2023 Beautiful Morning Prayers to Use Daily

After waking up in the morning, the first thing many of us do is pray, irrespective of our religion or the God we’re serving.

We pray for blessings, safety, promotion, mercy, success and all kinds of things that we need, for our physical stability, also for our spiritual support.

Many times, we tend to extend our prayers to families, friends and loved ones, so they can start their day on a positive level.

And that’s where we come in, with our lovely morning prayer messages, you can choose more than one prayer message to send to your loved ones, bless their morning and show them you care.

Best of Morning Prayers to Use Daily

Beautifully written and spiritually inspired morning prayers to use daily for a wonderful day.

1. Waking up on this day, I pray for you, that the merciful hand of God be with you and usher you into a new day full of happiness.

2. It’s a new day, with a fresh start, my prayer for you this morning, may this new day be filled with more than enough blessings for you.

3. I beseech the Lord on your behalf this morning, to be your helper and protector, and go before you as this day progress.

4. May the Lord shine the sun on you this morning, may He bless you and send you help from above.

5. As the sun rises up this early morn, and it’s seen by all and sundry, may your glory be seen from all around the world.

6. May God bless you as you wake up to life this morning, enlighten you, keep your soul and body from evil and give you peace of mind.

7. May the God of creation, in His infinite mercy, look upon you with love and grant all your wishes for this day and beyond.

8. May the windows of heaven open up on your behalf, and rain down favours for you and yours, have a blessed day.

9. As you wake up this early morning, may God approve all of your plan for this new day, and accompany your daily will with favour.

10. I pray that God orders your step today, may you not stumble upon evil, may you not fail in all of your endeavours, and may your journey to and fro, always be safe and sound.

11. As the new day began, may God grant you the wisdom to conquer all the obstacles laid down as an ambush for you. Enjoy your day.

12. My sincere prayer for you this morning, is that each of your steps today, shall be in the right direction and lead to success.

13. On this day, may your praises and supplications be answered by God and may He bless you with much more favours.

14. May the Amazing God bless you with amazing favour, from the coming out of the sun to its setting, may there be all round favours for you, today and always.

15. I speak to the day, as you enter into it fully, may every issue that may arise today, turn around for your good and good alone.

16. I pray God to encircle you in His loving care, continue to protect you from the wiles of the enemy and from the dangers of the day and the evils of the night.

17. At every hour of this day, may the almighty God direct and support you in all things, and may He send you help and make you fruitful at the end of the day.

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18. May God direct your thoughts and feelings, take charge of all your words and actions throughout the affairs of the day and give you a peaceful day.

19. May every of your past shame, guilt and sins be forgiven, and may you receive the Lord’s merciful hands upon your life continuously.

20. May God never get tired of your petitions, may He remembers all your prayers today and answer you with favour from above.

21. May the blessing of God start this day with you, and sits comfortably within your business, till you yield abundance of more of His blessings.

22. I decree that the Lord bless the works of your hands, pave the way where there seems to be no way and favour you always.

23. On this day, may there be easy work to do, may it bring you bountiful harvest in your barn and may you never lack money?

24. I pray that every situation you’ll be faced with today gets divine intervention from above, and make the day successful for you.

25. In a miraculous way, God will make a way for you as this new day break forth, with goodness and mercy bursting out on you all day long.

26. In every of your ups and downs, may the Lord always come through for you, just as the sun came through for the world this morning?

27. The word says “Ask and it will be given to you,” I ask that God be merciful to you in all your ways, and bless you in numerous ways.

28. May God in His strength protect you from every coming through with

29. I pray that God grant you the strength to endure the stress in this new day and may you have every cause to confess God’s goodness before the end of the day.

30. While the world turns around and the sun comes up, may your glory be seen everywhere you turn and may you continue to go up where the world can’t help but will see you.

31. As you breathe in your first air today, may life breathe favour on your path, may the beauty of nature shine goodness on your way, as the new dawn breaks.

