2024 Best Long Goodnight Messages for Her from the Heart

Surely, you’ve got a burning desire to send your love to your girlfriend tonight. And most importantly, in such a manner that’ll make her beam with a smile for as long as the length of your message to her can allow.

They might be written as goodnight messages but they connote a deep confession of lovable to send your girl to wonderland agitating to see your face in the morning time.

So, get busy with making a fine choice from this swam of lovely confessions as something magical is about to come her way tonight.

Go ahead, read through these well-crafted messages and pick the one which aligns most with your feelings for her.

Long Good Night Love Paragraphs for Her

The best of sweet and romantic long good night love paragraphs for her from the heart. Cute and beautiful long good night love text messages for her – girlfriend.

1. I fall in love whilst giving you a meaningful stare, ditto when I close my eyes cause at that moment your face is all that I see still. What I put foremost in my heart tonight is to wake up to your lovely smile. Yay! Nothing beats the excitement I feel when I see you giving a voluntary smile to everyone but to me, a deep involuntary affectionate one. Tonight will reveal the state of my heart to you, cause I’ll like to make a love confession. You tugged my heart the moment I set my eyes on you. You have always looked like a beautiful city set on a hill but tonight, you look different in my heart. You take resemblance to a beautiful castle in wonderland. You’re such an edifice of glory.

2. I’m enamoured with a lady of substance. Whose beauty remains bright even in a cloudy weather. At night, the light of your heart shines around me, cause I can feel a series of indescribable emotions sweeping off my feet until I fall helplessly in love with you all over again. This night will be marked for something: for giving to you the sceptre of my heart. You now own the power to control my heart wherever it pleases you. My secret is no longer safe with you; soon enough the world will be in the know of my affections for you. I desire to be with you tonight even though I could be anywhere else in the world. When it’s time that I go to bed, the thought of you is enough to caress me to sleep. Good night, my love.

3. I need more time with you; the length of the day is too short, the night isn’t any longer either. I dream of a night when you wouldn’t be so far away. I hope a time comes when I can reach you with just a stretch of my arm. This night stands out for me, cause I can feel your fragrance all over me. Tonight reminds me of your favourite side of the bed. You loathe the pillow because you love my bosom more. I will remain eternally grateful to the stars in the sky for they let me know something as beautiful as you exist even in a dark world. It’s already dark, but my love still dazzles with so much light like the sun when at its zenith. Sleep tight tonight, my love.

4. Take a deep sleep tonight like the one a queen would have whilst be ensconced in the arms of her king. I do not know how to say this to you, “I love you.” But, I hope tonight’s dream shows you a glimpse of my true feelings for you. You represent everything a great lady should possess. More so, you beat my expectation. “You’re worth the waiting for” escaped my lips the night I saw you looking undaunted in the face of danger. You deserve the best there is; including me. Sleep like a baby in the most beautiful cradle whose heart is pleasured with peace. I love you.

5. I’m short of words to say to you tonight, cause each morning my heart pours you a daily confession of my love for you. Not to say, I love you less tonight but rather, I’m rendered speechless by your being. At the advent of knowing you, you were a mystery to me. Funnily enough, I’m yet to unravel that mystery. I hope a night will come that we’ll share the most beautiful secrets together. I’ll dream of you, cause you’re a beauty to behold even in the dream. Sleep well tonight and wake up looking no less of your beautiful self. I love you till eternity.

6. Every night, I deal with the pain of missing you. However, I am blessed with the opportunity to smile over the memory we made under the brightness of the sun. I’ll take comfort in the words that you said and I’ll find peace knowing your heart is at ease at me. But still, here I am hoping to behold the beauty of your sleep one night. With all my love for you, I wish you a very pleasant twilight.

7. My mind is flooded with the memories of your smiles but still, I yearn for a brighter day to see you bask in the euphoria of our love whilst you let out my name out of your colourful lips in pleasure. I feel your smile from afar when the stars shine brighter all of a sudden. I hope tonight pleases your soul, but more importantly, I hope you dream of this heart that cares. Goodnight, my one true love.

8. The night brings the beauty of the moon and the stars to all of mankind but more peculiar to me is the memories of the love we share during sunrise. I hope to see you in my dream where time isn’t a barrier to our togetherness. When I rise up in the morning time, I’d love to see you make all my dreams come true. But for now, I’ll enjoy what the night brings; pleasant dreams and memories of you. I don’t want to love anyone else but you because each night of our separation makes me realise just how much my heart beats for you. Goodnight, sweet love.

