Short Good Morning Prayers to Use Daily in 2024

Waking up to view a new day with the bright sky, the sun out and favourable weather is not something to be taken for granted. Waking up each morning is something we should thank our creator for.

The words we say into our morning have great potential to influence how our day would go on and what would become of it. Therefore, what better way and who better to commit out morning and the rest of the day too, if not God.

Here are 110+ Short Good Morning Prayers to start your morning. These prayers cover a large range of what affects us daily.

Commit your morning into the hands of the One who controls all.

Short Morning Prayers to Use Daily

Short but powerful good morning prayers to use for yourself or send to someone special.

1. Dear father, I thank thee for this bright morning that you’ve enabled me to see. Help me, this day to walk in the fullness of your love and power and to live the life you created me to live. Thanks for your blessings on all sides.

2. I commit this day into your able hands, guide and lead me. Thanks for directions and the ability to follow through even when I can seem to see the big picture you are painting. Help me to trust you and never waver from that trust.

3. Thanks for your provision and always stepping in at the right time. Thanks because today, your presence would always be with me and lead me a right. Thanks for the ability to love selflessly, with your kind of love and to walk in divine love.

4. Father thanks for your love and your loving kindness. I am grateful for your peace and steadfast love towards me and my family. Lord, today, cause your favour to shine on me and my family in all our endeavours.

5. Blessed Redeemer, thanks for your provision that you have made available to us. Lord, today, we thank you in advance because you would take care of all our needs and make us a source of blessing to others.

6. Heavenly Father, we pray and ask according to your word that this morning, you make every crooked path straight for us and that lines fall for us I pleasant places. We also ask for the grace not to grieve you Holy Spirit.

7. Father, thanks for making me see a brand new day. I am grateful for all of your grace and loving kindness. Thanks for enriching my life with your goodness. I commit all the activities I engage in today in your hands. Thanks because with you, all is well with me.

8. May everything my friend lays his hands upon prospers today is favourable to him. Cover him with Your grace and may he have cause to glorify your name at the end of this day. Thanks for everything.

9. Thank you, Heavenly Father for hiding us under the shadow of your wings and protecting us from every danger embedded in today. We thank you because today is going to be an awesome day for us with you by our side.

10. Lord, I commit my examination into your hands. I pray for wisdom and understanding to write the appropriate answer. I lay down all my worries and anxiety over the paper into your hands. I also pray for a favour when the scripts would be marked and in front of the invigilators.

11. Dear God, please today connect me with those you have put in place to guide and help me to the destiny you planned for me. God, please help me to act right and not use my attitude to turn off my blessings. Thanks for wisdom on how to act and help me maintain the right relationships.

12. Lord, this morning, please help me discover the opportunities in today and make the most of them. Help me to see the blessings in the opportunities provided and not allow pessimism and negativity make me lose out on them.

13. I pray this day for the wisdom to recognize those in place to help me and those I am to help. I ask for the grace to treat everyone I come in contact with the right way. Help me to love even the unlovable ones and see the best in even the worst of situations.

14. Today, I commit my family into Your hands, I ask that you guide each and every one of them. Lord, bless my family members and help them to see you in everything and your favour all around them and In all, they are involved in today.

15. God, lead my sister aright today. Provide all the resources she would need to have her major breakthrough and help her to recognize the resources she has at hand. Also, grant her the wisdom she needs to have the best result.

16. Father thanks for granting me a gracious woman as my mother. Today, Lord I ask that you bless the works of her hands and help her to live long enough to reap the fruit of her labour. Bless her mightily and enrich her greatly.

17. Dear god, I pray that you guide my father and help him made the right choices and decisions today. Bless his job, let it experience growth. Expand his coast and make him a channel of blessings. Fill his heart with more love for each of us.

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18. Lord my son is in your hands today; grant him wisdom to be able to ace his papers in one sitting. Give him the strength to study and grant him retentive memory. Help him remember all he is supposed to remember to be able to answer his questions appropriately.

