Best Quick Recovery Messages for Sick Person In Hospital

2024 Best Quick Recovery Messages for Sick Person In Hospital

People do not need to be sick before they are loved yet when sickness comes, the best thing we can do is to be around our loved ones and let them know how important they are to us.

The comfort, love, hug, messages and thoughts of love given to sick people during their bouts with sickness have a lasting imprint in their lives. DO NOT deny them.

Someone out there wants it, someone needs it. Do not hesitate. Do not wait anymore. Send the message of love NOW.

Get Well Soon Messages for a Sick Person In the Hospital

Your wishes will go a long way to getting that person well soon. Send these get well soon Messages to the sick friend or lover in the hospital.

1. There is nothing fascinating in you being sick but I have one assurance- you will come out stronger. Wishing you a quick recovery dad.

2. I sincerely hope and wish that your knowledge of my profound love and care for you will make up to your medication to confer on you speedy recovery my dear wife.

3. What’s that diagnosis again? Did the doctor say ‘Lovelaria’? You must be too full of the love I am showering on you but that shouldn’t get you admitted in the hospital. Get up fast and come home, mum.

4. You need a fresh touch of love and care. Just look me in the eye and tell me; you don’t need to fall sick for that. Wishing you a quick recovery, my dear wife.

5. Don’t catch a cold again. Remember I told you to stop you goal-keeping training. Please get well soon my dear friend.

6. When you fall sick, just remember many people are falling sick. Please get well fast and this is wishing you a speedy recovery.

7. If I could, I would turn every food you eat to a preventive medicine that will keep you away from the hospital. I am wishing you a quick recovery sister.

8. I told the doctor to release you today because I just said a prayer for you to get well. Trust me, you have received your quick recovery.

9. Sometimes I wonder why you love the paintings of the hospital walls; we can just paint our house with the same colours instead of falling sick and going to the hospital. Wishing you a quick recovery dad.

10. Dear brother, the news of your sickness broke my heart. Please get well soon as I am wishing you a quick and full recovery from that illness. See you soon.

11. I know you hate the pills, but for our sakes, please use them as prescribed as this will enable us see you in your full strength and functioning as before. Wishing you a quick recovery.

12. Let this loads of love I am sending be enough to make you get up from the sick bed. We love all from the house. Wishing you a quick recovery daddy.

13. You need to get back quickly on your feet. Your colleagues at the office are all getting worried. This is from us all wishing you a quick recovery.

14. Your sudden sickness came to us as a rude shock as it has made your absence too significant. Please get well soon and leave the hospital.

15. The hospital is not your home, please relocate back to your own house as soon as possible in good health and full recovery.

16. I hope all the healing thoughts and wishes that will hit you today will make you get up on your feet and dust away that embarrassing sickness. Quick recovery dear.

17. My best thoughts are with you even as you recover to your full health in this sick period. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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18. You are not alone there mum, we are all there with you and we also want to come and live together as we used to do. Wishing you a quick recovery.

19. I want to see you bounce again. Get well fast.

20. No matter how lovely the doctor may see your face, we appreciate them more than him. Come home and see how lovely you are. Wishing you quick recovery from your sick bed.

21. I am sending to you, comfort, good health, happiness, and a fast recovery. May you enjoy sound health always.

22. This is to wish you all the best with your recovery. And may you enjoy many more years in good health and soundness of mind.

23. Wishing you a blissful, speedy recovery, happiness, and good health to enjoy for the rest of your life. Receive my best thoughts, dear friend.

24. You are such a wonderful person to be with, no wonder illness envy us and want to be with you but we are driving it away with the best of prayers and wishing. Quick recovery to your friend,

25. Without you in our circle, our number is incomplete. Please get well fast. This is wishing you a quick recovery friend.

26. I wish you a quick recovery so we can have fun together again. Your continued stay at the hospital is getting everybody worried. Speedy recovery brother.

27. The longer you stay in the hospital, the more unhappy I become, so please recover fast and complete my joy. Here’s wishing you a speedy and full recovery, my friend!

28. Many prayers for your miraculous healing and speedy recovery have been rendered to God, so respond by getting better soon, my wonderful friend.

