powerful prayer for financial breakthrough

2024 Samples of Powerful Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Get ready for a massive change in your finances when you pray the prayers below, it is no doubt going to rain blessings in your home.

Financial breakthrough is something every believer should desire as it something that has been promised to us by God in his word (2nd Corinthians 8:9).

It is, therefore, an eyesore if we as believers still experience financial difficulties and are reduced to borrowing from people.

In such situations or in similar situations, it is necessary to pray specific and heartfelt prayers for a breakthrough.

Below are prayers that can help to communicate our needs and desires to God and as we use the prayers below, may things turn around for our good in Jesus name.

Financial Breakthrough Prayer Points

Powerful Financial Breakthrough Prayer Points for yourself and loved ones.

1. I pray that I will continually experience financial breakthrough this month and lack will not be my portion in Jesus name.

2. Oh God, in your mercy, establish the works of your hands so that it prospers exceedingly in Jesus name.

3. I will never lack or suffer hunger, I will always have more than enough in Jesus name.

4. I will never be in want of anything good, good things will never cease from my home in Jesus name.

5. My needs will always be met, everything I need to have a good life is supplied in Jesus name.

6. Oh God, continue to enrich me so that I will continually have in abundance in Jesus name.

7. I pray that I will always experience increase on all sides, may my coffers never run out in Jesus name.

8. I pray today that my family and I are blessed financially and we will have no reason to beg or borrow. May our purse never go dry in Jesus name.

9. I am blessed in the morning, blessed in the afternoon, blessed in the evening and blessed every single moment of my life in Jesus name.

10. May my finances experience multiplication, may it never know depression in Jesus name.

11. Enrich me greatly oh Lord and let your blessings overshadow my life in Jesus name, Amen.

12. May my hard work starts paying off, this is the season for my harvest and I will reap in bountiful folds in Jesus name.

13. Guide my decisions oh Lord, so I know what to invest in and when to invest in Jesus name.

14. Bless me oh Lord so that I will be a giver, bless and enrich me greatly so I give generously and greatly.

15. I will not be a disappointment to my family, I will be a source of blessing to my family and the generations to come.

16. Father, I will have and have in excess so much that I give to people around me and bless lives.

17. Lord, send financial helpers my way, send people that will bless and enrich my life greatly in Jesus name.

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18. I cancel every misfortune working against my financial prosperity in Jesus name.

19. Every unpleasant circumstance in my life is turned around for good in Jesus name. My days of helplessness and lack is over.

20. Irrespective of how bad the economy is, I will never lack. My family and I will always have in abundance.

21. By the grace of God, I seize every opportunity that crosses my path today. I will return home joyful and fulfilled today.

22. I am blessed with knowledge and wisdom to work and work well. My labour is fruitful in Jesus name.

23. My purse will never be empty, It will never run out. My purse will never be empty, I will never lack in Jesus name.

24. I will be wealthy, materially and intellectually in Jesus name.

25. May my glory shine, may it’s light never be dim. May my glory shine, may it advertise the goodness of God in my life in Jesus name.

26. Every financial barreness in my life is turned into fruitfulness in Jesus name.

27. Father, give me reason to always be thankful whenever I check out my finances in Jesus name.

28. I confess this day that I am prosperous, I have all I have ever wanted, I do not borrow, I have in abundance.

29. Make me a financial pillar in my family oh lord, so that people come to me and I always have enough to give.

30. May prosperity visit me, from the north, east, south and west. May I be forever prosperous.

31. Father, wipe clean all the records and history of poverty in my life and change the story of my family for good in Jesus name.

32. I refuse to be poor, I stand against every poverty in my family lineage in Jesus name.

33. Lord, open the doors of heaven and pour down your blessings upon my family in Jesus name.

34. Visit me in your kindness oh Lord and rewrite the history of my life in Jesus name.

35. Change my name oh Lord, change my name and my situation for the best in Jesus name.

36. Lord Jesus, clothe me with your garment of blessings, overshadow me with wealth on all sides in Jesus name.

37. I will never be inadequate financially, I will never lack. I am blessed in all the way, I am blessed with prosperity and wealth.