19. I commit my little girl into your mighty hands, you see and know all. Lead her in the direction. Help her to pick the right friends, a friend that would push her more into your will and not derail your purpose for her existence.

20. Lord, make my brother great. Today, fill him with compassion and help him to learn forgiveness. Teach him to truly forgive and forget, turn his miseries to blessings and his pains to joy and his sorrows to gladness. Help him to be the best in all he does.

21. Heavenly Father, help me this day to stop living in cycles. Give me the strength to let go bad habits and traits that have been a source of hindrance to my breakthrough and wisdom to pick up new traits that would propel me in the right path.

22. lord, thanks for a great night rest. Thanks for giving me the strength to face a new day. Lord, I ask for divine direction in whatever I do today. Make a way for me where there is no way and give me the wisdom to tackle every challenge in the best manner.

23. Lord, thank for an awesome night. Thanks for preserving me and every member of my family overnight. Today dear God, grant me success in my job and help me to secure the contract I am going for today. Thanks for protection to every ever I go to.

24. I am able to see the sunshine and smell the freshness of the air because you gave me life and made me see a new day. I am very grateful for all you’ve done and are still doing for me. Lord, bless my day and grant my business growth in every way.

25. Thanks, Father for this great day, I pray for provision of the funds I need for my education. I know you have my best interest at heart. Help me to go to the right people for assistance and grant me favour in their sight.

26. Thanks for seeing me through the hard times and making me come out strong. Lord, this morning, I ask for more strength to be able to cope. Thanks for supplying all my needs and providing for my every want. Thanks for all.

27. Thanks for waking me up this morning and helping me see the goodness in today. Lord, grant me an opening in closed places and better job opportunities. Also, help me make the right financial choices and decisions.

28. Lord, I thank you for a new day. I pray that you enable to find employment in a great company that would help me maximise my potential and enable my growth. Thanks for placement in a wonderful work environment.

29. Lord, I ask for divine protection on my trip today. I pray against accidents and falling into the hands of ritualistic and kidnappers. Let your presence go before me and clear the way against the plans of the enemy for my life.

30. Lord, I am grateful for your blessings. Thanks for providing even before I ask and because I have all I need. Lord, this morning I pray for more of your blessings for myself and for each member of my family. Make us all successful.

31. Thanks for blessing me with awesome friends. I pray that you strength her and give her sound health. Remove every infirmity from her system and fill her with your divine strength. Wipe out every trace of whatever sickness is in her.

32. I pray for my colleague this morning, grant her peace in her family. Help her to let you fight for her and to trust you to bring out the best from the situation she is going through. Fill her home with your kind of love for her, her husband and her children.

33. Lord, this morning I pray for your interference in the affairs of my nation. Help our leaders make the right choices for the growth and development of the nation. Fill them with the fear of you and true love for humanity.

34. Lord, I pray for peace in my home today. Let your will be done in our lives. Fill us with love for you and for one another. Help us to work hand in hand to make our family great. Bless my husband and the work of his hand.

35. I am grateful for yet another day. Thank you for my enemies, thanks for using them to teach me how to love like you. Lord today, fight all my battles for me. Destroy the plans of my enemies against my family and my future.

36. Good God fills my heart with love for you and the things that please you today. Help me to see your hands in all that you have created. Help me to delight in the works of your hands and to love selflessly and without reserve like you.

37. Good God, I thank you for seeing me through the rough patches in my life and through the darkest hours. Thanks for giving me hope in the darkest of times and joy in all situations, even when I couldn’t see what to be joyful for. Thanks for being my joy at all times but especially for this day.

38. Lord, you know all we need even before we ask, so we thank you in advance for supply. Today, we ask that you envelop us in your favour and cause lines to fall for us in pleasant places. Bless us till we become lenders to nations.

