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2024 Samples of Prayer for Financial Miracle

When a man comes to the end of self, he needs a miracle to stage a comeback. A miracle is an event that is inexplicable by natural or scientific laws. A miracle is an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human and supernatural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

Desperate situations call for desperate and absolute bailouts. Money answers to all things. Without money, life is generally difficult. Bills pile up, debts mount up, needs become staggering without disappearing. Life without sufficient funds, become overwhelming.

Living costs and expenses are increasing daily and becoming too exorbitant. You are needy, helpless and desperate. Your finances need a miracle only God can give; because He is Jehovah Jireh, our provider. He is the miracle worker that can rescue you from your tight corner.

Here are 100 prayers of financial miracle samples you can choose from, to reach out to God for help.

No one is completely self-sufficient. Everyone needs help every now and then. Even the super-rich gets broke. No one needs money as much as the business moguls. The poor needs money for the basic needs of life: food, clothes and shelter. The middle-income earners aspire for more. They need the finer things of life. The rich and the super rich needs finances to expand their already growing empire.

Financial distress can be as a result of a number of factors: unemployment, loss of job, business loss, risky venture, being duped, urgent needs without being financially liquid. A lot is at stake if help does not come on time. Bank foreclosures, loss of properties, loss of business opportunity, high blood pressure, death by collapse or suicide, shame and frustration.

You are in dire need; under pressure; frustrated and possibly suicidal. Stop it right there! Your hope is alive, for your Redeemer lives! If the walls are closing up on you, don’t throw in the towel! Cry out to God for a miracle; a last-minute breakthrough.

He is able, and He is never late! He always arrives in the nick of time.

The life giver has not blown the final whistle, why give up already? Push away your doubts, put on the mantle of faith and pray for a financial breakthrough, miracle. God knows exactly what to do to help you.

A miracle job, an unexpected windfall, debts cancellations, bad debt redemption, contracts with 100% mobilisation fees, food…He will meet you at the point of your needs. Do not despair; only have faith and ask.

You don’t need to climb a mountain or dive into the sea, in order to see God. He is right there with you. Just call on Him.

Are you tired of lack, poverty and being broke? Have you tried your best and failed repeatedly? Have you run out of options? Does your prospects look gloomy? Are you indebted and desperate?

Help is on the way. Your financial miracle is here already. Just call on the wonder-working God, He will hear from heaven and answer you. Need any help on how to pray? Here you go…

Financial Breakthrough Prayers for Instant Miracles

The best of financial breakthrough prayers to pray for your instant miracles.

1. Ancient of days, I appreciate you. I am that I am, I bless you. Today, I call upon your holy name, hear my cry, O Lord. Answer me, speedily. Let your name not be put to shame in my life; for I’m needy and helpless. Bless me, Lord. I need a financial breakthrough; poverty is not my portion. Break its evil yoke and prosper my business from today. This, I pray in Jesus’ awesome name.

2. Father in heaven, open wide the door of heavens and shower your blessings upon me today. Your word says in Matthew 7:7 that I should ask, and you give me. I ask for financial blessings, such that neutralise the power of lack and poverty in my life. Remove the pangs of hunger, shame and insufficiency from me. Turn around my captivity and grant me a financial favour from today on, in Jesus’ mighty name.

3. Dear Lord, make a way for me where there seems to be no way. Let me not be put to shame. The load of debts I’m carrying is overwhelming and oppressive; give me relief. Cancel my debts or supernaturally provide for me go clear them. Open the windows of heaven and shower me with money. Help your servant out of this predicament, and I’ll forever cherish you in Jesus’ name.

4. In Jesus’ name, father I ask for a financial miracle today. Deliver me from the bonds of poverty and fruitless labour. Bless my hands and the work of my hands. Grant me a favour in all my endeavours. From today, let my story change for good, in Jesus’ name.

