Funny New Month Messages

100+ Funny New Month Messages for July 2024

If you think of it, you’ll find that spilling a laugh or putting a smile on the face of your loved ones, which can be done in many expensive, cheap or free ways, will be a great way to add positively to the excitement they have about the new month.

Surely, you already know that a message can just be enough to do the trick for free, and all these messages right here are provided for you to use to your advantage. Yes. They are here so you could use them, especially for the new month, July 2024.

Enjoy the list, pick either your favourite or any great one that you think will speak fun to the receiver and do the magic.

Most Hilarious Happy New Month Messages for Him or Her

Get these funny Happy New month wishes and messages for your lover, friends and loved ones. Make the journey into the month start on a hilarious note.

1. May the days and four weeks in this month not daze you till you fall weak. Happy new month, pawn.

2. If you bought a toothbrush three months ago, now’s the perfect time to go for a change. Happy new month, fam.

3. You can disagree with time but can’t change it. Time is flying so fast, and your lazy bone can only hope it crashes. Happy new month, dear.

4. So we’re in a new month and you’re your still yet to get your first million? Hustle harder, son. Happy new month.

5. If I stay one more month without seeing your face, you’ll get no more new month messages from me. Happy new month, honey.

6. You are so special to me that I want to lock you in a cage for the whole of this month, so no one takes you away from me. Cool? Happy new month.

7. They say we can do whatever we want to do, so I just increased the number of days in last month. This is not happy new month, my friend.

8. I love that the days, weeks and months are moving, no matter how slow, and bringing us to the day you’ll finally get married. Happy new month, bro.

9. Have you ever noticed how the month lasts longer when you’re broke? Happy new month, though.

10. Have you ever had a reason not to wish me a happy new month? Do you see? I’m not like you. Happy new month, friend.

11. Do you know that no matter how hard you try, the month will always have four weeks? Now you know. Happy new month.

12. Like a prophet, I see signs that this month will see a lot of people eating breakfast lunch and dinner. Lol. What were you thinking I saw? Happy new month.

13. What kind of message would really be the best to wish you a happy new month? You’ll get it next month. Happy new month.

14. Every month comes with another opportunity to count from day 1 to the last day — real fun, right? Happy new month.

15. Look around and you’ll see that there’s no difference between the number of hours in the old and new month. Happy new month.

16. May this month give you so much reason to laugh that you laugh and never stop till the month ends — literally.

17. What’s your plan for this month? Well, mine is a trip to the moon and back on foot. Happy new month.

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18. This month is the month of my birth, so kindly step out of the month till I invite you in. Happy new month.

19. I can only wish you more power and more data as you go through this month, so your phone doesn’t die. Happy new month.

20. Everything happens for a reason, and I’ll really want to know why time moves. Or I don’t know for a reason too? Happy new month.

21. Every time it’s a new month, I think of which birthdays are in that month and prepare to party. Be like me. Happy new month.

22. Don’t ask me what I plan to do this month because I really don’t know. Happy new month.

23. I don’t know much about this month, but one thing I for sure, and it is that “we’re gon’ have mad fun”. Happy new month.

24. It’s a new month. I really wish we could give the middle finger to our office jobs for this month. Happy new month.

25. It’s a new month and I want to shout about it, but you may just think something bites me. So… Happy new month, buddy.

26. We need to meet soon, so we’ll plan a dance step that we’ll perform before others on the first of every month. Happy new month, friend.

27. There’s a lot of things to be happy about in a new month, but right now I’m thinking of what you’ll have to dinner and if I can join in. Happy new month.

28. Behold a new month. Check your bank balance and let’s see how we’ll turn up tonight. Happy new month, dear.

29. You love me so much and that’s why I came into this month, so you won’t be sad. Happy new month, dear.

30. Wonderful things will happen this month, like more peace and more joy and more space in our stomachs for food. Happy new month.

31. Hello. I pray that you have a lot to do this month, like washing my clothes and other stuff. Happy new month, dear.

32. I’m the same colour as you, that’s why you’re getting one of my first messages for the month. I’m not racist, though. Happy new month.

33. Let’s keep shining as the months go by. Let’s never get old. Happy new month.

34. Joy is coming to us, and I’m not talking of a girl with that name. Happy new month.

35. What’s the best posture to walk around with on the first day of the month? Treat as urgent. Happy new month.

36. This is not your birth month, so be humble and quiet. It’s not mine either. Lol. Happy new month.

37. Mehn, I really wanted to reach out to you, and that was only when I realized it was happy new month.

38. This message is meant to be funny, so just laugh when you read it. Happy new month.

39. If “perfect” is how you want the month to be, maybe you’ll wait for a few more months. Not my fault. Blame the government. Happy new month.

40. Just the way you are is enough reason for me to tell you that you should be richer. Happy new month.

41. I pray that you never get knocked down this month. In fact, give me a knock on the head if you get knocked down. Lol. Happy new month.

