2024 Best Friend Text Messages for Your Friend

Friends are essential in our lives. We need people to keep our company and to advise us on a daily living because the impact to having friends can not be underestimated. Friends can connect you to your dream job, connect you to your life partner and benefactor.

So in order let your friends know how much you value them, pick from the Best friend text messages below and blow their mind. Make their heads swell.

Cute Friendship Quotes and Text Messages for Your Friend

Here nice friendship quotes for your best friend that will take your friendship to the next level. All you need to do is to copy, paste and send it to him or her.

1. You shine like the sun, your heart glitters like Gold, you are like an angel sent to me.

2. You are someone I can rely on, you are one in a billion.

3. We’ve been through difficult times but still, we are together, you are more like a half sister to me.

4. My friendship with you is pure and great, nothing would break our bond.

5. When I am in your company, I usually have the feeling that everything would be okay. Thank you.

6. A friend with a large heart like you is scarce.

7. A friend like you is hard to find, when I am weak, you gave me the strength to carry on, when things were rough, you were there to give me support.

8. You saw my faults, yet you stuck to me like super glue.

9. You are my friend, we had so many things in common. I love you.

10. If nobody cares for you, I do, I will always stand by you.

11. I met you as a stranger, but as time goes on, I began to see the qualities I want in a friend, in you. When I am down, you came and hugged me tightly. Thanks.

12. When I am unhappy, you cracked jokes with me, you made me laugh. You never wanted me to cry. You brought happiness to my world.

13. You have a loving heart, you mean a lot to me.

14. Words can’t explain how important you are to me, I am glad God made our paths cross.

15. You took my pain as yours. You showered me with care, you always find the right word to say. You are a good friend.

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16. We shared our secrets together, without being scared. You always told me the truth even when it is bitter.

17. The distance between us can’t weaken the bond of our friendship, because you reside in my heart.

18. I want to be there for you because you stood by me when things are hard.

19. You are a rare gem. You are of great value.I like you, friend,

20. You are caring, loving and gentle. You never disappointed me.

21. You listened to me with rapt attention when I opened up my heart to you in tears. You counselled me when I needed advice. You never ignored me.thanks, friend.

22. I won’t stop loving you, my friend.

23. I will always be your best friend forever, no matter what happens.

24. You saved me from destruction. I won’t let you down, you are someone special.

25. I treasure our friendship, you are the reason I keep moving on.keep it up, friend.

26. I will keep praying for you my friend.

27. I am happy being your friend.

28. You accepted me the way I am, you didn’t give up on me, you forgave me, you kept me to your heart. Thank you.

29. You offer support, you stilled my fears. You say nice things to me.

30. You understood me perfectly, you valued me, you made me who I am today. Thanks.

31. You are bold and courageous, you always look at the positive sides of life.

32. You took me as a part of your family. You welcome me into your world.

33. It is your right to reign, and you would reign in Jesus name.

34. You are a lady full of worth. I cherish your impact in my life.

35. Your days would be spent in sound health and prosperity.

36. You allowed me to grow, thank you.

37. You made me realize God has a great purpose for creating me.

38. A true friend doesn’t care if you are rich or not. They love you for who are who you are.

39. We went through happy and sad moments.

40. My friend, my love for you is so deep, who can quench?

41. My friend, when I think of you, I remembered the days we fought each other.

42. My friend, I miss you so much.

43. I want the bond of friendship between us to be tight forever.

45. I will never leave you, we would make our friendship work.

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46. You are kind, you are caring, you are loving.

47. Everything the enemy has stolen from you, God will restore in Jesus name.

48. With Gods flow of love, may grace and favour locate my life.

49. My friend, in order to be in good health, laugh more and reduce your anger rate.

50. Worry less, my friend and sleep more. I love you.

51. Hi friend, how has been your day? Great friend wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

52. Best friend, you have been all to me all this while.

53. Hi, friend, you are the only one I need to survive. I wish you a great month ahead.

54. My best friend, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, may God bless you and enlarge your coast.

55. Hope you are enjoying your holiday, wishes to your parents.

56. Hi friend, where have you been since all this while, I have missed you.

57. Dear, I thank you so much for your support towards me. I am grateful.

58. Hello my dear friend, how have you been, how is everything, if all is well, glory be to God?

59. Hi friend, have a joyful day.

60. Best friend, how has been your day at work?

61.for the very first time, you made me happy, you showed me care and support.

62. I don’t know what to say but to say thank you so much for everything. Love you, dear.

63. You are my dream, my heart, my hope, I love you, my dear friend.

64. My heart swims for joy whenever I see you.

65. My friend, I wish you a lovely summer.

66. I wish you success on your journey to America, to study.

67. Sunday, why would you leave Rolake with us without turning back and care about her feeding. Sunday, I must be truthful to you, accept Rolake and her children back. You know I am your best friend and I want the best for you, I can’t lead you astray.

68. My friend, you are the reason for my living.

69. Everyone would love to have somebody like you in their lives. If I am in the mud, we are there together and when I am in big problem, you provided a solution for me. Our friendship makes things happen.

70. I can’t just forget you for the great things you’ve done in my life.

71. God bless the day we met, I never thought you would be a source of blessing to me.

72. Anytime I face a challenge, I come back to you to draw power and hope for a better tomorrow.

73. Two great things you helped me to achieve are self-confidence and self-control which I thought it was so difficult but you made it to fulfilment.

74. A lot of people have been my friends but I choose you as my close friend because you are different and always tell me the raw truth.

75. When people who I trusted let me down, you stood by me. You are the best friend ever.

76. You are the exact person I need in my life.

77. Teaching me to do good has always made a way for me.thanks for everything.

78. The memories of what we shared together have always been in my mind.

79. Even if I decided to pay back of what you have done, I can’t, all I can say is thank you.

80. Just having you around is enough to motivate all that i have been planning for.

81. Instead of you making fun of me, you were stood by me.

82. I owe you everything in my life.

83. We have gone long way and we are still here as best friends.

84. I close my eye and I got lost in my thoughts, I love you.

85. Remember the hidden and seek games use to play when we were much younger. I love you, my friend.

86. You are everything I don’t have, your strength overcomes my weakness. You are my best friend.

87. Man can’t live alone, he needs someone to help him in fulfilling destiny, you are the person I need to help me fulfil destiny.

88. I am the happiest person on earth. You are a true friend indeed.

89. You sacrificed your happiness for me, you saw the good in me, thanks.

90. I miss your teasing, your challenging words, your reassuring words. I miss you, my friend.

91. Even though I can’t see you always. I sense your presence, all the time my friend.

92. You never gave up on me, thank you, my friend.

93. So many times, I wondered what made stick with me despite my bad words, you stood by me in trying times.

94. You came at the right Time when I needed you most dear friend.

95. You are so special to me, I can’t forget you.

96. God kept you for me, you are my pillar, my friend.

97. With tears in my eyes, let me say these words “I owe you everything”, thanks, friend.

98. Thanks for been there for me when I feel like giving up.

99. You are a loyal friend that would never leave me alone, I love you.

100. I know I am stubborn, yet you loved me, thanks o much friend.


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