New Month Prayer Points for Breakthroughs

100+ New Month Prayer Points for Breakthroughs (May 2024)

A new month should be met with prayers to the one who can make all things beautiful in His time.

Thus, take it to God in prayers as soon as the old month is about to fold up and another is about to begin.

Experience a supernatural breakthrough in your business, career, academics, marriage and finances as you make these new month prayer points for breakthroughs your habit for the new month of May 2024.

You’ll be sure to share your testimony.

Prayer Points for Breakthroughs in the New Month

Miraculous prayer points for breakthroughs, prayer point for unlimited breakthrough in the new month of May 2024.

1. Oh Lord, send angels on errands to bring to pass an uncommon breakthrough for me in this new month. Let my lips sing the songs of victory. Let my testimony seem like a dream. Make my mouth say with confidence; my God is good! I ask for divine turnaround in my business and career. I shall not lag behind in times of prosperity. I shall not weep in seasons of famine. I shall prosper, for I know that you’re God. I am moving forward far beyond my dreams and efforts can take me. You shall make me the star of my city and the rainbow of my world. I am blessed. I pray in Jesus name.

2. Whatever is trying to get in the way of my success in this new month is destroyed by the fire of the Holy Spirit. I decree that I shall prosper before all eyes. My business shall arise and shine. No weapon formed against my works will prosper and the evil counsels against my career shall be brought to nought. I shall conquer and soar to the sky where stars live. The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon me for exploits. With my hands, I shall do great things and even greater things as the days go by. The Lord shall raise me out of the dungeon to seat with kings and queens. My gifts shall pave a way for me to the top and there shall I reign. I pray in Jesus name.

3. Every occurrence of set back and stagnancy end with the months of old. As you proceed into this new month, breakthrough shall be your testimony and success shall happen in your career. Every man will hear of your good deeds. Your services shall be employed. You shall break new grounds in your career. The favour of God shall locate whatever you do. The time for you to shine has come, yea, the set time has come. Rejoice, for every dry bone shall rise again in Jesus name.

4. You shall be like a tree planted by the riverside, bringing forth your fruits in your season. Whatsoever you do, shall prosper. Your seeds shall yield in hundreds. And you shall proceed to become very great. God’s blessings shall be upon you. In the different seasons of life, you shall be the wonder of your generation. May the good Lord cause His face to shine upon you. His favour will lift up your endeavors to a higher ground. Nothing shall stop your success. Affliction shall not rise up again the second time. For by grace, you are more than a conqueror.

5. Your change will come in this new month. When men shall say there’s a casting down, with gratitude you shall decree that, there’s a lifting up for you. You shall mount upon the horse of success and ride into the realm of breakthrough. The evidence of your hard work shall come to light. In this new month, you’re anointed to increase, to yield and to grow very large. The Lord shall surpass your dreams and expectations as each day goes by. You shall sing the song of victory and shout for joy in the congregation of the righteous. Your breakthrough has come in Jesus name.

6. In this new month, I shall experience divine turn around. The power of God will be manifested fully in my life. Heavenly angels shall arise for my sake; they’ll fight my battle and bestow on me the victory. I shall take a delight in overcoming my enemies. My month of revival is now. I shall become undeniably great; I’ll rise and shine. The time for me to take control has arrived. The devil will not succeed in putting me to shame. My efforts shall result in success. My breakthrough is for sure.

7. This month, you shall reach for the stars and rock great crowns. Your years and months of toiling are all over. Henceforth, you’ll begin to dwell in luxury and the abundance of God. You shall break loose from the shackles of stagnancy. You’ll be delivered from pain; your suffering is over. The time for you to overtake is now. The Lord will enlarge your coast. You shall recover great territories. All of your stolen possessions shall you take back and keep. The devil will be put to shame over your life. Your breakthrough is undeniable.

8. You shall experience destiny fulfillment. Any curse over your life shall be of no effect. The pronounce and promises of God over your life shall come to pass. The enormous breakthrough you’ve been longing for shall come to fulfillment in your life today. You shall not move like a snail. Your pace will be faster than the speed of light. No one will succeed in turning your joy into pain. What is yours shall not be snatched away from you by the devil.

