2024 Apology Letters to Boyfriend After Fight

Sometimes, we can’t help it but fall short as humans. Even worse, when it seems like our loved ones are at the receiving end of our weaknesses.

The aftermath of a nasty fight with your boyfriend is always regret and when guilt overwhelms you, forgiveness and apology are what you seek to win your love back.

Here you are, to make it better, so worry not, as these apology letters are able to mend your broken boyfriend and as well atone for your sin.

Cute Apology Letter to Him After a Fight

Tongue and teeth do fight but they remain friend because they forgive and forget easily. You and your boyfriend just had a quarrel, do you know that claiming your right in some situation can make a quarrel linger than expected. Here Are apology Letters for Boyfriend you can send to him to put a stop to the misunderstanding and move on.

1. Can Apology Be Enough?

I’ve had to say sorry countless times for my wrong did. And here I am today again with loads of it.
I know it’s unfair to be part of this quarrel that led us this way.
But I’m sorry, love.
I’m really sorry that this happened to us.
Please forgive me, and forgive us.
We’ll be better.
I love you.

2. Forgiveness ennobles the soul and softens the heart.

Songwriters say “pleasure ennobles the soul and soften the heart” but a girl in love like me would say “forgiveness ennobles the soul and softens the heart”. My love, do not tarry from me, I apologize for my wrongdoing. Whenever I see us this way, it makes my heart sick and my stomach cramps. Kindly, bring me back home, your heart awaits my presence and I await your forgiveness. I’m so sorry.

3. Can this nightmare be over already?

The pain of separation lingers in my heart. Please, forgive me, only you can make me feel good once more by ending this lingering depression. The first thing I ask every dawn is “can this nightmare be over”? And the last I ask my self every dust is “will tomorrow be a brighter day”? When a girl is in love she does not only the beautiful things but also the foolish ones. Please, count this wrongdoing of mine as one of those foolish things. I’m repentant and I’m wiser. Let’s stop killing ourselves.

4. I want us back!

Sweetheart, I call you that, because indeed you own the sweetest of heart, your spirit is gentle and your words are comforting. I want us back, let our comeback be stronger than the strength of a woman in labour. Look into my eyes and see if the joy still exist, they went away with my offence. I sincerely apologize and I hope your arms will stretch out to my side.

5. A man who is in love is a forgiving man.

I’m sorry! I’ve tempted you, I’ve offended you and I’ve broken you. I hope the softness of your sweetheart will melt the magnitude of my offence. I want to believe that a man in love is a forgiving man. Don’t leave me by my lonesome, wrap me in forgiveness and deliver unto me joy. I’m tired of being stranded in my world of regret. I’m hopeful that our tomorrow will be blissful and I’m hopeful that I’ll be a better person for us.

6. I need you to stand one more time.

I need you to say that you love me again. I need you to look at me and find forgiveness irresistible. I need you to stand one more time by me. Please, forgive my stupidity. I’m determined to think before I act henceforth. I’ve fallen as human and I wanna rise as an angel for you. You deserve it! Please, don’t cease this love energy that exists between us. Don’t plunge into my eyes with regret, let your eyes be full of nothing but joy. I’ll give my last kiss to you, my last warmth to you and I’ll give my heart to you. Come back, please.

7. Don’t let the anger consume us.

I want to see your heart dazzling with love again. Don’t let this anger consume us. Let your ardour be of forgiveness. I wanna win your forgiveness with all the might of love in me and I wanna mend your heart with every repentance in me. You do not deserve the hurt either, do you deserve the brokenness. So, let me heal you. I’m sinking in shame and guilt, don’t bury me in a lifetime regret. Do forgive me for this.

8. You’re a prince.

You’re a prince, bearing in your heart ardour of forgiveness, tenderness, cheerfulness and love. Ironic! How inexplicable thoughts can be even by people swept off by love. I couldn’t express my self and though, in love I couldn’t understand you either. I’ve realized my mistakes and I promise to apply my heart to understanding. I believe in your heart lies the bottomless pit of forgiveness, I hope I can dive right in and earn one. Do me well, kindly do me good. I’m short of words, cause I came short of your forgiveness. Let your love be merciful once again.

