Best Short Prayers for Friends

100+ Best Short Prayers for Friends in 2023

Wolves hunt in packs, and if one Dares to wander alone, death is inevitable, sorry to sound morose and if one is wounded or dead the pack is short of one, this tells us that there is strength in togetherness.

And this is what friendship is all about, friendship is an abode in which friends are sheltered and in other to keep it from getting chartered, prayer is the armour to keep it in good shape. When a friend is disturbed you’re disturbed too, bringing disconnection between you and your friends.

Below are 100+ short prayers for friends. They are the keys to the door of happiness in friendship.

Powerful Prayers for Your Best of Friends

Amazing prayers for your precious friend.

1. I pray that more than any other person in life you’ll be favored, Merry Christmas to you, great friend.

2. I pray for you my beloved friend that as we celebrate Jesus at Christmas the blessing of Christ is yours.

3. You’re making it to the end of this year by God’s grace, I pray that may his grace be with you all the days of your life merry Christmas in advance.

4. You are distinct among friends , the thought of you flies across my mind every second; may every good thing come your way this season.

5. Loving the lord is your utmost priority, I pray the lord
shows more of himself to you daily.

6. I love you so much my friend, I pray God will be your refuge all the days of your life.

7. God is light, I pray he causes his face to shine on you, even as you go out today, have a happy day my trusted friend.

8. May God restore your health and even with a sound mind; I miss you, awesome friend.

9. What a fantastic friend you are, you showed me the essence of life may God visit you with abundant blessing.

10. Our friendship is endorsed by God, my prayer is that he meets all your heart desires because you’re more than a friend.

11. Dear friend, I pray that as the sun rises this morning, you will rise and shine in God’s infinite mercy throughout this day and every day of your life.

12. God said I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy I pray that you will be chosen to be shown mercy in Jesus name.

13. Good morning friend, I pray that the Lord will order your steps even as you set out today.

14. As the word of God comes to you today, I pray it grows on your
Inside in Jesus name.Happy Sunday friend.

15. Physically, academically, spiritually, in all the areas of your life God is totally involved, success is yours, my good friend.

16. As you are getting set to go out to the world this morning, your health is restored. Get well soon friend.

17. Your blessing is from God not as humans give and want another in return I pray the blessing of God radiates over your life. Good morning friend.

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18. You will be called Emmanuel today because God will be with you in your endeavors have a wonderful day.

19. Thanks be to God the father of light and life who has given light to guide us through this troubled earth, I pray all glory be to his name in Jesus name.

20. The plans of God for you are of good and not of evil to give you are expected and may he guide you through your plans for today. Have a blessed day friend.

21. Good morning dear friend, today, instead of shame you will be given double honor and
ashes you will be glorified. Have a pleasant day.

22. All thanks to God for bringing us together as friends and for preserving our friendship, all praise be to God.

23. O Lord my dear friend’s life is in your safe hands I ask that you keep and guide her through the remains of this year.

24. O Lord because you are the doctor from above I want you to lay your healing hand on my sick friend and heal him perfectly.

25. I pray for my friend and brother in the Lord that as we grow in the wisdom and understanding of God, may we not turn away in Jesus name.

26. Help our heart o Lord to keep it from wandering thoughts that we may not forsake the fellowship of the brethren and also to help our friendship grow in Christ.

27. Dear Lord, I praise your holy name over my dear friend whose face will not cease gazing at you, to you be all the glory. Amen.

28. Father, thank you for the Christ believing friend you have provided me to keep loving you forever. Amen.

29. Heavenly father I ask for a special blessing for this special friend even on this day, surprise her with a heavenly blessing.

30. Dear Lord our father even as you have made us a social being, and we have built a special relationship with ourselves, help my friend to build a special relationship with you. Amen.

31. Hi dear friend, don’t be weary, all your prayers have been answered help is on the way.

32. My friend I thank God for helping and protecting you through hard times and for keeping your spirit body and soul together.

33. You have being a great and wonderful friend and I pray that the goods you have done will always follow you. Amen.

34. I pray for you that over your family and your friends including me, the grace of God speaks for us. Amen.

35. Even as I trust that God has taken over all the pains in your body. I pray he also heals your soul.

36. Through the weariness of life that sweeps people away from the Lord, I pray for you my friend that
the Lord will keep you to himself. Amen.

37. Father Lord, I thank you for the gift of love also for the love you showed us through friendship.

38. It’s written in the good book that prayers of the righteous shall not be cut off, I pray as you grow in Christ all your expectations will come to a reality. Good morning friend.

39. Dear Lord, I thank you for your protection over my friend since the beginning of the year and for
your great support.

40. Lord whose full hand supplies the need of every living thing, should provide abundantly for my friend all good things needed for a happy living.

41. The glorification of lilies is no doubt more than Solomon’s glory
Glorify my awesome friend that your name may be glorified. Amen.

42. Strengthen my friend in his weakness like that of the eagle renew his spirit and give him the sight of the eagle.

43. Almighty God whom through Jesus Christ gives us eternal blessing and joy, grant to my friend unspeakable joy,
All-round blessing and gracious favor.

44. You gave Jesus victory in death, give my friend more grace to live and declare your glory.

45. Lord use your mighty hand to turn negative to positive, sadness to joy failure to success and many other things that need turning in my friend’s life.

46. Where there seems to be no way, you made a way for the Israelites where there is no way, when expectation runs dry you are always count on you o Lord we thank you.

