2024 Powerful Financial Breakthrough Prayer Points

As humans, one thing we cannot but do is communicate with others around us. Even the most reserved ones would still always talk with someone, somehow.

But as Christians, our Heavenly Father is ever ready to hear our heart cry. He wants us to communicate with Him through prayers. And He wants it consistently. Even now!

You want breakthrough in your Finance? Call unto God in Prayers and He’ll help you out. Here are some prayer points (short and long) concerning financial prosperity and breakthrough. They’re easy to recite and pray anytime you want! Pray them by faith and be sure of speedy answers. Our God always hears us!

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Short Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

Here are the short financial breakthrough prayers.

1. Lord Jesus, I possess by faith all that I have in Christ Jesus which includes riches on all sides. Therefore, I lack no thing in Jesus name!

2. Jesus, you became sin so I can be righteous, in the same way, you became poor so I can be rich. I receive and walk in that reality by Faith in Jesus name

3. Your word says “I wish above all that you prosper and be in good health”. I pray for prosperity in all of my endeavors in Jesus name.

4. Even before they arise, my needs are met! I believe your Word which says the Lord shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.
Thank you Father for supplying my needs.

5. Your word says my leaves shall not wither and all that I do shall prosper, therefore, my job, business and all mine is blessed!

6. All that I’ve lost in times past, I recover them in folds! For all of my losses, I enjoy double in Jesus name.

7. I decree showers of blessings to fall on my business and work. It’s a season of refreshing indeed for me.

8. The Bible says “decree a thing,and it shall be established.”
This day, I decree abundance and plenty over the work of my hands.

9. Today, the heavens are open over me. And I break through every financial challenge in Jesus name.

10. No more struggle. No more poverty. Because the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want! Therefore, I call forth abundance in the name of Jesus.

11. North and South, East and West. All of my blessings wherever they are begin to come to me in Jesus name.

12. Now and henceforth, I begin to connect to helpers of destiny. I see and grab every opportunity that would take me to greater levels in Jesus name.

13. I pray that this day, my eyes are opened to new things. Things that would transform my life and those of around me. I’m a solution to problems in Jesus name.

14. God’s Word says to ask, seek and knock and I’ll have what I want. I ask by Faith and I’m given. I seek and I find. I knock and doors are opened in Jesus mighty name.

15. If God fed the Israelites with manna when they were hungry, He can do much more for me. I pray for overflowing manna such that I shall never lack again in Jesus name.

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16. The Bible says even if lions go hungry and are in need (which is even rare they being powerful), we who trust the Lord would lack nothing good.
I receive this promise with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus.

17. If earthly parents would go extra mile to give their children what they want as much as lies in their hands, how much more will my Heavenly Father give all I desire unto me because all belong to Him! Thank you Jesus for the abundance I enjoy in you.

18. For with God, nothing shall be impossible! This day, every impossibility in my life becomes possible in Jesus name. I am unlimited.

19. The Bible says if I believe, I’ll see the glory of God. I believe, and therefore I receive. Believing is seeing. I see a new dawn in my life in Jesus name.

20. Whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them. “Whatever” means whatever! I ask for uncommon breakthrough even beyond my own thoughts and imaginations in the name of the Lord.

21. Lord Jesus, I decree your blessings and prosperity upon my business and job. Bless me this day so I can bless others around me too. Amen.

22. Your word says “Isaac sowed in the land and received in the same year an hundred times: and the Lord blessed him.”
I decree in the powerful name of Jesus that I reap in hundred folds for all that I sow this same year! Amen.

23. Oh God! You promised Abraham you were going to bless him and his generations after him. Because I’m a descendant of Abraham, I take part in all of his blessings in Jesus name.

24. After the creation of man, you commanded him to be fruitful and to multiply. By the power in the name of Jesus, I decree fruitfulness and multiplication on the works of my hands in the mighty name of Jesus.