5. Dear God, your word says that whosoever call upon your shall be saved. Save me from the bitter pill of lack, unpaid bills and staggering needs. Rescue me from the yoke of unemployment and rejection. Give me a miracle job that will give me a steady source of income. Without you, I’m nothing. Help me, o Lord in Jesus’ name.

6. I bind every spirit of fruitlessness, lack and failure. In Jesus name, I destroy every generational curse on my finance. Today, I use the power in the blood of Jesus to destroy every anti-success spirit in my lineage. From now on, I decree financial breakthrough for me and my seed in Jesus’ mighty name.

7. Father, I reject lack in Jesus’ name. I refuse to wake up early, only to sleep late, yet eat the bread of sorrow. Bless me, O Lord and crown all my business endeavours with bountiful financial rewards. Thank you, Lord, for changing my story from today.

8. I bind every devourer of my finances, and I destroy every locust and cankerworm digging deep holes into my finances, in Jesus’ name. I command a breakthrough in my business from today. Bless me O Lord, and add no sorrow to me.

9. Help, Lord! I am sinking in deep financial mess. I’m overwhelmed with needs and staggering under a crushing load of unpaid bills and debts. I have tried to sort myself out, but my efforts have been futile. Dear father, break the yoke of futility and fruitless undertakings. Direct me, guide and bless me with tremendous success. I need a financial breakthrough, respond speedily to my pleas, in Jesus’ name.

10. Your word says you wish above things that we should be in good health and prosper, even as our souls prosper; I agree with you that I shall prosper. Therefore, I ask for open heavens upon my finances today. In Jesus’ name, every door that has been shut against me, open now. I decree prosperity upon my life in Jesus’ mighty name.

11. Dear Father, my finances need your touch, help me O Lord. I pray for financial breakthrough, this moment. Bless my finances, and give me divine wisdom to manage and grow the resources that brings the blessings. You are my source, let me never run dry from the river of abundant supply ever again, in Jesus’ name.

12. Thank you gracious Father, for always answering my prayers. I appreciate you for being my help in times past. I am grateful to you for never failing to respond to my cry for help. You are awesome! Open my eyes today to see great job opportunities and profitable business ventures. Bless my finances stupendously, to meet and exceed my needs, so that I will be a blessing to your kingdom. In Jesus’ powerful name I pray.

13. Jehovah Jireh, you are my provider. I rest absolutely on you as my source, not on people, business or job. You are the one that opens a door that no one can shut. O Lord, open the door of financial breakthrough for me. Give me a miracle today, Lord Jesus that will last a lifetime and bring a continuous harvest of praise to you. Thank you father, for answers to prayer.

14. You are my sufficiency, O Lord. I am tired of being broke, penniless and helpless. I am fed up of being disdained and despised. Remove the cloud of shame poverty has brought to my life. Give me a new name and a new song which your mouth has proclaimed. Grant me a divine financial miracle that will put your enemies to shame and reveal to them that, indeed, you are God. Thank you, Jesus, for answering me.

15. Every force that has conspired against my business and finances, be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost, right now. I set myself free from your evil bonds. I decree a mighty turnaround in my finances from today. I command the favour of men and angels upon my business, in Jesus awesome name I pray.

16. Awesome Father, king of glory, I ask for your help today. I need a miracle in my finances. Right now, I am confused, frustrated and desperate; but I acknowledge that Jesus is my only way out of this predicament. The mountain of debts, bills and needs, seems imposing and huge; but you, my God, is greater and mightier. Help me to level this mountain of possible disgrace and distress, with blessings. Thank you, Father, for helping me, in Jesus’ name I pray.

17. Dear Father, I am in a deep financial mess, right now. Only you are capable and willing to help me. Come to my rescue and save me. Let your name not be put to shame on my account. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

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18. Dear Lord, your word is faithful and true. You said whosoever marry a wife has done a good thing and obtain favour from you. My wedding day is fast approaching. Every one owing me has blatantly refused to pay. Those that promised to take off one responsibility or the other, are conspicuously absent. All my efforts have yielded nothing. I need a financial miracle for a glorious wedding programme that will reveal your awesomeness to the world. Come through for me, in Jesus’ name.

