Top Best Friends Forever Quotes

2024 Top Best Friends Forever Quotes

There’s nothing like having a best friend to share our past, present, and future with. They make life worth living and help to share our joy, bear our burdens, and just make living in itself worth it.

If you have a best friend in your life, you are indeed one of the very lucky and blessed ones, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that your best friend is one of the greatest gifts you’ve ever gotten.

If you are yet to find yourself a best friend, don’t worry, the fact that you are on this page reading this, shows you are open, and I hope you find one very soon. Not just any type, the best of the best.

Below are very inspiring and cool Best Friend Forever Quotes you can use on your status to flaunt your best friend to the world, or send to your best friend to appreciate him/her for being the best thing that happened to you, or simply read through.

These quotes will help you understand how blessed you are to have a best friend, or realise why you need one soon, and prepare your heart for one of such great blessings that we all can’t do without.

Amazing Best Friends Forever Quotes

Keep your friendship burning with these top best friends forever quotes. Send these amazing best friends forever quotes to your bestie.

1. “What’s life like without a best friend? Please, don’t answer, because, I never want to know.”

2. “Through thick and thin, high and low, hot and cold, a best friend is that one friend that sticks closer than a shadow.”

3. “Friends are the freebies we get as part of life. They come and go very often. But, best friends, are the once in a lifetime opportunities we must never allow to slip away from us.”

4. “The one who keeps you company when you’re lonely and makes you happy rather than gloomy, that’s the best gift ever, and best friend forever.”

5. “Without a cost, my lost self-was sought, and found by the world’s best friend, now, my best friend forever.”

6. “The fire of true friendship is one that burns unto eternity. Even death can’t quench the love it reeks.”

7. “Your best friend is the one with whom, you’re simply You! Nothing more, nothing less.”

8. “A best friend is the one you lived your past with, can’t presently do without, and you look forward to an amazing future with.”

9. “I presented my best, and I got sweet love. Then, I presented my worst and got greater love. Only a best friend can love like this.”

10. “A best friend is the most important part of our family that God leaves out, so we can find by ourselves.”

Friendship Quotes for Best Friend

Best Friendship Quotes for Best Friend.

11. “We love hard, we play hard, we fight hard, we pray hard, we’re best friends forever.”

12. “I love the fact that, with my best friend, I don’t have to be anything else, but, myself.”

13. “Words like ‘alone, lonely, and boring’ went into extinction in my life, the day you, my best friend, came into it.”

14. “When it rains, and the stars disappear from the sky, there remains one star that never leaves. It’s called best friend forever.”

15. “A best friend is one who doesn’t have to, but stays in when everyone else walks out.”

16. “Best friends are the ones you cant do without once they come into your life, then, you begin to wonder how you survived before then.”

17. “A best friend is one who always goes the extra mile to make sure you’re always fine.”

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18. “Who deserves to be called a best friend, other than the one who brings the best out of his or her friend? You’re my best friend forever, dearie.”

19. “A best friend not only brings out the best in you but, also makes beauty out of the worst parts of you.”

20. “A best friend is a hiding place from the worries of the world. I’m glad I have the world’s best.”

Short Best Friend Quotes

Fantastic Short Best Friend Quotes.

21. “She makes strength out of my weaknesses, and beauty, out of my imperfections. The greatest gift of all, my one and only best friend forever.”

22. “My life was dull and weary, until my best friend came in like a fairy, and lit it up with the fire of true love.”

23. “Thank God best friends don’t come with a price tag. Cos, then, I won’t have been able to afford mine.”

24. “We all need that one friend, that’ll look into our eyes in love, and let us know when we messed up. And when you find that one friend, know you’ve gotten yourself, a best friend forever.”

25. “And if everything fails, I need not worry, for no matter what happens, I know I’ll always have my best friend forever.”

26. “Best friends are rare, they say. But, I’ll say, if you care to get yourself one with ease, just make yourself one.”

27. “A best friend is that person that you know deep within your soul, will never leave, no matter what.”

28. “You know how it feels when you leave out salt, in a meal that requires it as a sweetener? Yea, that’s how it is when you have no one to call ‘best friend’.”

29. “Best friends are one of the greatest gifts life blesses us with. To have one is to be richly blessed.”

30. “I don’t need a hundred friends, not even a dozen. If I get just one friend that’ll always tell me the truth no matter what’s at stake, I’ll be content. Even if that one, is all I ever have.”

