2023 Best Goodnight Prayers for Family and Friends

Saying a very inspirational and solemnly good night prayer to that special person of yours, your family and that lovely friend in this glorious year 2023 is so cute and specially inevitable to send and share with.

So, therefore, log in to these awesome good night prayer for family and friends.
Let’s ride on!!! I bet you’ll come back for more!

Good night Family and Friends Prayers

Amazing night prayers for your family and friends. Good night family and friends prayers.

1. The day was indeed a blessing, all praise to God Almighty for the gift of life. As you lay your head to sleep tonight, may all your day investments and pursuits yield bountifully for you. Go to sleep, dear lovely brother for the Lord shall be your guide. Good night!

2. Your laying down tonight shall be of peace and undiluted calmness. May the Lord wake you up in joy and new strength. Good night.

3. The Lord shall give His angels charge over you and they shall keep you throughout the night and bring you to a bright and success filled day ahead. Sleep, tight friend. Love you!!

4. As the day closes and the night breaks in, may all your efforts towards your pursuit be set into a new phase of breakthrough. This is one of my prayers for you, daddy. Good night sir.

5. May you be guided and protected all through your journeys in life. Even the shortest journey shall be of peace for you. Good night!

6. May the night be peaceful and calm for you. May you never experience any form of stormy gale throughout your lifetime. Enjoy your night rest dear. Good night.

7. Even in the midst of troubles, the Lord shall be your guide and buckler. In His mercy shall He bring you out of every calamity of life. Hope you had a great day? Good night friend.

8. Favour and mercy shall come upon all your labour and pursuit. May you be blessed beyond your expectations. Have a very peaceful night rest.

9. May the goodness and mercy of the follow you all the days of your life. All of your endeavors shall yield greatly for you. Do have a blessed night sleep.

10. As you lay your head to sleep tonight, may divine ideas and wisdom on the right step to take towards achieving God’s purpose for your life be given to you. Rest well, dearie. Good night.

11. I pray for you, dear friend that as you sleep tonight, may you be safeguarded and kept from the arrows that fly by the night. Have a nice rest.

12. May the sure protection of the Lord be upon you. The grace and enablement to succeed shall be provided for you and you shall be a source of blessing to many others. Sleep tight, sister. Good night.

13. Every form of turbulence and uphill that as be assigned to hinder your peace tonight and henceforth shall be made still. Enjoy your sleep, dear. Good night!

14. May help from above come upon all your expected and unexpected blessings from this time henceforth. You are blessed, cousin. Good night.

15. Nothing shall be of hindrance on the way of your success and every barricade to your achievements shall be smashed. Go forth and shine. Good night.

16. You shall experience breakthrough in all your strivings. The mercy of God shall come upon you. Good night, mummy.

17. Don’t think over that disturbing issue anymore for the Lord shall give you rest from all your troubles and cause you to enjoy undiluted tranquility all through. Have a very blissful night rest.

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18. Hello friend, how was the day? Stressful, right? May this night be a time of rejuvenation and restrengthening for you. May you wake up like a superman. Good night! Love you!!!

19. All glory to God Almighty for His mercies and unending love over us all. For every passing moment of the day, we are so grateful. May your dreams tonight be positive and may you wake up tomorrow to once again give thanks to God. Good night, friend.

20. As you sleep tonight, may sojourn throughout the night peace and light. May you wake up more lively and rejuvenated. Good night, lovely friend.

21. May the grace of God that surpasses human knowledge bring to pass all His desired will for your life. Sleep tight, dear.

22. Hello friend, surrender all your thoughts and issues to the Lord for He cares most. Go to sleep now for the Lord has heard your cry. God night. Sleep tight.

23. Every weapon targeted at you and your family shall not succeed. You all ate protected and guided. Have a very blissful and peaceful night rest.

24. As the night unfolds and darkness is inevitable, the light of God shall shine more in your heart now and always. Stay blessed, good night.

