Best Happy Journey Status for WhatsApp

2024 Best Happy Journey Status for WhatsApp

Embarking on a journey is always interesting and yet somehow scary for some, but you can make your journey void of every fear by sending your loved one a Happy Journey message or you wish yourself a Happy Journey.

Whether you’re relocating or going on a vacation, journeys should be fun and adventurous. Go in the positive Spirit of this message.

Lovely Happy Journey Status for WhatsApp (for Friends and Loved Ones)

Best collection of happy journey status for WhatsApp.

1. Life isn’t easy and we have to embark on some journey to better destinations. I wish you a safe trip to wherever you’re heading to.

2. We have to strive to make life better and it is not a surprise you have to relocate. I pray your ways be safe as you journey to a better place.

3. All your life you have to take steps that will lead you to other steps. Your journey today is one of such and I pray your trip be safe. Happy Journey!

4. To become successful in life, you need to understand where you are and position yourself aright for the success. Thank God you are about to take a step towards a better position. Safe Journey!

5. To be your best, you need to work your hardest and make necessary moves. Safe Journey towards your success.

6. As you go on this journey, be safe, be strong and have a Happy Journey!

7. See the way is smooth for your ride. Step out and confidently aim for your destination. Happy Journey!

8. Your ways are guided and secured to be safe. Be the best you can be as you journey today. Happy Journey!

9. The scariest place for some people to be is on the move for a journey, but I want you to feel safe and enjoy this journey. Happy Journey to you!

10. I know I’ll miss you, but I can’t hold you back from going on this trip. Be safe, be happy and be your best as you journey.

11. I won’t let you get away with leaving without wishing me well. Please, stay safe and have a happy journey!

12. I will keep in touch with you but don’t forget to call me when you get there. Happy Journey to you!

13. My heart was filled with joy seeing you around. I wish you a happy journey back to your destination.

14. It was great to catch up again. I won’t forget it quickly. Stay safe and journey well.

15. I know you had an amazing time and I believe you will savour the moment for long. Please take good care of yourself. Happy Journey!

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16. Though our imperfections make us disagree a lot, but I admit I’ll miss you as you journey today. Happy Journey to you!

17. It’s up to you to decide how you want your life to be. I’m glad you’re making positive decisions and I believe this decision will take you to great heights. Have a safe journey.

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18. Let us keep aiming at greater heights and never lose sight of it. I see you going places. Happy journey!

19. You see, the way is all safe and well prepared to lead you to wherever you might be heading to. Trust your instincts and go for greatness. Have a Happy Journey!

20. I can’t wait to meet you as I have a lot to share with you. Don’t be in a hurry, drive safely and meet me in joy. Have a safe journey here!

21. You have to chase whatever seems to make you sceptical away and embrace the joy of this journey.

22. It’s up to you to decide if your imperfections are worth carrying along with you. Why don’t you leave it back and journey with a free mind?

23. For our lifetime, we have always journeyed together, but for the first time, you are leaving without me. I’ll try not to miss you as much. Safe travels.

24. Happy journey to your destination. I pray it be a safe trip and itches free.

25. When you’re on the road, think of nothing else than safety and where you’re heading to. I can’t wait to hear from you. Happy journey!

26. I’m will miss so much about you when you’re gone, but I know it’s all for the best. I pray you get there safely and meet everyone in joy. Happy journey!

27. Maybe for a lifetime, I’ll always remember your long stay with my family. It’s been a wonderful time. Have a safe journey back to your home.

28. Emotions aren’t toys, but when you put them into the wrong hands they can be played with! Thank you for cherishing my emotions and caring enough not to leave me without assurance of coming back for me. Happy journey to you.

29. Have a great day and a great trip. Enjoy the ride and feel comfortable till you reach your destination. Happy journey!

30. Your stay with me was a blessing and I cherish each moment spent. Do take good care of yourself for me till I see you again. Happy journey!

Happy Journey Status for WhatsApp

31. You are never afraid to bless others. You have such a kind heart and your words are encouraging. Stay safe as you journey back home!

32. Good will always come back to us in ways we never imagined. I pray your good will towards me will be greatly rewarded. Have a Happy journey back home!

33. I cherish the heights that you have attained and I pray you greater and successful heights to come. Happy journey back home!

34. God reward you in all your ways and crown your efforts with success. Thank you for coming around. Have a safe journey home.

35. Those that bless others with blessings beyond measure are angels in disguise. You really made me feel special by your visit. Have a fun-filled journey!