My Best Friend Quotes

Amazing My Best Friend Quotes.

31. “One of the secrets to living the good life is to be surrounded by good friends. Even if it’s just one that’ll choose to stick by you, no matter what.”

32. “To attract true friends into your life, and enjoy the benefits thereof, you must first make yourself true. Then, you’ll be found by one of your kind.”

33. “Show me a man that’ll look into your eyes, no matter how high and mighty you are, and tell you ‘you messed up’, when you do, then I’ll show you what a best friend forever you just found for yourself.”

34. “Find yourself the best of friends, and you will never have to do, or go through anything alone.”

35. “My best friend has only one true home, and that’s at the centre of my heart.”

36. “The best of friends are those ones we somehow find it hard to talk to daily, but, whenever we eventually do, it feels like we never even stopped talking.”

37. “To find a gist and gossip mate, and partner in crime is to have found yourself, a best friend forever.”

38. “It’s great to have someone you don’t have to explain many things too. Someone that just gets you, a best friend forever.”

39. “Even if everyone decides to leave, and all I have left is my best friend, I’ll be at rest, knowing I have all I need.”

40. “Great friends make every day of our lives worth it. I’m glad I found one in you, my best friend forever.”

Cute Best Friend Quotes

Also check Cute Best Friend Quotes.

41. “Angels are very real. My best friend’s presence in my life is a proof of that.”

42. “The most amazing people in the world can be divided into two: my best friend, and other amazing people.”

43. “Like high and low, left and right, my best friend and I are always in sync. There can’t be one without the other.”

44. “A best friend’s love is the most important love of all. To have it is to have everything.”

45. “When she comes into your life, and you begin to wish you had found her earlier, just know that that’s your best friend forever.”

46. “Half of the time, we’re in love, the other half, we’re at war. That’s just how we roll, and we’re best friends forever.”

47. “You’ve found yourself a best friend, when you can totally be all that you are with that person, without second thoughts.”

48. “When you find yourself a best friend, even your own life will tell you ‘thank you’, because it will never remain the same.”

49. “A best friend is a great blessing that money cannot buy. I won’t trade mine for anything in the world.”

50. “Find yourself a best friend you never have to pretend with, then you can really start living.”

Special Friend Quotes

Also see these Special Quotes for special friends.

51. “Who needs money, when he’s got a best friend? As long as the best friend has plenty money though .”

52. “A best friend is that one friend that can make even a rebuke, still sound like love. I’m glad I found one in you.”

53. “Some rely on the fact that they’ve got lots of riches to fall back on. I simply rely on the fact that I’ve got the best friend ever who’ll always back me up.”

54. “A best friend understands your every word and intention, but understands your silence even more.”

55. “Without my best friend, I’m just like a fish out of water that can’t survive too long.” Reasons to Love a Best Friend

56. “Distance has got nothing on true friendship. For best friends live in the core of the heart, and never leave there, no matter what.”

57. “Best friends live not in houses built by men, but in hearts. I’m glad to have you live in mine.”

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58. “It starts like a mustard seed, then grows so big and huge, nothing can bring it down now. Such is a relationship with a best friend forever.”

59. “I’m never letting my best friend walk away, no matter what. She knows too much about me.”

60. “If I ever lose my memory, as long as I still have my best friend, I can be sure to relive each and every one of the memories.”

Close Friends Quotes

Best of all Close Friends Quotes.

61. “If I need to choose just one thing, and everything else will be taken from me. I’ll definitely choose my best friend.”

62. “My best friend is simply my diary walking on two legs. You see why I’m never letting him go?”

63. “The day my best friend walked into my life, I knew I had received the greatest gift of all.”

64. “I sincerely can’t imagine life without a best friend in it. Mine makes all the difference in my life.”

65. “My best friend is my safe haven, my happy place. In her, I know I’ll always find peace and joy.”

66. “I know I’ll be lost without you in my life. Stay with me my best friend, forever.”

67. “I can never stop loving you, no matter how hard I try. You’re my best friend forever.”

68. “No one can make you laugh over a very serious matter like a best friend. Everything becomes easy when you have one in your life.”

69. “That friend that’s always on your case, always asking you about your plans, always scolds you when you mess up, is the one, to be called a best friend.”

70. “The meal of life is definitely going to remain uncooked till the ingredient called ‘Best friend’ is added into it.”

Quotes for Your Best Friend

Sweet Quotes for Your Best Friend.

71. “Before I met you, I was alive. Now that you’re a part of my life, I’m living. I love you always, my best friend forever.”