9. I’ll stay up all night listening to my heart tick to the clock on the wall. I’ll be a watcher man just to rise up early at the gaiety crow of the cock to see the face of my love as soon as the daybreak. Can’t wait to share breakfast with you but more eagerly, I look forward to sharing my life with you. May the wind blow my kisses on your sweet lips before you go to bed, and may the moon shine brightly at the top of your house signifying where my love has come to take abode. I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight, my love.

10. Many nights ago, my heart was void without you. However, tonight is a good, good night because you are right inside of this heart making it so much easier for me to breathe. I hope you take abode in this palace of mine until the end of eternity. Sleep tight in your pyjamas, bless the bed with the warmth of your body. And be kind to keep your heart beating to the tune of our love. I adore you, my love.

11. I’ll say a goodnight to you just to go on a lonely hiatus. So, when I come back like the dawn of the day, I’ll be strong for you. Goodnight, my love. Do not fail to rest in my love for you.

12. The sun is gone with its heat. But here comes the night with a coldness to make the body feel good. Enjoy this time of the night by taking a deep breath. And go to bed with my thought in your head. I love you, honey.

13. Loving you saved my soul from loneliness. I no longer live in the fear of the night, cause even in your absence, the thought of you creeps into my mind to keep me company. Make tonight memorable by making me a part of your sweet dream. Goodnight, my love.

14. I have everything that I need to live for, all because I have you. Be it night or day, my love for you is without a variable. I’ll love you in every season and hour. As I fall into slumber and thence into a deep sleep, never will I lose the memory I have of you. You’re irreplaceable. Sleep and shine.

15. I’ll turn this night into a beautiful period of reflection of where we started from. I’ll go on to imagine our future together. My imagination will take me to eternity with you tonight. I’ll love every ride of it. My love, make your night as beautiful as the state of my heart. Sleep well, hun.

16. We’re one both at heart. Let our thought be in synchrony tonight so our dream can be in unison. I want you to see me in your dream tonight, for I’m unwavering that I’ll see you in mine. Dream of me, baby.

17. What holds my heart together is my love for you and most importantly, your love for me. Never break my heart nor destroy my being by going away from me. No matter the night, no matter the day you can always run to me. I’ll always have the power to save you at all time, cause I’m your hero.

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18. I fall short of what to say to you tonight. I wish I could write you a letter of love that will keep you awake all through this night. At the same time, I wish I could blow you a breeze of love that will make you fall into a deep lovely sleep. All the same, I have you in mind and that’s the most important thing to me.

19. You’re the best giver of love. No one can give me love like you do. Neither is my soft heart willing to receive love from any other beside you. My heart only recognises you as my one and only true love. Oh! See me smiling even while I sleep; it’s all because of you, honey.

20. I do not want to fail at loving you. I want to remain firm in my promises to you. I want to bring you into my world with no plan to keep you out. This night is unlike the former, I’ll love you until you can feel it in your heart.

21. If I had the world to give you, it will yet be insufficient to show you how much you mean to me. I’ll render you my whole in exchange for nothing. I’m contended with loving you like the night is contended with the darkness that it possesses. I love you beyond this night, my love.

22. I can meet all the conditions of loving you. Howbeit, you can love me on a silver platter; I’ll make myself so easy for you to love. You’re more beautiful than the blue sea and the colourful rainbow. My love is without random. Goodnight, sweetness.

23. I can’t give you everything that the world possess, but I can hand over to you everything I have. My love for you is drenched in perfection and drips with gold. It comes with grace, kindness and goodness. Goodnight, my love.

24. I do not want to live you in the dark. So, I’m sending all my love to you as a ray of light to your path. To cast it to light on you so that darkness vanishes. Goodnight, baby boo.

25. Like a nail, you drove your love deep into my heart. Now I’m consumed with your affections. I hope never to escape your flames of love in my lifetime. My heart will always be kept in your custody. Do not be scared of how much you love me because I’ll never live you to nurse the pain of disappointment and reproach. Let these sincere words of mine be engraved in your heart tonight. Dream of me, love.

26. I’m hungry and tasty for the same thing and that is you. At night, I want to sleep whilst loving you and in the day, I want to walk around with the assurance of your love. Don’t stay quiet when I tell you that I love you; it will only drive me crazy the more to unravel the mystery of your heart. I love you too much to quite.