36. Keep chasing what seems impossible with a positive mindset and I believe you will attain your success. Happy journey to you!

37. Over and over and over again you stand out among many. Keep being outstanding and be safe in all your journey. Have journey to you!

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38. Giving up is not an option. So keep aiming at the peak and when you get to the peak, search around if there is somewhere you can aim at. Have a Happy journey to your destination.

39. Time always heals and change us, but until we make a move to activate the healing, time wouldn’t have healed us in any way. Thank you for making a move to become better. Happy journey!

40. Focus on the good things that await you and do not let your gaze off it. Have a safe journey to the place of your success. Happy journey!

Happy Journey Status for WhatsApp (for YourSelf)

1. Though I feel I should stay behind, I know it’s time to make a move towards my future. Happy journey to me!

2. I’ll miss everyone and it feels like I should stay, but the world is waiting for me and I can’t disappoint them. Safe journey as I go!

3. I woke up less excited because I feel scared to go, but I believe God to keep the way for me. Happy Journey to me!

4. Until I took this decision to make a move, I never really knew how strong-willed I was. I’m ready to face the world out there away from home. I wish myself a happy journey!

5. This life is quite boring if you sit in a position without doing something reasonable with your life. I’m stepping out into the world and I can only see greatness. I wish myself a safe trip.

6. Time will tell how my vibes become a reality, but I don’t want time to tell anyone more. I’m telling time by making a move. Happy journey to me!

7. I want to learn and grow and I’ve come to understand I’ll never be able to do so seating in a place. Let’s take a ride into the world. A safe travel to me.

8. I’m setting my priorities right. I don’t have to be scared of what the future holds. All I need to do is to take hold of the future. It’s a wonderful feeling going on this trip. Happy journey to me!

9. My past is now history and I walk into my destiny without fear. This journey will birth success. Safe journey to me.

10. I became cold when I realized I’ll have to leave my family and my friends, but then I realized they will understand and I can always keep in touch with them. Happy journey to me!

11. For my sake the journey is safe and I’ll have the best journey ever. Safe travels to me.

12. I’ve heard so much negativity about leaving for a land unknown, it has made me discouraged, but today I leave with a positive spirit. Happy journey to me!

13. I left my phobia for trips aside because I see greatness in this journey. I’ll be safe and my ways are guided.

14. Making a move teaches us to learn that we should set aside the past and focus on the good things that await us. This I’m doing with my whole heart. Happy journey to me b

15. Because I’ve failed in the past doesn’t guarantee I’ll fail again. I see a positive future awaiting me on this journey.
Happy journey to me!

16. Leaving my family at home, I made them so many promises to return safely to them. God will make this a reality. Safe journey to me!

17. I will have a nice journey and my ways will be safe. Happy journey to me!

18. The day looks bright and makes me feel my journey is safe already. Yes, I know it is safe. Happy journey to me!

19. I can do anything I put your mind to do. I have put my mind on this journey to be stress-free and adventurous. I believe it will be so. Happy journey to me!

20. I have a lot of people looking up to me to succeed. I can’t let them down. We must celebrate each other. I’m leaving for the best. Happy journey to me!

21. I can make a difference by doing things with faith. A positive spirit worth more than gold. I’m leaving with this spirit and I hope to be back soon. Happy journey to me!

22. To be the strong one, I must be ready to take risks and accept responsibility. I’m doing that now and I hope my destination births success.

23. I am strong and stronger than I will ever know! No pessimism can stop me as I move. Happy journey to me!

24. How I made it this far is beyond my knowledge, so why do I have to worry about what’s next? I believe this step of mine is for good. Safe journey to me!

25. I trust the Almighty to keep me from all evil and guide my path as I journey on this path unknown. I’m safe in His care. Happy journey!

26. Best wishes to me as I journey to a land I’ve never been to before. It will be great and beautiful of that I believe. Happy journey to me!

27. I had so much discouragement about this journey, but I’ve decided to use each negative spirit as a stepping stone. I can’t bear to stay captive to fear. Happy journey to me!

28. It doesn’t matter how scary the path looks, the success inert is the most important. I’m embarking on this journey with faith. Happy journey to me!

29. The adventure, the fun, the joy, the challenge, I don’t know how it will be, but I’m sure I’ll have positive reports. Happy journey to me!

30. The end is what really matters, but the spirit we begin with is also essential. I’m threading this path with a positive attitude and I’ll achieve all my goals. Happy journey to me!

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