2024 Awesome Thank You Lord Quotes for All Blessings

Whether or not you want to admit it, God has done so much for you. Much more beyond your own understanding and comprehension, even when you were totally undeserving.

You should thank the Lord for all of His blessings upon you and all yours. These messages and quotes would help you say “Thank You Lord” to Him. He deserves your praise at all times!

Thank You Lord Quotes for All Blessings

Beautiful collection of thank you lord quotes for all blessings.

1. For Your goodness and faithfulness, I am forever grateful Lord. Thank You for blessing me all the time.

2. For peace on every side, I’ve come to say “Thank You, Lord!”

3. For good health and sound mind, thank You for Your blessings, Lord.

4. You have been my Protection and Shield, thank You Lord for being a good Father.

5. For Your grace which I have received of Your fullness oh Lord, I’ve come to say “Thank You”. You deserve the lifting of my hands!

6. Because You chose me and called me son, I am forever grateful to You Lord. I am proud to call You Father too!

7. Oh Lord, more than anything else, I thank You because You are my Father and Lord. Thank you, Jesus, for always being there for me.

8. For my parents who you have kept in good health and sound mind, I am eternally grateful Oh Lord!

9. Lord, I am thankful for my friends and family who You always keep and sustain. You are God alone!

10. Dear Lord, I’m thankful to You for journey mercies you grant me and all mine all the time. You are a covenant-keeping God!

11. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for dying on the cross to save me. There is no greater love and blessing than this!

12. Lord, You remain my Sustainer and Sufficiency. I worship and praise You for all You do!

13. To the All-Sufficient and ever faithful God, I say “Thank You, Lord”. You are God alone!

14. I bless and worship the Lord who was and is and is to come. Jehovah is His name. Thank You, Lord!

15. God of all ages, I thank You because You chose to bless me among many. I am grateful for Your grace Lord.

16. Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for the air I breathe without paying a dime and for being a good Father to me. Your name is praised on high.

17. I want to thank you Oh Lord for eternal life in You. Nothing else gives greater Joy than the assurance that I have abundant life in You!

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18. You protected me from all evils and made me triumph over my enemies. I’m grateful for these and much more blessings, dear Lord!

19. God of all ages, thank You, Father, because You always show up for me even when all hope seems to be lost. Glory to Your name in the Highest!

20. My Lord and King, I bless Your Name and worship You because You surround me with beautiful things in all ways. I’m grateful for Your grace Lord.

21. For the beautiful children you gave me to surround my table and call me blessed, I give You praise Oh Lord!

22. I’m eternally indebted to God for His timely blessings and favour, which most of the time, I do not deserve.

23. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the privilege of knowing You and being called Your Son.

24. If God is for me, nothing and no one else can be against me. And this is the confidence I have in Him! Thank You, dear Lord, for the privilege.

25. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for protecting my going out and coming in. It’s all by Your mercies I am not consumed.

26. Different kinds of accidents and insurgencies happen all around me but Your words say they shall not come near me because I am Yours. Thank You, Lord!

27. For my friends, family and loved ones, thank You Lord for extending Your Hands of protection and guidance to them too.

28. My Lord and King, You blessed me and my family beyond my expectations and imaginations. I’m forever grateful for everything You do for us.

29. Thank You oh Lord for my business which keeps thriving and blossoming. Glory to Your Name in the highest.

30. Thank You, Lord, for blessing the works of my hands and granting me a favour in the sight of my boss.

31. Thank You, Lord, for everything You have done. You deserve all the worship and glory.

32. Lord, I thank You for the blessings of the rain and sunshine that You extend towards us in due season. Thank You for pouring out Your blessings upon us.

33. I thank You Oh Lord for journey mercies I enjoy at all times. You are worthy of my thanks.

34. I’m eternally grateful to You oh Lord for my parents who You blessed me with even without me asking. Thank You for keeping them in good health.

35. Lord, I thank You for the past, the present I’m in right now, and the beautiful future I see ahead. Glory to Your name!

36. Lord, You have been faithful. I just want to say thank You for being the Lord of my life!

37. Dear Lord, thank You for the beautiful future I have in you. Thank You because all things work together for my good.

38. Thank You, Lord, because You gave me free air to breathe in and out and Your grace has been my sustenance.

39. I thank You, Lord, for strength in my bones, marrow, blood and tissues. Thank You for all-around sound health and wellness.

40. I give You thanks oh Lord for the privilege I have to be among the living souls. I do not take Your grace over my life for granted!

41. For every day and night, I say thank You Lord for the gift of life.

42. Thank You, Lord, for the sun, moon and stars that shine on me. Thank You for all the gifts You give freely.

43. I thank You, Lord, for strength and fortitude to forge ahead in life even when things seem to be going wrong. Thank You for everything.

44. Thank You, Lord, for Your love and goodness upon me and all mine. You’ve always been faithful.

45. Thank You for guiding me throughout the perils of the night and for a beautiful day. Thank You for every new day!

46. Dear, Lord, I just thank You for all Your blessings. I have been undeserving and yet, You remain a faithful Father.

47. I thank You, Lord, for significant progress and breakthrough in my life. Thank You, Lord, for seeing me through all my endeavours.

48. I may not have all that I desire just yet but I’m grateful for the moment and where You are taking me.

49. Many are dead right now and so much more are only existing. But thanks to You Lord that I am alive and by Your grace.