25. Oh Lord my God, as I begin this new day, help me to enjoy and experience unquantifiable favor in your sight and in the sight of men. Let great people patronise my business today in the name of Jesus.

26. Because I walk in the way of the Lord, I am blessed indeed. My going out and coming in is blessed. My relevance is preserved. Blessings all the way! He has called me blessed. I’m blessed.

27. I am the light of the world. I shall not be hidden. Men come to my light and bless me. They see my “works” and glorify the Father in the glorious name of Jesus.

28. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. That’s your promise to me Lord. Everywhere I go, goodness and mercies follow. Everyday in the name of the Lord.

29. As a son of God, I cannot be poor. Why? Because God’s word says it. I know my place in Christ and I possess my possession by Faith in the mighty name of Jesus.

30. Blessed be the Lord who has blessed us with every blessing in Christ Jesus. I enjoy all round blessings both spiritually and physically all the days of my life in the name of Jesus.

Long Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

Wat some Long financial breakthrough prayers? See them below.

31. My Father and God. You are Jehovah Jireh, the one who provides. You made all things and everything consists in you. I believe in your word and your unparalleled ability to provide for all my needs according to your riches in glory. I pray for divine provision and abundance in Jesus name. Thank you Jehova Jireh for providing for me. I enjoy divine providence on all sides in Jesus name!

32. Of myself Oh Lord, I am empty. I have no strength or ability of my own. You are my all in all. My sufficiency. Because of your sufficient grace, I walk in plenty and prosperity. I lack nothing good because The All-Sufficient is my sufficiency. In Him I live. In Him I move. And in Him I have my being, my existence. I trust that you are more than enough for me. I enjoy more than enough financially in the name of Jesus.

33. If God is for me, nothing can stand against me. By the power in the name of Jesus, I stand against and condemn every spirit of stagnancy, lack and poverty in Jesus name. Instead of stagnancy I enjoy speed. Instead of lack, I have plenty. Instead of poverty I enjoy wealth in Jesus name. Financially, I’m on my way to better days. Glory to Jesus!

34. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Every good thing comes from You Oh God. You are the Creator and Custodian of wealth. By the power in the name of Jesus, I unlock and tap divine abundance. I rely on your faithfulness and the reality of your Word which is Truth. Because your word says it, I believe it. Everything belongs to God, I have everything I need! Amen.

35. Your Word says those who fear the Lord will spend their days in prosperity and their descendants will inherit the land. I believe your word Oh Lord and I walk in prosperity every day of my life. My family and generations after me enjoy this same promise of prosperity in the powerful name of Jesus.

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36. In you Lord I have taken refuge. Let me never be put to shame. I put my trust in you. Make me stand in my high places. Make me sit with princes and royalties. I believe your word which says kings shall serve me and queens shall me my nursing mothers. You are the King of kings. Therefore I’m a king, a royal priesthood. An heir to the Throne of my father. I enjoy all that my father has and has given unto me by inheritance. My father is a King, I am a king too! That’s why He’s the King of kings. Glory to JESUS! I am adorned with royalty. No more poverty in Jesus glorious name.

37. Jesus Christ when He miraculously fed the five thousand gave thanks first and then broke the bread. He thanked God by saying He knew God always hears Him whenever He calls on Him and that He’s more than able to do whatsoever He asks of Him. Like Jesus, I believe oh God that you always hear when we call. Therefore, the little I have now is blessed. It increases and multiplies miraculously in Jesus name. I enjoy divine increase as though I’m on a fast forward in Jesus Christ name. People will see what the Lord has done and will ask “how come?” in Jesus name. Thank you, Jesus, because it’s the season of experiencing and walking in the miraculous!

38. The scripture says God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask of Him according to the power that works in us. This means even beyond my requests, God is able to do much more. In light of this oh God, in my finance, I experience exceeding abundance beyond my wildest imaginations and comprehension in the name of Jesus. Now and henceforth, over my finance, I do not limit God’s ability to do exceedingly beyond my human thinking. Do what only You can do Lord. Do exceedingly, abundantly above my thoughts in Jesus name.