9. I wish I could make it up to you.

I woke up with this thought ringing in my head and lingering in my heart “I wish I could make it up to you”. Then again, I realized that can be possible if only you’ll let me in, if only you don’t find my voice irritating and my words heartbreaking. Please, give me another chance like a father would give his son, give me another chance like a piano man will give his fingers. I wanna build love again with you and I wanna find love again in you. Please, do same with me.

10. I can’t go out, I don’t know who to trust.

Ever since life has turned against me and love has become soured for me, I’ve found myself in solitude. I simply can’t go out, I don’t know who to trust since the only man I trust is so far from me. I now see the world as a dangerous place cause, I found safety in your arms and now I’m stripped of it. Please, don’t make me feel naked, being in love covers one from pain. I need you to gift me forgiveness. I’m so sorry, I can’t explain it.

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11. A drop of forgiveness right into my heart would quench my thirst than a drop of water on my tongue. Don’t love me ambivalently, I want to be loved wholly. I’m sorry for my shortcoming and I believe I can make it up to you because love makes all things possible. I don’t wanna be a slave to anger, I don’t wanna be in chains of brokenness neither do I wanna see you visit me in the jail of separation. We can be better if you’ll give us another chance. In all sincerity, I’m deeply in love and not ashamed to plead for a reunion. I’m sorry!

12. Humility is my watchword henceforth. A humble person is the smartest of them all, that I’ve come to understand. Pride brings pain while humility brings joy. Please forgive my pride, love has humbled me and regret has brought me to my knees. I hope your love for me can bring me up. I wish the hands of time could be turned back. Alas! I can only wish this never happened. Forgive me sincerely! Forgive me deeply! Forgive me wholly. I want us back like the time of Romeo and Juliet.

13. How beautiful it is to be in love. How ugly it is to be seated on the verge of losing someone you love. Seeing your heart, it contains all the beatitude that exists. Baby, hold my hands don’t let me fall. Don’t repel me with your eyes. I need you in my life. I won’t let you go, I’ll catch you like a saucer catches each drop of water. Love might be shaken but it remains unmovable, don’t let this move us. I’ll ask for the umpteenth time for your forgiveness. Kindly forgive me.

14. I’m sorry for the fight. I shouldn’t be wrestling your heart, you’re my champion and you deserve to win the love lives in my heart. Please forgive me, sometimes, we don’t know how to react, sometimes, we overreact. In all of these, love is the saving grace. I don’t wanna eat without you, you’re the joy that keeps me hungry and gives me the will to eat. I’ll ask you to be the source of my joy once again. Plead forgive me, darling.

15. How beautiful it is for lovers to dwell in love and be forever wrapped in each other’s arm. You’re the reason I fell in love. Don’t lock me out of your heart, I’ll be a wanderer on the street if that becomes my fate. I did you wrong, I even stole your happiness away by my wrongdoing but kindly, understand that I’m eager to be everything to you again. This loneliness is too cold, don’t let me freeze out here. I love you so much and right now, I need you way too much. My words can’t capture the condition of my heart although, I believe you’re feeling every pain in my heart as well. Please give our love the forgiveness it needs to blossom again.

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16. As time ticks, the more I realize I can’t breathe without your forgiveness. Wronging you is like asking for the sun to fall and the moon to give up its light. Now, I can tell what it is like, for the sun and the moon to smite one, please forgive me so the beauty of these galaxies can return to them. I’m more than truly sorry for my deed, I’m broken by it. Let’s make love proud of us, let’s allow what we share blossom. This shouldn’t be the end of something beautiful, let it grow! I’m sorry, please don’t forsake me.

17. You’re up in the sky, shining so bright, like a star which cannot be dethroned. Truly, forgive me, I can’t stop your reign in my heart, that is where you belong. I love how you make me feel, I love what you make me do for love. I don’t wanna behold your face in sorrow, I want to see love in your eyes, the kind of one that made you happy. Forgive me for grieving you, forgiving me for puncturing your heart with the nonchalant attitude of mine. I promise not to fight you again. I’m now a grown-up lady. Please teach me in love, rebuke me in love and bring me back with forgiveness.

