Powerful Morning Prayers for a Blissful Day

2024 Powerful Morning Prayers for a Blissful Day

Everyone desires a good day not to mention the good life. However, it sure begins with a good prayer.

Perhaps, you are short on what to say!

Don’t beat yourself up. Everything you need to start off an amazing day is all wrapped up in these prayers for healing, favour, breakthrough, employment, safety and what have you?

And guess what? These are not just for you alone but for everyone around you!

Now have a good day, because you got the master key already to achieve that.

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Powerful Morning Prayers for Healing

Effective words of prayer for healing you can pray when you wake up in the morning.

1. I pray for divine healing for my body, soul and mind. Whatever is working against the wellbeing of any parts of my body is brought to a halt right now. I come against any sorts of sickness. I decree that I am healthy, strong, hale and hearty. I’ve got a sound mind, a beautiful soul and a fit body. There’s no stopping me. Forever I’ll enjoy the peace of God. Yes and Amen!

2. I pray for divine healing for any of my friends in need of such grace on this morning.

3. Whatever that is not of God living in my partner’s body, I rebuke right now in Jesus name.

4. May the healing hands of our Lord never escape those in want of it today.

5. I come against any infirmity in my parent’s body. You have no place in their temple. So, out!

6. Whatever is not planted of the Lord, shall be uprooted out of our lives. So, your sickness, I decree, out of my bestie’s body.

7. I don’t care what name you bear, you infirmity out of my sister’s temple. I decree this morning.

8. No sickness is allowed to be hosted in your body. So, receive God’s healing right now.

9. The devil is a liar, you shall live long, no sickness shall hold you down. You’re healed!

10. You shall prosper in health even as your soul prospers now and forever more.


Powerful Morning Prayers for Favour.

1. I know I am nothing without God’s favour. So, I command an overflow of His great blessings upon my life through His divine favour. I refuse to be oppressed, I refuse to be denied, I refuse to be unworthy. I mark myself for God’s continuous favour. I shall walk in its glory. I shall enjoy the benefit of such abundant grace now and forever more. Those who see me shall acknowledge it, those who know me shall testify of it to be true for my life. Oh Lord, this I pray in faith.

2. No matter how long you’ve waited, may God’s favour never be denied in your life.

3. God’s favour is ease and abundant life. May you not be excluded from such great grace, I pray this morning.

4. For every member of my family, God’s favour shall speak for them.

5. My friends shall enjoy God’s favour as they step out today for their livelihoods.

6. Not anyone I know of will lack God’s divine favour today.

7. You shall reap the fruits of God’s favour today, tomorrow and forevermore.

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8. My siblings shall testify of God’s favour daily as I’ve decreed.

9. My husband shall be a proof of God’s favour forevermore.

10. Favour shall speak for you. God’s favour would shine brightly on you. I pray this morning.


Powerful Morning Prayers for Breakthrough.

1. I shall breakthrough and break forth on every side. I shall show off my proceeds of victory. I shall reap bountifully. I pray my breakthrough meets me hale and hearty in the land of the living. I shall not wait in vain. I shall be celebrated. My breakthrough shall come in full. I declare that it is near and it is huge. No one can stop it, and no one can stop me from having it. So, I pray fervently this morning.

2. I pray your breakthrough silences every mockery uttered against you.

3. My family’s breakthrough shall come in the morning. We shall be alive and together to celebrate it.

4. My friend shall no longer have to wait but begin to enjoy the breakthrough of her hard work henceforth, I pray.

5. My sibling’s breakthrough shall not be denied in the kingdom of God. Today, they shall encounter such huge blessings.

6. I pray for the strength for you to wait long enough to encounter and enjoy the dividends of your breakthrough today.

7. No matter what, you shall come face to face with your breakthrough and the whole world shall see it and celebrate with you.

8. Truly, you’ve sown, you’ve been hardworking and truly I pray that you shall breakthrough this morning.

9. You shall be great! Your breakthrough shall showoff God’s grace in your life.

10. Naysayers do not matter. I pray your breakthrough shames their decree against you.


Powerful Morning Prayers for Employment.

1. I pray that I shall not lose my employment. What belongs to me shall not be given to someone else. My appointment is today! No one shall take my place. My company will not rest until they approve of me. I shall enjoy the dividends of this job. God’s favour shall select me for this employment. I may not deserve it better than anyone else but God’s favour shall speak for my appointment, I decree this miraculous morning.

2. I pray that wherever you’ve sought for employment shall be to your advantage today.

3. I pray that a beautifully packaged employment comes calling you this morning.

4. May the door of a good employment be opened unto my sister, I pray.

5. Amongst many others, this employment shall not elude you, I pray.

6. You’re a daughter of grace! So, may His grace grant you this employment today. So I decree this new dawn.

7. May your heart leap for joy as you receive your employment letter today, I pray.

8. You shall not be denied but awarded this employment, I decree in your favour today in Jesus name.

9. I pray divine employment for my friends who are in need of good jobs this morning.

10. Regardless of past disappointments, you shall get this employment letter, so I decree this morning.


Powerful Morning Prayers for Safety.

