2023 Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend

Friends are gifts of life. Our friends are like mirrors for us to look at ourselves. Giving gifts, food and other items to them cannot commensurate to the positive effects God has used them for in our lives.

Then their birthdays are one of the perfect opportunities to really appreciate God for and celebrate them in this beautiful year, 2023.

An inspiring and joyful – tears dropping happy birthday paragraph would actually convey your heartfelt feelings and wishes and express exactly what you would have expressed verbally.

Then don’t hesitate to take out of the numerous and heartwarming 2023 happy birthday paragraph for that best friend of yours.

On your mark, get set, go!


Happy Birthday Paragraphs to My Best Friend

Sweetest happy birthday paragraphs and wishes to my precious friend.

1. There are times when we may not set eyes on each other, moments of ups and downs and seconds of silence and arguments between us but all through and always, you have been there with me, supporting in the most little way you can which I always to appreciate from my heart. I want you to know that you are a true friend. A God sent to me. I can never trade our friendship for the most expensive jewel. May you be blessed greatly and abundantly, dear friend. I love you so much and wish you a very happy and joyful birthday.

2. When it seems like the chord of our friendship is losing its grip, you didn’t let go. When everyone turns their back, you faced me and stood by me. Your lifestyle has been a blessing to many and specially to me. Your words of admonishment in God’s will and even your acts of encouragement has tremendously blessed me. Today is your birthday bestie, wishing you all of God’s desire for your life. I can’t love you any less, best friend. Happy birthday!

3. Every day, I thank God for sending me a friend as loyal and sincere as you, I continually bless the day we met. You are truly a rare gem amongst all other gems. Despite the agitations and arguments between us, you still stick together with me. I have thought it well and through that among the friends I am surrounded with, you are the one that has proven to be a friend indeed. I sincerely give thanks to God for making our path cross. May you find the favour and peace of God in all you lay your hands on, this new year. Wishing you a happy birthday!

4. In the times of joy and happiness you where there, in the times of heartbreaks and disappointments you were not found wanting. I treasure your friendship a lot. Here are my beautiful wishes for your birthday dear. May the light of God shine upon you and cause all darkness in your life to vanish. Happy birthday, best friend.

5. Hello best friend, I want you to know that I value your friendship a lot. For when it looked like I was not getting it right, you placed yourself as God sent through grace to set things right. You would always say, this is how it ought to be done. You are truly a friend. Thank you for being there always. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

6. Having a million friends that can’t stand by one cannot be compared to having one among the millions who will always stand by and support one in any possible way. Hey dear friend, you have proven to be this kind of rare breed of nature. I cherish you so much. Happy birthday to you, may your days be long on earth in peace and joy.

7. If there were to be times when we will have to run a hundred mile to meet each other, I’ll take ninety-nine miles, so you could take just one, in times of crossing a thousand hurdles to be with you, friend, I’ll cross nine hundred and ninety-nine so you’ll cross the remaining one. I feel so elated to be your friend. I love you, dear. Wishing you a happy and splendid birthday.

8. Each time we stand together, I feel so happy to have you, whenever we take a walk together, I feel so gleeful. The friendship we share has been a source of blessing to me. May the good Lord bless you and keep you from all evils. I love you, dearie. Happy birthday to you.

9. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Out friendship has really shown me this, and has made me believe more strongly that God can work out His salvation among true friends. My best friend, thank you so much for making our friendship a ground and template for the salvation of God. God bless you and increase you in every side. Happy birthday!

10. You are a very funny person, a person fun to be with. Even despite your hilariousness, your admonishing words are something to write home about. God has helped to so much to draw motivations from you a lot. You are a package of blessing to many and specifically to me. May you live long in good health and wealth. Have a blessed day, dear. Happy birthday

11. In spite of where life takes us to, no matter where destiny leads us to, we will always be friends because true friends remain in the heart forever. A glamorous and splendid birthday from me to you, lovely friend.

12. Best friends are scarce and rare gems that can’t be found in every corner of the city. Finding you and having you as a friend has been heaven’s plan all the way. I thank God always for you and our friendship. May your life continue to be graced and favoured by God. Thank you, best friend. Happy birthday.