9. You shall break loose from the captivity of the devil. Your freedom is established. The devil will not succeed in pulling you down. Your stars will shine brighter than the ones in the sky. The hand of God will rest upon your life. Mighty and marvellous things will God do for you this new month. He will take you from a lowly ground to the highest mountain. Your victory is sure. Your battles are over. You shall begin to sing the song of victory. God will overwhelm you with all manners of breakthrough.

10. The Lord will curse that sickness in your life. Every health challenge you’re battling with shall be overcame this month by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord will revisit your health. You’ll feel like a healthy baby once again. The only person to suffer shame, lose and pain this month will be the enemy of your breakthrough. Nothing will succeed in stopping the power of God from being manifested in your life. I speak against every storm of calamity in your life, be calm in Jesus name. The peace of God shall fill your heart, body and soul in this new month. God shall rescue you from the bondage of sickness. You’re free in Jesus name. Begin to experience breakthrough in your health.

11. My health will breakthrough this month. I shall enjoy the peace of God in my body. My mind is free from the web of confusion and depression. With joy, I shall draw water from the well of salvation.

12. I decree that this new month shall be my month of immeasurable progress and success. Failure is a thing of the past and success is my portion from now till forever. With the speed of the Holy Spirit, I shall progress.

13. An end has come to your stay in the wilderness of life. This new month shall lift you up from the valley and place you on the mountain where all eyes can see. You shall breakthrough in an inexplicable manner.

14. I decree in the name that is above every other name, my rise to fame and glory shall stun the world. I shall tell a story of grass to grace in this new month. There is no stopping me in Jesus name.

15. Oh Lord, the time for you to favour me and my household have come, yea, the set time is now. For it is time for you, Lord to work. Do not let them make void your promises upon my life.

16. I shall not struggle with my business anymore. The wisdom to succeed and the grace to be celebrated shall dwell in me henceforth. Then, the heathens shall say, the Lord has done great things for me.

17. You’re free from the struggles of sicknesses and diseases. Your health shall blossom like a plant by the riverside. You shall leap for joy in this new month.

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18. Father, perfect all that concerns me. Settle me in this new month. Make these days ahead about my success and victory. I shall be highly favored in Jesus name.

19. Oh Lord, cause me to laugh for joy in this new month. Help me to be the best version of me. To live life to the fullest and explore the world you have committed to me. I shall not tarry anymore in the waiting room.

20. May your storehouse be full and your barn be blessed. Your hard work shall be rewarded by your heavenly Father. You shall win every battle this month.

21. In this new month, Father, I want to see your right hand in my business. I want to feel your presence all around me. May the works of my hands heed to your divine words of favour and prosperity in Jesus name.

22. May the Lord elevate you beyond your dreams. May His favour set a crown upon your head. You shall prosper and flourish in this new month. These, I pray in Jesus name.

23. May the Lord grant you an uncommon breakthrough. May He do a new thing in your life in this new month. Because with Him all things are possible, your breakthrough will come unfailingly in Jesus name.

24. I ask for fresh fire for breakthrough. I shall sell like never before and prosper as it is uncommon to man in Jesus name.

25. You shall pursue, recover and overtake in this new month. Your breakthrough is sure in Jesus name.

26. May the Lord turn your tears into joy and your mourning into dancing. This is your month of laughter and perfection in Jesus name.

27. Whatever stands as an obstruction against my forward movement in my business and career is uprooted by the fire of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

28. I shall receive my promotion letter in this new month. No man on earth, nor demon in hell shall stop me. I am elevated in Jesus name.

29. Any spirit of set back lurking around your business must die by fire in this new month in Jesus name.

30. May the testimony of the Lord be sure upon you and your household in Jesus name.

31. That which the world has given up on regarding your matter shall be your number one testimony in this new month in Jesus name.

32. You shall breakthrough in your exams. Your results shall lead you into an era of promotion in Jesus name.

33. You have waited upon the Lord, but the good news is, the time for you to be favored by your God has come in Jesus name.

34. My dream job shall locate me in this new month. I shall be where I want to be in Jesus name.

35. Father, give me the resources and power to complete my projects in this new month of prosperity in Jesus name.

36. If God be for me, no one can be against me. Therefore, against all odds, I shall breakthrough in Jesus name.

37. In this new month, wherever your spouse may be, there shall be divine connection betwixt you two in Jesus name. No one else shall take your place.

38. Father, grant me your justice today in Jesus name. This is my month of divine intervention. I shall breakthrough over this matter in Jesus name.