1. I pray for safety this morning. I shall not take the wrong steps. I shall go out and come back rejoicing. My safety is guaranteed because I have heavenly angels guarding me. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. I pray against any evil that shall keep me out against my will on this day. I shall enjoy God’s protection upon me. My safety is of God therefore, I fear no evil. These I decree this morning.

2. May the spirit of God order your steps as you go out today.

3. My parents shall not be found missing this morning, I pray.

4. My friends shall go out and come back safely, I pray.

5. There shall be no record of accidents around you. Your safety is sure by His grace.

6. You shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor the arrows that fly by the day. You’re safe, I decree!

7. The devil shall not have you in the wrong place. You shall escape all of his devised evils and plans. So I pray for you this morning.

8. My siblings shall not be crushed. They are truly safe under the shadow of God’s wings, this morning, I pray.

9. I pray that God keeps your eyes open to see and overcome any evil on the way. May divine safety be your privilege today, now and forevermore.

10. No evil shall come to pass in my bestie’s life. Her steps shall be of God’s commandment. She shall not be in the wrong company. Her safety is sure, so, I pray this morning. Amen!


Powerful Morning Prayers for Success.

1. This morning, I decree success upon my life. May the outcome of my hard work today birth success. Failure may be creeping all around, but, never will it find its way into my bosom. I will only be the head. Success shall pursue and catch up with me. Forever, will I remain successful? To excel will be my portion. I will gain success where others may have failed. The world will marvel at my achievements by God’s grace. I may have been struggling to produce the expected result, today, shall be a new dawn of success. Failure will be brought to a halt. My portion is success as long as I live.

2. I pray for the success of my entire family and loved ones. May they only show their proceeds of victory. The world will have reasons to applaud them for their successes.

3. Father, I ask that you rewrite the success story of my partner. May he become an inspiration to others. May his life result be a complete success.

4. I pray that my siblings come across their helpers who would help them climb their success ladder. May their success disappoint their naysayers.

5. This morning, I ask that every project of my parents that has not been completed, may it encounter success. May it never remains an abandoned project. It shall be a success.

6. You shall witness success in your life today. You may have failed severally, however, today you shall succeed many times without number.

7. No matter the effort you may have put in, success shall be your reward. The Lord shall rewrite your story today and success will be the outcome.

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8. May your destiny be made to succeed. The power to go and make it shall come upon you. Your success is non-negotiable today, it must come to pass.

9. May you be positioned to succeed today. May you encounter benefactors who will help you until you succeed in life.

10. Success shall be the reward of my endeavours and that of my family’s. No matter the previous disappointment, today shall be marked for success for us.


Powerful Morning Prayers for Wisdom.

1. Father, the kind of wisdom you gave to Solomon which was incomparable to that of other, I ask that you bestow on me today. Let the spirit of wisdom overshadow me. Wisdom shall make my decisions. I shall not be controlled by foolishness. No matter the challenges I face today, the wisdom of God shall be my portion. I shall solve each problem wisely. I shall be the solution that the world needs to succeed. I shall inherit the wisdom of God. I shall not lack the power and grace to make a sound decision. I am blessed with wisdom at all time. Wisdom shall be my portion in the land of the living.

2. I pray for the wisdom to succeed for my loved ones. They shall handle their businesses with wisdom so, prosperity shall be their portion. Each day they live shall be governed by the wisdom of God.

3. The wisdom that causes one to be celebrated shall be the inheritance of my partner. The wisdom of God shall set him apart from his colleagues. He will be chosen and favoured because of wisdom. Foolishness will never be ascribed to him.

4. The kind of wisdom that uplifts one to another level shall be bestowed upon my family. Because of the wisdom of God upon our lives, we shall not remain stagnant. Wisdom shall never be lost in my family.

5. The wisdom that parents need to guide their children, shall be given to my parents. The wisdom that will help them make sound decisions for our sake shall be their portion. They shall never execute foolish plans. The spirit of wisdom shall live in them forevermore.

6. The wisdom that my siblings and I need to be the best children to our parents, shall come upon us. Wisdom that makes responsible children shall be given to us. Wisdom that prevents the act of vagabond shall be our reward.

7. This morning, I pray for wisdom for the leaders of my country. Wisdom like that of King Solomon which brought wealth upon the land shall be given unto the leaders of this country. Every leader shall be capable of making and executing sound decisions.

8. Wisdom for prosperity, wisdom for advancement, and wisdom for an increase shall be given to my brothers and sisters.

9. Foolishness is not of God, therefore I shall never inherit foolishness. Wisdom shall be my greatest reward. I shall be the epitome of wisdom. The world shall marvel at my wisdom.

10. May the church leaders enjoy the wisdom of God to carry out their assignment. Let them be wise enough to lead their followers aright.


Powerful Morning Prayers for Miracle.