72. “Of all friends, you’re my best and favourite, you know it’s true, my amazing best friend forever.”

73. “Best friends help make even the worst situations look easy, and they’ll be there to help you through it.”

74. “It’s amazing how, with my best friend, we can spend hours together without saying anything, yet, perfectly understanding ourselves.”

75. “A best friend always understands the words you say, and the ones you don’t say too.”

76. “No one understands the meaning of ‘I’m fine’ in response to ‘how are you?’, like a best friend does.”

77. “Go to your best friend with a sad sorrowful heart, and be sure you won’t leave there with same. Either you leave with joy, or you don’t leave there at all.”

78. “A best friend is the most priceless treasure of all. When you find one, never ever let it go. No matter what!”

79. “Find yourself a best friend, and you’ll always have many blessings to count each day.”

80. “One true and best friend is worth much more than a dozen friends combined.”

Great Friends Quotes

Excite your friends with these Great Friends Quotes.

81. “I’m happy to have a great friend that’s never leaving me, despite my many troubles. Already hid her in my heart, so she’s going nowhere.”

82. “The definition of ‘fun’ is, me and my best friend together, always and forever.”

83. “My best friend is the best in the whole world”. That person that crossed your mind as you read that statement, is your best friend forever.

84. “It’s hard to go a day without having to speak about, or make reference to my best friend.”

85. “A best friend is strength for weakness, and joy for sadness. I’m really lucky and blessed to have mine.”

86. “Best friends are hard to find. So, the moment I found myself a best friend, I put her in my heart, so, we will never have to be apart, no matter what.”

87. “A best friend is that awesome person you always feel at home with. I’m always at home with you, dear.”

88. “Best friends are those who understand us so much even more than we do, ourselves.”

89. “Best friends come into our lives to make us whole. Thanks for being my perfect better half.”

90. “A best friend is one of the most important parts of our lives, which you never realise is missing, till you come in contact with it. Then, you begin to wonder how you managed to survive before then.”

I Love My Best Friend Quotes

Sweet I Love My Best Friend Quotes.

91. “Best friends simply add juice and sparks to the stories and memories of our lives.”

92. “My best friend is worth far more than rubies. You make my life have meaning and purpose dearie.”

93. “Best friends are not the ones you always hang out with and have fun together. They are the ones you don’t get to see often, but when you do, you never want it to end.”

94. “Time is always too short when you’re with the one called Best Friend.”

95. “Best friends make you feel like a superhuman, who can achieve anything in the world.”

96. “Sometimes, your greatest critic is your very best friend. Not because he doesn’t love you, but because he does.”

97. “Just like the day needs the sun to usher it in, our lives can’t be complete without the gifts called best friend.”

98. “Best friends are always and forever. Mine is literally my other half, and there can’t be me without her.”

99. “Best friends are the ones who help to keep you sane when in public, but drives you insane when you’re indoors.”

100. “Best friends are gifts that take a whole lifetime to completely unwrap.”

You Are My Best Friend Quotes

Surprise friends with these You are My Best Friend Quotes

101. “Having a best friend is like having an extra pair of eyes. “They are light unto our paths.”

102. “When the word ‘Friend’ was being coined, you, my best friend, where the image in the head of the corner.”

103. “There’s nothing like having a best friend who will do anything to put a smile on your face. “Absolutely nothing.”

104. “Some people take alcohol or drugs to get high. “All I need to be high is a few minutes with my best friend.”

105. “The best ship you can ever find yourself in is the one with a person you can call Best Friend.”

106. “People don’t become best friends by accident. “It happens as a result of two hearts coming together to agree to be one, no matter what.”

107. “A true friend will never forget all your rights, just because of one, or a few wrongs.”

108. “And when you came into my life, I knew beyond a doubt, that I had found myself, a best friend forever.”

109. “A million and more thanks to my best friend, for accepting me just as I am, and inspiring me to be the best I can possibly be.”

110. “With you, there’s only laughter, fun, and happiness. “With you, my best friend forever, I always want to be.”

Friends for Life Quotes

Check out these Your My Best Friend Quotes.

111. “Nothing soothes a heartache like a best friend’s hug and words.”

112. “You deserve the award ‘World’s best friend’, but in the meantime, I’m simply content with you just being my best friend forever.”

113. “With you I’m me, with you I’m free, with you, I see me differently, and feel free to dream. “That’s why you alone, are my best friend forever.”

