prayers of praise and thanksgiving

2024 Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving to God

For every day we live, we involve in different transactions, something in exchange for another: money in exchange for goods or services.

Same way, we have most importantly, the gift of life and every other of life’s blessings – which includes the air that we breathe. If we’re to give something in exchange for all of these to the Supreme being, what do you think it’d be?

He’s all sufficient so He doesn’t need our money. He’s all knowing so we can’t offer Him knowledge. We can however praise and thank Him for His mercies, which is all that can contain him -our undiluted praises and thanksgiving.

Here are “thankful” prayers of thanksgiving that can be offered to God, which is the little we can give in exchange.

Short Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving

1. Ancient of days, the I am that I am, I worship you and glorify your holy name. For your wondrous works in my life I exalt you Lord. My mouth shall forever sing songs of praises unto you my redeemer.

2. Rock of Ages, my trust and confidence I exalt you Lord. Because I put my trust in you and you did not put me to shame. Excellent King I give thanks to your Holy name. Eyes have not seen neither has eyes heard these miraculous things you have done for my family and I.

3. Jehovah Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end I say thank you Lord. You lifted me and placed me on the high where I least expected. Father accept my thanksgiving offering as no amount of money or material resources can contain you.

4. You have proven yourself as God over and over again! You did it in the past and you’ve done it again-my God you are too good, Eternal rock of ages I adore you. Forever would I praise, forever would I worship your Holy name.

5. If I have a thousand tongues Lord, it won’t be enough to sing your praises. Beyond every human and physical comprehension you have done such great and abundant thing for me. Lord you’re highly magnified.

6. You are worthy to be glorified amazing Jesus. Only has done what no man can do. Mighty man in battle you have calmed the great storm. Forever I am indebted to you glorious king.

7. Oh I rejoice gracious God for you have caused your face to shine upon me and filled my life with joy. Heavenly King of Glory I give my all to you, the entirety of my being give thanks now and forever for your amazing grace.

8. Light in the darkness you have lighted up our lives. You have deposited a great blessing into this family. For you shut the mouth of the enemies we say thank you Lord, for working wonders and doing miracles you alone be forever praised because you alone are God.

9. Not by my night Lord of by my power but you Lord have strengthened me and seen me through. For this and many more Lord I praise you, I say thank you loving Father. Accept my thanksgiving and praises Lord in Jesus name.

10. My pillar and confidence, sweet Jesus loving Father, all praises, honour and adoration be unto you forever more. God of awesome wonders I thank you for your wonders in my life. Glory Hallelujah to your name Father, Prince of peace accept my thanks in Jesus name.

Prayers of Praise to God

11. When my back was against the world and I thought that it was over you have made a way. Where there seems to be no way you have opened a path for me. I praise you Lord I appreciate you Lion of the tribe I’d Judah.

12. Thank you Lord for everything you have done. Jesus I bless you for you are at the centre of it all, it has always been you. I appreciate you Father. From generations to generations you’re Lord, your name be praised forever and ever.

13. All powerful, All glorious, shepherd of my soul I have come before you with praises and thanksgiving. Thanks for your guidance and protection. Your provision and security over me and my family. Everlasting Father I bless you, I worship you Lord be thou exalted. Praises, glory and honour be unto your name mighty Father.

14. Lord I thank you for you have done what my fathers cannot do. King I’d Glory you have been enthroned in my life and you have done exceedingly abundantly far above what I could have asked or think. Bright and morning star I give thanks and praises to your name.

15. Glory be to God in the highest for I have seen the miraculous, Lord. The whole of me sings songs of your praises and love and mercies. From generation to generation you never change my sweet friend. I celebrate you for this mighty wonder you have done for me.

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16. How many of your wonders can I count Lord? Uncountable are your mercies mighty saviour, my heart leaps for joy for you have added unto me. You have fulfilled your promises over my life.
All that I have and all that I am belongs to you Lord, accept my thanks in Jesus name.