32. Dear Lord, I pray for the person reading this message, as you walk in God’s unfailing love, and promises of a new day, may His mercy be a shield for you.

33. As you go about your business today, may you walk in the goodness God, with His gentle hand guiding and keeping away evil from your presence and business?

34. To every soul that going through trials, wakes up with aches and is cast down, may the healing hands of the Lord apply the balm of Gilead to your soul and be your comfort and may you be happy again.

35. This morning, I pray God’s mercy to keep you in His undying love, may He send you help when you’re desperately in need of it, may He keep you safe and still.

36. May the light of the heavens ignite your spirit for a day, may God fill this day with pleasant surprises and help you make your ordinary day extraordinary.

37. On this day, I decree that the floodgates of heaven to rain prosperity over you, your family, friends and may all that is in your care bring you happiness.

38. As God renew this day, may He renew your strength for all the events that may take place during the day and at end of the day, may you record success.

39. In this new day, may you never be ashamed as you step out, may help come for you from all sides, may your heart desires yield success.

40. As the sunshine through the dawn, may God take the wheel of today activities, save you from all evils and may God grant you bountiful sales in your business today.

41. As you step into the light of the day this morning, may God order your steps, guide you through the unknown evils and be merciful unto you.

42. I’m grateful to God who gave you another opportunity to be among the living today, may His wish for you to prosper and be in health comes to pass.

43. As the sun is a source of light to many, may God make you a source of light to the world around you, may you be an instrument to cause happiness for people.

44. Thank God for yet another blissful day, this day, may the Lord secure you and even on days after, may He continually keep you from daily strifes and evils.

45. Today, on this new day, I pray for you, that my God will surely bless you, instead of troubles, may this day bring you blessings, lots of it. Have a sweet day.

46. I pray that each morning, may God listen to your prayers, may each of your requests to Him be answered, may He fill your days with goodness.

47. To you, as you go about your day today, I pray that God in His profound grace, bless you richly and make you a blessing unto others.

48. Dear Lord, to those whom self-doubt, inferiority complex and anxiety fills their mind, save them from themselves this morning and help them to see themselves through your eyes. Amen.

49. May God’s love mends your heart from yesterday’s harm, may He redeem to you every loss of yesterday today and may He give peace to your soul, this I pray.

50. This morning, may God continue to add growth to your life, from the inside out, may you be anointed to succeed in all that you’ll be doing today.

51. The Lord has kept you from the evils of the night and He’s brought you to the beginning of a new day, may your mind be renewed to have a purposeful day.

52. I pray the precious Lord to take your hand today, lead you through this new day and strengthen you against every temptation of the day.

53. Today, my prayer for you is that God beautifies your day, reduce the stress in this day, and increase your finances abundantly.

54. May God increase your faith, to go through this new day, remove all anxiety and stress from your mind, and give you peace that surpasses all understanding.

55. Today, I come before the Lord, on your behalf, to please, cover you with His presence, take away stress from your mind and give rest to your mind.

56. I thank God for you as you see this dawn, and I lift my voice in prayer, that He places a fence of protection around you, your properties, your job, and all that’s yours.

57. Today, I present you before God and I ask that He guide you in all your ways, protect you from your own thoughts and save you from your careless actions.

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58. May the light of God shine over you, lead you to the right path, may each of your actions today, be according to the will of God. Amen.

59. As you step into the new day, may God clothe you in His love, so that everyone you connect with feel the love of God radiating from you today.

60. Today, I pray God help you to appreciate every waking moment and grant you support on every single activity you lay your hands on today.

61. As the sun rises on this new day, may your hope rise up in God, may He satisfy your hunger with fatness.

62. May God make this day of yours full of promise, because of His mercies bring every day promises to fulfilment for you.

63. May God exceeds the answer to your prayers this early morning, may He send you favour that would help you in your time of need.

64. This early morning, before the struggles of the day, may God fill your soul with His great joy, and fill your day with peaceful minutes.