13. I know I am so lucky and favoured to have you as a friend. Your friendship has really been valuable to me. Thank you, dearie. Wishing you a happy birthday. Love you!

14. Hi dearest friend, I want you to know this today, your special day. You are a very important person to me. Having you as a friend makes me so proud. I can boast of it so well for you are a good friend. It’s your birthday dear, hurray! Blow off the candles and make your wishes and these are mine for you. May the countenance of the come upon you. May the Lord be gracious unto you.

15. You are my best friend, dear and I want you to know that. A source of blessing have you been to me. I wish for you greater heights in life. And this new year of your life shall be for a fresh beginning to you. Happy birthday!

16. No matter what happens or whatever life throws at us, I will never let go of our friendship. It means a lot to me. I love you so much dear friend. Wishing you a happy birthday with beautiful wishes.

17. Your influence on our friendship is always very true. Your walk in life is that of Godliness. God has blessed you with the blessing of His face. I can’t even in a bit love you less. This birthday of yours shall be for you a great outpour of God’s blessing over you. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

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18. Each time I recollect the times we shared together, the moments of laughter, seasons of seriousness and days of seeking to do accordingly to God’s purpose, I do always give thanks to God for sending me a friend as inspiring as you are. Thank you for your support and loyalty. Happy birthday to you.

19. In times when the wind comes to shake our friendship, times when troubles emerge to prey on our relationship, when time comes to test the validity of what we share, I am very much certain even a hundred percent sure that the awesome time we spent together, as well as the amazing memories we share, would definitely make us scale through these trying seasons. For your friendship is based on truth. Happy birthday to you. Many more returns!

20. Through the thick and thin you were there friend, even in the rough and tough way, you never left my side. Having you as a friend is a package of blessing from God. God bless you and preserve you always. Happy happy birthday to you, darling.

21. Friendship has made meaning to me through you. Your life has the definition to friendship as it is in God’s heart to me specially. I cherish you dearly, bestie. Happy birthday. Age with grace.

22. The first time we met, it looks as if nothing as strong has friendship can come out of our meeting. But today, I write this to let you know that I value and cherish your friendliness a lot. I celebrate you today dear. Best wishes for my best friend.

23. I bless the day God brought you forth to this world. I cherish the day we became friends and I will continually give thanks to God for He will sustain our friendship till the end. I love you so dearly, best friend. Happy birthday!

24. Daily and constantly, the bond of our friendship becomes stronger. Your perseverance and loyalty in our friendship has been so remarkable. Thank you for being a best friend. A gracious birthday to you. Love you!

25. I am the luckiest person on earth for I am blessed with a special breed of friend like you. You are my best friend and I will always love, cherish and value our relationship. Now, happy birthday to my best friend.

26. Your heart is a large heart that can accommodate, your smile cheers up the sad, a friend like you is rare. May we never let go of our friendship, for I value it a lot. May your new age be for the emergence of new and great things in your life. Happy birthday to you.

27. When we fight, before the end of five minutes after, we reconcile with each, when we laugh, we usually embrace each other. I can’t forget every moment of our friendship. It means a lot to me. I celebrate you today dear, wishing you a happy birthday.

28. Regardless of the fact that we don’t get to see each other everyday, you still very much remain in my heart. Even when distance creates a space between us, I can’t stop loving you, friend. And now, I am wishing you packages of beautiful things on this day. God bless you. Happy birthday.

29. Hi sweetest friend, even in the times of troubles and disappointments, you’ll never stop being a sweet and cute friend. I love you so dearly even to the moon. Happy birthday!

30. When sorrow takes tears out of my eyes, you were around to wipe it off, you placed my head on your shoulder to comfort me. You are truly a blessing from God. I bless the day I met you. It’s your birthday dear friend, may you grow in the light of God. Riches and peace shall be with you. Happy birthday!

31. I know for sure that it is destiny that has brought us together as friends because you show the true essence of friendship. I love you so much, best friend. Happy birthday to you.

32. Happy birthday to a very sincere and kind hearted friend like you. I do feel proud and elated to have you as my best friend. Have a very wonderful birthday celebration. Hurray!