39. Eyes have not seen. Ears have not heard and it has not entered the hearts of men what God intends to do for the ones who love and believe His Word. Thank you, Father, for another assurance in your Word. My eyes begin to see and my ears also hear good tidings in Jesus name. All around me, I hear news of increase. I hear the sound of abundance of rain. Showers of blessings upon the works of my hands in Jesus name. With little efforts, I enjoy great results. No struggles. No wants. No loss again in the name of Jesus.

40. Behold I will do a new thing, and now it shall spring forth. Do you not see it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. This is your Word Father. You will do something new in my life. Something that seems impossible in the sight of men. “For with God, nothing shall be impossible!” Thank you, Jesus, for making the impossible possible. Thank you for making ways for me. Thank you for doing something new in my life and finance. I am joyful because I serve the God of all possibilities! Glory to His Name!

41. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Your death on the cross took all evil away from me. Sickness, failure, death and all kinds of evil including poverty! By the power in the blood that was shed on that cross, I destroy every spirit of poverty that might be wavering around me in Jesus name. I live in plenty because I understand the efficacy of the finished works of Christ on the Cross. Jesus has died for me, poverty has also died as a result in the powerful name of Jesus.

42. Your Word says if I seek your kingdom and righteousness oh Lord, every other need of mine shall be given unto me. Because I’ve sought after you, things fall into place for me. My business, job, work and all mine are blessed. I believe I serve a God of abundance and therefore I shall not live in lack. My financial horizon is broadened and my coast is enlarged in Jesus name. My needs are supplied. I’m not the same again. Glory to JESUS on high! Hallelujah.

43. If I can’t give my son stone when he asks for bread, or snake when my daughter asks for fish even though I’m human, Your Word says much more than I can give good gifts to my children, my Heavenly Father will give good gifts to me if I ask Him. So in the name of Jesus, I ask that I prosper according to your divine will for my life. You are the Giver of good gifts. I receive by Faith financial breakthrough in the name of the Lord.

44. Jabez cried unto the Lord and said, “Oh that thou would bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that Thine hand might be with me, and that thou would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me!” And God granted him that which he requested. I pray also Oh Lord that Your blessings reach me and that my coast shall be enlarged. Every evil that is contending against my divine increase and enlargement is brought under judgement in the name of Jesus.

45. The Bible says that I should decree a thing and it shall be established. By the power in the name of Jesus, I decree that I shall be far from every form of economic hardship. No matter the economic situation of my country, I operate in the heavenly economy. When others complain of hardship and lack, I enjoy plenty, God’s fullness, abundance, riches, joy immeasurable and prosperity inexhaustible.

46. Father, I pray that my blessings and breakthrough shall not be laced with sorrow in Jesus name. Your Word says the blessings of the Lord makes rich and it adds no sorrow unto it. Therefore alongside my blessings and riches, I shall experience no sorrow or pain. I shall not spend my wealth on sickness, death or any form of casualty in Jesus name.

47. Every tree of financial hardship in my life, be consumed by fire in Jesus name. Because Your Word says that every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire, I pray that the trees of failure, poverty and want in my life be uprooted by fire in Jesus name. Every power contending against my financial breakthrough be destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ.

48. Lord Jesus, let my life be well situated for Your breakthrough in Jesus name. I receive the grace to follow Your instructions and directions for my career and business. Help me Lord not to strive after the wind in my finances but to rather be situated and well positioned for Your divine location and blessings in the mighty name of Jesus. I receive divine insight to map out strategies for success and excellence in my endeavours in Jesus name.

49. Father, open my eyes to behold the wells of breakthrough and source of wealth in Jesus name. I pray that the works of my hands are established and my life is beautified in the land of the living. I reject the spirit of laziness. I will not be lazy in my business and work and wherever I’ve shown the attitude of laziness, I repent and pray for grace to be hardworking in Jesus mighty name.