1. This morning, I pray, as I set to go out, the miracles of God shall follow me. I shall encounter a miracle that will change my life for the best. The type of miracle that will rewrite my story for good shall be my portion today. The Lord shall turn every yesteryear disappointment into a full-blown miracle today for my sake. The angels shall execute miracle that has been designed for me in heaven. I shall encounter a miracle from heaven like Jacob did. No matter how gloomy today may look like, in the end, my miracle shall contradict it. May I encounter miracle each hour of the day. I proclaim miracle upon my hand work. Miracle shall be the apt description of my life.

2. The miracle that my partner has been waiting for shall swiftly come to him today. The kind of miracle that shall change his life for the best shall he encounter today. Whether the devil likes it or not, miracle shall pursue and overtake my partner on this day.

3. I pray for the miracle that shall halt every negative talk over my family. The kind of miracle that has never been witnessed before in this age and time will happen in my family today.

4. The miracle that will set the heart and eyes of the enemies on fire shall happen to my friend, before the dust of today. I call upon miracles from heaven unto the life of my friend today.

5. Let there be miracle of healing upon every sick soul today. Let them begin to encounter a healing miracle in their bones, joints, tissues, organs, systems and cells. May miracle flow in their blood to perfect their healings.

6. Miracle that cancels the expectations of failure shall be my portion today. The result of my life shall be a miracle.

7. I ask for miracle for everyone waiting upon the Lord for a child. Let there be rains of children. May they birth miraculous child like Hannah and Sarah.

8. Miracle that cancels every expectation of the devil shall be the portion of my household. Miracle that disappoints naysayers shall be seen in the life of my loved ones today.

9. The miracle of surplus shall happen in every area of my siblings lives today. They shall neither lack nor want again. The rain of abundance shall fall massively upon them today.

10. Miracle that shall make my friend a winner shall happen to her today. She shall not be at lost. She shall gain in abundance.

Good News:

Powerful Morning Prayers for Good News.

1. I pray that as I set to begin my day today, good news shall be my portion. Bad news shall not be heard in my abode. I shall be a source of good news and I shall also be a recipient of good news. No matter the dangers and disappointments flying around like arrows of the wicked, my reward shall be good news. I shall be strengthened by good news, I shall be renewed by good news, and I shall be made whole by good news. Good news will be my portion in the morning, afternoon and evening. What will happen so I can encounter good news today shall happen to the glory of God? I shall not miss my good news and neither will it be given to another.

2. I pray for my lovely parents, they shall obtain good news from all sides. They shall count their blessings today. Good news will be heard from them.

3. I pray for my partner, the good news that she has been expecting shall beckon on her today. She shall receive the good news in good health.

4. May good news be heard from my siblings. May they never obtain bad news today. May their good news never turn sour.

5. The good news that will disappoint the enemies of my loved ones shall come through today. It will be so great that it shall beat the expectation of all.

6. Good news shall be heard in this country. We shall not make bad headlines anymore. Good news in every sector shall be recorded on this day.

7. Good news shall come for my children today. Good news shall be heard from them. Good news shall be given to them.

8. Good news shall be heard in my church today. We shall not be denied our good news either shall we miss it.

9. Good news shall I hear concerning my endeavours today. Every seed that I have sown in my job, I shall obtain the good news today.

10. Good news shall not be far away from my husband. He shall hear the good news that shall change his life for good.


Powerful Morning Prayers for Victory.

1. This morning, I decree that I am victorious. No matter what life throws at me today, I shall come out victorious. I shall show my proceeds of victory by the end of the day. Victory is mine. My victory shall not be inherited by another. My effort shall birth victory, my reward shall be marked by victory. I shall not the rewarded with failure and disappointment. I shall not be a loser. I begin to declare victory upon my endeavours. Victory is mine, I am victorious over the devil. I am victorious over all my life challenges. I am victorious in every aspect of my life. I remain victorious.

2. I declare victory for this country. We shall not remain backward. I declare victory over every economic challenge. Victory is ours over terrorism. Victory is ours over bad leadership. Victory is ours over political instability.

3. I proclaim victory over my partner. He shall be victorious in all of his endeavours today. Whatever he may have lost in time past, today he shall regain them and emerge victoriously.

4. The sick shall have victory over sickness. They shall enjoy everlasting healing and recovery today.

5. My siblings shall have victories where they have been victimized. They shall never be disappointed again. Victory shall be their portion at all times and in all things.

6. I pray for victory over every power of darkness in my family. We shall encounter victory until our enemies take to flight.

7. My friend shall emerge victorious on this day. She shall not be a loser, neither shall her victory be compromised. She shall encounter absolute victory.

8. Every challenge that I am battling with at the moment shall become my victory today.

9. I declare victory for my loved ones. They shall subdue the devil and his agents. They are victorious and never shall they encounter any causality today and forevermore.

10. Victory shall find me today. Victory shall be my reward. Today shall not end until I emerge victoriously.

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