Thank You for Making Me Smile Messages

2024 Thank You for Making Me Smile Messages

So you’ve finally got the guy/girl of your dreams. Congratulations!

A man saved up a lot of money and bought a car. He was excited about the possibilities with the car. Time passed and he was enjoying his vehicle. He wasn’t oiling necessary parts, not supplying the vehicle enough water, not wiping dust off the windscreens; just excitedly driving his brand new car. Wear and tear sets in. The car breaks down; the engine’s gone. All his time and money gone just like that; he could have simply avoided this with regular maintenance of the vehicle.

Besides automechanics; this scenario happens with relationships too. Getting into a relationship is not the challenge, staying in it is. Adequate communication is the maintenance you need. Expressing your appreciation for your partner is an important relationship maintenance technique.

Here are 100 thank you for making me smile quotes and messages you can use to sustain your relationship:

I am so glad that you are a friend indeed. Thank you for making me smile always. I love you.

Thanks for Making Me Happy

The best collection of Thank you for Making Me Smile messages you can use to appreciate your loved ones for bringing joy to your heart.

1. Some say a woman brings difficulty into a man’s life. You’ve made my life happier and easier. Because you’re not just a woman but a superwoman. My superwoman. Thank you!

2. You know, looking back at the time I first met you, I can’t believe you still stayed with me despite how I treated you less than the queen you are. Thanks for lovingly correcting me and making me a better person.

3. My anger issues were beyond redemption; at least the psychologist thought so. How wrong! Your love quells the anger in my heart. Thanks for making me a happy man.

4. Some of us were actually mentally damaged while growing up. We were odd in some way. I personally didn’t understand affection. Until you came along. I’ll forever be thankful to you my girl.

5. For all the times we quarreled and you apologized for irrespective of who was wrong; thank you! For all the times I didn’t love you the way a man should yet you stayed true; thank you! I’ll always love you.

6. I couldn’t be more thankful for knowing you. Whoever thought this would lead to many blessings. Everything you’ve touched in my life has become gold; real gold. Thanks for being my girl.

7. A million thanks won’t be enough to convey my appreciation for the times we’ve spent together and how you’ve beautified my life with love.

8. I thank heaven for releasing an angel to earth and placing her in my life. God knew exactly what I needed. He sent you to me. Thanks for staying with me.

9. I don’t believe in guardian angels. But how else do I explain you? How else do I explain the perfection you’ve brought into my decision making and the ensuing success of them? Thanks so much, My Lady.

10. Thanks for being my sunrise; the first light I see each day. My sunshine through the day; lighting my path. My moon; seeing me through the night. I love you.

11. My love, I want to take this time out to say thank you for loving me. It seemed impossible to really be this loved by a woman like you. Not like I deserve you but you still love me. I appreciate.

12. In the absence of light, you are there to lighten up my way. In the presence of darkness, you light up my day. Thanks for being a good woman. I’ll keep on loving you, my dear.

13. The pain went away when you came around. You took my broken heart and gave me a new one. I thought I couldn’t love again but you showed me, really love. Thank you!

14. Time after time I’ve suffered in the hands of fake lovers. I literally couldn’t understand what it meant to love or be loved until you taught me. I can’t thank you enough, my love.

15. Hello, my beautiful woman! When I first met you, I thought your beauty was all you could offer. Over time, I’ve learned you’re not just a pretty face but more beautiful in a soul. Thanks for bringing true beauty into my world.

16. They say hurts, pains and tears are regular parts of a relationship. But how come we’ve never known these? Your outstanding love and tolerance have been the secret; they’re just what we need to make this relationship a success. Thanks!

17. I’m in love with how you address issues. Your maturity has a way of bringing me back to my senses whenever I’m losing it. You just know how to handle me and I love you for this. I’ll forever stay thankful to you.

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18. We sometimes believe some persons are good for us based on what others say. I can’t believe I almost didn’t give you a chance to date me because I felt we weren’t compatible. Thank you for persisting and coming into my life. You’ve shown me good love and I want it more.

19. Can I ask you:
Why do you love me so? What exactly did I do to deserve a person like you? How can I repay all these blessings I found in you?
I’ll spend my eternity doing that.