18. Your smile shouldn’t be wrinkled by anger, please, forgive me. Your steps shouldn’t be unbalanced by memories of the past, please, overlook my offence. I want to see you stepping out gracefully again, I wanna see your harmless smile again. Your kind of smile which gives hope even when the heart is faint. Can I get a forgiveness? Please, make it possible, I’m truly sorry. Let our love triumph, don’t let this be a tragedy. I’m so sorry, it’s my dream to see you regain your strength. Enough of this exhaustion.

19. Even if I had a place to go, I’ll still be stranded, cause, the man whom I truly love is angry at me. You’re amazing I must admit. What loves ritual must I perform to win you back or what forgiveness ritual must I perform to be right in your eyes again. I’m sorry with all of my being, please, don’t turn a blind eye nor a broken heart to this. I betrayed you with a fight, I didn’t wish for that to happen. Be strong for us, we have to storm this weather together. I hope you can bear with me this time. I love you!

20. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing that makes a bitter heart turn gold again. Please, forgive me, bring me back to you. I wanna plant kisses on you and tell you they look beautiful on your face. I know we shared love when we were an item. Let’s not torture ourselves with the pain of separation. You’re my everything. Please, don’t make me cry again, I’ll seek your forgiveness till thy kingdom come. I’ll keep on loving you because you reign is a lifetime in my heart. I’m sorry for wrestling with your kind heart, I’m sorry for joking unknown to me with the fire of breakup.

21. Life is a roller coaster of emotions. I wish happiness was a guarantee amongst two lovebirds but sometimes, love comes with its trial. Please, can I find a man who is strong in you, who owns strength in the face of my weakness? I’m so humiliated by my actions, my anger betrayed me and left me in the dark. I know we will be alright but, can you just tell me what I have to do to make us become one once again? Baby, I’m caught up in the dark, please bring me into the light. I’m so sorry.

22. I wish love had no mountains to climb, I wish it was only capable of doing the right things always. Alas! It comes with a fight. My love, I won’t give up on us, I was stupid and I did you wrong. Your heart is nothing but a treasure, how amazing it is that all the kindness in the world, found its way into your heart. At the moment there’s no glimpse of happiness in me, all I feel is every shade of darkness. I’m so sorry however, it’s doesn’t vindicate me. Let your forgiveness pick me up and dust me from this shame and pain. I plead for your mercy and forgiveness. Don’t chase me off, don’t put me afar. Let tomorrow be great. Thank you.

23. Though everything looks like a mirage of hate, please, don’t believe that. Love is the only thing I feel for you. Tantrums and tirades are false representations of my love for you and I wish I could have done better. Kindly, forgive me cause, this time, I’m willing to come back as a better person so, we can have a love that fills us up rather, than drain us. This fight has sent us on a hiatus, but, love is a journey and I’m willing to walk through it all with you right beside me. Can I obtain your forgiveness even though, I do not deserve it? Kindly, forgive me, darling.

24. Sweety, I’m taken aback to remember all the sweet things you did for me when we were together, to recall all of the sacrifices and the demands that you met. You surely deserve better than this. Kindly, give me a chance to show you I mean it when I say I love you. I wanna atone for my sin with repentance, I want to sacrifice my tongue to gain a spirit that is gentle, listening ears and a spirit that is slow to anger. I lay down my apology at your feet, I hope you can get over this anger and pick me up, as I am waiting for you. Do not linger on in the room of pain and anxiety. Swiftly forgive me, darling and I’ll be grateful for my actions. I’m deeply sorry.

25. I have offended a king, I’ve caused him to turn his back on me. My love, do not judge me and put me away. I’m deeply sorry and my emotions were tricky. I want us to scale through this like every other challenge. Trust me, without this I can’t be a better person for us, I need you to forgive my flaws and perfect me with the kindness of your heart. You’re one in a million, please treat me with mercy. I’m on my bended knees and I can’t say I don’t deserve this.

