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Happy New Month Messages to My Boss (April 2024)

The year 2024 is moving on as time waits for no one. A new month is here and you definitely wish for the best for everyone around you; family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and even your boss. Beautiful stuff!

And if you want to express these wishes through messages, then you’re definitely on the right page. With one of these best texts, messages and quotes to say a happy new month, you can’t go wrong in getting a unique and beautiful message for your boss.

With this collection having various tones, from being humorous to being emotional; to being exciting and even being appreciative and more.

And doing this may just be that hack to beginning your journey into the good books of your boss, trust me. I’m just like you, I have a boss too!

So, you’re ready to hit up your boss with one of these awesome messages to scream happy new month in their ears? I’m right behind you. Go on. You got this.

Happy New Month Wishes for Boss

Let your boss enter into this new month with good and perfect wishes, text messages and prayers from you to him or her, by sending the following heart touching happy new month messages to my boss and be glad you did.

1. To the best boss I’ve ever had, every month shows me something good to learn from you, and I’ve enjoyed working under you every single day I’ve spent in this organisation. Happy new month, big boss.

2. You’re my employer, but you’re also a friend and a big brother to me. One gift I’m glad I preserved up to 2024 is you, sir. I love working with you. Happy new month to you.

3. Looking back at the years spent with you reminds me that there are still a lot of good people on earth. From my experience as an employee, I can say that your kind is rare. Happy new month, boss.

4. Happy new month, ma. Thanks for taking me under your tutelage and helping me grow in this field. Thanks for creating an environment for me to thrive and thanks for adequately rewarding my efforts.

5. Happy new month to an amazing boss. I pray that you get more profits and more progress in your career. I pray that your expectations for this month will be met too. Enjoy the next thirty days.

6. I’m proud to call you my boss. I’m happy to work for you. I’m excited about every day that brings me in contact with you. I pray that this month is great for you. Happy new month to you, my boss.

7. My wishes for you this month, sir, are more favour, more joy and more reasons to thank God. You will enjoy this month, trust me. Happy new month!

8. A prayer for my boss this month: that you will hit all your target and hit even double of it and still hit some more exciting heights. Happy new month to the best boss ever.

9. Happy new month to you, ma. May you experience four weeks of celebration. May this month bless you until you can’t celebrate the blessings again. I bless this month for you.

10. This is not too early in the year for you to start achieving beautiful things. So may this month come with some major achievements for you. Happy new month, sir.

11. I don’t know what you are to others around here, but to me, you’re a mother and a big sister. Your wings are a safe space for me. Happy new month, ma’am.

12. Happy new month, sir. This month will go in a way so interesting that, at the end of the month, you’ll say you really had a happy one and it won’t be a lie. Rock the month!

13. What’s your expectation from this month? List them out, madame, and watch how they’ll come rushing to you. Happy new month to you!

14. You’re the model boss. You deserve the best and the best include having a very happy new month. I’m sure everyone under you wishes you same.

15. May the reasons to celebrate this month be more than that of last month. I pray that this is your best month so far, in Jesus’ name. Happy new month, sir.

16. Hello, boss. Let someone show me a man as awesome as you are and I’ll show that person a mountain that’s taller than Kilimanjaro. Your kind is rare. Happy new month to you.

17. It is said that good leaders genuinely care for their followers and you have shown that it’s possible. Happy new month. I wish you well.

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18. Sometimes, I feel like filling your windshield with stickers concerning quotes on good leadership just to celebrate you. Happy new month, ma. I love how you lead us.

19. Since you came on board, we’ve had a new experience, and I must say that your uniqueness is something I admire and want to experience more of. I look forward to another month of working with you. Happy new month.

20. Someone once told me of how awesome his boss is. In my head, I said, “this one has definitely not met mine”. Happy new month, sir.

21. Thanks for being amazing so far in 2024. I’m not in doubt of you being amazing this month and beyond. I love your style, boss. Happy new month.

22. Even you, sir, know that many are trying hard to be what you are today. Keep conquering grounds, sir. Happy new month.

23. Your leadership style is, in quotes, BAD! Keep being the best of bosses. If I say I love you, I’m sure I’ll be speaking for all staff here. Happy new month.

24. With a boss like you, every day is Christmas, so I guess every month is December. Lol. Happy new month, ma. God bless you more.

25. Today, I remember all you do for me — your sponsorship, your messages of encouragement, your back pat’s and head taps, etc. I’m grateful. Happy new month, sir.