47. Has it remains a mystery for human to comprehend the way water gets into coconut, Lord the people not unravel the mystery behind my friend’s happiness. Amen.

48. Has the stars of the sky is countless, so may my friend’s blessings be. Amen.

49. Increase my friend and let his manifestation be essential like waters. Amen.

50. Ye that made diamond to glow in the darkness, brighten my friend’s glory and let him shine the more in deep light.

51. Lord be my friend’s source of joy always.

52. Let my friend enjoy the good sides of this world in healthy and wealthy living.

53. All your crooked ways be straightened by your God’s mighty hands. Amen.

54. Garnish my friend’s life with the scent and flavors of your glory in a gigantic and mesmerizing manner. Amen.

55. Let my friend know the fullest of your power through jaw-dropping miracles in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

56. Teach my friend how to love and be loved o Lord. Amen

57. Teach my friend faithfulness in duty and loyalty in friendship. Amen.

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58. Grant my friend’s heart desires in all ramifications.

59. Teach him how to be remorseful and penitent when he has wrong people around and teach him to forgive and forget when wronged by people. Amen.

60. Blessed are the meek says the Lord, for theirs is the kingdom of earth, the spirit of humility should never depart from my friend.

61. Do not let my friend be tossed by the wind of fear and doubt nor do let him be overwhelmed by the turbulence of sickness and death. Amen

62. I shall not lose my friend at the prime of life in Jesus name Amen.

63. Give my friend a golden heart and a bright sight. Amen.

64. Father help my friend not to fall from the high mountain he stands even in the place of work.

65. The sea of life is turbulent, therefore, Lord don’t let him disappear with the sea of life.

66. Shine your light on his glory, destiny, family and personal life.

67. Teach my friend how to lead a holy life.

68. Draw my friend close to you, stick him to his friends and family.

69. Heavenly Father don’t let my friend experience the dark side of love.

70. As it is said in the good book that by his stripes we were healed please Lord I want you to answer to my friend’s body so as for it to be made whole.

71. May your spirit, soul and body experience unspeakable joy couple with happiness and may people know that you have a friend, which is the Lord Jesus Christ.

72. Friendship is a place of abode I pray the Lord becomes your refuge, strength and abode always. Amen.

73. Heartbreaks comes when we don’t know the true love and the true essence of love which is Christ I pray for you my friend that the Lord comes to you with undiluted Love. Amen.

74. I pray as we grow in Christ may we grow to become like Christ, the light of the word.

75. When life is at it’s prime, we intend to rely on our strength but our strength should only be Christ, o Lord help me and my friends to rely only on Christ for the reality of life.

76. O Lord help my friend to see Christ as the hope of glory.

77. I thank you Lord for allowing my friend to know you as light, please lighten my friends
path even as the day breaks with light.

78. Even as you grow in your body, may the Lord grant you growth in the spirit. Happy birthday my good Friend.

79. Lord, bless my friend with strength to overcome all the lies of the devil. Amen.

80. Christ Jesus, guide all the steps of my friend against evil works so that good work can be wrath in them. Amen.

81. Heavenly father, provide for the needs of my friend so he could know that you are
the God of provision.

82. Father Lord, bless the handiwork of my friend.

83. Lord, the labor of my friend shall be fruitful.

84. Length of life shall be yours even on this special day, happy birthday my friend.

85. The blood of Jesus shed on the cross of calvary shall set you free my friend.

86. Father Lord, my friend’s blessings shall be uncountable like the sand of the sea.

87. O Lord our wisdom is foolishness in your sight, please have mercy on my friend and turn our foolishness into wisdom through the light of your word.

88. Father lord as you saved the people of Israel from Egypt please save my friend from every oppression of the devil even as we come into you.

89. In this end of time, people tend to turn away from you[lord] help me and my friend to wax strong in your strength alone.

90. Heavenly father even as people make themselves graven images help my friends and I to put our trust in you our refuge and strength.

91. Please lord as my friends seek your face day in day out grant us understanding
and grace to Keep these words in our hearts.

92. Our God and father help our heart to adhere to the chastening by the word of truth.

93. Father lord help my friend to pay close attention to leadings of your word as the day breaks, let my friend find the true essence of life in the light of your word.

94. Father of light please help my friend to turn a new leaf even as she turns a new age happy birthday my comely friend.

95. Good morning my dear friend, let’s bless God for his mercies and his provision over our lives may his blessings radiate over our life. Amen.

96. May the grace of the lord the sufficient for you my friend all the days of your life. Amen

97. Lord, I thank you for coming to die for me and my friends, and also for your immeasurable love.

98. Almighty God who is the author and finisher of our faith please help my friend and her family out of the state of penury and make their land as fertile as Canaan land.

99. I give all the glory to you Lord for giving to my friend good health,
welcome back to life my friend.

100. O Lord, I thank you for your protection over my friend and for guiding him through
the dangers of the air welcome to Nigeria friend.

101. Waking up this morning is a great gift from and I pray he also gives you the grace to live it in obedience. Good morning my dear.

102. Good morning, I pray as you step out today God in his infinite mercies will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. AMEN.

103. As you gain entrance to the word of the father this season I pray he also grant wisdom and understanding to comprehend his words.AMEN.

104. The birds of the airs and the beast of the earth do not strife to eat because our heavenly father feeds them, the lord will answer to all of our needs today. Good morning friends.

105. It is time to be tested of what you being taught I pray may you find favor in God’s sight. SUCCESS IS YOURS.


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