2024 Trending Thank You Messages for Friends

We all have that all-in-one friend who is in our lives and functions as a teacher, brother, sister, pastor, prayer warrior, counsellor and even become antagonistic if they see that we are taking a decision at our own peril.

They don’t have to be present every second of your life, but you can always count on them. They know when you need space and show up just whenever they are needed.

This kind of people need all the appreciation they can get since you cannot repay them for their kindness.

Here are some messages you can send to them to show appreciation and put smiles on their faces. Thank You Friend Messages for Care, Help, Support, Commitment, Love, Loyalty, Trust and more…

Appreciation Messages for Friends

Best of all Thank You Messages for Friends. Appreciation Messages for Loved ones.

1. Sometimes I feel like you outdo yourself just to make me comfortable. I’m grateful nonetheless. God bless you.

2. I remain indebted to you for all your many sacrifices.
Thank you.
Thank you and
Thank you.

3. You dumbfound me with your genuine respect for people and I’m proud to be called your friend.

4. You love me so much, you don’t try to make me be like you but you help me to be a better version of myself.

5. Friendships teach us love and compassion. You have taught me more. Thank you.

6. You make a hard day better by making hilarious jokes out of otherwise tragic situations. Only a friend like you can do such.

7. I’m not scared to be vulnerable to you because you make me feel secure with your non-judgemental response to me in whatever situation I find myself. Thank you.

8. When everyone else thinks of what they can get from me or what I can do for them, you are thinking of what to give me or what to do for me. Thanks always for your thoughtfulness.

9. Thank you not only for who you are but for who I am because of you.

10. With you, no time is wasted: no dull moment. You help me make every time useful. Thanks.

11. With you, familiarity does not breed contempt. The more I am with you, the more I want to be with you. You are so caring.

12. I wish I could do half of what you do for me but I can’t. All I can say is THANK YOU!

13. Gifts are presented to people during special occasions but you surprised me with gifts even when there is no celebration. and I’m grateful.

14. It is said that friendship is the family that we choose. Thank God I chose you and thank you for being you.

15. I chose you years ago and I will choose you again if I have to. Thanks for accepting to be my choice.

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16. Thanks for not letting me regret my choice of friendship. You make this friendship priceless.

17. I know you are real with me whether in front of me or behind my back and I’m grateful.

18. As I grew older and my circle of friends decrease, the value increased because of the quality of the friendship. Thank you for being that one friend that gave so much value to friendship.

19. As my circle decreased, my value increased because I see me in you. Thanks dearest best friend. friend.

20. Thank you for being the person I’m not afraid to show my weakness to because you don’t take advantage of me.

21. You are one of the few persons I truly look up to whenever I’m in distress. Thanks for always responding to every distress call.

22. You are not tired of my drama and immaturity. Thanks for being so mature.

23. You don’t look at the age difference between us. You don’t feel insulted even though I can be stupid at times. You are my one true friend. Thank you.

24. Thank you for trusting me even when I cannot trust myself.

25. Thank you for building my faith.
After all you went through, you still stood firm. I look at you and know that I can stand through whatever comes my way.

26. You have shown me the difference between forgiveness and leniency. You are so firm yet so understanding.

27. You taught me the difference between double standard and standing for the truth. Thank you.

28. Friendship is a gift but only people who value it discover it. Thank God I discovered you. You are a goldmine.

29. Friendship is a gift and I discovered it only when you came into my life and became my friend.

30. Your friendship to me is more than a gift to me. Thank you.

31. You are more than family to me. The only difference is that we do not have a blood relationship. Thank you for being a sister from another family.

32. Even though we do not have the same blood, our friendship is in our DNA. Thanks for sharing my DNA.

33. You are more loyal to me than my loyalty to peak milk. Thanks immensely for that loyalty.

34. You have more qualities of a great friendship than one person can possess. So I say again, you are more than a friend to me.