19. O Lord, your word says you will provide for all our needs, according to your riches in Christ Jesus. O Lord, set me free from the shackles of debts. Bless my hands and the work of my hands so that I may lack nothing. Bless me enough to meet my needs and to be a tremendous blessing to others. In Jesus’ awesome name I pray.

20. Everyone has concluded I have come to the end of the road, that there’s no way out for me; but I know with God, all things are possible. You are the God that specialises in doing the impossibles. Grant me a financial miracle today. Send helpers of destiny to me that will give me a miracle job or business. Give me a sure testimony, in Jesus mighty name.

21. You are the God of all flesh, I’d there anything too difficult for you? There’s absolutely nothing beyond hour power and might. My request is a piece of cake for you. I ask for financial miracle, open your storehouse and send torrents of blessing to me. Give me a miracle that will turn around my finances for good. Only you can perfect it; bless me now in Jesus’ name.

22. This is my season of jubilee. My time to be free from financial failure. It’s my period of rejoicing. For thou O Lord dit enthroned forever, your renowned endure through all generation. You will arise Lord and show me your compassion, for the time has come for you to show me your favour. Yes, the set time for my financial miracle has come. Let my testimony begins from now on, in Jesus awesome name.

23. Heavenly Father, you are a miracle working God. I strongly desire your miraculous touch on my finances, today. You have blessed me so much in the past, and I have been consistent and diligent in my integrity, business ethics, financial and spiritual commitments. Everything has gone downhill for some time now and the enemies are mocking your name.
Arise, Lord, perform your wonders in an awesome way. Bless me in a greater way than the past, so that those who mocked me will know that you alone are God.

24. Thank you, Lord, for the doors you have consistently shut against me. Thank you for the gates of opportunities you refused to open for me. Thank you for not allowing me to embark on a path that seems prosperous, but its end is disastrous. You know the end from the beginning; therefore, Lord open doors of financial miracles, and stupendous wealth, for me. Now is my time, be glorified in Jesus’ name.

25. Those who put their trust in you, Lord, are never put to shame. You are a faithful and powerful God. Wealth and honour are in your hands; I open my arms wide to receive from you today. It is in you to make great; make me a financial giant today. Riches that will bring glory to your name and keep me humbled. This I pray in Jesus’ name.

26. My heart is steadfast, Lord. If you refused to bless me, so be it. I will rather work hard and wait on you for blessings than go the way of the wicked and compromise for financial gains. You are a Father that loves to give good gifts to His children; so, I ask for financial miracle today. Break the yoke of stagnancy and drought upon my business. Mighty deliverer, bless me and put a song of praise in my heart, in Jesus’ name.

27. Being perpetually broke and ridiculed is a curse, break its yoke upon my life today, in Jesus’ name. I am due for a change, Lord. Change my story from tales of woes to a powerful testimony of God’s awesome blessing. Give me a miracle that will change my finances forever. The honour and glory will be forever yours, Lord.

28. I have reached a point of no return, Lord. I will not leave your presence until I received your blessing. I am needy and desperate, my Father. The financial burden before me is too heavy for me to carry. Help, Lord. Incline your ears to my cry, and give me financial miracle. A contract, a new but profitable business venture or a windfall that will change my story. Only you is able, Lord. I rest on your unfailing grace. Thank you, Jesus.

29. Dear Father, I need a miracle. You are a wonder-working God; perform your awesome wonders in my finances, today. Reveal your breakthrough plans to me, by your precious Spirit. Guide me in the way I should go. Let my way be prosperous and save me from disaster. Thank you, Jesus, for responding to my cry for help.

