New Month Messages for Girlfriend

100+ Heart Touching New Month Messages for Girlfriend in May 2024

When love touches your heart, you go all out to express it. Who can quench the flame of love? The cheapest way to remind someone of your love is your simple message. No matter the distance and season, a simple message of love bring back the best of memories.

As the year seems to be unfolding little by little, the wisest thing anyone can do is to rekindle the flame of love by sending heart touching messages like the ones here to that special person.

Your girlfriend expects a lot from you; don’t be surprised, she may cherish this seemingly short message more than any other thing. Why the delay? Go on and make her happy. You know what — you will be happy for making her happy! So, pick out of this heart touching new month messages for Girlfriend in the month of May 2024.

Happy New Month to My Girlfriend Wishes Quotes

Sweetest happy new month wishes to her and cute new month quotes to my girlfriend from the heart you can send to your girlfriend as the new month begins.

1. My very first gaze at you, I knew I had seen an angel yet my life was spared. Happy New Month dear.

2. My eyes could not just withstand the allure your presence brought on the day I met you, till today you still remain special to me. Happy New Month love.

3. To the one and only girlfriend who is more than a friend, I wish you a very happy new month.

4. You are incredible in the way you appear, I am still speechless as to how God formed you. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

5. I am sending this happy new month wish to the eighth wonder of the world. Cheers.

6. The living treasure; the walking miracle. Your beauty spread all over you like a cobweb. Happy New month to you girlfriend.

7. My life became a tourist centre for all to visit the moment you came into my life. Happy New month to you girlfriend.

8. To the most amazing girlfriend in the entire universe, happy new month damsel.

9. Be the first to receive my message for the new month; may your life shine brighter than your face.

10. I can’t spend a day in another place because ever since I saw you, all I wanted next was to be with you. Happy new month girlfriend.

11. Daily as I live with you, I have experience joy like a river. Happy new month to you, most wonderful girlfriend.

12. The sun illuminates the earth; you illuminate my life. Happy new month my girlfriend.

13. The darkest part of my life was before I met you. Happy New Month to you, girlfriend.

14. Had I met you earlier in life, I wouldn’t have groped too long in darkness for you shine brighter than the stars. Happy new month girlfriend.

15. To the girlfriend that excels over all other girlfriends, I say happy new month to you.

16. My lovely girlfriend, with you by my side, I know I am in the right place. Happy New month to you.

17. Seeing you alone brings merry to my heart. I want this to continue till eternity as I wish you a happy new month girlfriend.

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18. As long as your heart keeps beating, my life will always be brightened. Happy New Month Girlfriend.

19. I cherish you above all ladies my dear girlfriend. I am specially wishing you happy new month.

20. I can boldly give you my heart to keep for with you, it will ever be secured. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

21. The purity of the heart of my girlfriend is evident in the way she expresses her love to me without withholding any part of it, and so I am sending you this text; Happy new month.

22. Two most cherished virtues in a girlfriend; purity and forgiveness. You have them in full measure. Happy New month dear.

23. There will be many opportunities to wish you a happy new month dear girlfriend but I will quickly send this as if the world ends tomorrow. Happy new month to you.

24. A horse is not useful when it cannot run. You are my love and my strength so I call you my horsepower girlfriend. Happy New Month to you.

25. Don’t ever leave me for I will never think of leaving you. Happy New Month to you, my girlfriend.

26. The force of your love in my life gives me the momentum and required energy to anticipate the next day. Happy New Month, love.

27. Every day is important nut any day with you is more important. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

28. My life is recharged anytime I lay my eyes my eyes on you and that is why I can’t stop smiling in your presence. Happy New Month to you girlfriend.

29. Your smile and love are contagious because I am already infected with a double dose. Happy new month girlfriend.

30. Your love is accompanied with peace, with these two and you, I am the wealthiest man in the world. Happy new month girlfriend.

31. My soul melted into your soul and became one. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

32. My love for you is with unreserved apology. I love you. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

33. When you lay your hand on me, I feel like a gentle spring flowing into me. Happy New month to you.

34. With yesterday gone and today arrived to give us a new month, I renew my love for you girlfriend, happy new month.

35. True love is bliss. You proved that to me. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

36. With your love, wonderful is an understatement. With the arrival of a new day, forever remains fun. Happy new month girlfriend.

37. As the old month was passing away, I feared that everything would just pass along, then I woke with a refreshing strength that you are still with me. Happy new month girlfriend.

38. You are timeless and I will love you timelessly. Happy birthday girlfriend.

39. The juice of your love flows from a spring that never runs dry. Happy new month girlfriend.

40. No one can give the satisfaction you have given me over the years and with his new month comes my new commitment to you. Happy new month girlfriend.

41. Your warm embrace, your caring hug is the reason why I long to remain in your arms. Happy new month girlfriend.

42. Miss Irreplaceable, happy new month to you.

43. In you I have found another pair of eyes and ears for you aid my sight and harken to my cry. Happy new month girlfriend.

44. A month becomes new when it ushers in another one. You have ushered into my life all the blessing I could ever imagine. Happy New month girlfriend.

45. You come into my dream to bring me hope. I wake to see victory spreading all over me. Happy new month to you.

46. Your love is wonderful, it was a delight having a part of it. Happy New month girlfriend.

47. Life is a gift. You are my present carefully wrapped in skin. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

48. Money is very important because of its purchasing power. Were I to have it all, I would not have enough to buy you over. Happy New Month girlfriend.

49. On this new day in a new month, I included FAVOUR to my name for I was favored to have you in my life. Happy new month girlfriend.