29. Honey, I’m alone. I want to stand by your sickbed until you get better. I wish you a quick and fast recovery.

30. Glad to know you respond to treatment. Sending our warmest wishes for your speedy recovery.

31. When you smile, the whole world rejoices. We can’t afford to see you spend one more day at the hospital. Please get well soon my love.

32. I am sending you kisses, hugs, love and care. Please do add them to your medication and recover quickly from your illness.

33. There is no how I can pretend to be happy while you are there lying on the hospital bed. So get better quick so we can have fun together again! Hoping you feel like yourself again soon, babe.

34. Facebook is boring, Twitter is loading so slowly because you are there on the hospital bed. Please get well soon and let’s return to our normal lives again.

35. I will detest falling sick but if it will make you get a quick recovery, then let me help you speed it up. Please get well soon honey.

36. I wish you a full recovery from your illness. I pray God will grant you good health.

37. Health practitioners care but God cures. May the healing hand of God come upon you as you recover from your sickness.

38. These germs think you are on the same level with them, and so they are attracted to you. Shove them off and get well cos you belong to me, darling.

39. The best loving people in the entire are the people you have all around you. Everyone from home sends their healing messages. Wishing you a quick recovery from your sick bed.

40. I wish you sound health today and years to come. Feel better, my friend.

41. Your life is meant to be enjoyed in good health. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

42. If all the flowers in the world could bring healing to you, believe me, we would rid the entire universe of flowers just for your sake. Wishing you a speedy recovery mum.

43. I may be unable to smile till I get to know you’re feeling better. I am sending you my speedy recovery wishes.

44. Your company makes me feel better, I hope my message of quick recovery from your illness will make you feel better.

45. The whole world is on standby waiting for your command, don’t keep them waiting any longer. Get well fast, dear.

46. After you win this duel with sickness, you will have me all by yourself. Wishing you a quick recovery my love.

47. For every injection given to you in the hospital, you get a hug from me. Now, don’t stay there too long because I will double the number if you come back home tomorrow. Speedy recovery.

48. You make me feel like to go back and study medicine so that I will still be the one attending to you even in sickness. Wishing you a quick recovery.

49. Beautiful people are supposed to be immune to illness but I am not surprised, the bugs are also attracted to them. I wish you a quick recovery sweetheart.

50. Henceforth, I’ll wrap you in my arms and will never allow illness get to you again. Get well soon son.

51. I need you more than you need your doctor, so please recover quickly and let’s have normal fun again.

52. When you finally come back from the hospital, I promise to wrap you in my arms and not to ever let you fall sick again. Wishing you a quick recovery honey.

53. Even in sickness you look beautiful, but your beauty is not for the hospital bed, it is for me to adore. Get well soon dearest.

54. With this text message, receive my continuous kisses till you get better. Wishing you a quick recovery from your sickness.

55. Let my love be your medicine and my heart you hospital. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the hospital bed.

56. Social media is good and entertaining only when I see you online. Get well fast and come back online dear.

57. In spite of your sickness, the hospital gown looks cute on you. Get well soon friend.

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58. I called an experienced boxer to train me because I am going into a duel with germs keeping you on the hospital bed. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

59. I will be with you, the bugs will run away. Get well fast soon dear.

60. Everything is at a pause because of your ailment. Your wellness is my happiness, please get well fast. This is wishing you a quick recovery.

61. My brand of love is the cure for your ailment, you only need to see me in that hospital and I’m on the way. Please get well very fast.

62. I’m bringing to you in the hospital a medicine the doctors have not yet found out. I am bringing myself to cure your illness. Wishing you a quick recovery.

63. I made just one prayer request this morning; that the angels will disguise as nurses to give you heavenly potions to cure your illness. Get well fast sweetheart.

64. I can’t wait to see you back again with that charming smile radiating all over your face. My thoughts are with you as you recover fast from illness.

65. I am sending you loads of love and care to give you a speedy recovery from all those bugs and germs hanging around you. Get well fast brother.

66. Seeing you writhing in pains is painful to all of us who are close to you. Please kick those germs out of your system, they don’t deserve you.

67. Don’t worry about your pains, you will soon be well again. Wishing you a speedy recovery dear.

68. I sent an appeal to God: my friend does not deserve to be detained in the hospital in the name of a sickness. Please remove the sickness and discharge my friend. Get well fast, dear.