17. Much more than I deserve Lord you have favoured me. You have chosen me out of many and selected me out of multitude for your favour .
No amount of words is enough to sing your praises beautiful Jesus. Forever be praised forever your worshipped, my praises and thanksgiving unto you oh Lord.

18. Lord of all sufficiency I thank you for your sufficiency in every area of my life. When I had nothing to live on you came through sufficiently for me. Praises and honour be into the Jehovah Shamma . Only you would I praise only you would I give my thanks because you have done marvelous things in my life, much more than I can ever imagine. Till the end of time, my mouth would sing of your good deeds in my life.

19. Lord of all possibilities, you said in your word that with you all things are possible. I worship you Lord because you have indeed made all things possible for me. The God of my salvation and my strength from time to time, He who lives in me that is greater than he who lives in the world you have shown yourself mightily once again. I adore you and I glorify your Holy highness, your reign is forever as my songs of praises unto you Lord .

20. Elohim Adonai I rejoice greatly at the level of mercy I have received. You have blessed me and multiplied me in all sides, I don’t know how but you did it!
Everything that has life in me praises and give thanks to your Holy name.

Thanksgiving Prayer to God

21. You are glorious Father. I lift you high I exalt you Father, you are just always right in time Lord. For your timely wonders I sing praises to your Holy name.

22. All powerful All glorious God. My provider I glorify you mighty Father for through you I forever reign in victory. I will praise you till the kingdom comes.

23. Dependable Father thanks for making me a blessing to myself and my generation. I call you blessed for you have so blessed me.
Eternal rock of ages I revere you.

24. Unchangeable God you are enough for me. I will follow you for life mighty King because you have done marvelous things in my life.
Precious Father I bow before your throne and worship at your feet.

25. Lord you are reliable. I put my trust in you and you never let me down. Above it all you miraculously did the miraculous. All praises and thanks be unto you Father. My heart leaps for Joy for this great miracle. Jehovah you alone be glorified.

26. How many of your goodness shall I count Lord? You are the only God and there’s no one like you. You have made my dreams come true when I least expected Lord, awesome is your name miracle worker. Be lifted high I am that I am.

27. Yahweh Lord you have satisfied me. Beyond what I can contain you have deposited into me, Loving King I appreciate you. I praise you Yahweh I give all my thanks to you.
Lord in heaven be forever glorified be forever adored. All of me sings songs of thanksgiving to all of you.

28. Son of God you are so good. For crowning my efforts with success I adore you. You kept me going and still prepared a table before me, Ancient of Days I praise you. You mean a lot to me and forever will I love you.

29. The owner of my soul I dance and rejoice in thanksgiving to you Lord for victory. For you have proven that you are always with me and never leave at any point. To you alone be all the glory Jehovah.

30. Inexhaustible God I thank you, forever I am grateful because your faithfulness is ever sure. Good God I praise you in the highest.

Gratitude Prayer to God

31. All sufficient Father beyond all misery you have brought out the beauty. You have deposited your treasures into my life and family. We, forever, are witnesses of your mercies and love Father. God you’re sufficient for us.

32. I return all the glory to you Father because you have given me a “why” to live and shown me a “how” to live. Only you my God are the reason why I live, why I am and why I function. All glory all the praises to you Lord.

33. I will sing of your mercies Oh Lord forever and ever. I will glorify and adore your Holy name beautiful King. When all hope was lost you restored all glory, Father be thou magnified.

34. Giver of life I worship you, for preserving me I adore you. You gave life and sound health without anything in return. My praises and service unto you mighty Father.

35. Supernatural healer I praise you. You have met my circumstances with unlimited miracles, my healer and keeper I exalt your Holy name. For keeping me and making me a conqueror always, always would I praise your name.

36. Source of my joy and happiness, you have filled me from within Lord. Out of my mouth you have ordained strength and silenced my enemies. Thank you mighty God for your name is ever excellent in all the earth.

37. My Lord and God, I will praise you with my whole heart. O mighty one in the highest for you have preserved my right and my cause and given me a cause to rejoice and be glad.
The whole universe isn’t enough to praise you good Father.