39. Whatever is being said against me to prevent my upward movement is washed away by the precious blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

40. I shall deliver my baby successfully in Jesus name. This month shall be the best month of this year so far, I pray.

41. My journey throughout this month shall be stress-free. My movement to and fro shall amount to success and breakthrough in Jesus name.

42. My prayers from the beginning of this year shall receive mind-blowing answers in this new month. This is my time to testify in Jesus name.

43. I shall overcome this sickness and disease in Jesus name. My body shall not live in pain anymore.

44. Hold your peace, for the Lord shall fight your battle on your behalf in this new month. You’re a winner in Jesus name.

45. May the Lord be merciful upon me and bless me with the fruit of the womb as He did Hannah in Jesus name.

46. I shall experience divine turn around in the matters of my life as I proceed in this new month. Every negativity shall be made positive by the one who turned water to wine and parted the red sea in Jesus name.

47. May the Lord satisfy you with prosperity and longevity. May His light of salvation shine upon your path this month in Jesus name.

48. My ministry is blessed in Jesus name. There shall be a great harvest of souls for the Lord in this special month.

49. All ways shall lead into my shop and domain in this month of prosperity in Jesus name.

50. May the Lord pay attention to your needs and supply all your desires according to His riches in glory, I pray.

51. As I give, may it be given back into my bosom in good measures. As I sow in this new month, I shall reap bountifully in Jesus name.

52. Father, show me the way for financial abundance and grace in Jesus name. I shall be a blessing to my world, I decree!

53. I receive all spiritual and heavenly blessings today in Jesus name. In this new month, I shall live a holy and fulfilling life by His grace.

54. I receive godly ideas and wisdom to thrive in my career and my business in Jesus name. May the Lord energize my inner man for breakthrough in this new month.

55. I effect positive and lasting changes in my business and career. I am matching forward forever in Jesus name.

56. I decree, that I shall begin to gather my harvest. The cankerworms will not devour into my blessings. It is my month of favour and breakthrough. I will be a complete success in Jesus name.

57. No matter the previous challenges. No matter the pain in the previous month, this month will be for a positive and great change in my life. I shall not cry the painful tears I’m used to. This is my month of breakthrough.

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58. An end has come to the power holding you down. The devil has no authority over you. You’re free from the hold of Satan and his agents. Henceforth, you’re under the influence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

59. I’m breaking through the pain, shame, agony and rejection. This month will bring me a new blessing. I’ll be called a new name. The power of God shall cause me to rise and move forward.

60. Power must change hands in my life. My life will not be what it used to be. It will take a new direction. My life is changing for the best. Breakthrough is calling on me in this new month.

61. The power of addiction over my life is broken. My mind shall be set free from this evil habit. I shall not lose my life to this addiction. I am made whole again. I am restored to a healthy state of mind in Jesus name.

62. You’re set free from the hold of sin. You’re not a slave to iniquity. Death is no longer lurking around you. The power of life has been given to you. You shall experience breakthrough in your spiritual life.

63. The power of God shall move me forward. I refuse to be stagnant. I’m going ahead to succeed until I become a paragon of success. I’m breaking through from years of failure in this month in Jesus name.

64. The curse of poverty working in my life is over. I shall live in the abundance of God. I’m set free from lack and want. I shall not beg to eat. I will live beyond the average standard of life. This month is my month of financial breakthrough.

65. The Lord has given you the power to get wealth. You shall amass great wealth and substance to yourself. Your efforts, endeavours, and businesses shall be blessed in Jesus name.

66. No matter where you’re coming from, no matter your background, your future shall be bright this month and beyond. You shall not look like your situation. You shall arise beyond your ordeals in Jesus name.

67. Success is my portion from now and till forever. What I’ve been seeking for, will I find. My expectations will be met by the angels of God. I shall not be denied my breakthrough in this new month in Jesus name.

68. You’re no longer unseen. You shall become the sunshine in the midst of darkness. You’re moving from obscurity to light. You’re breaking forth in this new month by the power of God.

69. I shall resurrect with the power of Jesus Christ. My business shall rise up and succeed. No more hindrances to my breakthrough. I’ll see a new light in my life in Jesus name.

70. A new day has come for you. Failure has become a thing of yesterday. You shall be the latest celebrity in town. The world will celebrate with you. Rejoice, your breakthrough is here.