25. Every weight in your heart and every disturbing matter arising shall be made light and solved in Jesus name, amen. Sleep with this faith, daddy. Good night sir.

26. Saying good night to you is certain and praying that all your heart desire according to God’s will shall be granted to you is definite. Good night darling.

27. We thank you, Lord, for the today and all the things we’ve gone through. I pray that as you lay your head to sleep tonight, may the eyes of the Lord guide you through and keep you throughout the hours of the night. Good night.

28. Your spirit and body shall be rejuvenated at the dawn of tomorrow. Have a very peaceful night.

29. We are so grateful for your love towards us, O Lord even to witness today in good health and wealth. May all your aspirations and pursuits bring you joy and peace.

30. Don’t try to think about any disturbing issue, God is in control. Just lay your head to sleep peacefully and soundly. Have a very blissful night rest.

31. The presence of the Lord shall be with you and He shall keep you from all forms of calamities either by the day or night. Good night, dear.

32. Hello daddy, hope the day was not stressful for you? As you sleep tonight, may your sleep be of great soundness and an undiluted rest of mind. Sleep well daddy, good night.

33. Goodness and favour shall come upon all your endeavours and investments even beyond your expectations. Go to sleep, friend. Good night.

34. All praise to You, O God for all your goodness and mercy towards us. As we sleep tonight, the Lord employs your angels charge over us, grant us grace to wake up healthily tomorrow. Good night, cutie. Nice sleep!!!

35. May you enjoy a very good and peaceful night rest, dear. Good night.

36. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. Everything you lay your hands on shall prosper, cute brother. Good night and have a very sound sleep.

37. I just wanted you to know again that God loves you and He cares for you. Bask on God’s love for your life. Good night, darling.

38. Every second of your sleeping will be followed with sigh of calmness and comfort in Jesus name. Sleep tight.

39. All Glory and Honour to you Lord for your great love to us. Hey dearie, as you go into the land of sleep, may the Lord be with you, may you be granted more firmness of the mind even when you wake up. Good night!.

40. May you wake up more energized for the tasks ahead tomorrow in Jesus name. Have a lovely night rest.

41. Hello sis. May you never be hindered in your success route. Success all the way! Have a wonderful night rest.

42. Gracious Father, we are grateful for all your blessings and mercies in our lives. I pray for you that as you close your eyes to sleep tonight, may the mighty arm of the Lord be your guide through the hours of the night.

43. Have a safe sojourning through the middle of the night, dear friend and as well all through your journey in life. Enjoy your sleep!!

44. May the presence of God overshadow you and keep you from all evil. May your sleep tonight be of soundness and calmness. Good night.

45. Hey dearie, may all your efforts towards your achievements be fruitful and rewarding. Have a very sound sleep!

46. All thanks unto God for His unending mercies over our lives. May His mercy continue to speak for us and bring us into His will for our lives. Amen. Good night!!!

47. As the day wraps up and darkness sets in for the night, may every form of darkness in your life be lightened up by the light of God. Prepare your heart, dear and have faith. Good night to you.

48. Grace shall speak for you and mercy shall fight for you. Just believe and be joyful. Good night dear.

49. Sorrow lasts for the night and joy comes in the morning. May every sorrow of your life never find expression from this night forth and your life shall experience unspeakable joy bountifully. Good night daddy!

50. Honour and majesty to the Most High God for the gift of life and uncountable blessings. Hallelujah!!! Hello dear friend, as you sleep tonight, may your sleep never hold with it, sickness and diseases but it shall be of the restrengthening and liveliness. Amen.

51. Gracious happenings shall come your way tomorrow in Jesus name, amen. Good night.

52. Favourable scenarios that would lead you to the blessings God has planned for you shall locate you, tomorrow. Sleep well, dear. Good night.

53. As you sleep tonight, may you have a peaceful and comforting sleep and you shall wake up tomorrow by God’s grace hale and healthy than yesterday. Sleep tight, dear.