35. The main thing that assures me of your loyalty, is how much you care for me.

36. Thank you for being vulnerable with me, it shows the level of trust that you have for me. Thank you.

37. You let me borrow your new clothes even when you have not used them. You are the best.

38. You bailed me out when I couldn’t pay my hospital bills. You always do.

39. You are always available and not needy. Thank you for always being available.

40. Thank you for understanding all my fears and helping me overcome them.

41. Thank you for loving me and doing so unconditionally without fear of admitting that you do.

42. You are a living example of unconditional and selfless love. Thank you, darling.

43. You saved me from making the mistake of a wrong choice in marriage. You are truly a God-sent.

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44. You always tell me the truth and not just what I want to hear. Thank you for being truthful with me and our friendship.

45. Thank you for telling me that I look fat when I actually needed to shed weight but I hadn’t realized.

46. You have made me a better manager of my time and life since I met you. Thank you, friend.

47. You know when to say no to me if I’m being extravagant even though it may not be your money. Thank you for being my financial manager too.

48. You know just when to lend me money if I really need and when to say no if I don’t need it. Thank you.

49. You are not embarrassed to talk about sex. You help me embrace my sexuality even when I was too embarrassed to talk about it. Thank you.

50. I know you want some of what I have but since you are such a great friend, you refuse to be needy. Thank you for giving me lessons on contentment.

51. You celebrate my successes even when you don’t seem to succeed in those areas. You do so without jealousy. Thank you dearest friend.

52. You adopted my family and made them just like yours. Thanks for being family.

53. You let me have your car when it was the only one you had to yourself since you thought I needed it more than you. Thank you.

54. You have patience with me when people are tired of my excesses. You are God-sent. Thank you.

55. With all you have gone through in life, you are the inspiration I needed and I’m glad I have you.

56. My world will not be complete without a friend like you. Thanks for being a great part of my world.

57. Thank you for helping me out with the children while I was out of town.

58. You are the only friend I’m certain I can call anytime and I won’t be disappointed. Thanks for being there.

59. You always meet my expectations and you are the perfect example of a friend anybody can have.

60. I have not been a good friend but you have not allowed it to affect the quality of our friendship. Thanks for your loyalty.

61. You are always fun to be with. You turn any atmosphere to an atmosphere of celebration. You are a brand and I celebrate you.

62. You have impacted my life to the extent that people see me and reference you. You are a role model. Thank you.

63. To the most amazing friend who has never stopped believing me even when I seem to be failing.
Thank you.

64. Your refusal to fail despite all you have been through is a major ingredient for whatever success I have achieved so far. I appreciate you.

65. Even donkey gets tired but you never get tired of supporting me. You are the right kind of best friend everyone should have.

66. You look for every opportunity to spoil me. Spoil me silly is what you do every time. Thanks so much.

67. I love you my best friend not because I’m a good lover but because you are lovable. Thanks for being so lovable.

68. You check on me and expect nothing in return even when I don’t ‘want’ you around and you always ‘perfectly’ understand. Thanks for your unreserved support.

69. It’s so sweet to have someone to be completely responsible to. One you can always report yourself to. You are that someone. Thanks, my best friend.

70. You are that one person that I feel like I should pull your hair when you misbehave and you can also do same. Thank you for being my best friend.

71. I don’t need to express my feelings in words, you always know exactly how I feel.

72. Sometimes I don’t need any answer, any sympathy just a listening ear and you are a perfect listener.

73. Just like a photographer, you beautify my life in your mind’s eye and make it a reality. Thank you, my friend.

74. I fell for you and I found everything in you. Thanks for being just that one friend that I need in life.

75. Friendship is love and sacrifice and that is what you stand for. Thank you for being more than a friend.

76. ‎ Being friends with you comes with a lot of benefits. Thanks for being there.

77. You make being friends so enjoyable. I can not imagine myself without a friend like you.

78. Anytime I get the opportunity to appreciate your sacrifices to our friendship, you make it look like it’s just being friends, not sacrifice. Thanks for not getting tired.

79. ‎. You make sacrifices for me and don’t ever remember them. You are God-sent. Thank you.

80. The richest girl is one who has you for a friend. I’m glad to be that girl. Thanks for making me the richest.

81. Thank you for making my decision to make you my friend the best decision I ever made in life. I’m truly grateful.

82. Your friendship with me has taught me not to be so attached to anything or anybody as being too attached to something or somebody is unhealthy for any person or relationship. I am grateful.