20. Sometimes, I really ask myself if I deserve to be this happy. The joy you bring into my soul is something unexplainable. I pray I can repay you someday. Thanks a lot, my love.

21. People search a lifetime to find what you and I have. How we found this I don’t know but I know for certain that I want this to continue; thanks for loving me.

22. My friends asked me how we make our relationship work. Sincerely, I couldn’t answer them. I just told them to come to ask you because I’m convinced you hold the key to our happiness. Thanks! Thanks!

23. Without you, I’m only half a man. I’m half a heart and half a soul. That’s why I daily thank God I have you here with me.
Please, promise me you’ll stay forever.

24. If I were to love someone again, it’d be you. If I were to receive a medal each time I thought about you, I’d be the world’s best athlete. My thanks go to you, my love.

25. On Thanksgiving Day, I have nothing more to be grateful for than you being in my life. I’ll remain thankful until the clock runs out of time.

26. I spent my life searching for you. Little did I know you were right here all the while hidden in plain sight. Thanks for being my angel and blessing, thanks.

27. No amount of ‘Thank You’ would suffice to show how much I appreciate you in my life. But I’ll just still have to say thank you, my love.

28. The gratitude I have for you is second to none, except God’s. Thanks!

29. I bless the day I met you. God bless the woman who birthed you.

30. True friendship is not necessarily about finding the right person but creating the right relationship. Hence, what matters most is how we love each other till the end, not how we started. Thanks for fighting for our love to survive.

31. You must be Mellon because to find a good one like you, one has looked through a thousand. But I still found you and you’ve been all I ever wanted in a man.

32. Other people search a lifetime to get a glimpse of what we have; what you’ve given me. True love is not rare, but we have it together. I’ll love you till the day the moon shines in broad daylight.

33. The love of my life, please close your eyes for a few seconds. Open it! Did you see the darkness? That’s how my life without you looks like. You make me feel whole.

34. It’s true that it’s difficult to make some Naira today. But you’re much more valuable than even Dollars because these currencies lose value.
You can never be devalued, ever.

35. We spent time in each other’s hand but didn’t feel a thing. We told each other “I love you” countless times yet it didn’t feel electrifying. If we could do these without feeling actual love, imagine what we’d do now that we’re truly in love. Thanks for sticking with me through the loveless times.

36. The feeling that accompanies love is what helps it to stay true. Trust, patience, sincerity and confidence. Thank God I have all these in you.
You’ll be in my heart forever.

37. The joy of accomplishment I found the day I married you will always be my strength no matter how rough things get.
We’ll be together till eternity.

38. I remember how you loved me through that period of grief. My fragile heart was so gullible for manipulation but you loyally helped me regain my sanity.
Your love keeps me strong.

39. I’m thankful for all those times you stood by me despite how wrongly I treated you. I’m thankful for the kind patience you showed me. I’ll love you forever and a day more.

40. I know time waits for no one. But to properly savour this happy moment I have with you, I’ll pause time because I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

41. You are a blessing to me irrespective of what others think. I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to all the side talks when we started dating. I couldn’t have found anyone better.

42. Looking at the rate of marital disunity rampant today, I just can’t understand what it is you and I are doing right to deserve this wonderful union we have. Oh! I know! You’re the explanation.

43. If I could restart my life again, I’d ensure you’d be the first and only man I’d love. Lots of times, I wonder where you were when I passed through the hands of people who never really loved me. But thank God you found me; you pressed the restart button in my life.

44. By different standards, people define what happiness is to them. But for us, here’s what I feel it is: You coming into my life at my breaking point and salvaging this shattered heart of mine. I can’t be thankful enough.

45. Thanks for the smooth sailing relationship we’ve had so far. Thanks for the peace you always sue for. Thanks for the trust you’ve bestowed on me. Thanks for the love you’ve taught me to love.

46. You’re everything good in my life. Paradise is a reality with you by my side. My love, I want to remain in your arms for all of eternity because I’m sure I’ll be safe. Thanks for the joys of love you’re giving me.

47. I smile daily, thanks to you. In fact, my friends come to me for lectures on how to smile and I tell them it costs nothing; just have a woman as wonderful as mine. Thanks for your smiles.