39. Dear God, I commit my day into your hands, let today be a wonderful day filled with good news on all sides. Let indescribable favour be mine and that of every member of my household. Let whatever I lay my hands on today receive divine touch.

40. Dear God, thanks for a brand new day and the grace to be in it. Lord, I ask that you make a way for me even in the wilderness and cause the impossible to be made possible in my situation. Lord, I totally depend on you, please take charge of everything.

41. God, bless my day. As I travel today, take control of the weather and let everything work in my favour. Be in charge of the plane, help me take off safely and land at my destination safely. Preserve my life and be with my family.

42. Thank you, God, for a wonderful morning and for going ahead of us into today and preparing it for us. I commit my kids and the classmates into your hands, protecting them all. Let them embark on their trip safely and disembark safely. Thanks because no child would be missing.

43. I commit my journey today into your care, take charge of every bus I enter and guide me safely to my destination. Protect me from highwaymen, ritualistic and kidnappers. Also, preserve my family and be with them as they go about their daily activities.

44. Good God, I thank you for my job. Thanks for the strength to never give up even when things are tough. Thanks for guiding me through the steps I needed to take. I commit all I do today, let them bring for desirable results.

45. Thank you awesome God for such a beautiful day. Lord, by in charge of my day and every moment. Lead me to the right set of people for the job and grant us favourable weather for the quick conclusion for the job. Also, protect everyone involved from danger.

46. Lord, let today be a day of growth and constant learning for me. Teach me to love and act like how would in each circumstance. Don’t let me give free reins to my emotions but let your ever abiding Spirit guide me this morning.

47. Lord, I ask for divine strength to be able to take on the activities of today. Remove every pain in my flesh and be my dose of inspiration for the day. Refill me with your power and help me to work effectively and efficiently.

48. Dear God this day please enable me not to give control to my flesh but to trust your word and follow your precepts and the principles aligned in your word. Help me grow closer to you today and walk steadfastly in your way.

49. Dear God, thanks for such a morning and for waking me up. I commit my job into your hands. Help me to be productive and add value to the company I work for. Give me the wisdom to make appropriate decisions for advancement.

50. Lord, my children are in your care. I am just a caretaker, they are yours. Provide all they need for their education. Grant each of them sound health, wisdom to excel and the ability to grow up knowing you and valuing their time with you.

51. This morning, my life seems to be cloudy with no sunshine in sight but with you, I have had a sure hope that all would be well. Help me to see rays of hope in everything I do and everywhere I go, let your light shine brightly in me.

52. Good God, bless my parents provide all they need to care for us and to support. Lord cause your glory to shine on them. Fill their barns with plenty, make them lenders to nations and help us to bring them joy and be good children.

53. lord, help me to fight the good fight of faith today. Help me realize you are always in charge of my life and my circumstances. Jesus, be at the centre of my life. Thanks for loving me and paying the price for my redemption.

54. Lord, I realize that I am weak, so I ask for your strength to guide and lead me on the right path today. I totally depend on you. I really need you. Assist me to follow you and love you like I should and bless my day and the work of my hands.

55. Lord, you are God alone and you know the end from the beginning. I want to walk in love, to be just like you. I want to think healthy thoughts and let my actions today reflect your presence in my life. Lord, take over my day.

56. Lord, more than ever before move in my day and make it awesome just the way only you can do. Bless everything I do and make it well with me and everything I do. You know my end from my beginning, so I put you in charge of my day.

57. Lord, I surrender my day to your hands. Help me realize today that my joy is found in you and only you and that you have my best interest at heart. Lord, today help me believe that your thoughts and plan for my future are better than any I could ever have for myself.

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58. Lord, you are the God of creation and I am created in your likeness. Help me see you in everything that I do today. Be my inspiration and open my mind to think above my physical environment and what I can see with my naked eye.

59. Lord thanks for taking care of my family. Help me to be a better father to my children and a better husband to my wife. Fill my home with love for you and help us to put you first and obey you no matter the cost. Bless us today.