33. Your life has been exemplary and your character has left me better than the way I was before I met. Thank you so much, friend. Wishing you a happy birthday with long life and peace.

34. The wisdom God gave you is been dispensed in the right manner. Your words are like soothing balm to the heart. May you grow more in the wisdom of God. Your life shall speak of the goodness of God.

35. Every time I ruminate on the beautiful memories we had and the awesome timeouts we share. I just thank God and bless the day we met. Thank you bestie. You are a good friend.

36. Your voice rings so well in my ears each time I am about giving up, your words of encouragement are like always bringing up on feet to face my challenges. God will continue to bless you and keep you even specially for me. It’s your birthday, darling. We’re gonna rock! Happy birthday.

37. The awesomeness of your heart is jaw-dropping and the largeness of your heart is also very inspiring. I love you so much, friend. I can’t even trade our friendship for anything. A happy and an awesome birthday to you!

38. Your friendliness is an example to many, your kindheartedness is iconic. You amaze me so much, dear. I am so happy to have you as my best friend. Wishing you a fabulous birthday celebration.

39. Every trial we pass through and every pleasure we enjoy, all these will only make our friendship stronger. I love you, dear. Happy birthday!

40. Many times I do things that are worthy of dissolving our friendship but instead, you’ll stay and find ways of making things up. You surprise me so much. And actually, I am a better person now because of your life. I am so happy that I have an opportunity to celebrate you today. Thank you for being there always. Happy birthday to you. Age gracefully dear.

41. You treat me uniquely like I am the only friend you have. You give your body burning to see that I am doing fine and you show me the friendship love. What more can I ask in a friend? You are such a blessing. May your new age brings new things and strength to you. Happy birthday!

42. You fought with me ceaselessly to see that the best comes out from me. Then you are nothing less than a best friend. I love you so much, dear. Happy birthday.

43. Your impartiality and kindliness always do wow me. I have learnt a lot from you as a friend. You are indeed my best friend. Happy birthday, bestie. Long life and prosperity

44. When I knew your birthday is forthcoming, I began to search for words I could use to express my happiness. And I find this, you are the best friend ever, I love you to the stars. Happy birthday, darling.

45. Do you know that you are such a darling, unique and rare breed of friends? I bless the day God brought you to life. And specially for making me your friend. Happy birthday, best friend. Age gracefully.

46. I can’t sell you out for another neither can I trade your friendship for the priceless gem. That’s how much I love you bestie. Wishing you the very best in your new age.

47. You are truly a friend in need and a friend indeed. I can’t love you less, dear. Happy birthday!

48. Getting to know you has played out to be one of the best things in life for me. I appreciate you, darling. Happy birthday to you.

49. I value your friendship more than the priceless pearl. And I wish you all your heart desires according to God’s purpose for your life. Happy birthday, friend.

50. I’ll gladly tell the whole world that I am very lucky even the luckiest to have such a wonderful friend like you. Let’s rock and roll today, dear. Happy birthday to you, bestie.

51. Spelling out my heart feelings to you, friend, is inevitable for me. I can’t just hold it for you have been a source of blessing to me. May God Almighty bless you and keep you on every side. I wish you a happy birthday!

52. Your closeness to me is as that of my brother for you are already a part of my family. Thank you, my lovely friend. Happy birthday!

53. Put this in mind dearest friend, that should there be any time you are down, just know that there are many who love and cherish you, especially me. For the Lord has given you a large heart to accommodate many. That’s how much you are loved, dear. A happy birthday to you, best friend.

54. Wow! It’s my amazing friend’s birthday. What a day to let him know how much he means to me. Yes, dear friend, I want you to know that your friendship with me has really blessed me and taught me a lot of positive things. I wish you beautiful things ahead in this new year of your life. Remain blessed.

55. Over the years and from the span of times, I have resolved in my heart that you are truly a friend one could ever wish for. And nothing shall dissolve our friendship by God’s grace. I love you dearly, friend. God bless you and your new age.

56. In your friendship, I have experienced undiluted affection and unadulterated care. Your heart of kindness has won my heart to say you are my best friend. I can’t love you any less. May your life be shielded from every form of troubles and calamities. Stay blessed. Happy birthday.