48. Dear goddess of happiness, I don’t know how you found your way into my life but I just want to let you know that I have built a throne for you right here in my heart. Please, rule me forever.

49. ‎My golden morning sun, I smile from ear to ear whenever I think about you. Your voice, your laugh, your smile and even your serious face are all joyful sights to behold. Thanks for all these little things that bring us joy.

50. ‎My world was so black and white before you came along. But now, I’m almost blinded by the brightness of your love. The depth of your smile is enough reason for me to live forever just to make you keep smiling. I’ll do all in my power to colour your world with happiness.

51. ‎Because I don’t want to ever let you go, I’ve built a wall around my heart with you right in the middle. No, it’s not as a prison to keep you from going out but to prevent anyone from coming in.

52. It would take a thousand women to replace you. So why would I have ever wanted to lose you? I’ll do all in my power to keep you. Thanks for being such a wonder in my life.

53. This long road we’re going down is quite scary and unsure. But with you my side, I’m confident that love will make good things happen – your love will always be there. I appreciate you, my man.

54. Caring for someone is a quality most people don’t understand. But it comes easily to you. How that is, I don’t know. No, I think I know; it’s because you have a kind heart. The best heart in the world. I can’t wait to have you as mine forever.

55. In the last one year, waking up each day has been a delight for me because I know I’ll get to see you. The mere thought of spending time with you fills me with joy. I want this to continue forever and a day.

56. People say familiarity breeds contempt. How come my respect for you grows each day we spend together? You’ve taught me the value of true friendship and I’ll forever cherish you.

57. Your love is not careless. No! I’ve been the recipient of your beautiful attention and I don’t want to ever let it slip away. Thanks for loving me.

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58. I want to be your man forever. I want to stand by your side till the oceans run out of water. I want to love you for the rest of our lives. You’ve been more than a blessing to me.

59. If it’s patience you want from me, I’ll gladly wait for you to complete my love. Please, paint my love into the colour of your heart because I can’t thank you enough for the happiness you’ve made this heart of mine to experience.

60. Even if I run out of love, you’d be my reserve. You’ve always found a way to be there for me even when I wasn’t there for myself. I love you.

61. My love, with you I’ve come to really understand that the downfall of a man is not the end of his life. You didn’t only stand by me through my fall but also picked me up. I cherish you.

62. When life placed hurdles in front of me, you gave me strength to jump them. When life surrounded me with hate, you shielded me with love. When life was dark, you gave me light. Now that my days are brightening up, I’ll be with you forever.

63. I was all by myself for so long that I almost missed the opportunity to have you in my life. That would have been my worst decision ever. I’ll always want you in my life and even the next to come.

64. We all have reasons to be grateful. To be thankful for the good things in life. You’re mine. You’re the reason I understand what gratitude means.

65. My worth is dependent on you. I’ll lose all my value if you left me. That’s how thankful I really am to have you in my life. I love you beyond love.

66. Since you came into my world, laughter has never eluded me.

67. With just a thought about you, the cold nights become warm, the hot days feel cool and the sad memories fade with ease. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

68. With you, I’ve learned that perfect love is not the coming together of perfect individuals. It’s rather the ability of two imperfect persons to determine to love each other perfectly. Thank you, baby.

69. Walking out of this relationship with you is like moving out of my newly built home; where exactly will I go? I want to be here with you from forever to forever.

70. You’ve shown me love in the superlative form. There’s nothing more I can ask for than for us to stay this way. I really do appreciate you, my love.

71. Comparing you to any other woman is like comparing Barcelona with Eyimba; you being the Barcelona. There’s no basis because no one else comes close to you. Your love is the best in this league of relationships. And I’m indeed blessed to have you. Together, we’ll be the Champions of hearts.

72. I knew miracles actually do happen. What I didn’t know was that they can happen to awesomely and continuously. You’re my miracle. That’s why I thank God each day for making you happen in my life.

73. I’m definitely convinced that our love should be the eighth wonder of the world. It’s so superb and breathtaking, just like you are. People stare at us in amazement wishing they had what we have. I don’t want to ever lose you.

74. BAE, you coming into my life and sticking with me despite the ups and downs means a whole lot. This is something I’ll spend forever appreciating. Yes, forever with you by my side.