38. I have and I have in excess. I have, I do not borrow. Instead, I lend to nations.

39. I am successful in my career and in all my endeavours in Jesus name. Fruitfulness and prosperity is my portion in Jesus name.

40. Wherever I go, men and women go the extra mile to bless me. I am deeply favoured today in Jesus name.

41. My name is prosperity, my name is favour. My name is wealth, my name is testimony in Jesus name.

42. Scarcity is not my portion, I have and I bless people around me.

43. May my finances bloom, may it experience increase, the type that will change the financial situation of my family forever in Jesus name.

44. Every cankerworm in my finances are rebuked, whatever is causing a leak in my pocket is removed today in Jesus name.

45. Bless my labour o Lord, don’t let my efforts be in vain. Let my labour be rewarding in Jesus name.

46. Make me a crown of glory and a royal diadem in your hands oh lord so that the nations will marvel at your awesomeness in my life.

47. Father, put floods on my dry ground and bless me and my offspring forever.

48. According to your word Lord, give unto me the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places.

49. Let people know I serve a living God lord, do mighty things in my life in Jesus name.

50. Open a fountain in my valley lord, make my wilderness a pool of water in Jesus name.

51. May my dry land be replenished with your rain, may it blossom and flourish. Amen.

52. I carry God’s presence and my life attracts riches, favour and blessings in Jesus name.

53. My business blooms, I get customers from all works of life and I am successful at what I do in Jesus name.

54. I succeed in all my pursuit, I succeed and excel at whatever I do in Jesus name.

55. The light of the Lord illuminates my life, it illuminates my business and all my handiwork in Jesus name.

56. This is my era of prosperity and my season of testimony. My story is changed for the best in Jesus name.

57. I sow and I reap bountifully. I plant and I harvest in Jesus name.

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58. Like Daniel, I have an excellent spirit and I do all I do excellently and exceptionally in Jesus name.

59. Help me oh Lord, help my finances. I want to have enough to live comfortably, look down upon me and have mercy on me.

60. Lift me up, uphold me, Jesus. Take me to a greater height, take me to a place of destiny fulfilment.

61. Father destroy all hurdles, roadblocks and setbacks on my way to the land of destiny fulfilment in Jesus name.

62. Fulfil your promises for my life Lord, let your words you have spoken into my life come to pass in Jesus name.

63. According to your word which says “ask and you shall receive “, I ask for financial breakthrough, give me financial breakthrough oh lord.

64. My business flourishes, it booms and I make profit in Jesus name.

65. Lord, fix every broken area of my finances, may I not experience financial leakage.

66. Oh lord, may money never be a problem for me, may I never run out of money in Jesus name.

67. I will never have a reason to borrow instead, I will lend and give to people in Jesus name.

68. I will never be financially frustrated, may God prosper all I do today and every day of my life.

69. The favour and presence of the Lord will surround and uplift my business so that it will grow and thrive amidst competitors in Jesus name.

70. I will breakthrough Lord and forever experience abundance in Jesus name.

71. This month, I meet destiny and business helpers. I meet all those that would help take my finances to the next level in Jesus name.

72. I will always have enough to pay my bills and get all I want, I am rich, wealth flows through my veins in Jesus name.

73. I will not lose anything that belongs to me, I pray against every robbery and theft in Jesus name.

74. God, continue to bring success and victory my way, I will succeed and will be victorious in all I lay my hands upon in Jesus name.

75. I receive help from above to make good choices and good decisions concerning my finances in Jesus name.

76. I receive the oil of gladness and financial breakthrough, things are turning around for me in Jesus name.

77. I am a wonder, I am a star and I illuminate wherever I go in Jesus name.

78. Every dark cloud over my finances is removed in Jesus name. Let there be a refreshing rainfall over my finances.

79. Everything in heaven and on Earth agree together for the good of my finances, Laws are made and unpleasant ones revoked for the good of my business in Jesus name.

80. As I partner with you oh Lord by giving, I pray my finances will never run dry and I will never be in need in Jesus name.

As you pray the prayers above, may you be ushered into an era of financial prosperity and may things change for good in your life? Don’t forget to share your testimonies when the change happens.

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