65. I pray that God will be your shield and your exceedingly great reward, may He reward your business with generous funds and may you end this day full of happiness.

66. As you begin your day by putting your trusts in God, may He surprise with favours, for He knows what You need that you yourself, enjoy your day?

67. I rebuke every plan of the enemy over you and your household today, I rebuke sickness, dryness and lack of finances and I pray that God would turn everything for your good.

68. May God walk with you through every step you’ll be taking today, may every storm on your way be peaceful when you step in, may your day be filled with rainbows.

69. May God on this new dawn reveal every barrier on your way today, may He lift you above all obstacles and take you high above struggles.

70. May the Lord remember you for good today, may favour shield you and may mercy found you worthy to live with.

71. Today, I ask that God will complete good works He has started in your life and may He answer your prayers according to His perfect will.

72. May the grace and mercy from above take your feet from that sinking situations and place you on a solid foundation of blessings and prosperity.

73. Today, I’m grateful to have been able to see another blessed day and I’m grateful for you also, may this day bring you favour and grace.

74. May God give meaning to your life, may He light up your every moment with gladness and favour you in every situation.

75. On this day, may your angels surround you, watch and guide over you, and lead you to a fulfilling day.

76. May God fill your mouth with praise, may He give a dance to your feet, may you sing a new song today.

77. As you lift up your voice unto the Lord today, may He hears your cry and help you, may your tears found grace with God and man.

78. Today, as you stayed your mind on God, may He give perfect peace to your soul and may you see the goodness of God in everything that’s yours.

79. May the song of testimony fill your mouth on this day, may He favour your request with great blessings and grace.

80. May God with His mighty arms overturned every plan and devices of the enemy and turn every evil meant for you today to good.

81. Today’s a new day, may this new sunshine through every dark cloud in your life, may favour rain from above like a shower into your life.

82. May your prayers this morning keep God so busy that He’ll be sending you favours and blessings throughout the whole day.

83. May God shine His face upon you, may every tear on your face attract God’s attention and may He have mercy on you on this day.

84. My Lord will uproot every fruitless situation in your life today, He will water your life with mercy and grace and you’ll have cause to be merry.

85. This day, may God turn your tears to joy, may He take you beyond your past and give you a blessed day ahead with favour.

86. May this new day of yours, experience God’s grace, may you receive help from one and all and ends the day with gratitude to God.

87. This day, instead of struggles, may this day be full of adventures, may your business bring in plenty of funds and may you have a stress free day.

88. As the new day comes shining its sun, may you find favour in the eyes of God, may He hears your heart cry and fill every minute of your day with goodness and mercy.

89. As soon as you just open your mouth to call on God for help, may He send you angels to hold your hand and save you from every slippery situation this morning.

90. May the God of peace proclaim peace upon your daily routines today, that when people see you or talk with you, they’ll sense the peace of God on you.

91. May God of grace favour you greatly today, may you have enough blessings that will make your day a productive one.

92. This morning, as you lay your requests before the Lord and wait expectantly for answers, may He not just hears you but also spend the day being guide and help.

93. May you wake up into God’s favour today, may your day be full of laughter and may you have peace of mind. Have a lovely day.

94. May the beauty of the new day radiates through your smile, may God’s peace be felt in your words and actions.

95. As you step out today, may God bless all of your endeavours and favour you, watch over you today and always. Prayer for Peace and Comfort

96. As you wake up this morning, may God of peace walk through your home, take away all your worries and heal your pains and brokenness.

97. Today, may you have a new heart to live this new day, may you have a new spirit within you, to face and discern every goodness in this day.

98. May God not cast you away from His presence, may He with His always new mercy, forgive you of past mistakes and bestow you with favours.

99. I pray for a divine shift upon your life today, may the blessing of God rest upon you and dwell within you this day and evermore.

100. As the sun announces the morning, may favour be your portion, may God exceed all your expectations and make you smile.

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