57. I have come to realise that your friendship is chastening and also kind. You chastise and yet you don’t fight me. I am better off than when we first met. Thank God for your life.

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58. You make life so fun to live in, you are such an amazing friend. Have all you want in accordance with God’s will for your life this new year of yours. Happy birthday best friend. I love you!

59. Do you know that you have become that best friend who sticks more than a brother? I cherish you dearly. May your new age spring forth beautiful things for you. Have a very enjoyable birthday celebration!

60. When I try to be ambiguous, you sight that I am, when my emotions are hidden, you easily detect them. I have come to know that you are an angel sent by God to me. I love you so much, best friend. A happy and glamorous birthday to you. Age gracefully.

61. Hello, best friend, you are a friend indeed, I have thought it through and concluded that your friendship is true. May God bless us with long life that we may live together sticking more closer as friends. Happy birthday!

62. A heartfelt love is what I have for you. You are that friend that stands when the world turns their back. Then you received the award of my best friend. Thank you, darling. I wish you greater heights more and more. The sky is just your beginning. Happy birthday!

63. I respect you so much and always do feel honoured to be your dearest friend. Here are my lovely wishes dear. Age with grace and grow in wisdom. Wealth shall not be far from you. Good health shall be in your abode, amen. Happy birthday!

64. Every moment around you is always very lively, you are so fun to be with. I cherish when you are around and I love you so much. Happy birthday, bestie!

65. Loneliness is definitely a write off whenever I am with you. But graceful words and in beautiful plays are the order of the day. I am so familiar with you so much, dear. I wanted you to know that! Happy birthday to you darling. Grow more in grace!

66. God has favoured me and blessed me tremendously by giving me a friend like you. May our friendship outrun the test of time. I love you so dearly. Happy birthday, wishing you a more refreshing life.

67. Having a friend as inspiring and loving like you is a very good thing to the heart. You have beat almost all the doubts against true friendship. I admire you a lot dear. Happy birthday!

68. There is no need telling you how beautiful you are especially today because I have always been doing that. But let me take out time to say it again, friend, you are beautiful and amazing. Your life has been an exemplary one. I wish you all the best, best friend. Happy birthday!

69. You are actually like an angel dwelling in the midst of humans. And I feel so honoured to have you as my best friend. I can’t trade your friendship for the most expensive jewelry. Now is, wishing you a load of awesomeness on your birthday. Age graciously.

70. You cannot be short of my love, care and support for you have shown your fidelity to me even in the most difficult times. I wish you a happy and beautiful birthday. Remain blessed.

71. It’s of great joy and gladness for me today, knowing that you have crossed another hurdle of your life today just as I am so happy the day God brought you into this world. Joy all the way, dear! Happy birthday!

72. Your friendliness has made me venture into some risky decisions and still come out certain. Your words of encouragement which are spirit lifting have made me cross some hurdles and obstacles in life and still made me strong. Thank you so much best friend, I love you dearly. Happy birthday to you.

73. Your lifestyle is an inspiration for many others around you. Being your best friend is actually a blessing. I love you, best friend. Happy and splendid birthday. Newness all the way!

74. May you come into more of God’s grace for a better living. May your life continue to a blessing. Age with abundance of grace dear. Happy birthday!

75. In the mercy of God, He sent you to me as a friend, a helper of destiny, and a friend indeed. I thank God gracefully. Hey darling, thank you for responding to the call of God in this regard. Wishing a blessing packed birthday! Hurray!

76. Happy birthday, my bestie. Thank you for being a true friend. You have shown what it takes to be a good friend. I love you, dear. Once again, happy birthday!

77. By God’s grace, you shall be favoured and shown mercy in all your pursuits in life. For you are a very good friend, you deserve more! Knowing you is truly a blessing. Enjoy the day dear. I am so happy for you, happy birthday!

78. Hey bestie, you have been a source of inspiration to me always. I admire you a lot, I do make a boast of you always to other people around because I am so much of a better person. Thank you, dearie. A Happy birthday to you.