30. Father, you are my ever-present help in trouble. Help me this morning. I am in dire need of financial miracle. If I don’t get money to execute this project, my business will collapse and I will lose my credibility. You own all the money and resources in the world, direct my steps to the bank, people, agents or possible partners that you have prepared already, to help me complete this contract. Thank you, Lord, because you have settled me already. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

31. I seek your face Lord, you are my help in times past. Jehovah Jireh is your name. You are my provider; you have never failed me.
I need a financial miracle today to honour a certain debt and obligation. I have tried my best, but every effort proved abortive. I’m just a step away from possible ruin and disgrace; you are my only hope and way out. Help, Lord.

32. Everyone has given up on me. They are sure I am finished. They are expecting my fall and certain disgrace. I’m being derided as I run helter-skelter to fix my problems. No more, Lord. I turn to you for a miracle only you can wrought powerfully, in my finances. Confound their expectations and glorify yourself by coming to my rescue in an awesome way, in Jesus’ name.

33. I have tried my best, Lord; but it’s not good enough. You are my witness as too hard I worked and strove to help myself. If you don’t intervene and come to my help; I might have to drop out of school. You are the father to the fatherless, the help of the helpless; come quickly to my rescue. Send helpers my way. Lead me to the mind you have prepared. Give me a miracle, today, in Jesus’ mighty name.

34. Being lowly and downtrodden without a relief in sight is a joke I don’t want to bear any more. I am hardworking and diligent, Lord. Please, send help my way. A job with a prospect, or start-up capital for a business you direct me to, is my desire. Let my finances receive a touch of your miracle from today henceforth, in Jesus’ powerful name.

35. This morning, I welcome your help, Lord. I open up my heart to receive your direction, blessings, and favour. I confess that I can not help myself; only you can. I admit my inadequacy and rest on your sufficiency and abundance. I need a financial miracle, my Father; bless me today in a special way. Meet my needs from the abundance of your storehouse. Surpass my needs and the world will know that my God is a miracle worker with an unbeatable track record. Thank you, Lord Jesus, because I’m settled.

36. My soul clings to you in desperation, dear Lord. I open up my heart to experience the impossible: an astounding financial miracle only you can wrought. The mountain of financial woes before me cannot withstand your awesome Presence. Arise, O Lord and come to my rescue. Give me an earth-shattering testimony, in Jesus’ name.

37. I’m overwhelmed, cumbered, and scared, dear Lord. Everywhere I turned, hopelessness stared me in the face. My friends have deserted me, no one is willing to help.
Turn to me and be gracious unto me, my God. Take away my reproach, and change my story. Remove poverty, difficulty and fruitless labours from my life. Give me a financial miracle that will affect my lineage for good. Let your name alone be magnified. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

38. Jehovah Jireh, please come to my rescue. My needs are great, but you are greater. My bills are big, but you are bigger. My debts are terrifying, but you, my God, is more terrifying. My dire situation is not beyond your power. In fact, it is right up your alley. I need a financial miracle; help me, Lord.

39. Everlasting King of glory, I worship you. I know it’s your desire that your children prosper in all we do. Today, I decree promotions, divine connections and prosperous business ideas for me and my family today. Thank you, Jesus, for releasing your miraculous hands on our finances.

40. I lay my hands on my head today, I speak forth good fortune, financial breakthrough, miracles and wonders upon my life from today. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray for wisdom to prosper, uplifting business partners, divine ideas and innovations and a new season of plenteous and abundance in my life.

41. In Jesus’ name, I stir up the gifts of God in my life, talents and abilities. I decree everything God has given me will begin to work together to see opportunities in adversity, harness and bring outstanding miracles in my finances, from today on. When others are saying there’s a casting down for them, I arise and declare a lifting up for me and my family, in Jesus’ name.

42. Just as I am, I come to you, Father, in the precious name of your son, Jesus Christ. Without excuse, but under grace. Forgive all my sins and iniquities. I repent of all my past shady deals, greedy ways, and disobedience. I am sorry for my dishonest dealings and squandered grace. The blood of Jesus is my sole argument. Have mercy upon me and give me a second chance. Touch my dead finances, perform your miracles and give me wealth; with godliness and contentment. I promise to do you proud. Thank you, Jesus, for not casting me away.