50. You are a never expiring gift, keep glowing. Happy new month girlfriend.

Happy New Month Sms Messages for Her

Best Happy New Month Text Messages for Girlfriend.

51. I love you more than I did last month. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

52. Happy new month to the one that seizes my breath yet lives to see me alive. I love dear.

53. With this beep of my text on your phone this morning, may the smile on your face remain all through the new month. Happy new month to you.

54. The breaking of new day is as certain as the radiance of your face. Happy New Month.

55. I guess you don’t know the best thing that happened to me. It’s the third word of this message. Happy new month.

56. First thing in the morning I thank God for giving you to me. Happy new month girlfriend.

57. Loving you is a pleasurable routine exercise I am delighted to do, happy new month to my girlfriend.

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58. I left my teddy bears when you came into my life, for hugging you is better than those little pretty things. Happy New month girlfriend.

59. You have made me the most cherished man in the world. I’ll continue to love you. Happy New month to you, girlfriend.

60. As the sun shines in the sky so is your love radiating here on the earth dear friend, happy new month to you.

61. I whispered your name to the wind yesterday. Has it delivered my message to you? Happy new month girlfriend.

62. My best motivation to face a new day is waking up to see your beautiful day. Happy new month girlfriend.

63. That butterfly feeling in the stomach when you are in love is real after all. Thanks for the experience and happy new month to you girlfriend.

64. Though I plan to stop by today and say hi yet I want this message to go ahead and prepare the way that you are the most special to me in the new month, happy new month to you girlfriend.

65. Let this continue; this feeling of love. Let it go beyond this new month. Happy new month to you.

66. I am drunk in love with you; yes I want to remain a drunkard. Happy new month girlfriend.

67. There is no doubt in my mind that you were sent to me as an angel though I am yet to see your wings. Happy new month girlfriend.

68. We were created to love and hate but you made mine a very easy task, happy new month girlfriend.

69. When I heard the sound of the train of love approaching, I never imagined it would bring to me someone as special as you are. Happy new month girlfriend.

70. Perfect love drives out fear. I am confident and bold with you. Happy new month girlfriend.

71. No matter how busy I am, there is always room to think about you, Happy new month to you girlfriend.

72. Everything exists for something; I live for you because you are my breath of life. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

73. I thought my heart was a strong one until I met. How easily it melted away at your sight. Happy new month to you dear.

74. For every water that drops from the sky, for every ray of sun directed to the earth, for every wind that breezes across every creature, may they all work together for you in this new month, girlfriend.

75. I became a macho-man the day I met you because my fullness came out alive. Happy new month girl.

76. I can’t spell ‘YOU’ without ‘U’, whether it is YOU or U, both are mine. Happy new month girlfriend.

77. The best part of my life has your touch in it. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. Happy new month girlfriend.

78. Whatever you touch turns to Gold; you have turned me a refined gold by your constant touch of love. Happy new month girlfriend.

79. In this new month, may all your dreams come to pass with you playing the most important role. Happy new month to you, girlfriend.

80. If you are a task, then I would lazily keep up with it because I don’t ever want to finish it. Happy new month girlfriend.

81. Even the colour of your hair tells it all: you are a special breed and I am lucky to have you as mine. Happy new month to you girlfriend.

82. Even love costs you all you have, don’t hesitate to get it for love will always give you back more than what you gave to get it. That’s my short story with you. Happy New month girlfriend.

83. Your love to me disconnected me from my infantile belief of self-satisfaction. Happy new month girlfriend.

84. Please keep garnishing my life with the radiance of your face for with you I am complete. Happy New Month to you girlfriend.

85. Before the sun comes out, before hustling and bustling of the day, let me be the first to wish my own very special person, a happy new month.

86. No matter how very bad my day is, once you come into it, the entire things change for good. Happy new month my girlfriend.

87. Happy new month to the person I can’ sleep without, to the person I can eat without. Happy new month to my girlfriend.

88. Your eyes are brighter than the headlamps of most automobiles, no wonder my room is always illuminated every night. Happy new month girlfriend.

89. I long to fall again, yes falling in love with you over and over again. Happy new month girlfriend.

90. I celebrate your existence once again today even as we move into another new month. Happy birthday girlfriend.

91. Though I reaffirm my love to you today being a new month, remember that my love for you is always and forever. Happy new month girlfriend.

92. Whatever you may have done, or whoever may have been with you today matters no more to me; you are all that matter. Happy new month girlfriend.

93. Whatever it is to love I may for one day, but you are to be loved forever. Happy new month girlfriend.

94. The flavor of my food is better enhanced when you eat with me, so come home and let’s celebrate in the new month. Happy new month girlfriend.

95. It is not true that whatever goes up must come down because your love has always been up; it’s neither getter lower nor having any intentions. Happy New Month to you dear.

96. Give me many options as many times as possible, with you along, I have no two choices. You will always be my choice. Happy New month girlfriend.

97. I desire to live again and again but with you in every picture of it. Happy new month girl.

98. What is the best part of life? That part that says “You are with me”. Happy new month girlfriend.

99. Every month with its own unique characteristics. May your blessings never elude you in the new month. Happy New Month to you dear.

100. Like wine, we get better with age and each day passing. Happy new month girlfriend.

101. You are my first and last alphabet. In you is every other one swallowed. Happy new month girlfriend.

102. With you, I have all I ever wanted. Happy new month to my adorable girlfriend.

The beauty of every woman radiates and shines more if she is with someone who can make her smile. A simple message in the semblance of the one given here can do that magic. Help someone radiate what’s naturally inbuilt in her. Give your girlfriend a message from this new month messages for Girlfriend, she will smile as she read it.

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