50. My God, let my net enclose a bountiful financial harvest in Jesus Christ name. Like Peter, I do not rely on my own strength or power to experience abundance in Jesus name. The work of my hands will not be a painful toil or futile attempt but will be multiplied and increased in the name of Jesus. And the wisdom I need to experience ease and relief and to trust You totally for my finance is bestowed on me. Amen.

51. Father, let me drink continuously from the brook of financial prosperity this year and beyond. I pray that my brook shall never dry up and showers of blessings shall rain always on my business and work. The heavens are opened on me and there’s an outpour of multiple blessings. Other sources of income are opened unto me in Jesus name.

52. This year, I shall not be a debtor. Every debt I owe, I receive divine enablement to pay them back and still have plenty in Jesus name. I will not be a borrower but a lender and giver. I will feed nations. I am not poor but rich. Christ has taken away my poverty and given me wealth. I have. I give. I lack nothing good in Jesus mighty name.

53. Heaven of good success and global breakthrough be open on my career and business. I pray that my career and business be globally famous, recognized and sought after in Jesus name. Many shall come to my light and to the brightness of my rising. By the grace of God, I enjoy the divine connection that would change my financial status forever. I interact and relate with people in power and places of authority from now on and for the rest of my life.

54. Oh Lord, help me not to fall into temptation. I refuse to fall into the “get rich quick” syndrome flying around. I am not desperate for wealth by any and every means. I align myself to Your very own plan and purpose for me to launch into divine wealth. I do not run faster than You and I do not go outside of your leading and will. You own my life and I let you lead me through to my destination of financial breakthrough all by Yourself in the name of Jesus.

55. Dear Jesus, be my present Help and Guide in times of need. I refuse to be tempted to seek help from ungodly sources even if that’s the only choice I see around me. I pray for grace to put my trust solely in your Word and Your unfailing ability to do what You say. I wait for you and on You always. Help me to be free from the love of money so I that I will not be evil-minded in Jesus name. I trust in You only as my Jehovah Jireh, my Provider.

56. Lord Jesus, I receive grace to humble myself as you bless me in the journey of life. Everyone who comes to me for help finds help in Jesus name. I am a blessing to the less privileged around me. I sow bountifully and I reap bountifully too. I am not full of myself. I am not blind to the needs of others around me. Even when they do not ask, I meet their needs in Jesus mighty name.

57. Oh Lord, as you bless the Works of my hands, I refuse to be a tithe eater but a tithe giver. I shall not be ungrateful to You the Giver of all gifts. You said to bring the whole tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in Your House. You also said that by doing this, You will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings so much that there won’t be enough room to store the blessings. I contribute financially to the works of God and everything relating to the advancement of God’s kingdom. Through the blessings God has blessed me with, I bless in return all around me.

58. My Lord and God, help me not to be wasteful so I can receive more of Your blessings financially. Like the parable of the talent, I shall not bury my talents in Jesus name. I maximize my gifts and abilities and make profits in my business in Jesus name. I reap in folds and folds. As a steward, I maximise my resources and use them to the glory of my Master and Lord to whom I will give account.

59. Oh Lord, grant me a divine direction to locate the path of prosperity. I do not live my life on probability or trial and error. I trust and obey Your leading. I do not major on the minor things or minor on the major things. In whatever way I seek a financial breakthrough, I take only the steps God instructs me to. In all of my doings, I hear a voice always behind me saying, “this is the way, walk in it.”

60. Lord Jesus, I thank You because it’s in You alone I enjoy divine riches and plenty. Because You live and Your Word lives, my faith is stirred up and I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I cannot be poor. I just cannot. Poverty is related to darkness. It is of the devil. And since I’ve been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light through the death and resurrection of Jesus, I walk in divine prosperity as a son of light. No fellowship with the devil. No relationship with poverty. I am rich and I indeed experience it because God’s Word says so! Hallelujah.