114. “Best friends are the wings on which we fly higher. “They just make life easier.”

115. “The only definition that comes to mind for the phrase Best Friend, is You.”

116. “I’ve not met any other person, who gets me, understands me as I really am like you. “You’re my best friend forever, and I’m never letting you go.”

117. “You have seen me at my best and even at my worst, yet, you’ve stayed true all these years. “I love you so much, my best friend forever.”

118. “There’s no gift worthy enough to let you know how grateful I am for the gift of you, as my best friend forever.”

119. “It’s no cliche when I tell you, you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. “I love you so much, my best friend forever.”

120. “No matter the distance between here and there, you remain very close to my heart.”

Best Quotes for Best Friend

Trending Best Quotes for Best Friend.

121. “Your presence in my life makes it sweet and fun. “I don’t know what I’ll do without you, my best friend.”

122. “I realised angels were real the day I met you, and I am most glad to have you as my best friend forever.”

123. “Knowing you as my best friend has helped me come to know me. “Thanks for being an amazing best friend to me.”

124. “Words fail me to describe how to know who a true friend is. “Just come and see mine, and you’ll perfectly understand.”

125. “Knowing you will always be here, gives me the strength to face anything life brings. “Thanks for being my best friend, always and forever.”

126. “I’m not comfortable anywhere else, as I am with you, my amazing best friend forever.”

127. “You think I’m crazy? Wait till you meet my best friend.”

128. “You get me, you love me, you’re like me. “What more could anyone wish for in a friend? You’re my best friend forever.”

129. “Nothing shall be able to separate us, not distance, not quarrel, not pride. “You’re my best friend forever, and that changes not!

130. “A best friend will never give up on you, no matter how many times you screw up. “Thanks for being a true best friend to me.”

Amazing Friend Quotes

Excite Amazing Friend Quotes.

131. “It’s very difficult to recount an old memory without you, my amazing best friend, appearing in it.”

132. “No matter how angry I am at my best friend, she’s always the first person I want to share any news or gist with.”

133. “Irrespective of what I go through, knowing I have you as my best friend, assures me that all is going to be okay.”

134. “Thanks for being the friend I can call at midnight, just to listen to me cry all night.”

135. “Growing up with you is one of the best things that ever happened to me. “I look forward to growing old with you, as my best friend forever.”

136. “Thanks for letting me be as real and free with you as I can possibly be.”

137. “In summary, a best friend is the guardian angel specially allotted to us, by God. “Thanks for being my guardian angel.”

138. “A best friend is like a doctor, whose job is to always make sure you’re perfectly well and fine.”

139. “And just when I needed a friend the most, you showed up, but, not just to merely be a friend, but, the best one ever, and my best friend forever.”

140. “When things don’t go the way they ought, and I’m wondering how to sort it out, the voice I hear in my head, telling me ‘I’ve got all it takes’, is yours, my best friend forever.”

True Best Friend Quotes

True Best Friend Quotes for your best friend.

141. “Everyone needs a best friend. “Having one is a criterion for living a great and interesting life. “Thank God I have you.”

142. “You always have a special place in my heart reserved for you, which no one else can ever take.”

143. “For me, having a best friend is having a 5 in 1 package. “A sister, a lover, a gist partner, gossip partner, and partner in crime.”

144. “A best friend is a soul twin you’re stuck with forever.”

145. “I’m stuck with you, you’re stuck with me. “Like head and neck, we slay together, cos we’re best friends forever.”

146. “Even when you’re not here, I’m not bothered, because for us, out of sight is more in mind and heart.”

147. “The most amazing gift I’ve yet received is my best friend.”

148. “Your words, oh my darling best friend, are therapeutic. “They resound, even in my sleep.”

149. “The day I’ll never forget, was the day I met you, my amazing best friend forever.”

150. “Sometimes, all I want to do is to lay on the floor with my best friend and say nothing. “Cos, I know even in silence, my best friend understands me.”

Dear Friend Quotes

Dear Friend Quotes for your dear friends.

151. “You are a rare gem, I’m never letting you go. “For we are made for one another, as best friends forever.”

152. “You will know you’ve found a best friend when you can be with someone for hours, and not have to plan what to say, or how.”

153. “The difference between a boring life, and a very happy and fun one could just be, the absence of one person you can call Best Friend. “I’m glad I found mine in you.”

154. “I’m not surprised best friends are rare and hard to find. “In you, I have like 10 in 1. “You’re worth more than a million treasures to me.”