54. Hallelujah to the Lord God Almighty for He has and is doing great things. May His mercy bring us into more of His blessings for our lives each dawning of a new day, amen. Good night mummy.

55. As you lay your head this night, darling, may heavenly ideas that would expand your yard and increase your barn come upon you when you wake up tomorrow and the enablement to Implement them accordingly shall be given to you. Amen. Have a very blissful night rest.

56. Make sure you have a very sound sleep. Don’t think of those issues anymore for the Lord has settled your case. Now go to sleep. Good night!!!

57. The peace from God shall overflow your life all through your journey in this world. Remain blessed, dear. Good night!

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58. O Lord Jesus, bless us with so much tranquility tonight and grant us a very good sleep as we lay our heads to sleep tonight. Thank you so much, Jesus, hallow be Your name. Good night, dear.

59. Jesus, we plead for Your forgiveness for all we did today that is not of Your will. Oh, that we may understand and seek You the more in all we do. Grant us this grace and have mercy upon our souls to do this. Amen. Have a very pleasant night rest, darling.

60. All thanks to You O Lord God Almighty. Hello friend, may you receive more strength to tackle tomorrow’s stresses and problems. Good night and have a very blissful sleep.

61. May the light of God shine upon all the darkness of your life and give you freedom from all forms of oppression of the enemy. Have a very blissful night sleep. Good night!!! Friend.

62. May the peace from God fill your heart and body. Good night, dear, remain blessed.

63. May you go through every phase of your life in the mercy of God and in the light of His face. Continue in faith, dearie. Good night!!!

64. Lean on God’s grace and frustrate it not. All is well!!! Good night to you, friend.

65. May the Lord give appoint His angels to watch over you, not just this night but all through your lifetime, I love you so much, daddy. Good night sir.

66. No form of sickness neither any kind of disease shall find its way in you. Remember we are healed by Christ’s stripes. Sleep well. Good night.

67. You shall never be weighed down both in your spirit, soul and body. New strength shall be given to you at the dawning of each new day. Sweet sleep!!!

68. May you enjoy your sleep tonight. God be with you. Know this brother that He is always with you even before you think of it. God bless you. Good night.

69. May you be given the grace to prosper in the will of God always. All and whatever you lay your hand on from this time forth shall prosper. Good night mummy. Love you!!

70. Thank you, Lord, for all Your blessings to us and the blessing of having to be alive this moment and the hope of life still. May our lives never be cut short of Your grace and mercy. Help us to love You the more, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Good night friend!!!

71. Dear Father of Light, thank You for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you for my family, businesses and future. And everything, I can’t thank You enough. All praise, honour and glory to Your Name.

72. O Lord watch and guard my soul as I sleep tonight. Help me to wake up graciously tomorrow. Thank You, Lord.

73. Thanks be to You O Lord, we are so grateful to you. Dear friend, may you be granted a good night sleep that you may awake rejuvenated and alive in mind. Good night to you.

74. Lord, we thank You for the day and appreciate You for the night. By Your grace shall we sleep soundly tonight and wake up refreshed tomorrow. Sleep tight lovely friend. Good night!!!

75. Your love for us O God is unconditional and incomparable to none. You alone are worthy of our praises. I pray for you dear friend that as you lay to sleep tonight, you shall sleep soundly, sigh comfortably and wake up strengthened. Good night dear.

76. The night is known for the period of process and tribulation and the morning for overcoming and joy. May we all be granted grace to endure the periods of our nights that we may come peacefully into the light of the morning. Good night friend.

77. No hindrances shall come the way of your success but you shall progress in all your endeavours. The Mercy of God shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall overcome all your enemies. May you have a peaceful and comforting night rest as you lay your head tonight.

78. I want you to know that God knows your thought and your ways. He is right there with you. Bask on His faithfulness and obey Him. He loves us so much. Good night!