38. For you are righteous Oh Lord and you have deposited your right standing into us. In everything that we do we are favoured because we have found right standing with you.
For this reason shall our tongues never cease to praise you Lord.

39. As you have said you have done. You said in your word that sorrow may last all the night but joy comes in the morning. You have given us your joy Lord for this we are grateful. Forever as your Word love the shall we sing songs of praises in adoration to your Holy name.

40. Mighty God I bow to you because you always surprise me. Always opening doors for me and you have done it again. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain for my sins,you alone be praised yesterday today and forever.

Appreciation Prayers to God

41. Thank you for yesterday, for today tomorrow and forever because you show yourself in grand and diverse manners all the time, you have done it again. Most merciful most benevolent I exalt your Holy name.

42. Strength of the helpless you have lifted up your hands and anointed my head. For eternal life I worship you Lord God. My king forever and ever I worship you for the amazing gift of salvation, I salute your majesty.

43. My solid foundation, the pillar that holds my life. Singing songs of praises and thanksgiving gladdens my heart because you deserve it and more. For being the shoulder that holds my cloth from falling I forever magnify you Lord.

44. I sit to count all of the things that you have done for me and it surprises me that I couldn’t even start from somewhere because you always surprise me.
Uncountable are your mercies Lord, I have lost count of your expressions of love to me. You have topped it with such great blessings I honour you Lord.

45. Like gold in pig shed Lord you have singled me out. You selected me for your favour mighty King. I am not Holy neither am I perfect but you love me so much to do such great thing. King of Glory I surrender all to you in worship and thanksgiving Lord.

46. Supreme advocate you have considered my case and risen up for me. All knowing omniscient God I exalt your Holy name. Be glorified Lord forever and ever.

47. Oh Lord you have dealt bountifully with me. For I trust in you Lord you have shown me so great a love.
Mighty man in battle I glorify your Holy name. My dearest God I lift up my hands to glorify your name oh Lord. Till the end of the world you remain God.

48. My heart rejoice in your salvation Lord God. You have snatched me from the hands of death and given me life. I’ve found joy deep down in my soul. This is enough reason to sing of your goodness from generation to generation, Father accept all honour.

49. Your mercies are new every morning Lord. You have enlightened my heart and eyes to witness the wondrous works and my mouth to sing praises unto your name. Thank you mighty God.

50. My rock, my fortress my deliverer I celebrate you for your goodness. For instilling your confidence into me to face my fears Lord I exalt your Holy name, be thou glorified and adored forever in Jesus name.

Long Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving to God

You can enjoy long prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God in this section

51. Mighty God we are thankful for how good you have been to us. For your blessings and amazing work in our lives we say “Thank you”. We appreciate your undiluted love and great care. Thank you for giving yourself so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Your name be forever praised. We ask Lord that you flood our eyes with light to see your hand in the littlest of things and appreciate you for them in Jesus’ name,Amen.

52. Dear Lord, we have come before you to offer our heartfelt gratitude. For your protection over our lives and divine provision. Father we say thank you because you’re merciful. Your mercies are new every morning so would our praises and thanksgiving be unto you. Accept our sacrifice of thanksgiving in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

53. Father in heaven, I glorify and adore your Holy name. For who I am and all that you have made me. Your grace is all that has kept me going. Lord I ask that you continually work in my life that I may walk worthy unto all pleasing before you. Fill me with enough wisdom to always return the glory unto you. Thank you mighty God for you are God. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

54. Heavenly Father we thank you for provision. For the food that you provide so that we do not go hungry. For sound health and peace of mind. We thank you Lord for we are alive and as long as we live we pray that we are always reminded of these things that you have done and never cease to appreciate you for them. Thank you Lord for accepted praises in Jesus’ name, Amen.

55. Good God, glory honour and adoration be unto your name. For who you are and all the things that you do for us. We see these things and we do not take them for granted. In this light we have come to say thank you Lord. May our mercies forever abide with us, Amen.

