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2024 Trending Happy Birthday Friend Memes

Lemme guess. Today is your friend’s birthday. Need a perfect meme for him or her?

Birthday is special — as you probably already know — and celebrating with your friend is beautiful. With more spice, a birthday can be an unforgettable experience. If his/her birthday is today, you can set things up to be fun already.

Using a meme, you can achieve much fun. What else are memes for?

With these collections, you can shake things up much. Spread laughter on a birthday face and create a beautiful day for your friend and you’ll have yourself to thank. You’re just one step away.


Funny Happy Birthday Friend Memes

Make your friend laugh on his/her birthday with these Funny Happy Birthday Friend Memes.

1. It’s your birthday, so I’m definitely a year older.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

2. Shut up and throw a party. Your birthday is here.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

3. No birthday like yours except yours. Let’s shake it.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



4. It’s your birthday, so I’ll just stay hungry till it’s time for you to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

5. Someone like me is getting older today. Watch your hair colour.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

6. Let’s go shopping since you’re drawing closer to the grave by a year today.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



7. Turn the day up and forget about your age. It’s your birthday, but also our big day.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

8. If I meet you today, I’ll punch you knowing that we’ll still be good. It’s your birthday, friend.

9. You’re growing into one of these annoying old guys. I’ll soon start hating you, fam. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

10. Today’s beautiful even though you’re not because your birthday is here.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



11. Not every day is Christmas, but your birthday gives us one more.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

12. Who cares if you’re broke? Turn the music on and let’s dance. It’s your birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

13. Because you’re special, I’ll do the birthday song as a poem. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



14. Happy birthday to the craziest friend. I wish you get a psychiatric card before your next birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

15. Today is that day when we go AWOL from our daily routine. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

16. If my wedding clashes with your birthday, I’ll apologise to my fiancé. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

17. Take a birthday ring. Will you celebrate your birthday? Yes? Oh happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme


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18. I think you lived this long because we hardly fought as friends. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

19. Happy birthday. My tummy is happier though.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

20. Rock your day, Jay, even though that’s not your name. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



21. Look left, look right, left again then…Birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

22. It’s your birthday. A day that should never come to an end.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

23. Let’s play games we played as children today. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

24. I remembered your birthday without a Facebook reminder. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



25. The lesser the crowd at today’s party, the more food we’ll eat. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

26. I steal all good wishes for you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

27. I’m tired of seeing birthdays without cakes. Change this year. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

28. Happy birthday. Today do something that will make me trust you.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

29. I’ll post happy birthday on Facebook and switch off my phone.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

30. I propose a toast even without a drink. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



31. Happy birthday. I got a bucket of water for you.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

32. From a madman to another. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

33. Why does it always feel like your birthday is a joke? Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

34. Today is a big day — we’ll eat till our stomachs are big. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



35. I confess that you’re awesome. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

36. Let’s rap with the happy birthday song. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

37. Celebrate till you forget you’re one year older. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

38. Hope a bell woke you up today? That would have made your day a bit different — at least from mine. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

39. You said today is your birthday. I hope you mean it. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme

40. If I find you today, I’ll wish you another happy birthday, rolling stone.

Happy Birthday Friend Meme



41. I’m shocked. Happy birthday.

42. I’ve waited all my life for this birthday. Let’s eat. Happy birthday.

43. A partner-in-crime is still alive. Happy birthday.

44. Next time, sell tickets for entry into today. Happy birthday.

45. I’m yet to post on FB and IG and Twitter, but happy birthday all the same.

46. Even though the sun is hot, happy birthday.

47. Be yourself, especially today. Happy birthday.

48. Today will be fun, not because of you, but because I’ll celebrate with you. Happy birthday.

49. If you feel embarrassed today, good for you. Happy birthday, caring friend.

50. Let today be more playful than other days. Happy birthday.

51. Birthdays over food and money, any day. Happy birthday.

52. Grow faster and make more money. Happy birthday.

53. Today is your birthday. So let’s sleep.

54. I’m surprised today’s not made of 28 hours. Happy birthday.

55. Guess who’ll be a year and a day older tomorrow? Happy birthday.

56. Can today just last forever? Happy birthday.

57. I would have given you gifts, but a hug is more important. Happy birthday.

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58. Today’s a day of joy. Go and look for it. Happy birthday.

