2023 Samples of Good Morning Prayer for a Friend

The most lovely thing you can do early in the morning is to send your loved ones prayer filled messages. So why don’t you send him or her these messages, prayer solves issues, pick of all these and bless their lives.

Best Good Morning Prayer Messages for a Special Friend

The best of good morning prayers for a friend you cherish. If you have a friend you care so much about, one thing you can do for him/her to have the best of the day is to send these good morning prayers for a friend.

1. As you step out today, may peace and joy accompany you, may honour follow you wherever you go. I decree an abundance of God’s mercy, grace, favour, and goodness upon all you will do. This is my good morning prayer for you as a great friend that you are. Blessed day ahead, dear.

2. May the Lord bless your going in and your coming out, you are graced for the new day.

3. May the Lord bless you with good health and great success, even as you move this day.

4. My prayer for you this morning, is that you will receive favour from all men.

5. May every word you speak today be seasoned with grace. May the Lord bless your going in and your coming out.

6. You shall not lack any good things as from today, the Lord will prosper all that concerns you.

7. Good morning dear, my prayer for you as you go out, is for you to have favour in the sight of men.

8. I declare that today will be one of the best moments of your life.

9. Be of good cheer, the Lord has overcome for you. Go and prosper today.

10. Everything you want will be at your reach. He will bless all that you do.

11. As you set your feet out today, let everything be in your favour.

12. I pray for you that, favour will be your best friend, your life will be decorated with lovely achievement.

13. Today, as you move out today, may the lord surprise you with all that you desire. Have a pleasant day.

14. I pray for you this day that your helpers will find you. You will never lack people when you need them.

15. Darling, I pray for you this morning, that you have a blessed day and fruitful service.

16. As you open your eyes today, believe that you will never have a better yesterday. Every new day will be brighter.

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17. Mercy and favour will locate you when you need it, that you dwell in abundance of joy today.

18. As you go out, remember that you shall be like a tree planted by the water-bearing fruits. The Lord bless you, dear.

19. As you step out this morning, I pray that all that you need this morning is granted to you. The Lord bless your going out and your coming in.

20. Dear, good morning. Today, I pray that whatever is difficult will become easy as you lay your hands on them.

21. In this new day of this new month, nothing by any means will hurt you. Good morning dear, have a lovely day.

22. I pray that all the bad things that have happened to you will be wiped away, good morning and have a splendid day.

23. The Lord will bless each of your needs, he will make provision for everything. Be cool and calm cos it’s a new day.

24. I pray that you possess your possession, even as you go about doing today’s business.

25. As you open your eyes, I pray that your sight is opened to the goodness that this day has to offer and that your eyes are closed to every bad thing moving around.

26. Each day comes with its need, I pray that all your needs are met. This day marks the beginning of having all that you need.

27. Be still and know that God is ready to help you, he won’t leave you to suffer wants.

28. You are all I ever wanted, and my prayer for you is that you be blessed with all that you want. Good morning dear.

29. You’ve shown me love dear, I pray for you today that many will love you and all will favour you.

30. You are not meant to be the tail, I pray for you that throughout today people will call you and treat you as the head.

31. Hello, good morning. I pray for you today that you will be the most favoured of the lord, people will call you favour.

32. In all that you do today, remember that God is ready to help you. Desire to be helped today.

33. Have the best of this day because the lords got your back. You are loyal and will be treated as one.

34. Look around and realize that you are not to struggle, that which is needed will be granted.

35. Every evil around you shall not have power over you because you are a conqueror.

36. Whatsoever you desire will prosper and you will achieve that which seems impossible.

37. I pray that as from this moment, everything you lay your hands upon will prosper and you shall have good success.

38. My prayer as you rise up from the bed is that you will live your life in good health.

39. Today is a set day for your recognition. Go out and stand as a known man.

40. This is the day, that the Lord has made for your upliftment, joy and happiness.

41. Your waking up was yesterdays desire, may all your desire today comes to fulfilment.

42. As your night went smoothly, also will your day go. I pray that all that you want is given you.

43. I pray you have a long life full of every good thing that you want in life.

44. As you start today’s work, believe it will be fruitful and the Lord will crown your effort.

45. I pray for you dear, that favour speaks for you all over the world.

46. As you start today’s work, the will of the lord is done and you will succeed and be of great joy.

47. When you wake up, I pray that the Lord will grant you all the sweetness and happiness you need.

48. You are loved beyond measure, the Lord will shower you with all joy and honour.

49. Loving you has brought peace to my heart and I pray for you that you will never lack peace of mind but will always dispense it.