69. You are being missed, please get well soon.

70. I deployed my magic this morning, so if you feel any comfort since morning, just know that I am working very hard from here to ensure you are out of the hospital. Get well fast.

71. The sky is blue, you are blue too because of sickness. I am changing the colours to white because you need to get well.

72. As the sun rises this morning, may you also rise from your sick bed and walk free. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

73. You are too beautiful to fall in the hands of germs. You are too good to me to be released into the pains from bugs. Get well fast.

74. Fight on dear, get those germs off your beautiful body. I need you more the germs want you.

75. Wherever I go, north, south, east or west, when you are feeling fine, I’ll be fine. Wishing you a speedy recovery, honey.

76. I am coming over to give you the best medicine- my kiss. Get well fast, dear.

77. Nothing has ever kept you in bed in the afternoon except me, so don’t succumb to the illness. Come home to me and get well fast.

78. I’ll keep praying till you get out of the sick bed. Wishing you a very quick recovery dear.

79. I dropped a note at heaven’s table. I hope an angel reads and carry out the instructions therein because it contains your prescription. Wishing you a quick recovery.

80. Your sickness is my pain. Get well fast so I can be healed.

81. May your medications work well for you as your love relieves me of stress. This is to wish you a quick recovery, dear friend.

82. I can’t bear to see you suffer pains on the sick bed. Please get well soon dear, and let’s get back to how we used to be.

83. There is nothing good as perfect health and that is what I wish you even as you recover from your illness.

84. I need your hugs, kisses and love more than the nurses need you at the hospital. Wishing you a quick recovery, mum.

85. A very quick one: as the day is beginning this morning, may your health status take a new beginning as you recover from the ailment. Get well fast.

86. The tired look on your face makes me want to fall sick, but if I do, who would take care of you? Please get well fast.

87. Today is another day without you in the house. Please get ready to leave the hospital bed today and return home. Wishing you a quick recovery dear.

88. You don’t need the flu, you need me. You don’t need the medications, you need my love. Wishing you a quick recovery.

89. The more I write, the more I wish I could just hold you in my arms once again. Please get well fast dear.

90. A healing message to you: Your wounds are disappearing, your sickness is vanishing. Get well fast.

91. Whenever the wind blows, it brings cure. The cure the wind brings today will bring you complete healing. Wishing you the best of recovery.

92. One thing is sure: your sickness cannot keep me away from you. Get well fast sweetheart.

93. I love to pamper you; in sickness and in health but we both know we do it better in health. Get well fast, dear.

94. If you want a hug and a kiss, just tell me, I’ll gladly do it. You don’t have to use the hospital means. Get well fast, dear.

95. The only reason I am not with you is because the doctors said you need to be alone. I do not want to receive orders as to when to see you or not. Get well fast.

96. My best thoughts are with you on the sick bed. This is wishing you a quick recovery.

97. You want to make me jealous of the flu that is attracted to you. Very fine, you have succeeded, but please get well fast.

98. I will love you always. Please get well fast.

99. The hospital environment is not meant for you, your home is with me. Please get well fast and be with me.

100. I’ll hold you tight and will never let you alone again. This is wishing you a quick recovery.

101. I feel incomplete because sickness has taken a part of you which definitely belongs to me. Wishing you a quick recovery.

102. I was told you are sick. Please receive comfort and healing through this text message. Get well fast.

103. Life has many ups and downs, one of which is sickness. Get well fast dear friend.

104. I can’t wait to hear your hilarious jokes once again. Get well fast and resume your duty with me, mate.

105. You have found a reason finally to hide from me but that won’t last long because I will see you soon. Get well fast, dear.

106. Be hospitals blue gown or those nighties, trust me, you look awesome always. Get well fast.

107. Close your eye and think about our first kiss and you will feel better. I love you. Get back soon to me.

108. I know I always keep telling you how hot you are but it is for your body temperature to rise. I hope you feel better. Wishing you a quick recovery.

109. Going anywhere without is no fun. For goodness sake, I’m no longer single. Get well fast sweetheart.

110. Get well fast. Please do, NOW!

How does it feel to receive love when you need it most? That’s the great feeling you get from these messages. Feel free to share with everyone.

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