56. O Lord, we know that we are undeserving of all the blessings you shower upon us. Out of your infinite live and grace you continually bless us, not by our good deeds or pure service. We hereby give thanks to your Holy name for these things. We appreciate you Lord and we ask that we are stirred up by this act that we may render in service to others good deeds too. Accept our praises in Jesus’ name.

57. Heavenly Father, thank you for your love. Thank you for food, Thank you for clothing, Thank you for shelter, Thank you for sound health, Thank you for guidance and protection. All of these and many more is why I’ve come to thank you because you’re God. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

58. O Lord our Rock and Fortress. The shepherd of our souls all glory be unto you.
For you have done great things, For you do mighty and glorious things, For your kingdom reigns forever, For you are our keeper, For you are God alone. For these reasons may your name be highly exalted. That we may continually be partakers of your blessings and we may forever adore your Holy name, Amen.

59. Your mercies we cannot count, Your goodness we cannot keep tab of, Your love is immeasurable, Your blessings abound uncountable. We your children in this light, have come before you with hearts filled with sings if thanksgiving. May our service of praise be acceptable unto you Lord.

60. Your wonderful works O Lord are so much that you have done. Your thoughts if good and not of evil towards us to give us an expected end cannot be recorded, great are they in number. You do not take any offering whether of ram or of bullock. We delight to do your will and continually give thanks for all that you do, Amen!

61. I shall not hide your righteousness Lord but I shall speak of them in public and midst of many. Your loving-kindness and tender mercies are innumerable. I ask Lord that you be pleased to accept my prayer of thanksgiving and appreciation, that you alone be magnified In Jesus’ name.

62. O Lord our help, you deliver us in times of trouble and preserve us. You have blessed us on earth and strengthened us above sicknesses. You are merciful O Lord and have risen for us. We cannot repay you for all of these but we give praise and thanks to you, the One that deserves it. Set us before your face forever and cause your light to shine upon us, Amen and Amen.

53. Blessed be the Lord God of Isreal, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Heavenly places. Glory be unto your Holy name, the Lamb that was slain for our sins. We pray out our hearts to you in praise of the good things you have done and that you’ll do. We praise you for your song shall be with us and your loving kindness endureth forever and ever.

64. My God, the help of my countenance. I have put all my hope in you and you have sent out your light and your truth. We have heard with our ears and seen with our eyes the deeds that you have done and continually do. We have been favoured by you for you have not put us to shame. We have enjoyed you as shepherd over us. We have come to understand that you never leave us or cast your face against us and we have come to praise you and thank your Holy Highness. Our act of thanksgiving be accepted in the name of Jesus, Amen.

65. Thank you Lord for you have blessed us forever.
Thank you God for you have prospered us.
Thank you God for you have poured your grace upon us.
Thank you God for your throne is forever and ever, Amen.

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66. I worship you my Lord God, with gladness and rejoicing I revere you my saviour. My help in times of trouble. For the rest of time, even if the earth is removed, I’ll praise you forever and ever.

67. Holy Lord, our refuge. Lord Most High you are awesome, King of all the earth. Teach us Lord to comprehend the great inheritance you have chosen for us, and the knowledge of this spur us to extend our services to others. We sing praises to our King forever in Jesus name, Amen.

68. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Great is your love and mercies in our lives. Great are your miracles signs and wonders. Great are you Lord from the beginning to the end .Greatly we praise and adore you Great God. Accept our thanks in all your greatness. In Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen.

69. As your name is to the end of the earth, so is your praise O God. Mighty is your move amongst us and great is your presence in our lives. May you be forever praise for you are our God for ever and ever.

70. Mighty One, Good Lord. From the rise of the sun till its going down you’re good. We love you just as much and we ask that you abide with us till everlasting. Thank you good God, you alone deserve the praise.

71. Heavenly father, the God of all grace and wonders. I’ve come to thank you for all you’ve done for me. And I know that I just can’t thank you enough for them all. My heart, soul and body will live to praise your name for your wondrous works. I’m amazed for it all and I bless you forever.

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