26. As long as you remain angry at me, so also will I stay mad at myself, that’s the law of a guilty conscience. Baby, I wish I knew better and I would have done better, I wish I saw the implications of my actions prior to now then, I would have done better. The pains in this world must have found its way into my heart cause, its the only thing I feel right now. On the other hand, you must have what I don’t, little wonder you remain strong in the face of my iniquity. I don’t wanna hurt you anymore, it’s hurt to see you die slow in anger. Please, meet my eyes with forgiveness and free my conscience from guilt. Darling, this isn’t enough but, I hope it gives you a glimpse of my repentance. I’m broken and I’m sorry.

27. Heartaches have become a daily meal for me. I don’t wanna nurse this feeling anymore by replaying what transpired between us. Sweety, forgive me when I say I’m deeply sorry. Please, don’t watch me burn, don’t let our beautiful memories die. Love is a bittersweet experience, kindly forgive me for this shortcoming. I can’t go on, life has become a dark place to be, do look at me and foresee the future we can have together. I’m so sorry for everything.

28. I wanna undo your heartbreak, cause I know I’m the reason behind it. I don’t wanna lose you without a trace, kindly find your way back to me. I dream to welcome you back like a warrior who just won a battle. I’m sorry for my actions and my words. It was a misrepresentation of my love for you. Let us fly on the wings of love and make it to the journey of forever. I wish my love for you can take away my flaws as a human, however, I’ll be the best I can for you, so our love can blossom like a lily in the valley. I love you my sunshine.

29. I don’t wanna see you burn, I don’t wanna watch you vanish into the thin air, far from it, that I let you slip out of my fingers. Your mere sight gives me a joy I can’t explain and my strength comes from your words. I need to seek your forgiveness and I’ll do it in many ways; in my thoughts, by my actions and words. I sincerely wait on you, plead for your forgiveness and hope on your kind heart. I know you won’t leave me crashing like a lost plane. I hope to breathe again and stun your heart with my appearance. I love you truly.

30. No matter how time goes by, I’ll remind you of my request, my plead for forgiveness. I took away the beauty of our relationship in exchange for a lonely heart and deep regret. This wasn’t my intention, I’m so sorry. For all the pain I’ve caused you, I wish I could undo them. I wish I can fasten time, so this period will be behind us nevertheless, I know we will overcome this. I’m sorry and I can’t describe the guilt I bear. Take my apology, don’t block it from your heart and beautiful thought.

31. I’ll take my time with you slow, I’ll wait until you’re ready to give me your forgiveness. I can never dream of cutting you like a knife though, my deed pierced you like a sharp blade. I wish I could stop you from bleeding, but I hope my apology heals your wound a day at a time. I’m so sorry for forsaking you, for fighting when I should have tried to make you understand me better. Truly, it seems like I’m at the end of the road and heading to a lost land. Forgive me kindly and don’t use this against me. Please forgive me even if I don’t deserve it.

32. I know there are traces of aches in your heart right now. I know you must be feeling overwhelmed. My love, I take responsibility for my actions and all I seek right now is your forgiveness. Let me enjoy the luxury of your tender mercy and loving heart. It breaks me down having to live without you when I can have you by my side. Do see through the prism of love and humanness, and forgive my shortcoming. I feel like I’ve let you down, I hope you can pick me up.

33. And if I garnered fame and fortune, friendship and family but I lose you and your forgiveness then, I haven’t had anything. You mean the world to me, you used to be my favourite singer who sang me to sleep, though not with songs your words were melodious enough to render me a sleeping beauty. I can’t give you less than you deserve, that’s why I’ll apologize until you find it in your heart to forgive me. I wish you could see my heart, then you’ll see my pain and the cross I bear for my sins. I hope you can forgive me and bring me closer to you.

34. I’m incapable of loving another neither, am I willing to move on. Holding on seems like my consolation and the sweetest thing to do right now although, being with you at the moment will be the most miraculous thing I ever experienced. I long for your forgiveness and hope in your kindness to overlook my wrongdoing. I would love to be with you, doing the things we love to do together like we used to. However, my stupidity has brought me far away from you. I’m I fit to ask for your forgiveness? I hope so, I hope your love for me would justify me and bring me back to you.