26. Happy new month to you, sir. It’s no news that you are the best of bosses. I urge you to keep it up. Have a blessed month.

27. The best of the new month is reserved for the best of people, and I’m excited because you are one of us! Happy new month, sir.

28. The year’s barely gone and you’re doing this awesome already. Cheers to a brighter year than we imagined. Happy new month, boss.

29. Happy new month, ma. Welcome to a more exciting part of your life. I so much love how you treat us.

30. Happy new month to you. I’m proud to have you as a boss. Enjoy the best of the month.

31. You’re one person I include when counting my blessings, sir. This is to wish you a happy new month and to pray that you enjoy only the best this month.

32. It’s a privilege to work with someone like you. I’ve probably learned more here than I did in school. Happy new month, madam.

33. Good morning and happy new month to you, sir. These thirty days will be filled with wonder for you. Trust me, you will enjoy it.

34. The length of the month won’t affect how much you’ll achieve in it. This is your month, boss. Rock it. I’ll be here to support you. Happy new month, sir.

35. I’m glad that I can point at you and say “that’s my boss!”. You’re making the whole organisation proud. Happy new month, sir.

36. How do you do the amazing things you do? I hope that one day I’ll be where you are. Happy new months, ma.

37. I’m really waiting to see who will fill the shoes you’ll leave behind when you’re out of here. That person will be in for a long ride, I promise. You’re so amazing, sir. Happy new month.

38. You are proof that anyone can be anything amazing, irrespective of gender, tribe or religion. Keep shooting for the stars, ma. Happy new month.

39. More peace and more money are the blessings I throw at you this new month. Have a blessed and fulfilling month, sir. Happy new month to you.

40. Sometimes I wonder what you do to be as awesome as you are. I look at you and all I can say is “that’s how stars do!” Happy new month to you, sir.

41. There are many things I want to tell you, sir. One of them is that you’re a complete boss-material. Happy new month, sir.

42. You’re the boss with the Midas touch. See how you turned everything around here into gold. We all love you, every single one of us. Happy new month to you.

43. I’ve heard a lot of things about you, sir, and all of them are beautiful. You’re just so amazing, boss. Happy new month.

44. Don’t lie to me, ma. Are you from earth? How then do you do the super beautiful things you do? How do you get to do them frequently? Happy new month.

45. So many things to say about a great person like you, but while I collect my thoughts together, let me just wish you a happy new month. You’re the best, sir.

46. A new day of the month like this should come with so many blessings to last for 31 days. I pray you to get yours too. Happy new month.

47. I am praying for you, that you continue to grow in strength and skill. I also prayed for you this morning, that the first day of your month will be great. Happy new month to you.

48. The second day of the month is not too late to send a happy new month message. No day is too late to wish it to a man like you. Happy new month, sir. Best wishes to you.

49. I know you’ll receive a lot of messages with good wishes today. I pray all those wishes to come to pass. Happy new month, ma.

50. When I think of greatness, I think of you. Same when I think of strength, skill and hard work. Happy new month, big boss.

51. One of the things I live for is to give you happiness at your place of work. I hope I’m doing that for you. I wish you a happy new month, sir.

52. You took me into this business and treated me like a daughter — you still do. Even if I scream thanks from all TV channels today, it won’t be enough to thank you for what you’ve done for me. Happy new month, my boss.

53. Sir, don’t you look at yourself and see how awesome you are? Or is it only us that see it? Happy new month to you.

54. 2024 be flying in its own way, but we know we’ll get all we set out to get because we have the best boss looking out for us. Happy new month to you, madam.

55. We are not scared to say this year is our year because we know that, with your leadership skills, we will get to where we desire this year. Happy new month to you.

56. Good morning, ma’am. Did you wake up like the Queen that you are? I look forward to working with someone like you for another month. Happy new month to you.

57. Every day, I look to you to learn something good, and that’s all I meant from you. I’m grateful. Happy new month to you.

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58. You only disappoint when less than average is expected of you. I just want to say a happy new month and remind you that you are an amazing person.

59. Sir, if I say your kind is rare, I’ll be lying. There’s only one of your kind — YOU. This is to welcome you into a month of many favours for you. Happy new month.

60. I pray you enjoy this month more than you planned to. I pray the month is total bliss to you and nothing less. Happy new month, ma.

61. There’s a lot to be thankful for, and one of them is the opportunity to work with someone like you. You make me still have hope in humans. Happy new month to you, sir.

62. Working with you gives me a balanced life. There’s work and there’s play. With you, there’s everything a career environment should have. Thanks for this. Happy new month, ma.

