Bon Voyage Wishes

2020 Bon Voyage Wishes for Friends, Lovers & Loved Ones

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I know it’s the height of joy when your lover or one of your loved ones is traveling and you are kind enough to send some Bon Voyage Wishes for safety on the journey. You can tell that nothing beats that.

So to help your desire, the Bon Voyage Wishes below would be great to send on any occasion. Thanks for Coming.

Bon Voyage Wishes for Friends, Lovers & Loved Ones

Cute Bon Voyage Wishes for Friends, Lovers and Loved Ones.

1. 1000 Smiles

I wish you 1000 smiles for every mile
I wish you the best on the journey,
I wish you the best on your way back.
See you!

2. I Wish You All the Best

There are good better and the best,
And what I wish you is nothing but the very best.
Wherever is the way you go, regardless of the paths you take,
I wish you the very best of the journey.

3. Be Back Safely

The journey seems so far, my heart calls for home…
I miss my loved ones… This might be you thought.
But above it all, go and come back home safely…

4. My Utmost Wish for You

A journey full of love and peace
A path full of bliss and emptied of dangers
A heart full of expectations and needs which shall be met
Is what I wish you as you go on this journey.
Safe journey love.

5. Safest Journey Ever

I wish you the hands that receive more blessings
I wish you the eyes that see all good
I wish your legs go the good ways
And above it all, I wish you the safest of all journeys ever.

6. Nothing But Joy

Trust me, this will be your greatest ever,
And the ones to come would follow suite
You will go and come back home safely
And much joy you will bring on your journey back home.

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7. Most Special Experience

Thousands of mountains and valleys to behold
Thousands of trees to watch wave their leaves
Thousands of all good things to be seen,
But in all, I wish you the most special experience on this journey.
Safe journey my dear.

8. It Shall Be a Safe Journey

It is not morning when the sun hasn’t appeared
It is not night until the moon and stars are out
It is never a journey when it is not safe and joy filled
And so I wish you a safe journey on your way.

9. Above It All

Your desires might be in millions
And your thoughts might be in thousands
But above it all, I wish you all the best out of them,
Even as you go on this journey.
Safe journey to you is my wishes.

10. My Best Wish

This travelling will increase and not diminish you.
More than enough shall you have and bring back home.
Sweet joy that is so bountiful shall you witness there,
And even on your way back home
This is sure my best wish for you. Safe journey.

Olalekan Adebumiti

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