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2024 Best Opening Prayer Points for Church Service

Jesus is the head of the Church and the Church is His bridegroom that He is coming to take in marriage.

Prayers are integral part of our faith. It is one of the ways of communing with God and exercising our profession as believers.

That’s the truth!

Not starting with prayers before the commencement of any of our Church meetings or programmes is as trying to start a vehicle without the key.

Prayer is the master key that opens all things and can also close all things.

Jesus always starts with prayers and end with prayers even in the days while He was on the earth.

Are you in search of a fully inspired, Spirit-filled and the very best opening prayer points for Church services this year, 2024, then flip through the list below.

I believe the Spirit of God will lead you through even as you choose. Indeed you’ll be so blessed to ever come across this. May the Lord guide you through even as you lead the opening prayer session in any of your Church meetings, services or programmes

Now search through.

Powerful Prayer Points to Start a Church Service

Amazing Powerful Prayer Points to Start a Church Service.

1. Heavenly Father, Ancient of days, the bright and the Morning Star and the head of the Church, we glorify your holy Name. As we are about to commence today’s programme, we beseech your presence that the light of Your face shines upon us all. May each of the blessings attached to today’s programme not elude anyone of us. May we all be blessed greatly at the end of the programme. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

2. Everlasting Father, King of kings and the Lord of lords. We ask that as we start this service, may Your abiding presence go with us. We humbly ask that You send forth Your ministering angels to minister Your word to us. O let us be enlightened as we hear Your words. Thank You for always coming to us. Blessed be Your holy name.

3. Dear Lord, the bridegroom of the Church and the head of Church. Your great name we praise and glorify. Blessed be Your mighty name. Dear Lord as we commence today’s bible study, O let Your Spirit unveil to us the mystery of Your word by Your mercy and grace. May the eyes of our understanding be enlightened and increased in the knowledge of God. Amen.

4. Father of lights, most blessed and most glorious, Your name alone be magnified and glorified for all You have done, all You are doing and all You will yet do. We humbly ask for Your mercy that You cleanse us from all our unrighteousness. O Lord, in Your mercy, we commit today’s prayer meeting to Your hands that You cause our heart to be kindled by the fire of the burden of Your desire for us to pray about. O grant us strength to press into the Spirit with precision and accuracy of Your will for us. We pray that Your mercy and grace will bring speedy answers to all our prayers and supplication. Amen.

5. O Lord God Almighty, the immortal, the invisible and the only wise God. We praise Your glorious name and adore Your marvellous name. Father, as we go on in the special programme of today, let Your manifest presence fill this whole place. Lord, perform wonders and miracles in our lives today. Even the greatest miracle of all time, Your Salvation. O let us all leave this place a blessed and new people. To You, Lord be the glory and honour forever and ever. Amen.

6.The Word of Life, the bread of life, the light of God in Whom there is no variableness either shadow of turning. We beseech Your mercy Lord that as we commence today’s bible study, let Your Word be opened to us, dispense to us the knowledge of Your will and let Your understanding dawn on us gracefully. May we be blessed with the grace to obey according to the revealing of Your will for us. Thank You, Jesus. We love You.

7. Dear God, You who have been before the world was formed, Who is now and Who will be till eternity, the ancient of days. We adore You, our God. Forgive us all our iniquities and cause Your mercy to be abundant on us. As we commence today’s bible study, reveal onto us that which is in Your heart, grant grace to navigate accurately in dispensing and receiving Your Word. O let both the teacher and the hearers be blessed tremendously. Thank You for Your calling of us to Your life. Hallelujah.

8. Blessed be You, heavenly Father, the gracious and merciful One, we reference Your name. We receive the right heart template in hearing and receiving Your word for us today. Give to us a hearing ear and a seeing eye to comprehend Your will for us and align with the working of Your nature in us. O establish more of Your faith and love in us to continue in Your word even according to Your commandment. Thank You, Lord.

9. Eternal Life and the bread of life. All glory, praises and honour to Your most holy name. O wash us from all filthiness and sins. Purify us by Your word. Let the revelation of Your word be understandable by our hearts easily and speedily. Shine Your light on us till the Daystar arises in us. Blessed be Your name, Lord Jesus.

10. We appreciate Your wonderful name our God. The God of all flesh, the only wise God we bless Your name in high. Father, as we commence today’s service, manifest Your power in our midst, cause us to see what You want us to see even Christ. Grant us more of Your grace to access Your will for us. Fill us with a burning desire for you more and more. O let the manifold blessings of today’s service come upon each and every one of us. At the end of the service, we shall return all glory to You. Thank You, Jesus.