43. The storms of life have rendered me weak and full of despair. Heavenly Father, I rest in your unchanging grace; help me. Cast away my doubts and strengthen my faith. Still the storm of financial upheaval and perform your awesome miracles. Give me a testimony full of wonders and glory, in Jesus’ name.

44. I have tried my best, Lord; but I have failed on every front. I’m down, but not out, because you sustained me. Hear my outcry, and come to my rescue. I need a financial miracle, only you can help me. U stand in your awesome Presence, and I await your help. You are the way-maker; make a way for me, Lord. Do the impossible in my life. You are able!

45. God, you are my refuge and my fortress. You are my ever-present help in trouble. I’m in trouble, Jehovah. Hear my cry, and come quickly for my rescue. Save me from the raging storm of financial crises. Rebuke the wind of failure and still the storm of poverty. Thank you, Jesus, for my miracle.

46. In Jesus’ name, Father I surrender my money concern, crumbling business and financial affairs to your capable and efficient leadership. I submit my fears, doubts, worries and anxieties to you. I need your help, Lord. Give me respite from those I owe. Work your wonders and miracles on my finances, to pay bills, settle debts and meet needs. Give me surplus to stage a miraculous comeback that will bring great glory and honour to your holy name. Thank you, Lord, for answering me.

47. Life has dealt me a terrible hand; but you, Lord, have been good to me, in all. First, I lost a well-paying and promising job. I searched for another but came up empty. I invested in a lucrative-looking business, only for it to crumble totally in spite of my hard work. No friend or help in sight; just you, my God. You are my helper; Lord Jesus, direct my steps to my miracle job or business. My finances need a huge dose of your miracle now.

48. In Jesus’ name, I soak my life and finances in the blood of Jesus. I decree everything dead and dry in my finances, receive a breath of life from God in Jesus’ powerful name. I command a revival and restoration on my business and finances. Father, I ask for a miracle today. Help me, O Lord, in Jesus’ name.

49. Jehovah Jireh, you are the God of abundant blessings. I have seen and experienced this, uncountable times in the past. I am putting my trust in you once more. I cast all my cares upon you. I trust that my debts will be paid and financial blessings will flow from many directions, into my life, once again.
Lord Jesus, I am grateful for all that you have done and all you will do in this my time of distress. Thank you for giving me beauty for every ash of financial ruin. Thank you for a miracle.

50. Dear Father, I seek your face in my time of need. Help, Lord. I release all negative thoughts and satanic suggestions about money and a possible way out to you. I confess that lasting prosperity is my portion in Christ Jesus. I decree that my financial miracle is on the way. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your help.

51. A man without direction or definite purpose is a potential frustrated and unfulfilled man. I am starting out in life, reveal your purpose to me. Give me understanding, focus, courage and strength. Help me to find joy in what I do and bless me every step of the way. Continue to bless my finances until I become wealthy. This I pray, in Jesus’ name.

52. Dear Lord, I love my job; but it is not financially rewarding. In fact, it is outrightly frustrating. The temptation to cut corners is strong, but I thank you for the grace not to succumb or compromise. Rather, I pray for a more financially- rewarding job or business ideas where I can put my talents and skills to good use. My finances need an awesome touch of a miracle; help Lord.

53. Dear Father, bless me today and give me good success. I pray for a tremendous financial breakthrough, this morning. Let your mighty right hand grow my finances. Give me the wisdom to manage your blessings judiciously and understanding to recognise and utilise great opportunities you bring my way. Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayers.

54. I commit myself into hour hands, O Lord. I destroy every satanic oppression on my finances and I frustrate every device of hell to drain me financially, in Jesus’ name. I need a financial miracle; O Lord, please direct my steps to the right place at the right time, and connect me to the doors of an uncommon breakthrough. Thank you, Lord, because my testimony is settled.