60. Heavenly father, today please bless the works of my hands, help me realize that all is well when you are involved. You have been with me since my inception and I know that with you my future is alright. Thanks for being my source.

61. Thanks for being so awesome. I see you in the beauty of nature, in the colour of the sky, the whisper of the winds and in how you take care of all the animals. You have been so awesome. Lord, let my life be enriched today with your blessing.

62. Lord, I pray this day for your strength to go through life. Fill my mortal body with your power. Let my life reflect your presence in it. Help me to love you above all else. Help me to treat others in the way you have asked of me today.

63. Father, today I pray for all the nations of the world. Put in place leaders that love you above all us. Step into the politics of these nations and let your peace reign on earth. Help them to love those they have been put in place to serve.

64. Dear Lord, you take care of me even when I don’t deserve it. You own the whole world and therefore there is nothing you are not in control off. Father, today help me to be conscious of my position in you and what you have called me to be.

65. Lord thanks for this morning. Today, I pray for peace in all the nations of the world. You are in charge of the elements, subdue them today and reduce the crisis caused by natural disasters. Fill each individual with love for humanity.

66. Good God, I thank you for such a beautiful day as this. I ask this day that you take control of the affairs of the government of different nations of the world. Fill them with wisdom to implement the rights policies in their governments.

67. Lord, this morning, fill my heart with a passion for the things that bring glory to your name. Help me to put you first and open my eyes to see the difference between serving you and performing religious acts. Let my words today help and not destroy.

68. Lord, thank you for a wonderful morning and for the day you have made. Lord I pray for all churches, be their pillar of support. Provide funds for them to propagate your word and raise up helpers to provide the assistance they need.

69. lord, today help me build the right relationships. Separate me from unhealthy friends and family members. Help me to be true friends to all those you have put in my life. Bless all my friends, their families and their jobs.

70. Good lord, help me to know the worth of those you have put in my life and how to value them. Help me to treat everyone with love and care, and to have their best interest at heart. Fill me with an uncontrollable love for all of them.

71. Lord, no one compares to you in awesomeness and dignity. You are the owner of all that is in the earth. Lord, today let the elements and everything on the earthwork in my favour and for my good. Above all, let your plans for me come to pass.

72. Today, Lord ask that you bless me beyond measure and don’t let me reject my blessing through my words or actions. Let this day be such a wonderful one. I also pray that you are with everyone connected to me and bless them also.

73. Lord, today like never before blessing me till there is no room to contain it. Make me a blessing to others. Fill my heart with compassion and empathy for my fellow man. Above all, help me to treat others in the right manner.

74. The whole world speaks of your beauty ranging from the sky to the smallest of creatures on earth. Help me today to know you more than ever before and long to please you with the whole of my heart until the day I die.

75. I pray that this morning, you step into the situation of my colleague at work. Rewrite her story and wipe away her tears. Fill her with love for you and help her to know you love her and her concerned about her and her well being.

76. Lord, today empty my life of everything that does not please you, so I can become all yours. Give me the strength to be able to withstand temptation and assist me to focus my mind on you and on the right things.

77. Lord, thanks for making me see this bright morning. Thanks for healing my broken heart. Thanks for helping me see your hand at work in my life. Today, please give me the strength to keep on living and help me to love.

78. Lord, you are beautiful in all your ways. Your thought for us is great and to bring us to an expected to end. Help us to truly live and not just exist today. Let our living serve the purpose for our being created. Help us find you in our everyday activities.

79. Lord thanks for preserving my life. Lord, this morning destroy every attack of my enemies against my life and those of my family. Keep us under the shadow of your wings and fight all our battles for us in all aspects of our lives.

80. Today let my day be full of wonders. Let circumstances and situation so work for my good. Protect me from unforeseen dangers and help me to be conscious of who you are and your presence in my life. Bless my home.