83. Thank you, my friend, for teaching me how to give and share. Your kindness has taught how not to be selfish.

84. For always challenging me to greater feats. For challenging me to always dare, to do more and to become more. Thank you.

85. For only telling people about the good I have done and not my bad side. You are a great friend and I am forever grateful.

86. Thank you for making me realize that my life is a gift and no one is allowed to ruin or take it. Not even you.

87. ‎. You taught me to always make a “what if” plan since there are no certainties in life. You have become my life’s best teacher.

88. You keep me away from people who tend to devalue me because no one has the right to devalue me. You are appreciated.

89. You always save me from desperation whenever there is an unreasonable price to be paid for what I want. You are all I need, dear friend.

90. After I met you, the world has a new meaning, food got tastier, life is sweeter, my sleep is sounder and my worth gone higher. I appreciate you, friend, you are the best.

91. In life, we learn, change and adapt. We learn, unlearn and relearn. Thank you for always helping me with coping and thriving in new and difficult situations.

92. You are my friend and you are enough. You are all I need. Thanks for being one bedrock of support.

93. You let me know that what I want may not always be what I need. Therefore if I am too desperate for something, it may just be a want and not a need. Thanks for your loyalty always.

94. You know when to tell my secret to someone to save me from trouble when you know that the secret will harm me. Thank you for saving my life.

95. No one encourages me like you do even when I don’t believe I can you believe in me and encourage me to achieve. Thank you.

96. Every moment is a celebration with you because I gain so much from your presence in my life. Thank you, dear friend.

97. Your presence in my life is an evidence that God is faithful. I love you, dear friend.

98. Sometimes I feel that God is partial for bringing such a person like you into my life. You are the God’s personified in my life and I celebrate you, sweet friend.

99. ‎There is “a friend” and there is “my friend”. I’m glad that you are my friend and I am forever grateful.

100. ‎. You know when I need space and show up just whenever you are needed. You deserve the ALL-TIME BEST FRIEND AWARD.

101. I’m humbled by your generosity and I pray that you are rewarded accordingly. Thanks so much for the gift. You are a friend indeed.

102. Thank you for putting me through the lesson of today. It was so difficult for me to understand put plenty of patience and tolerance. Only a friend can do so without pay.

103. You are not just my friend but my biggest fan. Thank you for always cheering me on.

104. You do so much that I don’t know how to appreciate you. All I can say is thank you and I hope it conveys exactly how grateful I am to you.

105. Thanks for a blessing to me in particular and to your generation in general. I’m proud of you my friend.

106. You take your responsibilities and work and home seriously and it has rubbed off on me. Thank you, friend. You are the best.

107. Friendship is a ship made up of two or more people and I’m glad to have you on my ship. Thanks for being my friend.

108. Friendships are meaningful because of the people involved. Thank you, my friend, for making our friendship meaningful.

109. Thank you for always coming around to put smiles on my face. You are a friend of life.

110. You are the reason for the person I have turned out to be. I wouldn’t be successful without you. Thank you, dear friend, dear friend, for your continuous support. You are the best.

111. You know everything about me including my weakness yet you protect me with every drop of blood in you. I couldn’t have asked for a better darling friend. Thank you.

112. Your presence in my life is a proof that God never forsakes his own. You are God sent. Thank you for all you do my friend.

113. For not forsaking me in times of trouble, God will not forsake you in your time of need. I appreciate you.

114. All that you do and continue to do. I’m thankful dear friend. Keep being you.

115. It will be a crime against you and our friendship not to say thank you to you every day for all you do for me.

116. I’m grateful that I have a friend like you and that is all that I need because you are more than enough.

117. You are the most pleasurable, treasurable, immeasurable, invaluable, person to be alive and I’m blessed to have you as my friend. Thanks for being my best friend.

118. You are the blessing of God personified and given to me in one piece. Thanks for being a blessing. Thanks for being my best friend.

119. You touched my soul with your act of kindness. Thanks.

120. How do you manage to spoil me silly always? I know you always get out of your way to do so and I’m grateful. That’s sweet of you my dear. Thank you.

