Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Yourself2C Friends Loved Ones

2024 Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Yourself, Friends & Loved Ones

At the beginning of every year we write out plans for the year. Our goals and objectives for the year. We then break these plans into months and days. Each month for each task, each day for each exercise.

We then try as much to make our days productive. Going by our human strength some things might be impossible but we all know that “With God all things are possible”. Then prayer sets in and takes its place to crown our efforts.

Wondering how to pray for a good day, a productive day? You’re in the right place.

Here you’ll find most Powerful Morning Prayers and Awesome Good Morning Prayer Quotes you can use as prayer points for a good day.

No thanks, it’s why we are here, Shalom!

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Morning Prayers for Friends and Family

Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Friends and Family

Number 1 – 30 are short but Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for your family and friends; 31 – 40 are long ones for them.

 Good Morning Prayer

1. As you step out today you receive insight and precision in everything that you do in Jesus name.

2. The wisdom of God is made available for you to make the right decisions in all your dealings today.

3. As you start a new day, may you be at the right place at the right time in the right company to find favour in the sight of men and God.

4. Beyond your strength may God crown your efforts with great success in all the things that you do this day and forever.

5. Lines fall for you in pleasant places today, protocols are broken for your sake and you enjoy the ease in all that you do. Your day is blessed!

6. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength as you go through today in Jesus name.

7. You shall not lack or want anything good today. All that you need is made available unto you. I pray for you that by the end of today you shall have testimonies in Jesus name.

8. The dawn of a new day is a sign that there’s hope for greater things to come.
May the hope kindled in you be perfected with good things for the rest of the day.

9. As you go through the day, you stay out of trouble and trouble in any form shall not locate you.

10. All of the tasks ahead of you for the day is carried out with ease, supernatural speed and divine perfection in Jesus name.

11. I pray for you and the whole of your family that you go out in peace and return in peace with testimonies of a fruitful day in Jesus name.

12. May good things locate you all through the day as you walk in grace and operate in the supernatural.

13. I wave every signal of evil hovering around you today by the mighty power of Jesus, that you may have every cause to thank God at the end of the day.

14. Today, the Lord shall prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies, and as your head is already announced with oil you make the right decisions in Jesus name.

15. That thing you’ve been trying to do without result, I decree that before the end of today you shall rejoice in success in the name of Jesus.

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16. I ask Lord for my family that we go out today, do exploits and bear fruits in Jesus name.

17. As carriers of your grace, we ask Lord that we manifest today in everything that we do and our activities yield results in Jesus name.

18. Lord as my family goes out today, we shall not contact any form of implication or incrimination in Jesus name.

19. Every form of an accident on our way today, we pray them cancelled by fire in Jesus name.

20. That we stay away from danger is our request today Lord. That as we go out in peace we return in one piece in Jesus name

21. I pray Lord, against every form of stagnancy as I journey through today in Jesus name.

22. Gracious God, I commit my family I to your hands today, that as they go out, they shall return with a mouth full of praises for a day well spent in the name of Jesus.

23. Everlasting King of Glory, I pray Lord that you bless us today, prosper us today and let us see your hands in everything that we do today. In Jesus name, Amen.

24. I pray for you that you do not fall short of expectations today and you meet your desired target in Jesus name.

25. Because you are the beloved of the Father and joint heirs with Christ, everything that you touch today is blessed in Jesus name.

26. Good things shall be said and heard of you today as you step out in Jesus name.

27. I decree Divine guidance and supernatural security over my life and family today, all that we own is secured in God’s hands as we journey through the day in Jesus name.

28. We make the right connections and meet the right people today in Jesus name.

29. Every enemy of progress that’s channelled our way today be scattered and may we experience progress in all our dealings.

30. Today Lord, may there be confusion in the camp of our enemies, that they may be disturbed and allow for our own path to be smooth in Jesus name.

31. Lord, I carry the whole of my family under your canopy of protection today that as they (we) go about our several businesses, we are protected from every form of evil or danger. That we do not encounter any form of battle or commotion *and we do not involve with any. All of this and much more we ask for today in Jesus name.

32. I put my family under your umbrella of grace and watchful eyes today Lord. That as they go out, they occupy and take territories in Jesus name. Because Lord you have given us dominion over everything on earth and whatever we bind on earth is bonded in even, I channel that dominion into everything that every member of my family does today, that we take charge in Jesus name, Amen.

33. I pray for my friends and associates today Lord, that you go before them and settle things on their behalf in Jesus name. That you straighten every crooked path and arrange every disorderliness that might be awaiting them today in every one of their activities. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers, Amen.

34. My family is in your able hands, Lord. That as we go out today we do not meet with the wrong people. That every negative association is distorted in Jesus name. That every enemy disguised as a friend, our eyes of understanding are enlightened to recognise them and discard them off our business. That we may give thanks and glorify your Holy name, Amen.

35. My family is under your control Father, that as they go out today in search of daily bread I pray that they do not come in contact with anything that’ll consume them In Jesus name. For you said in your word Lord that you shall. Rebuke the devourer for our sakes, the devourer is rebuked in their lives in Jesus name.

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36. I pray for all my friends dear God, that in their endeavours today and every other day of their lives, may they not lose themselves while trying to harness wealth in Jesus name. That you Lord set a reminder of their inheritance in Christ Jesus in their hearts, that they may be guided aright, Amen.