55. In the mighty name of Jesus, wherever I go today, I decree your victory, favour and financial breakthrough shall follow me. Let your blessings rest upon me, O Lord. Let me not return empty-handed. Give me a new name and a new song, in Jesus’ name.

56. I am totally broke, Lord. Holy Spirit, please direct my steps to where my financial miracle awaits me, in Jesus’ name. I shall return home with songs of joy in my heart and sacrifices of thanksgiving to you.

57. O Lord, remove and destroy the garments of failure, poverty and lack, in my life. Clothe me with the garments of favour, miracle and breakthrough, in Jesus’ name. My story must from now, by your grace.

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58. Dear Lord, I break and destroy every covenant of poverty and failure in my life. I nullify their power over me and my lineage, in Jesus’ name. I free myself from lack and insufficiency. Father, let outstanding success manifest in every area of my life today and give me a financial breakthrough in all my undertakings.

59. You are a miracle worker, I believe in miracles, Lord. Miraculously open doors of a financial breakthrough for me. Inspire and anoint me to do exceedingly great today. I will return all the glory to you in Jesus’ awesome name.

60. Enough of unrewarding and fruitless labour. In the powerful name of the Lord Jesus, I lose myself and my generations yet to come, from the yoke of financial rut and stagnancy. I command everything working against my financial breakthrough, to begin to work for my good. I decree a supernatural turn around in my financial affairs. Thank you, Father, for answering my prayers.

61. Today, I decree, no weapon fashioned against my finances shall prosper. Every wind of negativity, disfavour and lack, that rises against my financial miracle, I destroy completely in Jesus’ name. From now, I receive favour, blessings and miracles from the four corners of the world, in Jesus’ name.

62. Poverty is an affliction, break its yoke upon my life, Lord Jesus. I cut myself and family free from every satanic heritage that brings curses, yokes, penury and affliction. I connect myself and posterity to the author of life and blessing, Jesus Christ, our heritage. From today, I decree financial miracles upon our lives through our jib and various investments, in Jesus’ mighty name.

63. Precious Spirit of the living God, bring financial miracle my way, from today. O Lord, open the book of remembrance and give my helpers of destiny no rest until they have done your bidding in my life. Bless them, and move their hearts to bless me. Give me rest from financial woes, so that I’ll be a blessing to others and to your kingdom. In Jesus’ awesome name I pray.

64. Today, I step out of past failures and misfortunes. I step into the realms of financial miracles, surplus and abundance, in Jesus’ name.

65. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray that every stumbling blocks in my path shall turn into stepping stones of an outstanding financial miracle.

66. O God, give me a miracle that will distinguish me amongst my family, peers and contemporaries. You that responded to the outcry of Jabez, take away my financial reproach, remove my pains of lack and bless me tremendously. Let me not hang my head in shame, let your blessings bring honour to your holy name, in Jesus’ name.

67. Today, I set myself free from everything that holds me back from success and pull me down in failure, in Jesus’ name. From now on, I shall recover all my lost ground and glory. My finances shall bounce and be more robust than the past. Thank you, Lord, for honouring my prayers.

68. In Jesus’ name, I rebuke the spirit of barrenness, unfruitfulness and failure in my life. Whatever I lay my hands upon from today, shall prosper. My finances shall rebind and experience unprecedented breakthroughs and miracles, in Jesus’ name.

69. Dear Father, I need your help once again. Thank you for always showing up for me. Help me to avert disaster by giving me a financial miracle. Those that owe me, Holy Spirit, help me to recover my money completely. The investments that seem to be failing, give it a miraculous recovering. Everything that is working against me, let them begin to work in my favour, in Jesus’ awesome name.

70. Dear Father, the whole world I’d in your hands. You rule in the affairs of men. Therefore, I ask that government policies made henceforth shall begin to favour my business, until I’m financially uplifted and buoyant, in Jesus’ name.

71. Dear God, I am confused and frustrated. I am a partaker of your blessings. Thank you for giving me a good job with great emoluments and prospect. Deliver my finances from every force that make it meaningless and useless at each payday. Liberate my finances from the devourers and cankerworms. Release your blessings upon my substance so that I’ll do meaningful things and enjoy the blessings you’ve bestowed, in Jesus’ name.

