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2024 Friendship Greetings Messages for Special Friends

Friendship is sweet; It is the soul of human relations. It defines and makes us.

You might want to share a few texts with that special friend; this should surely do that for you.

Best Friendship Greetings Messages for Him or Her

Friendship is when you love someone with every ounce of your being and genuinely want them to be happy even if it means sacrificing all you have. Make use of these sweet friendship greeting messages for your friends and keep the bond of your friendship tight.

1. Your friends define who you are. You move with people you share emotions and values with. Thanks for being my friend. You are the best.

2. Always, you are and will be my one and only friend. Thanks for staying with me despite my flaws. You are my best friend.

3. Things might never be as they are right now if you had not come into my life and stay with me as a friend. I appreciate you so much.

4. I am not a complete person without you, you made me see life in a better view. Thanks for being my friend.

5. Many things cannot be compared with the love between friends. You make me see the beauty of life and nature. Sweet Friendship Messages to a Friend

6. There is nothing as sweet and fun as having that someone you can poke and pinch. Thanks for being that one person for me.

7. A good listener, a silent motivator, an ardent encourager, a thorough teacher all these are what makes up a good friend.

8. You are that kind of person that will be with me and I would not even remember that I have to eat.

9. Sometimes, I do not see you as a friend, I see you as my teacher, mother and adviser. Thanks for being there for me always.

10. True friends are hard to come by. Like stars and diamonds, they are so special. And that is what you are.

11. You came to me and brought me much joy and laughter. You are the best friend anyone can ever have.

12. You understand me more than anyone, are you sure we are not sisters and not just friends?

13. You have known me, my joys and all. I cannot bear to have you leave.

14. You are more than a friend; you are a sister from another mother. Thanks for accepting me.

15. You have taught me a great deal of life lessons that I no longer see you as a friend but as a teacher.

16. A special friend is a resting place where you can rest your mind after talking out your worries. You are one of those.

17. Can you see the butterfly outside? My heart is as lively as the bright colour of its wings because I have you as my friend.

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18. I don’t know what I did to deserve you as my friend and confidant, but then you are in my life already.

19. You make friendship sweet and new with each day. let’s be together forever.

20. I guess you don’t know but let me tell you right now that you are more than a friend to me. You are my second half.

21. I see you and I cannot but help seeing myself. You are my one true friend.

22. I will choose just one special friend than hundreds of ordinary friends. That special one is you.

23. Memories of our outings and night outs together come to my mind and I cannot but laugh out loud. How do you manage to make me silly despite myself a time?

24. You are that one friend that one would love to have as you make things less complicated than they seem. I will always cherish our friendship.

25. Most times I see you and cannot help but imagine how possible it is to have a funny yet very wise friend as you. Come rain or sunshine you will always be the one true friend I have.

26. We grew as friends stayed as one and evolved into sisters. You are the one that makes friendship sweeter than honey.

27. Friends like you would make one trust whatever life may toss at him. You should have just come as a brother.

28. Every day is new but you make it interesting with your ways and manners. You are the sweetest friend anyone can ever have.

29. I have many flaws but you skip them all. Just how you manage to do that I can’t say. You are a friend indeed.

30. Words sometimes are not enough to describe a true friend. You are just one of a kind I hope you know that.

31. Life would be completely meaningless and colourless without friends. You came and made everything beautiful to me. Thanks for being my friend.