11. O light of God, the light that lights them that comes to the world, we give you all the glory and honour for hitherto You have done great things and greater things You will yet do. We commit today’s special programme into Your care that Your light shines on us to illuminate us and bless us tremendously. Let us all leave here graciously imparted. All thanks to Your mighty name.

12. O Lord of mercy and grace. We are grateful for all Your innumerable awesome wonders and Your ceaseless work of salvation. Guide us as we go into today’s worship service that all we do may be according to Your purpose for us. Bless us with Your true riches, our Father. Blessing and honour be to Your holy name.

13. The Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the One who was, who is and who is to come, we glorify Your name. As we commence today’s meeting, go with us from the beginning of the meeting even throughout to the end of the meeting that all You have put in place for us today might be received by us. O let Your will be done in us and through us. May we leave this place blessed even more abundantly. Amen.

14. Lord Jesus, we give You all the praise, honour and glory. We commit this special programme into Your hands that You direct us in the Spirit, descend into our midst and perform great wonders in our lives. May we never leave here the same way we came. Thank You, Lord.

15. Praise be to Your name on high, O God, blessed be the name of the Lord. Heavenly Father of all graces, as we commence this service today, send forth Your ministering Spirit to lead us into that which You have prepared for us today. Cause our heart to be ready to receive from You today, take away every form of distractions both within and without that we may receive all the blessings in stock for us today. Thank You, everlasting Father.

16. O Lord God Almighty, the maker of the universe and the owner of the Church. We appreciate You for Your merciful kindness over us. Cleanse us from every form of iniquity. As we go on in today’s bible study, bless us with the blessing of Your face, open to us the mystery of Your word. And grant us the grace to become the doers of these words. Thank You, Lord.

17. Glory and honour be to You,
gracious Father of lights. You are the light that lights the world. O light upon our heart as we go on in the study of Your word. Let the light of Your face illuminate every darkness in our heart till we all take on Your nature. Thank You for abundance of grace and mercy.

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18. Fill our souls O gracious and merciful Father with the essence of this ancient words of life. Reveal to us more deeply the mystery of Your word and grant us grace to become an embodiment of Your word. Thanks be to You O God.

19. Hallelujah to You O Lord, we adore You for all Your goodness and unending mercy towards us. Without Your presence with us now and through, we can not go anywhere. O let Your presence be so mighty in our midst today as we go in today’s service. Make us all a partakers of all of today’s blessing and a testimony to many. We bless Your name, our Father, for in Jesus name we have prayed. Amen.

20. May Your grace go with us, may Your mercy abide with us. That today’s special programme will be a success even according to Your purpose for us. We nullify every form of devilish manipulations in our midst today. Father, let all we do go smoothly as planned in Your heart for us. Bless us tremendously, Jesus. We praise Your mighty name.

21. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. O Word of Life, the Quickening Spirit and the Light of the world. Breath upon us as we go in the study of Your word today. May we be enlightened in the knowledge of Your will. Make us seek You more and more. Thank You for the grace of coming to learn at Your feet. Blessed be Your holy name.

22. Gracious God, merciful Father, the One who dwells in light that no man can approach, we adore You and lift up Your name above all names. Lead us in the service of today, guide us as we go in every session of the service and make us all partakers of the blessings. Thank You, everlasting Father. We bless Your name.

23. O Lord as we are about starting this special programme. May Your presence go with us that this programme shall be a success. Thank You, Jesus.

24. Heavenly Father, King of glory, we believe that it is only Your presence that makes all things right. We are before You this day even in Your temple, we ask that You make Your abiding presence dwell in our midst. Thank You, Lord.

25. Thanks be to You O Lord of all the earth for Your loving kindness to us ward. We bless Your merciful name. We receive Your leading through this meeting today, let every session be according to Your will. Let us all depart from here fully imparted by Your words of power. Thank You for we believe we shall all be blessed leaving this place. Thank You, Jesus.

26. Everlasting Father of lights. We adore and magnify You for You alone is worthy to be praised. As we start today’s bible study, let Your Spirit guide us through the right path and bring us into the essence of Your words for us. Thank You, Jesus.

27. Lord of all the earth, the Prince of peace, we adore Your mighty name. As we go in today’s service, O may our worship be accepted and our praise be received by You. Make us go blessed and imparted by Your Spirit. Amen.

28. Lord God Almighty, as we look into Your perfect law of liberty, breath on us, heal our eyes with eye salve to see accurately into You will for our lives. Thank You, Father.

29. Lead us O Lord in the right path, guide us into all You have for us today. O let today’s service be a sweet smelling savour unto You and a source of blessing to us. Thank blessed Father of lights. Hallelujah!

30. Fill us with desire for You O Lord, enlighten our path, send Your light and Your truth, let them lead us into Your tabernacle and let them bring us into Your holy hill. Bless us with the blessing of Your face.