50. I pray for you as you wake up from sleep, you will matter in and to the world.

51. I love you from the bottom of my heart; therefore I decree that all that concerns is perfect and godly.

52. Today, I pray that the Lord will see you as you seek him. I pray that godly people are available to help you.

53. I declare peace in your house even as the breeze is gentle; I pray that there is a calmness in the storm. You are helped from above.

54. Do not be afraid, because Christ has won the victory. I decree that you are victorious in Jesus name.

55. As time moves without delay, so will you succeed in life without obstacles.

56. The power of God is present there, open your heart to receive because he’s ready to bless you.

57. How God blesses man is miraculous, I pray that today is your chance, it’s your time to receive.

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58. The rain that falls will be a shower of blessings for you, be expectant today.

59. The Lord knows every man’s need. I pray that you will receive different surprises today.

60. Beyond your desires and dreams, the Lord will bless you.

61. My simple prayer for you today is that you will be blessed and the lord will take care of you.

62. In all your longings in this world, I pray that the Lord will satisfy each at a perfect time.

63. I pray to God for you that you will never lack wisdom for every step you take or will take. You are wise to make decisions

64. I pray to the lord today, that the Lord will remember you for good and answers comes to your prayers. You’re graced.

65. For God is faithful, he won’t allow you to suffer, he’s ready to make you great and this is what will happen today.

66. My God shall bless you exceedingly and abundantly, that you may be able to proclaim the goodness of God.

67. As you wake up from sleep, I pray that you are healed from your head to your toes. Healing is yours.

68. As you venture into a new day, which no one has seen. I pray that the Lord will do the miraculous for you.

69. One thing, I’m sure of as you go out today is that you are blessed beyond measures and you also you will be called blessed of the lord.

70. As you go out today, you are clothed with favour. I trust that the lord is set to set you on high.

71. As you journey through this day, you are protected from all evil and the Lord shall bless your works.

72.Hello, happy morning to you. I pray that your living won’t be difficult, you will have all things in abundance.

73. Your morning will be good, your afternoon will be blessed, your night will be great. Your whole life will be filled with all goodness.

74. God will grant you the protection and blessings as you move out today. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.

75. You shall be the head and not the tail, the Lord will bless you beyond measures. Good morning pal.

76. The blessings of the Lord will cover you, your enemies will be overtaken. Graced you are.

77. From today henceforth, everyone will call you blessed and great. For no reason will you be disgraced in your life?

78. I pray that God will fight all your battle for you. He will protect and take care of your needs. God bless you, dear.

79. My prayer for you this Monday morning is that you will not disappointed in your life. The Lord prospers you.

80. Your greatness is sure and guaranteed. Arise and shine for your light has come.

81. Good morning darling, the Lord will protect your going and your coming. Believe me, your success is guaranteed.

82. Good day darling, I pray that the Lord will bless you mightily. Happiness will be your portion for life.

83. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, the Lord shall supply all your needs.

84. Today is a new day, may you live in the goodness of God and may you never stubborn.

85. I pray for you that all that you do today won’t lead you to failure, you won’t ever fail in the things you do.

86. I pray for you this day, that the Lord will provide your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

87. My prayer for you this morning, is that happiness will continue to abide with you and that peace will not cease in your life.

88. I decree into your life, that peace is yours and the Lord will give you all that you want.

89. Wake up wake up dear, step out graciously because you are graced and rich. The Lord bless you.

90. Because you are a child of God, everything begins to work in your favour. No evil will befall you in the line of your business.

91. As long as you will live, your life will be a testimony for the earth, men will call you blessed and you shall prosper in all that you do.

92. Every word that comes out of your is graced and season, therefore your day will be fruitful by the words of your mouth.

93. Everything you lay your hands upon today shall prosper. You are a blessing; all that concerns you is blessed.

94. Good morning dear, as you wake to the light of the sun so will the earth await your coming out. You are a blessing to the world and that you will ever be.

95. May you shine brightly as the new day; no obstacles on your way shall stop you.

96. As the months have been promising, this day will be filled with all surprises and desires.

97. You are the son of the most high, there in decree royal riches to your life. The lord will father you all your life.

98. Opportunity surrounds you, you are blessed in all that you. Enjoy your day with the feeling of greatness.

99. The glory of the Lord is upon you, may you shine as light in this world. Happy new day.

100. I declare that today will be one of the best moments of your life. Be of good cheer, the Lord has overcome for you.

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