81. Lord thanks for my mother. I am grateful for your mercies upon her life. Lord, today fill her with your presence and cause your joy to fill her heart. Let nations call her blessed. Make her a blessing not just to her family but to the world.

82. Thank you, God, for loving me with an unconditional love and for my redemption. Today, help me to walk in your fullness and to see your glory and power displayed in me and in my affairs. Bless the labour of my hands.

83. My lord, thanks for being my help when I had no one to help me or to turn to. Thanks for stepping in and taking my pain. Thanks for replacing me and bearing the full price for my wrong. Lord, bless my morning and let your glory be seen in me.

84. Light up my way today. Help me to be truly grateful for all I have and to realize that my future is in your hands and to make the most of my existence. Use me to make a positive change in my world and to influence others positively.

85. I am very grateful for your mercy. Thanks for making me feel your presence in all my endeavours. Make my crooked paths straight and may all be well with those close to me.

86. Lord, I pray that you help me a great mother to my children. Make me to make the right choices for them and to know when to hold on tightly to them and when to let them soar on their own. Enrich their lives.

87. Good morning dear God, thanks for giving your life to pay for my freedom. Today, help me to be conscious of your love and to reciprocate your kind of love to the people I come in contact with on this day.

88. Lord, I pray for each of my children. Bless them individually and collectively make them know you and acknowledge your presence in their lives.

89. This morning, Lord make all my labours yield bountiful rewards. Prosper the work of my hands and let everything I do bring glory to your name.

90. Lord, today light my path and be my guiding lamp. Deliver me from the plans and arrows of the evil ones. Preserve and deliver me from harm.

91. Lord, help me live above my fears. Give me the boldness I need to do what you require of me today. Make my day successful.

92. Lord, I rely on no one else but you. Lord, bless my day and help me make the most of my life and of my time today.

93. Lord, fill my heart with your love and help me know that even when I seem overwhelmed by life struggles, I am never alone. Lord, today let me see you in all I do.

94. Lord thanks for being with me in the storm and for seeing me through. Lord, today hold my hand and lead the way.

95. Lord, I commit my father into your hands this morning; protect him from the dangers of the day. Protect everything he owns and everyone he loves.

96. This morning is in your hands and my life is in your care, let today be a marvellous day. Help me see beauty in the mundane and help me view mankind through your eyes.

97. Lord, help me love everyone I meet today. Fill my heart with unconditional love and bless my day. Go ahead of me and prepare the way.

98. Thanks for this morning you have enabled me to see. Lord, heal me of every infirmity in my life. Strengthen my weak bones and make my day pleasant.

99. Lord, fill my morning worth your goodness and let your favour be with me in a manner that has never been seen before.

100. Lord, take care of every member of my family this morning and grant their heart desires. Give them what is best for them.

101. Lord, my business is in your hands, let it receive increase today. Let there be massive growth in my business.

102. This morning, Lord hold hands and guide my way and assist me in everything I do. Fill my life with your never-ending goodness.

103. God, this morning I need your presence in my life today in a greater dimension. Let your power flow and your presence be felt.

104. God, bless my parents and provide the money they need to pay my fees and feed me and my siblings. Step into our situation this morning and le there be a drastic change in our finance.

105. Lord, thanks for always providing. Lord, this morning cause a change to occur in my finance and make a way where there was no way for me.

106. lord, fill me with your power like never before. Let your glory radiate from me this morning and let people know you are God over my life.

107. Lord, deliver me today from enemies disguised as friends and wolves in sheep clothing’s, no matter where they may be. Let there be a wide chasm between us.

108. Good God, cause your glory to shine on me and through me. Fill my mouth with the appropriate words today.

109. Lord connect me with the right set of friends today. Place me in the proper position to meet the right people to teach and guide me on the path you want me to follow.

110. This morning lord, open my eyes to see you at work in my life and in all my affairs. Bless my life and help me realize that I am nothing without you.

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