32. A friend is like a shelter, you can run to when the world is troubled.

33. Let me use this opportunity to remind you that we are friends now and forever. You dare not end this friendship.

34. I miss not having you around to do things for me. When are you coming home? I miss you my sweet fish.

35. I miss your hugs and the troubles we cause together. Hope you are doing fine? Cute Message to My Best Friend

36. Only you understand me. You are the one who raises my mood. You are my sweet friend now and forever.

37. My gist and gossip partner, my sweet sister, my priceless friend that’s who you are to me.

38. I always thank God for giving you to me as your friendship is a gift I would never want to take for granted.

39. My bestie, let’s just spend the rest of our life together. Nothing should come between us. You are my best friends.

40. You are the best of all friends; you are my brother now and ever.

41. You’ve stood by me despite all and I would forever be grateful for our friendship.

42. Some mysteries are best left unravelled; our friendship is one of them.

43. You stay close and hold strong even when I had my shortcomings. You are the best human I have ever met.

44. Friends we are. Forever together we will be. Thanks for being my friend.

45. True friends are rare and dear when I got you I made a promise to hold onto you tight.

46. I have a friend, the one who knows me. That friend is you, and I am blessed to have you.

47. Meeting you was a divine opportunity. Knowing you is a gift. You will always be my one true friend.

48. Your counsel is what I can never trade for all the money on earth. You are a special friend.

49. Undoubtedly, you are the better version of me. I cannot bear to lose this friendship.

50. Friends are brothers, and you have proved that beyond doubts to me. You are my main man.

51. I would have said we should live forever together but of course we can stay together as brothers for life.

52. Our friendship is more than being just friends. We are the same sides of a circle.

53. You stood by me like no one else would. Friends like you are rare and dear.

54. I have a feeling we are not just friends, we are life partners. Thanks for the being the best version of you.

55. Most times when life knocks me down you have always given me the reason to rise again. You are my best friend.

56. I have you as a friend and that is worth more than the gems of this world.

57. My strength in times of trouble that is what you are to me. You are a good friend.

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58. Our friendship will definitely last for ages, you can be sure of that because you are more than a friend to me.

59. I have just a friend who knows and understands me more than anyone and that is you. Thanks for understanding me.

60. A friend’s love is so wide and deep that it provides warmth in troubled times.

61. A friend who is closer than a sibling is worth keeping more than anything. I promise to hold to you forever.

62. Each of our hours together is what I will never trade for anything. A good friend that is what you are.

63. Most of my times are worthwhile as I spend them with you, my good friend.

64. You are not just a friend you are the one I can share deep secrets with. Thank you, my sweet friend.

65. Can we always be together? I know this is a selfish question but I value this friendship that I do not want it to end.

66. In this life and the one after, I will choose you as my friend all over.

67. You are my one true friend; you saved me when I was troubled.

68. I will forever be grateful to the heavens for giving you to me as a friend.

69. Just a day you’ve been from here and I can’t help but miss you, who will help with my cooking?

70. You are a friend I hold dear, I know I don’t have to say it you already know.

71. When are we going out again? I miss us having fun and laughing out heavily.

72. Some friends are in your life for just a while; you have stayed with me for years. You are my best friend.

73. I miss you not being here. You are a sister; more than a friend.

74. The other day, I couldn’t help but count how blessed I am to have you as a friend and gist partner.

75. You understand my mood more than anyone else. What more can I ask for in a friend? Thank you, Bennie, for being my friend.

76. We have stuck together despite the ups and all. Nothing can move our friendship now, or ever.

77. Do you know I miss you now that you are not here? Well, I do my cuppy cake.

78. You have made friendship sweet and beautiful. You make me smile always and that I will never take for granted.

79. Bright and sweet is our friendship. You are a brother from another mother.

80. The wisdom with which you handle matters is what I would always admire. You are just one genius, my friend.

81. We will forever be friends and sisters. We are birds of a feather.

82. We share a bond that nothing can come between. We are one sweet sister.

83. Can you see that we have more than just friendship in common? We are more than just friends.

84. Friendship is sweet with you. Friendship is what keeps and will always keep us together.

85. People have been asking if we’re from same parents and I told them yes. Well, we are aren’t we?

86. My strength when I was week that is who you are. Thanks for staying closer my forever friend.

87. I know you want me to say how much you mean to me and I will, you are not just a friend, you are my closest buddy.

88. If there is a wish I want granted, it is that we come back to this life as brothers and not just friends.

89. Many friends have come and gone but you have stuck with me through it all. You are my best gem.

90. The knowledge of what we are is more than enough to keep me happy forever.

91. I appreciate the way you look me in the eye to correct me without mincing words. Yes, you are a true friend.

92. You are the one I love most in this whole world, as you have proved yourself to be a friend that is more than enough.

93. Thanks for being responsible for my smiles and laughter. You are my one true friend.

94. I know I can be crazily naughty but of the truth, you are the naughtiest of all, my friend.

95. Friends are cool and trendy, but you are the best of them all.

96. You have always known me more than I do myself. So, let’s just stick to being friends together forever.

97. May you experience more joy even than you have brought to my life. You a true friend.

98. One true friend is mightier than a thousand of well-wishers and you are that one.

99. Thanks for taking my loneliness away, you have made a better person.

100. You are the most valuable of the treasures of my life. Our friendship is worth more than gold.


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