31. There is none like unto You O Lord, none be compared unto You. We bless Your mighty and awesome name. As we are starting this special programme, Lord let every soul be blessed. May we all not leave this place the same way we came. Thank You our Father, blessed be Your name.

32. Hallelujah to Your name O Lord for great things You have done and greater You will do. We commit today’s prayer session into Your hands that You steer our hearts to pray according to the burden of Your heart. May our heart be set on fire to pray that our lives might be set in order for You. Thank You, Lord, for answers to our prayers.

33. Our souls bless You O God of all flesh. All glory to Your name on high. We humbly ask that as we go in today’s bible study, let Your mighty presence be our guide us through accurately in dispensing and understanding Your word for us. O let us be imparted gracefully. Thanks be to You, Almighty God.

34. Everlasting Father of infinite mercy. Your word says where two or more are gathered in Your name there You are. We believe that Your presence is manifest in us and with us. Grant us mercy to honour Your presence in obeying all of Your commandments as we learn at You feet in this bible study. Shower Your mercy on us abundantly. All praise to You, our Lord.

35. Dear Father come quicken our hearts and strengthen in the power of the Gospel. O let today’s service be of tremendous blessing to us all.

36. Lord we love You, Lord we adore You. In this moment of worship, steer our hearts to worship You in Spirit and Truth that our worship might be acceptable in Your sight.

37. Father, we thank You for Your faithfulness in all things. As we go on in today’s service, shine Your light on us and grant us the capacity to receive and retain every of Your shining that we may be made whole and complete in all the will of God. Thank You, Lord.

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38. Ancient One, the One who has been before the foundations of the world. Ancient words You who is ever true, may this ancient words impart in us and bring us into the reality of Your purpose for our lives. Once again and forever, we are grateful to You Lord.

39. Lord as we gather together in Your presence, O let us be made to recover all of our lost possession. May this service be of great blessings to us. Thank You, Jesus.

40. Gracious Father, inspire us as we come under Your feet to learn of the perfect law of liberty. May we be blessed greatly and be granted grace to obey every of Your knowledge being unveiled to us today. Thank You, Father, we bless Your holy name.

41. You are the God that answers the prayers of them that call upon You even in righteousness. Lord hear our prayers this day as we pray in today’s prayer meeting and grant us speedy answers to all our petitions and supplications. Amen.

42. Fill our heart with burning desire to know You more and more. Kindle in us the awareness to seek to know You more even as we are about starting the bible study for today. Open our eyes and cause us to see, dear Father of lights.

43. As we gather in Your sanctuary Lord, grant us the grace to flow in the current and wave of the Spirit that our coming together shall be truly unto the Lord. May we all leave this mountain a people uniquely blessed of the Lord. May this special programme brings us into that special and only one thing You have for us even Your Salvation. Thank You, Lord.

44. Praise be to You, Yahweh. The God of heaven and the earth. We beseech Your mercy and Your abiding presence to go with us in today’s service. May we never leave the same as we came in. All thanks to Your name.

45. Every praise is to You, our God and every word of worship to You our king. We adore Your beautiful name and glorify You for all Your mighty uncountable works in our lives. As we gather to praise Your name in today’s thanksgiving service, may our praise be received as a sweet smelling savour unto You. Accept the adorations of our heart. For even a thousand tongues can’t be enough to give You praises. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to bless Your name.

46. The rock of our salvation and the keeper of our souls. We commit today’s women programme into Your hands that You move in Your power and cause every issue like mountains to be levelled to the ground. Bless each and everyone here today. Thank You for always answering our prayers.

47. Lord Jesus, as we commence today’s men special programme, grace us and strengthen us in our inner man that we might be made men of valour and made to conquer in all things. Thank You for we shall be granted speedy answers.

48. O Light of God, fill Your presence in this place, cause Your face to shine on us and let our hearts be set ablaze for Your will until we are made in Your likeness. This service today shall be a great blessing to us all.

49. You are bigger than our thoughts, mightier than our imaginations. Just as the heavens are higher from the earth and the east far from the west so also are Your ways to us. O show us Your way, lead us through Your path and bring us into Your rest. We receive all You have for us in today’s programme by faith. Thank You, Lord.

50. Hallelujah for the Lord God the
Almighty reigns. You who rule in all the earth and the heavens. Your kingdom is established in justice and righteousness. We magnify Your holy name. As we commence today’s meeting, may Your presence be manifest that every other contrary power will have no expression. Guide us Lord from the beginning of this meeting up to the end. May we go to our various destinations equipped by Your word and blessed in abundance. All thanks, glory and honour to You Lord. Hallelujah!

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But Christ has committed us to the ministry of both prayer and the word. Therefore we are mandated to pray at all times without ceasing lifting up holy hands.

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