42. Do the best you can do this month, and when you’re tired, or lazy, leave the rest to God. Happy new month.

43. I’m happy you’re in this beautiful month with me. Don’t ruin it. Happy new month.

44. This is the best month ever. Forget that I said it last month. Happy new month.

45. Yeah! We made it into another month of work, and more importantly, fun, the reason we work. Happy new month.

46. When is the best time to send a happy new month message? I say it’s now! Happy new month.

47. We’re not aiming to overthrow Bill Gates; we just want to be stupid rich. Right? Happy new month.

48. Is it just me or is the first day in the month the sweetest in the month? Happy new month.

49. The thing that’s going to take most of my time this month is church. I need to clear those thoughts you put in my head. Lol. Happy new month.

50. This month, we’re gon’ dance like we never danced before, whether it’s over a new property or a favour, or it’s just over a party. Happy new month.

51. So I was so sweet that you couldn’t come into the month without me? I feel so special right now. Happy new month.

52. Hello, brother. Is there anything you can really do to make this month sweeter without me? Happy new month.

53. Every day, I look forward to days I can text you like the first day of the month. Happy new month.

54. This month, I’ll be there whenever you call me, especially when there is food. Happy new month.

55. Was the calendar created so we could have fun with the happy new month messages often? Happy new month.

56. I expect so much good from this month that I decided to do my first good by making you laugh with this text. So please laugh, so the text would have done its work. Lol. Happy new month.

57. No need to read the text. It’s just me fulfilling all righteousness by wishing you a happy new month.

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58. There’s not much to brag about, but I thought you should know that I came into the month before you. Happy new month.

59. If your clothes ever burn this month, know that it’s caused by how my love burns for you. Happy new month.

60. May you be so blessed that you consider changing your name. Happy new month.

61. The excitement will be more if we have more days off work this month, but, well, happy new month, dearie.

62. God’s good to us, so good that sometimes, I want to quit my job to go and party. Happy new month, buddy.

63. If this month was yesterday, I’m sure we’ll be resting now because of the participation in the plenty fun it comes with. Happy new month, dear.

64. My new month gift to you is that I first sent a new month message to you. Happy new month.

65. I know we’re in no competition, but I still set the first text to you the month. Happy new month.

66. You’re amazing, son. But, wait. What if you really are my son? Happy new month.

67. Let’s place a bet on who will do more work this month. Cool? Happy new month.

68. The thing is this month feels like the one that will bring my first million. Happy new month.

69. Hey. This is to hail a source of my strength and a source of my troubles and to wish him a happy new month.

70. I’m happy you were counted privileged to enter this month with me. Lol. Happy new month.

71. It’s a new month and you need to get more serious with your life. If you take this advice, I’ll defriend you. Happy new month.

72. So we can officially refer to your mistakes of yesterday as history? You’re joking, fam! Happy new month.

73. No matter how many months pass, I won’t forget the money you owe me. Happy new month.

74. After all the noise about how last noise was great and should not end, here we are. I’m disappointed. Happy new month.

75. I don’t know why I’m sending this to you, but, well, happy new month.

76. How many more months until the rapture? Happy new month, dear.

77. Hello. Just decided to let you know that I already informed the new month that you’re in it. Happy new month.

78. I hope you get more active on Facebook this month. Happy new month.

79. This month, do your best to reduce the number of status updates on your WhatsApp. Happy new month.

80. May you win in every gamble you make, except it’s against me. Lol. Happy new month.

81. Let’s party today like money is not a problem. Happy new month, paddy.

82. I pray that you’ll be more serious with your life this month, buddy. Happy new month.

83. One more serious new month text from you and I’ll hack your phone. Happy new month, fam.

84. If you like, don’t wake up earlier this month. They will just kick you out of the office. Happy new month.

85. This month is a good one to play a lot of pranks. Happy new month.

86. How many more months till we run for president and vice? Happy new month, bro.

87. I have you and I have new months. That’s all I need to have mad fun. Happy new month.

88. There’s so much for you to do this month that my only prayer is that it ends ASAP. Happy new month.

89. If only every day of this month would give us an opportunity to hang out… If only… Happy new month.

90. Say hello to the new month for me. I’m still trying to pack my bags from the previous month. Happy new month to you.

91. May your bodyguards this month be hitmen! Happy new month, dear.

92. Isn’t it funny how this month starts with a day with 24 hours? Happy new month.

93. Listen closely and you’ll find out that today is a normal day. Lol. Happy new month.

94. Everybody in the world enters a new month, but only I am privileged to enter into it with you. Happy new month.

95. Is it really a new month or is it just my imagination? Well, this is me being on the safe side and saying “happy new month!” just in case, it’s a new month.

96. Rest assured this month will be awesome. What else do you expect when you have me? Happy new month.

97. One thing I’ll never stop doing is sending a new month message, even in my grave. Lol. Happy new month.

98. None of the new month messages you’ll get today will be as sweet as this. Happy new month to you.

99. Fortunately, you have me to love throughout the month and beyond, until one of us dumps the other. Lol. Happy new month.

100. I keep wondering why we don’t celebrate new months every week. Maybe that would make it boring. Happy new month.

101. We’ll do our best to make this month as hot as fire, right? Happy new month, dear.

102. Turn around and tell someone close to you that it’s a new month! Happy new month to you.

103. What will we gain if we don’t rock the hell out of this month? Happy new month.

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