72. In Jesus’ name, Father Lord destroy every spirit limiting my progress in life. Destroy every evil barrier that is stopping my breakthrough. Bless my finances and give me accelerated progress from today.

73. I destroy every blood-sucking demon draining me financially; be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire. In the name of Jesus, I retrieve all my blessings and glory from their evil grasp. Let my finances begin to enjoy your miracle from today, in Jesus’ powerful name.

74. Shepherd of my soul, lead me to higher ground. A place of rest from struggles, afflictions and lacks. A place of plenteous, abundance and surplus. I need a miracle, my finances need your touch, Lord. Give me a resounding testimony, in Jesus’ name.

75. In the mighty name of Jesus, I destroy the threefold ministry of Satan; to steal, to kill and to destroy, in my finances today. I receive power of abundant blessings, miraculous provisions and promotions, in Jesus’ name.

76. In the name of Jesus, I remove and destroy every evil veil the enemy has used to cover my glory. I also burn into ashes, every evil covering that will not allow my helpers of destiny to locate or identify me. From today, I proclaim liberty from satanic oppression on my finances. I receive supernatural breakthroughs, in Jesus’ name.

77. Dear Lord, pour your grace upon my life. Release the unction to prosper and breakthrough upon me. Glorify your holy name with a financial miracle to me. In Jesus’ glorious name I pray.

78. Every power determined to make a slave to money, be destroyed in Jesus’ name. Every spirit oppressing me financially, I bind you in Jesus’ name. I decree a miracle and stupendous breakthrough upon my finances from today.

79. I am a covenant child. Today, I ask for financial breakthrough to fulfil my destiny and spiritual mandates, in Jesus’ name.

80. In Jesus’ name, I destroy every altar of poverty raised against my finances in the realm of the spirit. I raise up the banner of God and His altar. I receive a miracle for every blessing that was stolen from me in Jesus’ name.

81. Father, I pursue, overtake and utterly destroy, every anti-progress spirit operating against my finances, in the name of Jesus. I take back all that is mine and repossess my blessings. Command your miracle and favour upon my finances from today, O Lord, in Jesus’ name.

82. Jehovah Raphael, lay your healing hands upon my sick and dying finances. Go to the root of the problem and cure it completely. Rescue your servant from the threat of financial ruin, let today bring me words of miracle and wonders. This I pray in Jesus’ name.

83. O Lord, God of my salvation, my help in times of need; I praise your name forever more. Yours O Lord, is the greatness, the power, the victory and the majesty. Riches and honour come from you alone. Make me great, my God. Bless me with such riches and honour, that will totally wipe out my past struggles and financial distress. Give me the power to breakthrough financially, in Jesus’ name.

84. Every covenant that my forefathers entered into, on my behalf, that has put me and my lineage in bondage and financial futility, I break free by the blood of Jesus. I nullify the evil covenant and establish a covenant of salvation, liberation and financial freedom, in Jesus’ powerful name. Dear Father, let my financial miracle begins from now.

85. In Jesus’ name, I rebuke the spirit behind financial loss. I command the favour of God upon my substance. I pray for miraculous recovery of all I have lost in Jesus’ name.

86. In Jesus’ name, I dismantle every power working against my financial miracle and prosperity.

87. Dear Father, pour your oil of greatness upon my head. Prosper my ways and enlarge my territories. Let my testimony of financial miracle and breakthrough, begins.

88. Every power that has held me captive to poverty and financial ruin, be destroyed completely, in Jesus’ name.

89. O Lord, break the stronghold of stagnancy upon my finances. Destroy its evil power in every area of my life. Revive the spark of financial greatness and accelerate my progress, in Jesus’ name.

90. Precious Father, carry me in your loving arms and let me fly in your wings, to my next level. Establish me firmly in your will and purpose, bless and prosper my way, in Jesus name.