27. Your love came rushing into my heart like a tsunami. Howbeit, it is indestructible, rather it fixed my heart. Hence, I’m in a safer place because I found love and love found me. This night brought back memory of you to me. I will succeed in keeping it in my heart forever. Love you, baby.

28. You’re the ruler and the judge of my heart. As it pleases you, let my heart be a creation of your hand. Each night, it comes into my heart to make you my queen someday and until I do that, I will never rest. Sleep tight, thinking about me.

29. Like an angel, you came to me for the first time in a flame of fire. You burn with passion and each time I see how much your heartburn for me, I can’t help but fall helplessly for you. My heart trembles at hearing your words; “I love you.” I have seen your heart and I hope you see the depth of mine. Goodnight, my baby.

30. How I love you! I’ll show you the wonders of my heart. I’ll let you know the beauty of my words. All my heart, I’ll give to you like the night gives all of its darkness to the latter part of the day. I found you, and I found love. I’m lost in the world but found in your eyes.

31. Loving a girl like you has drowned my lonely days and made my soul glad again. My love for you will overshadow your fears tonight. My affection will pour out on you in the morning. Stay happy tonight, knowing fully well I got your back even at night, my darl.

32. My love will come anew in the morning. At night like this, I wouldn’t fail to show you how I feel. I know loving you is like loving no one else. Yet, like a roaring lion, I’m willing to be captured by you alone. I wouldn’t mind turning my back against the world. My love is for you, cause the beauty of my heart took after your pulchritude. No matter how dark, your beauty never diminishes. I love you, my sunshine in the midst of darkness.

33. At night I see a ray of light in your eyes that reminds me of the day. It’s unbelievable, that I was touched by your love. I feel empowered by it. I’m intoxicated by my feelings for you; so I’m prone to act out of control because of you. You’re my mental stability and insanity. Do not cut me off, otherwise, I’ll lose my lifeline. Goodnight, my dearest love.

34. It’s a good thing to know you’re loved by someone who you love. When I think about this, I take off to cloud nine and remain on top of the world. I refuse to calm down this excitement in me. I love the life it brings upon me just by hearing you say how much you love me. The night is too young to forget about you. It’s too early for a lovebird to fall asleep. When it’s time to go to bed have a good night, darl.

35. I found favour in the most precious and enchanting eyes I’ve ever seen. I would have been blinded by the light of your intense stare and gaze at me. But funnily enough, the light of love in my eyes is stronger than yours. I love the synergy of our love, it’s strong enough to pull down any obstacle in our ways. Tonight is the most beautiful one I’ve ever witnessed cause; I can feel your love for me even from a distance.

36. My heart sunk when you told me you were leaving all because the night has come. I wouldn’t mind bearing the loneliness of tonight, cause I know the morning will soon come no matter how far it tarries. Don’t you forget to think about me? Make sure that I make it into your fascinating dream; I want to be part of your fantasy. Goodnight, my heartbeat.

37. I love it when we recite our love poem today; it’s the sweetest thing ever. Life stands still when you talk to me. While my blood rushes like a strong wind to my heart when you call my name. No matter how dark it may, our love will never go blind. I’ll illuminate you with the purity of my love for you. You sit on the chair of my emotions; you’re my desire. Whatever happens at night, I’ll always be there for you during the day. I love you.

38. Look at the hair on your head, they wave so beautifully like many exciting waters. I always look at you like a beautiful mountain. You lifted my emotions from the valley and brought them up to the might hills. The night reminds me of how bright you are while the day reminds me of how beautiful you are. No matter how far I may be from you, my heart will always be in juxtaposition to yours. Sleep tight, my queen.

39. You hold the key to my heart. Never open my heart to the pain of heartbreak, but keep it open for the bliss of love. It took me no time to know you were meant for me. I’m here, ready to fight to make you mine forever. I love you from night to night and day by day, sweety.

40. You taught me how to love when you opened my heart to love you. I love you just the way you are. It makes me strong and vulnerable at the same time. The zeal of my love for you has eaten me up. Be happy tonight, cause there’s a man who cares for you truly even with his dear life.

41. The beauty of your eyes has fallen upon me and now I stand transfixed by your gaze at me. Love makes me numb to pain and keeps me aware of happiness. I feel every beat of the string of joy you tug in my emotion. For your sake, I’ll go extra miles to put a smile on your face. I can never be homeless, cause I’ve found a home in your heart; gone are the days I was lost. You’re the one my heart beats for. Goodnight, my angel.

