Best Samples of Prayer for Thanking God for Answered Prayers in 2024

You know the joy one has and how one feels when a prayer is answered by God, the elation always knew no bounds.

It is good to rejoice to answered prayers and to show an act of appreciation to God, who is the source of everything, because, if we are thankful our tank shall be full.

Don’t hesitate to thank God by reading and praying it in your heart to God, from the thanksgiving prayers below.

Best Prayer for Thanking God for Answered Prayers

A thanksgiving prayer is a prayer of gratitude rendered to the God of all as we receive His abundant grace in every sphere of life. Therefore prayer of thanks is crucial in our lives as we embark on our daily activity and we must not be short of this if we will not be numbered among the ungrateful nine lepers.These best prayer for thanking God for answered prayer is here to make you offer sincere thanks to the God of all for answered prayer.Go ahead to pick any of these for your sacrifice of thanks.

1. All glory, honour and adoration be to God, for his love, mercy and goodness in my life. I thank him for his unflinching favour and his unstoppable kindness.

2. My praise I give unto you oh Lord! The giver of life and hope. I adore you for your goodness over my life and family. Thank you for the favour you shows and blessings you pours. Thank you for everything.

3. Great is the Lord and is great to be praised. I will praise thee oh Lord for you are terrible. Thank you for your provision, for all the good and precious gifts you have given me including life.

4. Jehovah I adore you, I praise you for you are the shield of my life, the protector of my soul, you protect me from evil and casualties, thank you so much, Lord.

5. What shall I render to thee, for all your goodness over my life, I will render praises unto you God, the owner of my soul? You save me from the power of hell. I also bless your majesty for your abundant grace upon my life.

6. Oh Lord my God, how excellence is thy works towards my life, you are good and kind to me, every reason to praise you for the great achievement in my place of work.

7. I offer unto God sacrifices of praise with the lip of my mouth. Thank you for your grace in my life, family, work, home. I can’t thank you enough oh God.

8. There is no holy as the Lord, who has protected me from all evil. You always keep me and my home in safety, without you, there is no me. Thank you for everything Lord Jehovah.

9. Thank God for my upliftment and success in my working place. You are God that set high and raise the poor out of the dunghill to sit and dine among the princes. Thank you, God, for the promotion.

10. I lift up my voice unto you God, I know that death cannot praise thee, neither those that go into the pit can hope for your faithfulness, thank you for the breath of life. I really thank you for everything Lord.

11. Thank God who is on my side, now I say: God you are so good and you are worthy of my praise. You give me success in my exam, adoration be to thy name oh Lord.

12. I have made a covenant with my mouth to always praise you, God. I appreciate you for the job offer, I’m highly indebted to you Lord.

13. My heart is fixed oh Lord, my heart is fixed I will praise your name forever. Your favour over me is enormous.

14. I bless the name of the Lord, for his merciful kindness is great toward me, and his truth endureth forever. Thank you, Lord.

15. I love the Lord, and I bless his holy name because the Lord has delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.

16. God you have been blessing me spiritually, financially, thank you, Lord.

17. I know I can’t thank you enough, but with my mouth, I will always tell of your goodness. Thank you, Lord, for your protection.

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18. I adore your love over my life and for keeping my marriage in peace and love. Thank you, Lord.

19. Without you I’m nothing, I appreciate you for the grace you given unto me to receive the promotion. I will forever praise you for this, Lord.

20. Thank you Lord for healing me, the healer of my soul, thank you, Lord.

21. Oh Lord, my shepherd thanks for your protection over my life since the beginning of this month to the end.

22. God my provider, I return the glory and honour to you for your provision in my life. Be adored oh Lord forever!

23. You are truly a miracle working God. Thanks for the wonder you did, for the job offered to me. I can’t praise you enough, God.

24. Is not by my power, nor by my makings, thank God for the favour you shows and for the goodness you bestow.

25. I have been to all the earth and I have not seen anyone like you, You are the only God. Thank for the mercy you grant me in my journey in life, though I may not deserve it.

26. Great wonders come from you, thank you Lord for turning my life around. I will forever praise you, Lord.

27. You have made the hand that started this building to also finish it, I thank you for the completion of this building; truly if not of God who builds the house, the builder buildeth but in vain. Thank you, father, for the support.

28. God, you have been my provider since I have known you to be my Lord, thanks for the provision of everything.

29. You have shown me your favour over the work of my hands and you have cause it to flourish, thank you, Jesus.

30. I appreciate you moving those mountains away from my way and making impossibilities to be possible, thank you Lord of lords.

31. I was sick and fainted, but God you healed and revived me. Thank you, Lord, for the restoration.

32. I am so happy and rejoice in the Lord for the success in my exam.

33. The owner of gold and silver, I bless you for the wealth and riches you have blessed me with.

34. You are the one that saves me from the hand of my enemies and prevents them to defeat me. Thank you, Lord, for saving me.

35. O Lord thou are God over all the earth, I praise you and worship for your preservation over my marriage, you destroy the plans of the wicked to scatter my marriage. Thank you, Jesus.

36. I lift my voice to say thank you Lord for the mercy journey and safety to my destination.

37. I’m grateful to you God that I’m alive today in good and sound health, thank you, father.

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38. Hallowed be thy name oh Lord, for the breakthrough in all ramifications and endeavours of my life.

39. I will be an ingrate if I refuse to thank you, Lord, for saving my life from accident. Thank you, God, of heaven.

40. Thank you God for shining light into my path and destroying the power of darkness in my life.

41. You are God of hosts, you have fought the battle of my life and given me the victory. Thank you, Jehovah!

42. You broke the gate of brass and you cut the bars of iron in asunder. Glory be to your name Lord

43. Your praise oh Lord, shall not cease from my mouth, because you have turned my poverty into wealth.

44. From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised, you are worthy Lord for the gift of life.

45. I will praise thee with my whole heart before the gods will I sing praise unto thee; you make me prosper and do great. Thank you, father.

46. I bless the Lord because he has heard my voice and my supplications and he has granted unto me all my desires.

47. Lord, I return all the glory to you, over my health, finances, family. I say a big thank you, Lord.

48. I will bless the Lord from this time forth and forever. His mercy over me is enormous.

49. Thank God for the blessing of the new baby into my family. Forever be thou praised.

50. I thank God for the success of my wedding, I thank him for the sweetness he added to my marriage. You are good and kind, oh Lord.

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