59. Make today memorable or just sleep throughout. Happy birthday.

60. Pass the mic for a birthday freestyle. Happy birthday.

61. Let everyone get you gifts, while I give you my heart. Happy birthday.

62. Life is good, and delicious on birthdays. Happy birthday.

63. Hold on to fun while it lasts today. Happy birthday.

64. The birthday of a king without a throne. Happy birthday.

65. You’re my man, at least for today. Happy birthday.

66. The best birthday ever is today. Happy birthday.

67. I’ll travel the world to attend your birthday. Happy birthday.

68. I’m scared today will go up in flames. Happy birthday.

69. Get up and dance. It is your birthday.

70. Ring the bells and hit the gavel. The birthday is confirmed.

71. We’ll party till we’re hungry, then eat because we’re hungry. Happy birthday.

72. Did I not tell you today’s your birthday? Happy birthday.

73. My friend, we’ve share love and fun. And fights. Happy birthday.

74. Your age is definitely reducing. Happy birthday.

75. May you find the cash to feed us today. Happy birthday.

76. Without you, I’ll have fewer problems. Happy birthday.

77. Birthdays are perfect for killing hunger. Happy birthday.

78. A day to be seen as older than before. Happy birthday.

79. Welcome to a turn-up day. Happy birthday.

80. By tomorrow, we’ll adjust back to our everyday self, because your birthday will make us our real selves once again.

81. Wishes or gifts? Happy birthday.

82. I just licked my lips and said there are no days like birthdays. Happy birthday.

83. Birthday that’s not celebrated by you is no birthday. Happy birthday.

84. Set the stage for the birthday of the sweetest friend. Happy birthday.

85. Today’s so exciting Santa must have been born in it. Happy birthday.

86. I’m losing my cool because it’s your birthday.

87. It’s a day to fall back to when you’re hungry. Happy birthday.

88. The day you have extra power. Happy birthday.

89. Today is the shortest of all days. Happy birthday.

90. The day will be bright like the sun was created in it. Happy birthday.

91. I wish you what Bill Gates wishes himself. Happy birthday.

92. This is the worst way to say happy birthday to you.

93. Hold on. Today will be hotter than hell. Happy birthday.

94. Put on your glasses and be cool. Today is your birthday.

95. Today is a goal. Happy birthday.

96. Tonight will be brighter than many days. Happy birthday.

97. Let the day begin. Happy birthday.

98. Today’s our day. Happy birthday.

99. We waited for it and here it is. Happy birthday.

100. Today’s more valuable than two great days. Happy birthday.

101. Tell a story of today and it will be one of food and dance. Happy birthday.

102. The older, the better. Happy birthday.

103. Tonight, we’ll all visit the toilet, but for now, where’s the food? Happy birthday.

104. We’re happy because we’re addicted to birthdays. Happy birthday.

105. Forget the birthday song. Happy birthday.

106. It’s the day we bug you. Happy birthday.

107. Share our best wishes for ourselves with us today. Happy birthday.

108. Fun for all and it’s on you. Happy birthday.

109. We’ll celebrate like there’s no birthday after this. Happy birthday.

110. Not just any birthday, but your birthday. Happy birthday.

111. It’s a white day but we’ll paint the town red. Happy birthday.

112. It’s a good day to forget your troubles. Happy birthday.

113. Without you, today sucks. Happy birthday.

114. Let’s just call today party day. Happy birthday.

115. Let’s make today sweeter than two days. Happy birthday.

116. Till the end of the day, bear with us and the way we’ll invade your space. Happy birthday.

117. The days swept in just like you. Happy birthday.

118. Take today out and watch the year turn sadder. Happy birthday.

119. I love you and today as I love my life. Happy birthday.

120. I’ll celebrate you today like I just won the Grammys. Happy birthday.

121. The date I saved is here. Happy birthday.

122. This feels like a holiday. Happy birthday.

123. Today’s the day lions gather to celebrate one of their greatest. Roar! Happy birthday.

124. Days can boast of being the sweetest till they meet your birthday. Happy birthday.

125. Next time, today should come to stay. Happy birthday.

126. Say a prayer for today, for it shall be hot. Happy birthday.

127. If you’re not celebrating, cover your ears. Happy birthday.

128. Even animals are losing it. If only they could speak. Happy birthday.

129. I’ll celebrate my birthday in advance today on you. Happy birthday.

130. Stay strong, so you can attend to us today. Happy birthday.

131. A day to rock in great ways. Happy birthday.

132. Have fun with open eyes. Happy birthday.

133. Today’s yours like you inherited it from God. Happy birthday.

134. The excitement bar is full. Happy birthday.

135. Your birthday is a blindingly bright day. Happy birthday.

136. Forget the voice and sing the song. Happy birthday.

137. A day of joy in scary quantities. Happy birthday.

138. Your place will be crashed today. Happy birthday.

139. The best day is today. Happy birthday.

140. Shake the best out of today. Happy birthday.

141. We’ll have a different day today. Happy birthday.

142. Let the well-wishers say Amen. Happy birthday.

143. Dance like it’s your birthday. Actually, it is. Happy birthday.

144. We’ll burn like the sun today. Happy birthday.

145. Today makes more sense since it’s your birthday.

146. It’s a double day. Happy birthday.

147. All celebrate a man called friend. Happy birthday.

148. This awesome day shouldn’t waste. Happy birthday.

149. We got your back double today. Happy birthday.

150. We need more days like this. Happy birthday.

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