42. I was in the mire of loneliness when you weren’t near. Now that I’ve found you, I have indefinite joy. I bring my love to you from the depth of my heart. I will seek for precious gems for you from the depth of the sea; you deserve it all. Have a great night whilst thinking about me.

43. My heart makes a joyful noise because it constantly beats for you. I will never fail to sing out loud the honour of loving a gem like you. I submit myself to you to be loved. I do not mind to display my weakness to you. Before your eyes, I’m not ashamed to be me. So, see me for who I am tonight so I don’t appear as a stranger when the day comes. Goodnight, my baby.

44. You turned my heart into a waterfall; a place previously as dry as a desert. I will forever be indebted to you for making me taste the warmth of love. For what you’ve done, rule my heart from now till eternity. I will never exalt myself above you; you’re indeed my pride. I love you. This much I want you to know tonight.

45. No matter the beauty of other ladies, I’ll never be moved and neither will my eyes be taken off you. I cried for love silently, I’m glad you were the first who heard me. Waiting for you is the most rewarding thing ever; it brought you to me. Goodnight, my baby.

46. Your drove my loneliness away like a smoke and made me strong like a true gold. My heart trembled the very first time you gave me your first look; how enchanted I was. I will like to love you again in the world to come. Sleep like a baby tonight.

47. Your heart makes me do you right at all time. I can never hurt a beautiful heart like yours. You’re my everything, cause I can’t take a decision without you. The colour of your heart must be as pure as white, for the words that proceed from you are always unblemished by the darkness that resides on the face of the earth. Have a pleasant night, my love.

48. I’m smitten by your words. The kindness of your heart is so awe-inspiring. A night like this only reminds me of beautiful memories with you. The favourite part of my life is mostly spent in your company. I wish there were no night, so I can always be with you throughout the day, my love.

49. You’re the miracle I was very patient about. Loving you has brought me my greatest reward and that is you. I go from strength to strength while loving you. You’re such a blessing to me; be it at night or by the day. Nothing sounds as beautiful as your name, cause it reminds me of you. Goodnight, love.

50. A day with you is better than many nights without you. I feel at home when I’m around you than in the midst of a stream of men. I’ll rather be nowhere else than your heart. I will never withhold myself from loving you exceptionally. Goodnight, sweety.

Good Night Love Text Messages for Her

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51. My flesh cries out for your touch. My heart is forever yoked with yours, cause without it I can’t survive. Loving you has given me the might to face the world. The night will be more beautiful with you by my side, sweety.

52. My arms are wrapped around you like a shield. I’ll protect you from the envy of the world. I love you and I do not mind standing in line to take a bullet for you. A time will come when your nights wouldn’t be lonely again, cause I’ll be by your side and together we would make beautiful memories. Sleep tight, my love.

53. I will never stay away from you. With a flip of your finger, I will come running to you. My heart is now joyful because I found love in your bosom. Never will I live you alone. You’ve taken my sorrows away. All I want to do is to spend happy nights and days with you, my one and only true love.

54. It took me a while to win your heart, but in no time will I make you mine forever. Just with a smile, you stole my heart away. I found the most beautiful treasure of life in your possession and that’s love. No matter what, I’ll never let go of this beautiful gift you’ve given me. I need you to sleep soundly tonight, cause I have a beautiful thing for you tomorrow.

55. Your throne is established in my heart. Your reign is forever. I love you, my lady. I find you mesmerizing. You’re the book that I love to read and you’re the love that I yearn to make mine forevermore. I will always give you the best of my possession. Nothing will I hide from you even at night. I love you, my queen. Sleep like a happy soul.

56. I know I may have said this a million times before but tonight would be without stars in the sky and the beauty of the moon will vanish if I failed to once again confess my love to you. Loving you is what I’ll do till eternity because more than anything, it pleases my heart to love you in both good and trying times. Have a good night sleep, sweetheart.

57. If by chance sleep eludes my eyes and I fail to find comfort on my bed, I’ll think of your pretty smile until I start to slumber. I hope you sleep tight, my love. Goodnight to you.

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58. My love calls unto your love even as darkness fills the earth at night. Like an earthquake, your heart has consumed mine, like the tsunami, you’ve swept me off my feet. Tonight, sleep safe and tight, my angel of love.