71. This month shall bring in the miracles you’ve been waiting for. Enough of the years of praying, pressing, fasting and holding on. This is the month of your breakthrough and victory. Be ready to celebrate like never before.

72. The time has come for you to sing for joy. You shall sing a new song of victory. Your breakthrough is a fact and a reality. You shall tarry no more in the land of drought.

73. There shall be an outpour of blessings upon my life. I’m moving from the wilderness of life into a land that flows with milk and honey. My breakthrough is sure for me in this new month.

74. I’m lifted from the dungeon. I shall ride upon the high places of the earth in this new month. I’ll enjoy great victories. I’ll never suffer any loss. It is well with my life.

75. Nothing will terminate my life this month. I shall continue to breathe healthily. My health shall get better each passing seconds. I will experience breakthrough in my health in Jesus name.

76. I’m seated in the place of victory, authority and breakthrough. I shall get positive feedbacks and answers. My visa shall be granted this new month in Jesus name.

77. This month, I shall not be denied my due, victory and success. The world will not manipulate the results of my life. I shall be celebrated. I shall no longer be condemned. Breakthrough is my portion.

78. I’ll laugh for joy this month. The source of my pain is dried up. I shall only shed those mirthful tears. My past is over. My breakthrough has arrived in Jesus name.

79. Progress is my new slogan for this month. I terminate the power of hindrance. I loose the grip of stagnancy over my life. I’ll keep on soaring till I reach the sky.

80. I breakthrough from economic meltdown. I shall not be a victim of the inflation and scarcity in the land. I shall have abundance to eat and give away this new month in Jesus name.

81. When there is famine in the land, you shall be soaked in the pool of surplus. You shall not beg to eat nor drink. You shall be able to afford your daily bread and even have so much more to spare. You shall enjoy breakthrough in Jesus name.

82. You’re waxing great. You’re increasing. You shall not go down. You’re forever progressing. The enemies are not capable of stopping your growth in this new month. The breakthrough you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

83. My future in this month is bright. I shall not suffer depression. I shall be truly happy. Sadness shall not overcloud my mind throughout this new month. I’m breaking through. I’m free from the pain of depression.

84. I shall not experience loneliness in this new month. The Holy Spirit shall send me a great companion. I shall break through from loneliness and emptiness. This is my month of happiness.

85. Oh Lord, let my life take a new turn around. Let my breakthrough take everyone unaware this new month. I shall not live in wretchedness in Jesus name.

86. Dear God, you shall make me dwell in honour. I shall not suffer reproach. My life shall glorify you now and forevermore. I am free from the shackles of shame and sorrow in Jesus name.

87. I shall encounter destiny helpers. I shall be lifted up. I shall not be cast down. The power of God will push me forward before all eyes this month in Jesus name.

88. I shall not murmur, neither will I have cause to be confused this month. I shall be a living testimony. My life will reflect the favour and grace of God in Jesus name.

89. Oh God, make every dream of mine that I’ve been chasing a reality. In this new month, I shall not dream but live my dream. This is my month of breakthrough.

90. Father, grant me the grace to enjoy supernatural peace and calmness in this new month. I shall not get furious. My emotions will not let loose in Jesus name.

91. The Lord will surprise you with your heart desires this month. He will deliver you from the grip of debt. He will bless you in an unusual way in Jesus name.

92. You’re enriched in Jesus name. You shall not endure poverty. This month will bring you good tidings. An end has come to lack and want in your life.

93. The Lord will bless me with my dream job in this new month. This shall be my season of enormous blessing. I’m breaking through in Jesus name.

94. I shall obtain a different result this new month. My health shall improve greatly. The Holy Spirit will cancel every appointment with the doctor. The power of God will make me whole in Jesus name.

95. Dear God, order my step to meet my life partner in this new month. I shall encounter marital settlement. I shall find my missing rib in Jesus name.

96. Every storm raging in my marriage is silenced because this is my month of breakthrough in Jesus name.

97. The power of failure and rejection operating in the root of your life is rendered powerless. You’re free from satanic setback and manipulations in Jesus name.

98. The door of progress and success shall be opened before me. I shall work into my season of breakthrough by the grace of God.

99. I shall be visited by the angels of God. The answers to my secret prayers shall I get in this new month in Jesus name.

100. I pray, that you witness a supernatural breakthrough. The Lord will lift you up from the miry clay. This month will be the best you’ve ever lived.

Get ready for an overflow of miracles and testimonies.

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