121. Thanks for the gold-plated wristwatch to match my dress. It is gorgeous.

122. Your thoughtfulness and kindness are always two steps ahead of me. Thanks for the trashcan for my office.

123. Thanks so much for the pink shoes, your name will be on my mind anytime I see it. Then I will wear it and show off. You are a sweet friend.

124. I’m reminded always of your big and generous heart considering how you treat me. Thanks for being so generous.

125. When I opened the parcel, I couldn’t contain the excitement when I saw your name on it. Coming from you, I knew it will be a great gift just like you are a great friend. Thank you.

126. How can I ever repay you my friend for all your kindness to me?

127. Thank you for taking me to and paying for my makeover. I looked fabulous at the event. You made me feel special.

128. Thanks for picking the bills of my shopping ever before I got to the cashier. You sure know how to spoil a friend.

129. Thank you for the perfect gift of a laptop on my birthday. I really needed one. How did know that?

130. It was so sweet of you to have sent me the shoe rack. It was a much-needed item in my room. Bless your generous heart.

131. Thank you for taking care of my children while I was in the hospital. What would I do without you? Bless your sweetheart, my friend.

132. Thanks for the encouragement always. Your kindheartedness is a gift I enjoy every time. You remain a friend indeed.

133. Thanks so much for being there for me even when I couldn’t be there for myself.

134. Thank you for making our friendship your priority.

135. Thank you for making sure that our friendship becomes a lifetime relationship between our families.

136. You make our friendship your responsibility. Thank you.

137. You have seen me at my best and seen me my at my worse yet it has not changed your commitment to our friendship. Thank you so much.

138. Thank you for yesterday. You believed in me when nobody else did.

139. You know how to turn a bad food day into a house party. Yesterday was one hell of a bad food day in my house and you showed up and changed everything. Thanks, sweet friend.

140. Thanks for not being only my friend but my children’s best friend.

141. I have only one friend in you and I’m glad to have you as my only friend. Thanks for being more than a friend. You are more than enough.

142. The more thank you I say to you, the more wonderful you get. Thanks for responding to the thank you for so much positively. Thanks again.

143. Thank you is the word, grateful is the feeling, friendship is the reason and you are the one.

144. Since you became my friend, my life has become a “happily ever after”. Thanks for bringing happiness into my life.

145. It is a relief that you can accommodate my children and they don’t complain. You are not only my friend, you also made yourself their friend now they have another” mummy in you”. Thank you, darling.

146. You are always on standby whenever I need relief. Only a true friend can do that. Thank you for being that one true friend.

147. The seeds of kindness and love you showed in our friends have made it to blossom to the envy of onlookers. Thank you for making this friendship enviable.

148. If I were to pay for our friendship, I would be bankrupt and live in debt, but thank God that is not the case. Know that you are precious and our friendship is priceless.

149. The beauty of friendship is determined by the people involved. Our friendship is beautiful because of, you, you have a beautiful soul. Thanks, dear.

150. I put on the dress you gave me and I have been receiving compliments all day. Thank you for making me feel so good.

151. Thank you for not only holding close to you when we meet but for holding me close to your heart wherever you go.

152. For the opportunity to be called your friend. I say thank you.

153. I appreciate the fact that you care about me.

154. Thank you for dedicating these 10 years of our friendship to me. I love dear friend. You are the best.

155. For the love and care you have shown me, I just want to say thank you. You are invaluable to me.

156. You have shown me that friends are made by heart. Thanks for being there.

157. Thank you for my friend and confidant.

158. You have shown me the power of positivity and I say thank you.

159. Thank you for all your sacrifices to keep this relationship.

160. Thank you for your encouragement even in these hard times.

161. I can’t wait to show off your gift. It is even more gorgeous than I thought. Thank you.

162. Your thoughtfulness is as golden as your heart and you have made this friendship even more golden. Thank you.

163. You always pay me compliments whenever I do any little thing right no matter how insignificant. Thanks for building my confidence.

164. I always feel the warmth of your embrace whenever I think of you. That is to show that you embrace me in your heart wherever you go. Thank you for your friendship.