59. As the second ticks round and round the clock so will my world revolve around you all day. It does not matter what time of the day it is, my heart will always want you. I love you and hope that you sleep sweetly.

60. You’re the queen of my heart and I’ll sing your praises all night long. When the day comes, my love will shine upon you till darkness comes with the moon. I need not tell you how much I love you, because I’m convinced you know I honestly do. Have a good night sleep, sweetheart.

61. I have cleansed my heart for you to dwell safely in it. My love is all for you and so does my virtues revolve around you. I hold you in high esteem and with the joy that tonight brings, I wish to tell you, I love you. Sleep tight, my darling.

62. The night need not cover your flaws because your imperfections are perfect in my eyes. I need not long to see your face in the morning since I’ll always remember the beauty of my love even with my eyes closed. I need you to sleep sweetly tonight. I love you.

63. There’s no sad night as long as you take your place in my heart. There is no better morning, as long as it holds the key to seeing your pretty face. Sleep tight, dear beauty of my heart.

64. Be intentional about your dreams tonight because I’m willing to make them come true when the morning comes. Quickly whisper, I love you to the wind cause I feel the heat of your absence from miles away. I love you from here to the moon and back.

65. Command your love for me even in the night time. Let me feel the sweetness of your kisses from distance away. Let the wind blow your sweet love to me until the crack of dawn when we feel each other’s warmth. I love you.

66. It is my pleasure every night to tell you how much I love you. It does my heart much good to hear the sea sing your praises at night. I hope you sleep well tonight because a heart as yours deserves a peaceful night. I love you till eternity comes.

67. I’m not afraid of the dark because my eyes are filled with the light of your love. I welcome the night with all of my heart knowing it’s time to go on a memory lane of our love. I desire the night, and you’re the reason for that expectation. Sleep tight, my darling.

68. My song every night is you draw me nearer to you. I need you to dwell in my home as you do in my heart. I hope the day comes and the night arrives when I’ll behold my sleeping beauty. Goodnight, my darling.

69. I greatly desire your beauty near me tonight. But gladness fills my heart because I know the morning will come with the brightness in your eyes. I love you. Sleep tight.

70. Would you marry me even when the stars are our only wedding guests? Would you say yes to me even if the moon is the only witness to our love? Tonight, I promise to love you till the end of time. Goodnight, my darling.

71. I get consumed with the thought of your body on my bed every starry night. I get carried away by the waves of emotions whilst beholding your beauty in my dreams. I’ll do anything for you to make those dreams come true. Sleep tight, my love. I love you to the moon and back.

72. Your beauty comes in different shades at night. You look more alluring being a thousand miles away. You take my breath away having you close to me at sparrow-fart. I don’t want to wait another day to confess my love for you once again. I love you! Have a pleasant night.

73. I hope your heart can hear me in the silent night. I hope you feel my love in the chaos of the day. The joy of calling you my own brings tears to my eyes. I love to say that I love you. Sleep tight, my love.

74. It hurts me to see you go when you leave at night. But the strength and hope each night teach make me embrace it with loving arms. Good night to you, my love. I hope to make you smile in my dreams tonight.

75. I love you far more than my words can say. Cheerfully, I embrace your flaws because they are perfections to me. May you enjoy tonight more than any other. In the place of darkness, I hope you see the light shining from my heart to you. I love you, sweety.

76. Your worth is inestimable. You represent the hidden priceless treasures of the dark but I’m glad you chose to shine your light so brightly for my eyes to see and my heart to desire you in darkness. My quest has led me to a place of love, hence, I’m glad I found you. I plead that you remain mine for the longest time. I love you.

77. Know that I thirst for you as you lay your head upon a pillow. Imagine my hunger for you as you close your eyes against the stars. When the morning comes, let me draw water from the well of your heart, and when the sun starts to shine, feed me with the bread of love. I love you to the moon and back.

78. I’ll eschew the world for the sake of the love that I feel for you. I’ll reject the kindest pillow given the pleasantness of your bosom. Let me show you off to the world cause this much I know is true; I’ll never get tired of a boring day with you for you’re life itself.

79. There is none on earth that I long for besides you. The stars at night may be beautiful from far above the earth, but nothing beats your figure like a shadow upon my wall. I love to see you tonight. Sleep tight, my love.

80. The figure of love takes the shape of your smile when you stare at me. Hence, I found love when I first looked upon your face. You’re the light of my world, little wonder darkness has lost its power over me. Tonight, I confess that I cannot live without you. So, be my guest forever and ever. I love you.

