfulness. May we get to have more years of laughter and sweetness.

54. I do not have the courage to trade you for anything in this world since you already give me the world in the most beautiful way. May you live to see your dreams come true.

55. Where you are concerned, I have nothing other than love, admiration and respect. You mean so much and I wish that all the good tidings of life find you speedily! Enjoy your birthday

56. As from this moment, may today be significant for joy, peace and celebration. Enjoy the best birthday yet.

57. A beautiful friend once told me, “you can be anything you want to be.” Ever since then,  I’ve felt unstoppable… It is so exciting that I get to celebrate such an amazing friend on his birthday.

58. When you crossed my rough path, it took shape and became smoother than I ever imagined it could be. May the rest of your life be smooth birthday boy.

59. You do so much for me and with me. I wish you long years spent in unfailing happiness and constant laughter.

60. I can’t really place my hand on the reason for our friendship. All I know is I never want to lose you to anything. Be happy on your birthday and beyond!

Awesome Birthday Messages for a Friend

Awesome Birthday Messages for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel celebrated.

61. Get up, dress up, pump up! Because it’s your birthday and nothing should be capable of drowning your spirit.

62. Do you need a red cheek? See the next three words; I Love you! Now, go about celebrating your birthday with words induced blush.

63. I don’t think I can successfully describe the number of fortunes you’ve brought my way since you swayed into my life. You’re too much to be summed up with words. Just know I wish you the best beyond today!

64. I wish daily that I get to celebrate several birthdays with you by my side. Today, my wish doesn’t change.

65. You’re so determined and dedicated to whatever you find yourself doing. You’re not just a friend, you’re a model I look up to. Happy birthday moonlight

66. As you begin another threshold, be more daring in your pursuit of excellence because dreams are coming to fruition this year.

67. You’re an all-weather friend. Nothing you do comes close to being fair weather, with you by my side, I need no other. Live long and prosper.

68. You’ve taught me what makes a great friend in your action and countenance. I’m learned, thanks to you.

69. The world actually seldom gets people like you who are uniquely awesome and so easy to love. I’m glad to be one of the blessed few to be acquainted with you. Happy birthday honey

70. If I was privileged to name you, I’d name you Joy! That’s the most befitting name for your personality. May you continually exude joy this day and beyond.

Amazing Birthday Messages for a Friend

Amazing Birthday Wishes for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel celebrated.

71. Sometimes, when I’m discouraged about how far the journey is, I remember some of your encouraging words and I get up and refire! This is the kind of grace you give me which I will cherish forever. May you age in grace

72. Happy birthday to a sweet friend who lightens my world with his ways!

73. I have lost count of your age since your face doesn’t really tally with how old you are. You’re so young and fresh. Stay so!

74. One of the best gifts a man can get is the gift of friendship. I’m glad I get the best of the best gifts.
I wish you the best on your birthday

75. I hope to still be friends with you even till aeons. You’re worth it plus I never get bored around you. Happy birthday

76. Two and half decades ago a wonder was born. He’s been fulfilling his purpose without relenting ever since. I’m so happy to celebrate my dear friend as he celebrates silver Jubilee.

77. Hey, sweet friend! It’s finally your birthday and I feel like dancing and singing simultaneously to show you how happy I am.

78. You won’t just be teased at the edge of your heart with joy and happiness. You’ll experience both in full this year. Happy birthday!

79. When we get together, so many good things come together to work for my good. This is the reason I can not trade you for anything in the world. Happy birthday my world!

80. Wow! I wish you happy birthday from the most blessed part of my heart. May my wish transcend this birthday to every other birthday you will have to celebrate.

Best Birthday Messages for a Friend

Here are Best Birthday Wishes for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel Special.

8I. know a good friend after I’ve been with him for few years! I’ve spent only one year with you and I’m already convinced of your genuineness… Don’t quit this new year

82. Obviously, blessed people are born today but amidst this people is a person I call the most blessed; YOU. Have a blessed birthday buddy!

83. I have just a wish for you on this wonderful day, that you never have to experience any day without joy!

84. People may find it sentimental that this is my 10th message to you today. But, I don’t care just like you did not care about people’s opinion every time you stood to defend me.
You’re worth every message and more!

85. I’ve never been sorry that I made the first call to be friends with you. It’s still the best decision of my life. May this year be a year of Wonderful decisions for you!

86. A sweet birthday message is for sweet people. But, you’re sweet plus a lot more so I’m going to send you some sweet messages until your phone starts to get jealous. Expect!

87. The sun decided to smile at me one day a long time ago. You’re an evidence to prove that that day was the beginning of great things in my life. I’m excited to be one of the people you’ll celebrate this year’s birthday with.

88. Happy birthday buddy! Live, love, laugh and never forget to make an impact.

89. May this year be an expression of God’s glorious plan for your life. March into the new year with an assurance of greater tomorrow!

90. Undoubtedly, your new age is blessed! Live this new year with this assurance and you’ll start seeing manifestations.

Latest Birthday Messages for a Friend

Trending Best Birthday Wishes for a Friend you can send to your friends and make them feel Happy.

91. People like you are only capable of breeding excellence. May this new year be filled with success stories and testimonies.

92. You are very blessed to have fun-loving friends! Do not worry too much if your party will be the talk of the town. It’s already on the radio! Happy Birthday, cutie!

93. Before you have this feeling again, 365 days would have passed, make the best this day so you spend the next 365 days looking forward to another celebration.

94. May your new year be so good that all that you’ve always dreamed of come to fruition effortlessly. Happy birthday!

95. Do whatever you feel like even if it’s what you’re not known for because this day only happens once in a year.

96. I’m currently singing the happy birthday song even as I type. I wish you were here to listen to the love and joy in my voice but since you are not, just picture me as I sing in awe of you.

97. I don’t have to worry about you being successful this year. I have faith that this is your year of exceeding greatness. Happy birthday!

98. You’ve given me sunshine and rain. You’ve given me moments I never want to trade for anything in exchange for my flawed self. I wish you a great birthday celebration

99. Life would not be as beautiful without a gift as you. I’m so blessed to have you. Happy birthday love

100. You’re the sweetest, bravest person I know. May the rest of your life be the best of your life. Be great!

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