155. “A big shouts out to the friends that become family, starting with you, my lovely friend.”

156. “Thanks for not giving up on me, despite my excesses. “You remain the best friend ever.”

157. “Hiding your best friend in the deep corner of your heart is one of the best decisions you can ever make. “You definitely don’t want him/her stolen due to scarcity out there.”

158. “If you ever want to see me at my best, come to see me when I’m with my best friend.”

159. “The truest and most real part of me is revealed, only when I’m with you, my best friend.”

160. “It will take me a whole lifetime and an extra day in eternity to fully express how grateful I am, for having you, my best friend, in my life.”

Good Best Friend Quotes

Also see these Good Best Friend Quotes.

161. “A best friend is a must have for everyone. “Some spend their entire lives searching for one, but, I’m glad I found you early.”

162. “With a best friend like you, I know I’ll always be alright.”

163. “No one can read my every expression, and the emotions behind them like you, my darling best friend.”

164. “The best hug you’ll ever receive is a best friend’s hug. “None other compare with the comfort it gives.”

165. “I’m just glad I found you early enough. “You’re a true friend indeed and need.”

166. “Having a best friend is a basic necessity of life. “You really can’t do without one.”

167. “Show me a man that has never had a best friend, and I’ll show you a man that has never truly lived.”

168. “A best friend is that one friend you just can’t be mad at for up to a day. “There are always things to share.”

169. “To find a friend that loves you as much as you love yourself, and sometimes, more than, is the greatest miracle of all.”

170. “Best Friend is just a name we get to call the angels God sends into our lives at the exact moment when we need them.”

Best Friend Love Quotes

Trending Best Friend Love Quotes.

171. “I can let any of my friends go because I know they come and go. “But my best friend, never ever.”

172. “Many things in life are complicated, except the love of a best friend.”

173. “There’s a friend that loves us even more than family. “That friend is called Best Friend.”

174. “A best friend will see many reasons to leave, but choose to stay with you irrespective.”

175. “One of the greatest things any man can be is a best friend.”

176. “Best friends are bound by a love that is incapable of ever ending.”

177. “I measure my wealth, not by the amount in my bank account, but by the quality of best friends I have.”

178. “A best friend’s shoulder is always ready for you to lean on it. “You never have to do life alone with a best friend in your life.”

179. “A best friend is man’s first helpmate. “The journey is easier and faster with an amazing one like you, in any man’s life.”

180. “The reward of being a true friend is getting a best friend forever.”

Inspirational Best Friend Quotes

Inspire your bestie with these Inspirational Best Friend Quotes.

181. “Dearest friend of mine, I want you to know you’re the best of them all.”

182. “Roses are red, violet is blue, my best friend is so real and true.”

183. “If I were to choose between you and a million dollars, I’ll choose you. “Then, the million dollars too.”

184. “My dear, my lover, my best friend, ain’t no worries with you in my life.”

185. “If all that’s left in the world is my best friend and me, it will still be so much fun.”

186. “When you meet that special person worthy to be called best friend, just know you’ll never be unloved ever again.”

187. “Your best friend is most times, a reflection of who you are. “Be deliberate in your choosing.”

188. “My best and favourite day is any day spent with my best friend. “I always never want it to end.”

189. “I might not have life all figured out, but with a best friend like you, I know it’s only a matter of time.”

190. “The journey of true friendship starts in a day, and lasts unto eternity.”

Special Friend Quotes for Her or Him

Surprise your buddy with these Special Friend Quotes for Her or Him.

191. “If I ever get to a point where I have no one and nothing else but you, then, I’ll know I have exactly all I need.”

192. “Sometimes, a best friend is a friend we’ve not known for so long. “It’s really not about length of time, but, depth of heart.”

193. “Sometimes, you’ll ask yourself what made you fall in love with your best friend, and you simply won’t remember.”

194. “A best friend is that friend you know you can always count on, irrespective of anything.”

195. “A best friend’s love is always the greatest. “That’s if you get yourself a true one indeed.”

196. “When I think about my best friend now, it’s hard to believe we were once strangers.”

197. “Dearest best friend, you’re the real deal. “And with you, I’m the real me.”

198. “When you find yourself a best friend, you can sing Hakuna Matata for the rest of your days.”

199. “Words are not enough to express how much my best friend means to me. “She’s simply everything, and more.”

200. “You’re worth more than the world to me. “That’s because you, my best friend, are my world.”


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