79. You are like a lucky charm to me and I find myself the luckiest to be your friend. May the Almighty God be with you always and shower you with blessings abundantly. Happy birthday, my best friend.

80. Friends like you are so hard to find, friends like you are dear to have and friends like you are lovely to be with. I just wanted you to know that, darling. Happy birthday!

81. Celebrating your birthday makes me feel elated that I wish it would be every day. You are truly an icon. Happy birthday, darling. Age gracefully.

82. You are a mentor, a teacher and a friend. I cherish you so much. May this new year of yours be so refreshing and rejuvenating. Happy birthday to you, sweetie.

83. I now believe that truly a there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Your friendship has made me believe this so much. Thank bestie, I love you so dearly. Happy birthday!

84. This day brings me the memory of the first time we met, you were truly God sent to me. Happy birthday, darling.

85. Your qualities are indeed qualitative. I enjoy being with you always, friend. Keep this in mind. Happy birthday.

86. You kill my loneliness and you make me feel lively. Don’t even think I don’t value your friendliness dear friend. And I wish you a happy and elated birthday celebration. Remain blessed, dear.

87. May you never be lonely or be in despair because you have by your life bring brought many around you to be lively. Enjoy the day, darling friend. Happy birthday to you.

88. There is actually nothing more exciting and chilling to me as your birthday. Its a day I prepare for with all goodies and candies even the best wishes.

89. Many years ago, a loving someone and a caring friend was born into this world. And this fellow turns out to be my best friend. Your biography is inspirational dear. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

90. These are my best wishes to you my best friend, remain free and flow happily all the days of your life. God be in you. Happy birthday!

91. Hello best friend, by God’s grace and mercy, you have opened the portals of sincerity and truthfulness in friendship through your Godly graced life. Thank you so much, you are a God sent friend specially to me. And I wish you will not miss that, heaven desires for your life. Age gracefully dear. Happy birthday.

92. May you gray with friends of love, and company in the congregation of truthful seekers of righteousness. Your new age shall bring you to the place of being daily filled with the new wine of God. God bless you, dear. Happy birthday!

93. I am telling you boldly that I don’t take our friendship for granted for it is of note worth than that of the rare diamond. I love you my bestie. Wishing you a happy and splendid birthday!

94. When we quarrel, you always find a way of settling things between us within the shortest period of time. You are truly a sticky friend. I love you, dear. Do have a wonderful birthday celebration, hurray!

95. Your smiles are soothing, your beauty is ravishing I am thankful to God for bringing me to know you and have you as a friend. God bless your new age. Happy birthday.

96. Hello friend, you are the celebrant of the day, may all your dreams fall in place with God’s will unto achievement. Continue to soar higher, dear. May your wings not break. See you at the top this new year of your life. Happy birthday!

97. There are times in everyone’s life where the living of a true friendship life will be measured. Millions have failed and many have lost the requirements. But by God’s grace, you have been found full in this dearest friend. I cherish you dearly. Happy birthday to you!

98. There are times and seasons even for specific reasons. And God in the highest, places some people in some specific places for specific purposes. I believe God has placed you in my life for the accomplishment of His programme in the earth. I can’t actually thank God enough. And I indeed admire you and love you so much, best friend. A happy and awesome birthday to you. Age graciously.

99. The reality of every friendship is based on truth and truth alone. In our dealings with each other, you have by God’s grace exhibit this reality both in conversation and manner. I love you, friend. Happy birthday to you, hurray!

100. Asking for a better friend, the Lord God Almighty gave attention to my prayers by bringing me your way, darling. You have been such a blessing to many and specifically to me. The Lord bless you, the Lord makes His Face to shine on you. And He lifts up His countenance upon you. May this day be to you a graciously remarkable day in your life to span through your lifetime. Amen. Happy birthday to you darling. Age gracefully!

That best friend of yours definitely needs these paragraphs to make him/her wow! on this special day of their lives.

It’s the little you can do to express your gratitude to God in their life.

Am I saying what on your mind?

Then pour out your own thought concerning this content in the comments box below. Your thought would be highly welcomed.

From us through you to that best friend of yours, we are saying, Friends like you are scarcely found and we wish him or her a happy birthday!


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