165. I found you and because you are the right person, our friendship which is the right relationship for me was created. Thank you for contributing to my life.

166. To appreciate you, I will always celebrate our friendship. This is to celebrate you and our friendship. Thank you, my best friend forever.

167. I just want to let you know that are invaluable to me and our friendship. There would be no friendship without you. Thanks.

168. I have so much to thank God for our friendship that I cannot count it all. You are simply wonderful. Thank you for being you.

169. You are simply adorable my darling friend. For the lives you touch every day including mine, may God reward you.

170. I reserve a special place in my heart because you are special and appreciated.

171. Just when I wanted to throw in the towel, you came along and prevented me. Look where I am now. Thank you so much. Your kind is rare. You are my best friend forever.

172. Only one person can be my BFF and you my dear are my best friend forever. I appreciate you.

173. When I’m tired and stressed out,

174. We celebrate people on special occasions but people who are more than special ought to be celebrated every day so I’m taking this time to celebrate you-the very special friend in my life. Thank you for being so special.

175. There and friends and there are friends but you my dear are a super friend.

176. You may not be around me for now but I know you are present in my life but I always count on you and you don’t disappoint. You deserve some appreciation. Thank you for accepting my friendship.

177. We are not just friends but family related by heart and not by blood. I see your family as mine and vice versa and I have you to be thankful for that.

178. To the friend of my dreams- you are my sister, my prayer warrior/ partner, my gossip mate, my adviser, my problem fixer and my cheerleader. Thanks to you and cheers to friendship forever.

179. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for believing in our friendship. I believe so much in you too.

180. Our friendship has become a yardstick for measuring successful friendships and relationships and I have you to thank for that. Thank you dearest friend.

181. Friendships are mutual and can involve plenty of sacrifices which you sacrifice on a regular basis for my sake but I don’t sacrifice even half of what you sacrifice but I’m grateful dear. God bless you.

182. You were wrongly accused and convicted falsely because of your relationship with me, yet you never stopped believing in me and our friendship. I could say thank you in a million ways.

183. My belief in friendship is not in vain because I am friends with you. Thanks for strengthening my belief in friendship.

184. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences with you without being judged. Only a friend like you can be so nice and I’m blessed to have you.

185. Thank you for making successful and making people who never wanted me because they thought that I will turn out a failure to seek to come back to my life.

186. All the thanks in my heart, brought to you by your one and only best friend: a grateful friend.

187. I have many reasons to be thankful and you my friend are one of them. Even when I don’t see why I should be thankful, you come around and amplify other reasons I have to be. Thanks for being my reason to be thankful.

188. I have many friends but you my friend surpass them all. That is why I call you my best friend. Thank you, my best friend. I love you.

189. For every reason I have to complain, you show me ten other reasons to be thankful. Now my tank is full.

190. Thanks to my dear for always taking care of my family just like you take care of yours.

191. Having you for some company and laughter is all the help I need and I always get.

192. I like to be your friend because I know that you like to be my friend and you love. So, I love you back in appreciation. Thank you for friendship.

193. We are created unique and only people who understand that and appreciate our uniqueness would choose to be friends with us by accepting us as we are. Thank you for celebrating me, I celebrate you too.

194. You are always thinking of me that is why you include me in your plans every time. Thank you for ordering lunch for me. I really enjoyed it.

195. I have been trying to make a mental note of people to be thankful for and you make 90% of the note. Then I remember you are the only friend I have and you are also my best. Thank you, dear.

196. I go through difficult times and you are there with me through it all. I think of how to pay you and all I have to do that is “thank you”.

197. You, my dear, did not only choose to be my friend, but you celebrate my uniqueness in countless ways. This message is just to say thank you for all the care and love you show me.

198. It touches my heart that with all you go through, you still find a way to make others happy. Thank God bless your heart.

199. Anytime I show appreciation, I feel satisfied because I’m doing the right thing and you deserve to be appreciated.

200. Grateful is all I feel anytime I think of you and all you let God use you to do in my life and I say thank you, dear friend. Cheers to everlasting friendship.

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