50. Thank You Lord for the friends and relatives You surround me with who stand as sources of encouragement for me.

51. Thank You, Lord, for the safety of my friends and family home and abroad. Praise be to Your Holy Name.

52. Thank You, Lord, for opportunities and privileges that abound unto me. Thank You for Grace.

53. Without good health, I definitely won’t be able to say “thank you” so I’m grateful to You Lord for blessing me with good health.

54. Thank You, Lord, for my country and for Your peace that would continue to reign. Thank You for blessing our land and her inhabitants.

55. Thank You, Lord, for the bad and ugly times which have taught me to seek and trust You the more.

56. Thank You, Lord, for the blessings I see and the ones I’d get to see. For all blessings physical and spiritual, I am grateful.

57. I thank You Lord for the talents and abilities You’ve bestowed upon me. Thank You Lord cos I’ll continue to use them all to Your glory.

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58. Thank You, Lord, for all You have given me. From the very least of my possession to the greatest of them all. Thank You for everything.

59. Thank You, Lord, for my beautiful wife who has become a great source of strength and support for me. She’s a great blessing.

60. I thank You, Lord, for my husband and for Your love concerning him. Thanks for being his Father so He would be able to father us better.

61. Lord, I am thankful for the beautiful children whom you gave me to surround my table and make me happy. They are blessed by You all the more.

62. I thank You, Lord, for my parents. Thank You for your strength and goodness over them both. Continue to preserve and sustain them in Jesus name.

63. Thank You, Lord, for divine riches, wealth and abundance. Thank You because I lack nothing good. I have all I need in You.

64. Thank You, Lord, for the right sets of friends You brought me in contact with. They have been a great source of strength and blessing for me and have become my family.

65. I thank God because I am privileged to be one of the most blessed and favoured humans God created. Thank You, Lord, for the privilege.

66. Thank You, Lord, for life. I am alive and well. Thank You for the privilege.

67. I thank You, Lord, because I do not have any course to be in the hospital or in a bad situation at the moment.

68. God, I thank You for the new mercies I see every morning. Great is Thine faithfulness Lord unto me.

69. From the beginning of the year until now and forever, I thank You Lord for always being my source of strength and hope.

70. Even when situations turn around and it seems God isn’t on my side anymore, thank You Lord for always showing up, still.

71. I give You thanks dear Lord because You are God alone and all by Yourself. You are glorious dear Lord.

72. Lord, I thank You for the journey of life. Thank You for going through it all with me and for the victory that awaits me!

73. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life even though I’ve not been grateful enough for the big things that seem little to me.

74. Thank You, Lord, for Your abundant grace and mercy which You have lavished me with. Your name is praised.

75. Because You are my Refuge and Fortress, my present Help in times of need, I say a big thank You, Lord. You deserve all the glory.

76. I worship Your name and give thanks to You for You are great and awesome in Your ways. Thank You for the grace to know You.

77. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for every good and perfect gift which comes only from You.

78. Lord, I thank You for Jesus Your Son through whom the whole world is saved. This is the greatest blessing.

79. I thank You, Lord, for You never leave me or put me to shame. You are always there for me. Always!

80. Because of who You are and for what You’ve made me be in You, I say thank You, Lord.

81. Thank God for every part of my body which all function perfectly.

82. Thank You, Lord, for mental and emotional strength. Thank You because I’m not weak in any way.

83. I thank You, Lord, for my possessions, my house, cars and everything You gave me. Thank You, Lord.

84. Thank You, my Father and Lord, for Your love that has been shed abroad in my heart. Thank You faithful Father.

85. Thank You, Lord, for everything You do! Your name be praised oh Lord.

86. My enemies stand against me day and night but you deliver me from them all. Thank You, Lord, for victory.

87. I thank the Lord for His constant care and love for me. He treats me as though I’m His only child!

88. Thanks be to the Lord who has not withheld the gift of life from us. He has blessed us richly with all spiritual blessings.

89. I give all the thanks to You Lord because You did not allow the devil to be lord over my life. Keep taking charge Lord. I crown You King over my life.

90. Thank You, Lord, for protecting my going out and coming in. It’s been by Your grace that I am not consumed. Your love is more than words can say.

91. Because You always hear me when I call and You never let me down, I thank You, Lord.

92. If God be for me, no one else can be against me! Thank You, Lord, for being for me all the time.

93. In grateful to the Lord for His loving kindness over me which is even better than life! Thank You for the privilege of knowing You.

94. I thank You, Lord, for the peace that transcends all understanding that You’ve always showered on me.

95. I give thanks to the Lord Jesus for always being my Protector and Provider. You are worthy of my praise!

96. I thank You, Lord, for where You brought me from, for what You are doing with me right now, and for the greater future You promised!

97. Thank You, Lord, for Your only begotten Son, Jesus who You gave us all to be saved. Thank You for loving the world and giving up Your Son for our sake.

98. I give thanks to You, the Lion and the Lamb for standing as a Lamb to fight for me and as a Lamb to comfort me! Thank You, Lord.

99. I am thankful to You for a beautiful new day You made me see and I trust that You will see me through it. Thank You, Lord, for every day.

100. Lord, no matter how much I try to think about it, I can’t thank You enough for all Your blessings over me because they are beyond measures. But still, I will never stop thanking You for everything! Thank You, Lord, for all Your blessings!

101. Thank You Lord four delivering me from every sickness and not letting the diseases of the Egyptians come upon me.

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