2024 Powerful Prayer Quotes for Friends

Prayer is a means through which we communicate to our heavenly father.

We believe in God and his ability to help us out of difficult situations that is why we always call on God whether in thanksgiving or laying our burdens at his feet.

When our friends go through rough times, it also affects us and sometimes, there’s nothing we can do to help them, in those difficult times, we reach out to them with prayers believing that God will solve their problems.

Here are some prayer quotes to give your friends comfort and hope in their despair.

Best Prayer Quotes for Friends

If you are ever in doubt of how to support and comfort your friends in their times of need, these Powerful Prayer Quotes for Friends are what you need.

Friends are people who come into your life to make it easier and better.

However, sometimes our friends also experience periods of trials and needs and there’s nothing humanely possible we can do to help them.

But then, this is the time to hand our friends over to God for His divine interventions.

There’s no better way to show that you care by sending these Powerful Prayer Quotes for Friends to let them know that they are in your thoughts and prayers.

1. I want you to say a prayer of thanksgiving, for the Lord has restored your body and soul.

2. May Lord give you the grace to eat from the works of your hands.

3. One thing I’m sure of is this; heaven has heard you, help is on the way.

4. Season after season, may God’s favour never depart from you.

5. You are not alone, God’s grace speaks for you.

Prayer Quotes for Healing

Effective Prayer Quotes for Healing for loved ones.

1. There would be no more pain or sorrow or tears.

2. From the hair on your head to the sole of your feet, receive God’s healing.

Prayers Quotes for Healing

3. The Lord has taken away every pain from your body, every worry from your heart.

4. Because you trust in the Lord, your faith has made you well.

5. The Lord has renewed your strength, you are healed. Prayer for Strength and Courage in Difficult Times

6. There shall be no more sickness, no more infirmity in your body.

7. By the Master’s touch, receive your divine healing.

8. Rejoice, friend, for you have been made whole.

9. Prosper and be in good health now and always.

10. Your body shall not be frail, your spirit shall not grow weak.

Prayer Quotes for Job

Powerful Prayer Quotes for Job for loved ones.

11. God has enforced a miracle of recruitment in your life.

12. You shall have not just a workplace but a home, not just colleagues but a family.

Prayers Quotes for Job

13. Do you believe in wishes?, I just made one for you; a new job.

14. The wait is over. Cheers to new earnings.

15. You shall not just get a job, you shall create jobs.

16. Let your ideas sprout, let your knowledge increase, may your dreams become reality.

17. There is no room for idleness in your life.

18. I hope that you work for your dreams, I pray it provides your daily bread.

19. May your business blossom, may it flourish.

20. May the Lord bless every work you set out to do.

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Prayer Quotes for Help

Christian Prayer Quotes for Help.

21. You shall sing a new song to God for he has rescued you.

22. The Lord shall deliver you from all your afflictions.

Prayers Quotes for Help

23. You shall find help even in foreign places.

24. No good thing shall God withhold from you.

25. The Lord of heaven and Earth will show you mercy at all times.

26. You shall never be helpless, neither shall your troubles overwhelm you.

27. As captives are set free, your debts have been cancelled.

28. When you seek help, you shall find it.

29. The Lord will restore you to even greater heights.

30. You shall find the resources to take care of all your needs.

Prayer Quotes for Favour

Effective Prayer Quotes for Favour.

31. May the beauty of God’s love be upon you.

32. Receive favour to prosper in all that you do.

Prayers Quotes for Favour

33. The Lord bless and take care of you.

34. May the Lord hear you from on high when you call.

35. May the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.

36. Because the Lord has shown you favour, everything will work for your good.

37. You are outstanding, you are blessed.

38. People will go out of their way to help you.

39. You shall find favour in God’s presence.

40.Your joy will know no bounds for God has shown you mercy.

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Prayer Quotes for Grace

ALso see these powerful Prayer Quotes for Grace.

41. In the presence of God, grace abounds, you shall dwell in God’s presence now and always.

42. May the spirit of God’s grace never depart from you.

Prayers Quotes for Grace

43. The glory of the Lord is upon your soul and his grace abides with you.

44. May the Lord be Kind and Gracious to You.

45. When your strength fails you, the spirit of the Lord shall hold you up.

46. For you are no ordinary person, the grace of God has made you extraordinary.

47. Even the things you don’t deserve shall come to you.

48. Surely, you shall prosper, for God’s grace has broken every protocol.

49. May the father of Heavenly lights give you everlasting grace.

50. Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

Prayer Quotes for Peace of Mind

Best Prayer Quotes for Peace of Mind.

51. Let not your heart be troubled, God’s peace is upon you.

52. Give thanks to God our father who has blessed your soul with peace.

Prayers Quotes for Peace of Mind

54. And God shall restore peace to your mind.

55. Let there be calm in your soul and rest in your body.

56. May the Lord deliver you from all your troubles and give you peace.

57. Your life shall be long and your heart at peace.

58. May you have peace at all times.

59. And God’s peace which surpasses all human understanding will guide your mind and spirit in Christ Jesus.

60. Cast all your worries on Christ Jesus and he shall give you rest.

Prayer Quotes for Wisdom

Powerful Prayer Quotes for Wisdom.

61. You shall have knowledge. You shall not lack understanding.

62. I pray that you make the most of the opportunities you encounter.

Prayers Quotes for Wisdom

63. Let wisdom manifest in your words and actions.

64. The father of every good and perfect gift shall generously give you wisdom.

65. May you be humble, may you gain a heart of wisdom.

66. I pray that you hear God’s words and put them into practice.

67. The spirit of discernment shall be your daily companion.

68. May you find wise counsel when you need it.

69. Humble yourself before God and he will bless you with wisdom.

70. Let justice flourish in your home and wise words fill your heart.

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