75. I’ve never had to explain my feelings to anyone. I didn’t know how to, really. But you came along and taught me how to be strong. My heart’s treasure, I love you and I can say it anywhere and anytime.

76. Believe me when I say that love was made for two of us. Your love is that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel; you guarantee me hope and assurance in this relationship and I promise to do same for you. Ima Mmi, sosongo.

77. If we can go back to when we started dating, I wouldn’t change a thing because you’re awesome. You have given me a taste of true love and there’s no going back for me.

78. What’s burning between you and me is an eternal flame. I give you my word that no amount of water or expertise of any fire service team can extinguish us. Thanks for sticking close to me.

79. My treasure, the woman of my dreams. This dream of you by my side is all I ever wanted. I don’t want to ever wake up from you, ever. Stay with me forever.

80. Some people find treasures and are happy. Others find gems and are grateful. Since I found you, I can’t describe how I feel to have you dear; words can’t convey my heart’s gratitude because you’re worth to me more than anything treasures and gems put together.

81. In life, we meet persons who alter our world. We meet persons who show us the beautiful side of life we never knew existed. We meet persons who reveal to us how truly satisfying this life can be. I met you. All this while, you’ve done all these for me and more.

82. A change in life sometimes comes when we have a nerve-wracking experience; a rude awakening. My change came with the sweetest experience ever when you came into my life. Please, may we continue staying together for a million years to come.

83. Times come and go. Girls do the same. Feelings also. But you have stuck to me like a bee sting; oh! a sweet sting. Your sting produces honey. I want more of you, my love. That, I’ll forever appreciate.

84. I have thought about it as deeply and widely as I can but I just can’t seem to understand why I deserve having someone like you. I mean, how exactly did I fall in love with you? What did you see in me that has made you stay this long Maybe I’ll never find out the answers but just know that I’ll spend forever with you trying to.

85. The day I quit our relationship is the day I take my last breath. Actually, the other is 1. Take my last breath 2. Quit our relationship. There’s no breath in me without you.

86. The cradle of our love began just like yesterday; it’s been years now and we’re headed to forever together. I want you always by my side in this journey.

87. You’ve been my life’s greatest inspiration since I met you. You’re like first light after a very long and dark night. You’re my golden morning sun. Thank you so deeply.

88. You remember that day we met, how we were so nervous to converse with each other? I was personally dumbstruck to be in the presence of someone like you. The truth is that, though it’s been years, I still find myself looking for words to say when I’m with you. You bring fresh air into my life.

89. Time will fail me if I’m to recount the smiles you’ve given me. Yes, there were times we felt far away from each other but through it all, you still showered me with love. I’ll always be there for you.

90. Your heartbeat is a rhythm for my soul. Your voice is an unexplainable melody I’ll forever keep in my heart. Thanks for giving me reasons to dance with joy.

91. Irrespective of the challenges we face in this relationship, let’s revel in this laughter we share. You’re joy personified and it radiates on everything and everyone you touch. I treasure your place in my world.

92. With this love, we can build a bridge across any obstacle that we face so that your heart and mine will always be connected no matter what happens. You’ve been an indispensable part of my existence and I don’t want to ever lose you.

93. I look forward to the day I’ll never be scared of losing you. You’ve been the sweetest part of my life since you came along. I’ll be as good as dead if I ever lost you.

94. My jaws ache each time I think about you. That’s because you make me laugh from the heart. We’ll always be together.

95. You’ve kissed all the hurts of this life away from me. Your smile gives me that assurance that you’ll always hold me close to you and I promise to be there always.

96. I can’t believe I almost spent my life searching for you. Thank God I found you when I did.

97. Before I met you, I basically knew just one colour; drab. You add colour to my world. Please, continue painting my love with the colour of your heart. I love you.

98. Don’t you see how our hands fit into each other? That’s because we’re meant to be. It all makes sense to me. Nothing can take away this pure joy you’ve given me.

99. Every little thing in my life adds up to you. You’re the multiplication table by which my emotions are calculated. My joy, peace and happiness are contingent on yours.

100. No amount of love songs I play can replace your soothing voice. No amount of cuddling the pillow can make me feel like it’s your touch. I’ve known true bliss from you. I’ll forever be in love with you.

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