63. You’re doing really amazing things, sir, and it’s hard to ignore them. Keep being wonderful. Happy new month.

64. You’ve become such a major part of my life that there’s a lot I do that I want you to be part of. Thanks for treating me like a brother. Happy new month, boss.

65. Honestly, sir, there’s a lot I can’t do without you. I’m thankful for you and the benefits of working with you. Happy new month to you.

66. Happy new month to a rare kind of person. I know you don’t like being flattered, but every day I get to spend with you is a huge blessing.

67. How best to proceed when you have a super amazing boss? Maybe by blessing him with texts. Happy new month, sir. I pray for more joy for you.

68. Right now, honestly, if I’m to bless only one person, it will be you, sir. Happy new month to you, sir. You’re the best.

69. It’s a new month, sir. Drop your heavy heart and let’s begin the month on a very light mood! Happy new month!

70. I’m sure you have your month all planned out. I pray for your plans to go through successfully. Happy new month to you, ma.

71. You’ve probably finished the new month already because you’re someone who lives in the future. But, well, happy new month to you, sir.

72. So many months later and I’m still proud to call you my boss. I wish you great days ahead, beautiful weeks and a happy new month.

73. If every human was like you, the world will be so amazing that we’ll say it’s out of this world. (Winks). Happy new month to you, ma.

74. This is for my boss, the Queen of hard work, the mistress of skill, the first lady or productivity. Happy new month to you.

75. You’re here, helping us all, carrying our weights on your shoulder. Everyone should have someone like you. Happy new month to you, ma.

76. So many beautiful things will be yours this month and one of them is more of God. Happy new month to you, sir.

77. It’s hard to stop praying for you because of how amazing you are. Happy new month to you, sir.

78. I love it that the best boss ever is my boss. I keep telling my friends, “don’t you wish your boss was as great as mine?” Happy new month, ma.

79. This new month, I pray that you get something amazing that you’ve never gotten in the past, in Jesus name. Amen. Happy new month, sir.

80. Happy new month, boss. Expect a lot of blessings this month, more blessings than you can handle.

81. May our prayers for you not be wasted. May they bring the best out of you. Happy new month to you!

82. I’m happy about this month. In it, I see you smiling because of how it will make you feel. Happy new month to you, sir.

83. I always look forward to sharing my heart with you, on and off the phone, either by calls or messages. And this is me sharing my heart’s wish for more peace for you. Happy new month, sir.

84. Happy new month, ma. Will it be out of place if I call you the big sister I never had. I love the way you treat me. Thank you.

85. Thank you for everything you do for all of us at (insert company name). Thank you for the salary increase last month too. Happy new month, sir.

86. Happy new month, sir. May the bigger boss — God — break his schedule to give you some gifts earlier than he originally planned to. Enjoy.

87. Happy new month to my boss and friend. You’re one of the people I thank God for daily. May every day of this first week and the whole month be awesome for you.

88. Thanks for making me better, sir. You’re one big influence on my life. Happy new month to you, sir.

89. What manner of woman are you? Doing amazing things, breaking traditions and doing things the way they ought to be. I admire you ma. Happy new month to you.

90. I’m glad that we’re safe and fine this new month. I pray we see more amazing months and years together. Happy new month.

91. The new month started well for me and I hope it started even better for you. Happy new month to you!

92. There’s a lot of amazing things I look forward to this month, and one of them is working with you. Happy new month to you.

93. Good morning to you and happy new month! Enjoy excess blessings this month. God bless you.

94. We’ve grown one month older. I pray we continue to grow in the right path. Happy new month to you, dear boss.

95. You, sir, are one of the reasons I have more beautiful days now and I’m grateful. Happy new month to you!

96. You’re the best definition of a leader and I’m blessed to be led by you. May we create beautiful memories this month. Happy new month to you, madame.

97. Happy new month to you. At the end of the month, you’ll have a lot to be thankful for. Amen.

98. I wonder which quotes will best describe a man like you, but you are amazing and you should know that. Happy new month to you, sir.

99. For you, there’s a lot I will do, because you are sacrificial and full of love. Happy new month to you, boss.

100. May all the blessings of this month see you as their primary destination. Amen. Happy new month to you.

With this list, you’re covered for 2024. You just need twelve messages out of the many here to wish your boss a happy new month in a unique and beautiful way. My sureness of their positive reception is not in doubt.

Remember your friends who may need this list too, and do well to share the beauty of this page to them. Would you do that—for us and for your friends?

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