81. My heart is determined to love you, so cast your burdens upon me. If I had wings to fly, I’ll be set on a journey to your abode because my eyes long to see you tonight. But then, I’ll rest in the assurance of your love, knowing you also long to see my face tonight. Sleep tight, my love.

82. From the end of the earth will I proclaim my love for you. I’ll shout it so audibly so every living thing can hear just how much. Your heart is where my home lies and I’ll do everything to have its door everlastingly opened unto me. Goodnight to you, my love.

83. My heart burns when I can’t feel you near, my head hurts from wanting you so badly. I need you to call out my name in the dark cause when I hear it, I’ll leap for joy tonight. I love you way more than life itself. Sleep tight, my darling.

84. Each night teaches me how to endure your absence but tonight is insufferable as I desperately hope to hear you knock on my door. You are my weakness but my strength comes from the memories we make during the day. I love you too much. But I’ve got to say goodnight to you, my love.

85. Your face is up on my wall to keep me company at night. I’ll always keep you protected because your tears crack my walls when you cry. I’ll see you in the morning when nothing can separate us. Goodnight, my darling.

86. Goodnight is the saddest word of the day. Though it comes with the moon and star it takes your presence away from the reach of my wings. I wish to have you by my side just as much as I love you at all times. But the cycle of life calls for distance at a time like this. However, come what may, I’ll always love you. Sleep tight, my love.

87. Call upon me when you need me for I will freely sacrifice to let a smile on your face. Do not hesitate to correct me because I am willing to do good by you. This I say out of the abundance of my love for you. Goodnight, pretty angel.

88. My love will I reserve for you till time fades away and my vows will remain unchanging with you until eternity comes to an end. With all my love for you, I wish you a super duper night.

89. On the other side of the moon is the shadow of our love. I hope the sun comes quickly to shine it’s light because darkness has dealt its blow on us hence, you’re far away from me. With eagerness, I wait to feel the tenderness of your loving arms when I see you again. I love you.

90. As time fades away tonight still, I can’t find the right words to express to you my deep feelings. Perhaps because my heart is consumed with an indescribable dose of passion. But I hope you feel my heart’s ecstasy when it says, I love you. Goodnight, my love.

91. Be my dwelling place in all generations. Let every eye behold my love for you. Let the nights witness our passion as the breezes blow. Tonight and many more, I’ll love you to the stars and back.

92. When the tears of separation leak down to my cheek, I hope the rains of your love come to wash it away. When the night leaves me without you, I hope I find contentment in the memory of our love. I just want you to know I love you tonight and always. Sleep tight, my darling.

93. My ears itch for the sound of your footsteps tonight. I look on to see your shadow hint me of your arrival once again. I miss you, my darling. I hope you sleep tight.

94. Feed me with the bread of your love before I go to sleep. Wrap around me your protective hands of love for I crave for your warm embrace tonight. I pray the morning comes with my desires as tonight is left without hope of its satisfaction. I love you tonight and always.

95. Come take this annoyance away. I’m irritated by your absence. I’m agitated by the length of the night which I have to persevere in your absence. But I’ll wait for you until darkness turns to light. I love you more than ever. Sleep tight.

96. Satisfy my thirst with your voice tonight. Even as the nights fade away and the flowers wither away with time, my love for you will be from everlasting to everlasting. So, pay no attention to time and the seasons it brings. My love abides with you now and always. Goodnight, my love.

97. It is forever a good morning to our love in any time of the day even as I wish you a good night as you retire to your bed. I pray the nightmares of loneliness do not invade your dreams. May each morning we live to see magnet each other’s warmth and kisses. I love you.

98. My meditation of you shall be sweet as I close my eyes to sleep. My encounter of you in my dreams will leave me with the energy to make them come true. I hope to see you soon. My feelings rest in my heart tonight waiting to explode as soon as the sun rises. I love you.

99. You pierced my heart with the arrow of love hence, it gushes a spring of passion. Precious in my world is the contour of your smile hence, I’ll do anything to see you grin. With so much love, I wish you a very good night, my love.

100. I grieve when the night comes because it snatches my love away from me. Mornings are my favourite because they are full of great hope to see your face for the longest time. Believe you me, I’ll draw you closer than yesterday once my eyes behold you once more. Sleep tight, my love. I adore you.

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