Felix Busa

Apart from being a hip-hop and spoken word artist, storyteller and blogger, Felix Ayuk (or oddFelix, as he is named on streaming services) is also a writer. He hopes that the things he writes will not just be answers to your questions, but answers that you'll enjoy reading. And if you ever meet him on the road, ask him to help you with a love letter for your girlfriend or to do a freestyle rap verse for you, and he may just do it.

Judo Quotes and Sayings

Judo Quotes and Sayings

Judo is one of the most widely practised sports in the world. It’s a martial art characterized by rapid throws and pinning techniques that are used to incapacitate an attacker rather than cause serious physical harm. The ultimate goal of Judo is to execute throws and manoeuvres that will place an opponent flat on his …

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