91. Today, I pick up the key of David; the key that opens, that no one can shut, I open the door of financial breakthrough, in Jesus’ awesome name, I pray.

92. Dear Lord, thank you for the precious gift of life and salvation. Thank you for your covenant promises and fulfilment. I appreciate you for your constant love, mercy and grace.
Today, I confess and repent of any sin that has made me be in financial bondage and oppression. Set me free by the precious blood of Jesus. Set a new financial breakthrough record for me. Bless me beyond my expectations. Perform a miracle your enemies will not be able to gainsay. Glorify your holy name in an awesome way. This, I pray in Jesus’ name.

93. I can’t deny your goodness in my life, Lord. You have been wonderful, merciful and great in every way. Thank you for being the love of my life; you are great!
Father, your word says that the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off; I’m expecting a big miracle only you can pull off, to save me from disgrace. Help, Lord. My finances need your urgent attention. Come to my rescue speedily, in Jesus’ name.

94. Dearest Father, I need your help urgently. I ask that you provide for me, miraculously, today. Jehovah Jireh, take away my financial pains, reproach and distress and grant me financial freedom to a breakthrough. My debts are staggering, and my debtors are threatening; come to my rescue today, in Jesus’ awesome name.

95. Dear Lord, I am sorry for messing up my finances. I am deeply indebted and overwhelmed by the consequences of wrong choices. You are the help of the helpless, please perform wonders in my finances today and rescue me from the jaws of banks and lawyers that are ready to pounce on me.
You are a forgiving, merciful and compassionate God, please, help me in Jesus’ name.

96. I am in a financial mess of my own making today because I refused to listen to your instruction. I disobeyed you, and went ahead with a deal that looked so good and foolproof, but has turned out to be a money drainer. I throw myself at your mercy, Father. Forgive me, Lord, and come to my rescue. I need a miracle, a financial breakthrough that no man can comprehend. Thank you, Lord Jesus, because you will not despise the prayers of the destitute.

97. Thou O Lord art my shield from financial storms, my glory, and the lifter of, of my head. With you by my side, I know I won’t be put to shame. Trouble is looming, my Father; please come quickly to my rescue. Those I entrust with my business investments have messed it up big time. I’ve been tricked and duped. I hand the tricksters and fraudsters over to you. I admit my fault in blindly trusting in the arms of flesh; please, forgive me and save me from disaster. I need a financial miracle as a matter of urgency. Make a way for me where men think it’s impossible. Thank you, Lord, for responding to my pleas, in Jesus’ name I pray.

98. My impatience has put me in deep trouble. Here, I vindicate you absolutely, Holy Spirit of the living God. I didn’t take heed to your warning, as you tugged at my heart. I wasn’t deliberately wilfully disobedient, I was just too carried away by the prospect of the business ventures. Forgive me, Lord. I am broken and repentant. You are the potter, take the broken pieces of my financial ruin and make something far better and beautiful from it. This is the miracle I seek from you for my dire financial situation. Thank you, Jesus, for the breakthrough.

99. Help, Lord. All I have toiled and laboured for; has been robbed, stripped bare. I’m totally left with nothing, but your unfailing grace. Helpless I look to you for grace to rise again; for you alone us capable of doing the impossible. Let this wretched soul rise again; better, stronger, richer and wealthier. For the glory of the latter house shall surpass the former. Give me a glory far greater than what was stolen; I need a miracle! Thank you, Jesus, for my breakthrough.

100. All my life, I have always looked up to you. You are my Father, Lord, guide and helper. I have not walked in the path you haven’t chosen for me. Every job and business I ever undertook, were subject to your approval. You asked me to be patient, and I’ve waited for your time of visitation.
Dear Father, it’s time for you to bless me and make me financially wealthy, just as you promised. It’s time for my financial breakthrough; I need a miracle! The Glory of Israel does not lie or change. You are God; please, honour your word in my life. In Jesus awesome name I pray. Amen.

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