37. That my family and friends stay away from any form of controversy or it’s resemblance today is what I ask Prince of Peace. That any form of stain to their reputation and everything they stand for is waved in Jesus name, and that they come out clean from any form of incrimination, Amen.

38. Perfect health is communicated to my family and friends at this time. That they may recall today as a day of perfect healing in their lives. That by the end of the day Father may they be in sound health and communicate testimonies of your healing power to all in Jesus name.

39. Every crisis eating deep into the families of my friends and me, I declare today as the day of settlement in Jesus name. I trust in you Lord that when you step in everything is settled. Take charge of our families today and settle every form of disagreement and misunderstanding in Jesus name. That by the end of the day I hear good news for every angle, Amen.

40. The power to control anger and any form of the physical altercation is bestowed upon each and every one of my family members today and for the rest of their lives in Jesus name. That they may pursue peace with all men and be partakers of God’s promises, Amen.

Morning Prayers for Yourself

Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Yourself

Number 41 – 60 are short but Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for yourself; 61 – 70 are long ones for yourself. They are prayer points to use for yourself on a daily basis.

41. I surrender all into your hands today Lord, that you take full charge of my activities that I might be a success in Jesus name.

42. As I step out today, I cover myself and everything connected to me with the blood of Jesus, that no evil shall come my way today in Jesus name.

43. I declare into my day, that I am favoured beyond human reasoning. That I find favour in the hands of God and men and all that I desire for the day is achieved in Jesus’ precious name.

44. May no danger befall me today Lord, that I stay safe and away from any form of danger is all I ask Lord for today and forever.

45. Every form of illness that might slow me down in today’s activities, no matter how minor, Lord I take them away in Jesus name.

46. That I operate with ease and I deliver with precision, that I satisfy my boss and customers in today’s transactions I’ll I ask Lord in Jesus name.

47. Gracious Father, I ask that you keep me safe in your hands, against every form of ambush or vulnerability, that I would not be a victim today and forever, Amen.

48. Deliver me not Lord, into the hands of my enemies this day. That I dwell under your canopy of protection today Lord in Jesus name, Amen.

49. Every obstacle channelled on my path today, I cancel them in Jesus name.

50. I receive the unction for productivity as I step out today, that I shall not labour in vain Lord. Everything that I lay my hands on shall yield in Jesus name.

51. Today Lord, everything would work together for my good*

52. Nature would conform to my plans for today because I have God as my support, the sun shines to my advantage and rain falls for my good in Jesus name.

53. Because Lord you have promised me of victory through Christ Jesus, today, I am a winner and never a loser in Jesus mighty name.

54. May sounds of joy erupt from my mouth by the end of today Lord for all of my activities are blessed in Jesus name.

55. Supernatural strength to carry through Lord I receive for today in Jesus name.

56. My eyes are open Lord, to hear your instructions for me today, that I may abide by them and have all the cause to glorify your Holy name by the end of the day, Amen.

57. In all of my businesses today Lord, may I profit and not run at a loss in Jesus name.

58. I pray that any of the services I render today Lord, may I not be unpaid or underpaid at the end of it all, Amen.

59. May my struggles and hustle never lack results today in Jesus name.

60. Lord, I pray that my moral and spiritual ideologies team up today to keep me away from bad decisions and corrupt practices in Jesus name, Amen.

61. Good Lord, I pray that you bring my way good people that’ll positively influence my growth for the day. That I may make meaningful progress and achieve the set goal Lord in Jesus name.

62. As I step out today, may I cross paths with destiny helpers that would make the day a memorable one for me. I hereby cancel every obstacle that may hinder our meeting Lord in Jesus name. That at the end of it all may I have the full cause to glorify your Holy name, Amen.

63. Father, I pray, that you lead me not into temptation today. That I shall not face any trial beyond my faith and that I stand strong in the face of any form of tribulations in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

64. Lord today, referrals that would bless my life and business is all I ask for. That I’ll connect with someone that knows someone that’ll need my services or goods today and not owe me, Lord. That I may make good profits and be glad Lord in Jesus name.

65. As I go about my activities for the day, I declare that my memory is blessed. That I may give attention to details and I do not forget anything. That I have easy assimilation and comprehension, that I have precision and direction Lord to major in the major and minor in the minor. All of this I declare in the might power of Jesus, Amen. Morning Prayer for Strength and Wisdom

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66. O Lord I ask, that I’m able to meet up with every deadline I have today. That I do not work under pressure but with supernatural speed and accuracy. Prompt delivery Lord in today’s activities that my customers, teachers and bosses may be impressed and you be glorified through me in Jesus name, Amen.

67. I pray Lord today that may I never be stranded or short on anything in Jesus name. I have everything that I need sufficiently; money, resources, materials, strength, wisdom, connection, speed and everything else Lord in Jesus name.

68. Today, Lord I pray that may I be a Victor and not a victim, in Jesus name. I come by every form of robbery attack or fraud programmed in my path Lord is cancelled by your mighty power.
That I go out in whole and come back multiplied and not reduced in Jesus name, Amen.

69. May I locate mercy and may mercy locate me today Merciful Lord. That I see our and of mercy in everything that I do today. That I am merciful to others and I receive the same from others too.
Gracious God your grace hovering over me shall not cease this day and forever Lord in Jesus name, Amen.

70. The love of God that is shed abroad in my heart be given full expression in every one of my dealings today. Allow me, Lord, to dish out your love in everything that I do and everyone I come across today. That I have testimonies of your sacrifice of love for me and me for others at the end of the day in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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