79. Every burden on your heart shall be lifted up and you shall find peace of mind from all your troubles. Sleep well and sound, dear. Good night to you!

80. Praise to the Lord God, He is King of kings and Lord of lords. May all your thought and ways be brought to the obedience of the will of God. Sound and safe sleep shall you have tonight. No form of turbulence shall you experience throughout your sleeping period and even in all you do. Good night and have a good rest.

81. You are light inaccessible, O Father of lights. Saying this prayer tonight is in the humility of my heart that You guide and watch over me and family and my friends. Thank You, Lord, for always answering my prayers. Hallelujah!!!

82. O Blessed Father, help us to lie down peacefully and wake up tomorrow readily strengthened. Thank You, Lord!

83. Heavenly and Gracious Father, the day has come to its end, we thank you for all your directions and goodness to us. I pray for you tonight darling friend, that as you lay your head to sleep tonight, the Lord shall protect from all forms of troubles and upheavals, you shall know no sorrow even as you sleep, you shall receive more freshness and liveliness when you awake. Good night, friend.

84. Each night is a time to recollect the day’s successes and obstacles. Be grateful to God for all. May this night be a night of solemn peace, joy and comfort for you all through. Good night.

85. By the grace of God, may tomorrow meet us all alive and in good health, with joyfulness and peace. Have a nice night rest, dearie. Good night!

86. May you be enclosed in the palm of God as you lay your head to sleep tonight. The protection of God is over you and your family. Good night to you, dearie.

87. May God’s presence overshadow you all through. Sleep well, dear. Good night.

88. Dear friend, I want you to know that God knows all our burdens even before their appearance, so be at peace and have a very blissful night rest. Good night.

89. Our God is the present help in time of need. Therefore, friend rejoice and let your heart be at peace. For God is with you. Have a very blissful and peaceful night rest. Sleep tight. Good night.

90. Praise to the King who has captured my soul. I worship you Lord for all You’ve done and is still doing. Once again I bring my thanksgiving to You tonight for You alone is worthy to be praised. Thank You, everlasting Father. Have mercy on me, Jesus.

91. My soul blesses You, O God, Your goodness to Mankind is everlasting. You shower Your goodness and unending mercy upon me and my family today again. May tomorrow be blessed for us. All glory to Your Name, Jesus.

92. You alone deserve all the praises and is given all the glory. Lord, may Your favour and merciful kindness come upon all I lay my hand to do. Thank You for today.

93. May you overcome all the sorrows of the night and may you be brought to a morning filled with joy everlasting. Sleep well, dear friend. Good night.

94. Breakthroughs and successes shall be the menu of tomorrow for you. Sleep tight. Good night, friend.

95. May your sleep be stress-free and inelastically free from arising disturbing issues. Sound, sweet and safe sleep shall be your potion this night, dear. Good night to you.

96. Peace like a river and joy like an ocean shall flood your heart and keep you from all forms of troubles. Good night daddy. Have a nice sleep!

97. As the night unwraps itself, may the Lord wrap you in His hands and protect you in all His ways from now henceforth. Good night mummy. Love you!!!

98. All thanks to God for making us be a witness of today and giving us the assurance of the hope for the dawning of a new day. May it be well with our souls and everything in and around you shall be of peace. Sleep well, dear. Good night.

99. No matter how stress filled your day was, all thanks to God for giving us the grace to still be alive and in good shape. I pray that as you sleep tonight, you shall be strengthened the more both in your spirit and body. Have a lovely night rest. Good night.

100. Thanks be to the King of kings and the Ancient of days for His great grace and everlasting mercy to be a witness of today and her blessings. May we all know and experience more of God and enjoy more of His blessings for our souls. Thank You, God, we love You!!! Good night friend. See you tomorrow!!! Love you!

With these varieties of lovely and powerful good night prayers for family members and friends, I’m sure you’ll receive a return blessing from your family members and friends as a way of appreciating God and also thanking you for sharing with them these awesome goodnight prayers.

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