35. If I could scream for your forgiveness I would, till it gets to the angels in heaven and touches your heart. Don’t leave unless you wanna release your anger and then come back for me. Please, do not turn your back on me cause, all I wanna see is your sweet countenance. I can’t find words anymore to show you how sorry I am and neither do these tears wanna flow freely anymore. I’m too tired of the hurt and all I wanna feel now is the happiness that comes from being with you and staying in your heart. Please forgive me!

36. Life makes no sense to me without you. I know you can hear me now and I know you feel what I feel right now. Please, don’t let this pain separate us, don’t let it tear us apart. You have a great sense of survival and I know we would scale through this. Please, don’t let go my happiness, let it become your priority once again. I’m deeply sorry to wash down our relationship with a nasty fight. We would do just fine and even better if we give each other a second chance. Need I say am sorry again? Then I’m deeply sorry!

37. Don’t go far away from me. I wish these tears could wash away the pains of yesterday. I wish this hurt could pay for the offences of yesterday. Darkness surrounds me like the air I breathe, the light I desire for, can only come to you. Baby, kindly forgive me, see our fight as a fight for love, I hope with that you’ll let love triumph. I wanna say I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart to the lips of my mouth. I’m Sorry!

38. I don’t wanna be here all alone, without the scent of you that draws me near and entices my heart. I wanna place my palm on my heart and feel every beat of my heart that beats for joy whenever we’re together. I love you and desire a second chance from you cause, you’re the only one that loves me the way you do. I want you to stay like you never left and I want you to hold me like I never wronged you. Please, forgive me from the depth of your heart.

39. The angels recommend a second chance for our love, I hope you’ll harken to their true voices. Erring is a thing that makes us human even though, love makes us superhuman. I am a shadow of myself, only you can bring back the bright side of me again. Please, forgive me, don’t give up on us. I love you truly and the fight was unnecessary even though, it had to happen. You’re the love of my life and I dream we stay together in good times and bad times like this one. I love you.

40. Loving you is so fulfilling for me and staying afar off from you is a misery to my soul. Please, enjoy the liberty of forgiving me. I’ll be so happy to call you mine again, I hope you’ll feel the same way. Like a fool, I went astray but like a wise lady, I plead for your forgiveness in order to be near you. The treasures of my life are in your heart and in your palms lie the key that can open up my heart for happiness again. I have the best man in the world, I hope he can bring me back to himself again.

41. It hurts to realize how saddened you are by my misdeed. If I could trade places with you, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I don’t want you to go on feeling this pain, please unburden yourself through the benevolence of forgiveness. And set me free by the kindness of your heart. My love, I do love you like no other. Let’s build our world together again, my life makes no sense without you.

42. If I could wish for one thing, I’ll ask the heavens to grant me the treasure of your heart once again. It hurts to be so far away from you even though you are always in my heart. I humbly ask for your forgiveness cause, like a fool I went astray. In all humility, I ask that you take me back. So many minutes have gone by without you, sadly they are irreplaceable, but I promise when I kiss you again, I’ll make up for the time lost. Can’t wait to taste your love once more. Never forget that I love you.

43. I seek for your forgiveness like a treasure in the dark. I await your call like a bride looks forward to walking down the aisle. Every move I make reminds me of you, every track I play reminds me of your words. I feel the sorrow of regret but I hope in the kindness of your heart. Please, give me your hands, set me free with your love. I truly am repentant of my wrongdoing and I can honestly say, I am a better lady for you. I love you, my darling. Come take me back.

44. I feel like I am drowning in the rivers of regrets on my own. I wish my tears can write you my words, maybe they’ll convey my feelings to you better. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m sorry for hurting you. I hope there’s a silver lining in this cloud. I hope with all that’s left in your heart, I can still call you my own. Kindly forgive me, I await your sincere response.

45. May the heavens teach me how to write this to you cause, I am truly short of words. I am deeply sorry for hurting you. I hope your heart senses my sincerity and your eyes long to see me. Your forgiveness is a luxury I cannot afford, so I ask that you have mercy on this poor soul. I suppose, we’ll be spending the next moment in each other’s arms as soon as my words get to you, for I know true love never dies. I love you, deeply.