61. By the power in the name of Jesus, I command every dry bone and deadness in my finance to receive life. I pray that something much better will come out of my current situation. My life and finance are transformed. I’m not the same anymore. What many people never thought I could do, I do them effortlessly now in the name of Jesus. My status is changing. I’m a new and better version of me. I do the impossible! The Lord shall bestow upon me a great measure of divine prosperity such that all my suffering and poverty of yesteryears shall be swallowed up in victory as though those times never existed in Jesus mighty name.

62. In every sphere of my life where I’ve experienced disappointment or frustration from men, I pray that You Lord disappoint such men for my sake and put them to shame. I come unto You, my Lord and Saviour because You are not a man and so can never fail or disappoint. You are my only Hope and Help. Arise Lord for my sake and put to shame those who mock me. Raise my head Oh Lord above my contemporaries like that of a Unicorn. I am above only and not beneath in Jesus name.

63. No matter the condition I find myself in, I shall not abandon God. In the good situation, I learn to love God and humble myself before Him, the Giver of life and all it consists. In the bad times, I learn to love God more and trust in His ability to change the circumstance because He alone is capable. And in the really ugly situations, I learn to love and trust God even much more. No condition whatsoever shall draw me away from Your love. I shall serve and trust You alone all the days of my life in the name of Jesus.

64. I destroy by the power in the name of Jesus every deadness or barrenness in my business. The Bible says I shall plant and eat of my own labour. Every dead business and idea begins to receive life and growth in Jesus name. I shall not spend for another to reap. Because I put my hope and trust in the Bread of life, I shall not beg for bread in Jesus name.

65. I pray for everyone who works with me, that they are dedicated and committed to service. All they need- good health, sound mind, and every one of their other needs be granted unto them. I pray Oh Lord that You make their ways prosperous and grant them good success. Bless them in all their doing so they can also be a source of blessing to me in return. Thank you, Father, for surrounding me with blessed and prosperous people!

66. I pray Lord Jesus for Your divine protection over my business. This year and for the rest of my life, I shall not be visited by armed robbers. Those who did not invest in my business or labour with me shall not reap of my efforts. My life and those of my workers shall not be cut short in Jesus name. Your Word says You will give Your angels charge over me and they will keep their watch always on me. I hold on to Your Word and trust in Your protection which no man can guarantee.

67. In the name of Jesus, my business shall yield more than enough in Jesus name. I enjoy surplus enough to pay my debts, bills, workers and to cater for my family and those in need around me. I do not struggle in managing little. Instead, I manage plenty in the name of the Lord.

68. In the name of Jesus, I am led and directed by the Spirit of God in any business decision I’ll be making. I yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit in even the little decisions and choices I will make. My decisions will not mar or ruin my business. I am wise and obedient to Your leading. I seek and follow godly advice and great results follow in Jesus name.

69. Among others especially my competitors, the Spirit of excellence singles me out in Jesus name. I am preferred above them all. I am a sought after. By the grace of God, I offer the best service possible such that I shall be trusted compared to others in Jesus name. The fragrance and aroma of Christ spread all around me and it attracts customers to me in Jesus name.

70. Father of Light, I pray that You expose and bring into light all the plans of darkness over my business. Every evil gathering against my success and progress be scattered in Jesus name. The blood of Jesus shall speak for me everywhere people gather to do me evil in Jesus name. My security and abode are only in Jesus. Because I bear on my body the marks of Christ, therefore, I decree that no man shall trouble me. Anyone who does or attempts to shall be troubled in return in Jesus name. Thank You, Father, for exposing the plans of the wicked and for leading me to overcome them. Glory to Jesus!

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    Thanks some much for your prayers. I have prayed all of them I believe and I recieved everything in Jesus name. I am blessed.

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