46. I’m sure you don’t doubt that I love you. Pls, do not doubt the sincerity of my apology either. My love, I’ve never felt such burden of regret in my entire life, kindly undo this burden with a sincere forgiveness. Let us put this behind us, so we can walk arm in arm into the promised land. I know for sure it is a beautiful place if we are patient to get there. I love you, my darling.

47. You bestowed your love upon me, the most priceless jewel in the world. I couldn’t have taken that for granted but for the weakness of my being. I ask for your forgiveness, my darling. I know it is as priceless as the love you showered on me. Dear boyfriend, your place in my heart is irreplaceable if only you can come light up my world again as you used to. Please, do not end this dream of forever together, cause, I’m sure it would be a waste of passion. I love you, my dearest.

48. We are separated by guilt and anger. I wish these tears of mine could build a bridge so, I can walk up to you again. I humbly apologize for all the hurt I’ve caused you. I wish my pain could atone for my sins, but I need your forgiveness first for redemption. Do not cast me out of this garden of love. I dream of the day we’ll share a home together. Please, do not dash my hope, my love. I love you, dearly.

49. I’ll speak every language you understand, so you can forgive me and I’ll say every sweet word that captures your heart so you won’t let me go. Baby, I’m yours, I don’t wanna be any other’s. If you beckon on me, I won’t hesitate to run to you and when you search for me, I’ll find you in a split of a second. I wonder if I ever cross your mind again, I’m seated here asking myself if you still see me as the lady you can’t stop falling in love with. Truth be told, I fought you while I should have been reasonable but now wisdom isn’t far from me that’s why I desperately seek your forgiveness. I love you, that you know.

50. My guilt derides me, the tears I cannot hide mock me. Baby, if repentance could bring you back, you’ll be in my arms right now. I hope you’ll take me back with love. I don’t wanna see the ashes of our love, please, don’t let this love die in you. Don’t let the flame of pains cover your eyes, please, see through the eyes of love. Love takes time, so also does forgiveness and for that, I’m willing to wait. I don’t want our love story to be a thing of the past, so, would you come get me now?

51. My tongue failed me, my actions betrayed my feelings for you, nevertheless, my love for you still remains green. I hope it isn’t too late to say I’m sorry. I cannot find the explanations to justify my actions cause, it was truly wrong and selfish of me. So, I ask for your forgiveness in return. I’m sincerely repentant of my wrongdoing. I hope once again our love can pull through another season of romance, your arms can grab me to say “come into my abode”. With you is my rest, do not keep me waiting. In your eyes are my hope, do not turn blind to me. I love you, boo. I love you!

52. I do not need the counsel of an expert nor the advice of a friend to admit my wrong to you. In the heat of an argument, I let my anger take the better of me. In the face of separation, I humbly seek your forgiveness. It isn’t right that my head be without its crown, it isn’t correct that your arms are without mine. Let’s go on with our love, let’s learn new lessons from this, as I have already. I hope you gaze at my words with sympathy. And you understand me through the eyes of love. My darling, I’m crazy about you.

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53. It’s been the longest hours of my life, I’ve been the sickest I’ve ever been. Nights and days I’ve been unkind to me, smiles ain’t longer meaningful to me. I can’t go on without your love but, first, without your forgiveness. My heart seeks for you, my breath longs for your scent. I wanna be near you, I wanna look into your eyes while I hear you say that you love me. I’m deeply ashamed for hurting you, I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done. I hope we can let go of our past and hold on to the future we both dream together. My love, be kind to me. I love you!

54. Oh, my love! How wicked can the tongue be, how misleading can anger be, how provoking our actions can be. I’m so pained to have been reckless with my deeds. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt by the one who claims to love you. It’s a shame on me so, I ask that you forgive me. The truth is, gloomy days such as this one, would come even though, I shudder to think but, I hope they never put an end to our love. I’ve grown while I bear the pain of separation, but I’d do better with your love. I’m so sorry, sweetie. I love you forevermore.

55. Putting down my feelings for you have always been a great disability of mine. Expressing my tender love for you has never been my strength and now, my apologies. I humbly ask that you take my few but sincere words for it. I’m deeply sorry and regretful for been the reason behind the fight. We shouldn’t be fighting each other but instead, striving to overcome our anger, our weaknesses, ignorance or anything that leads us apart. We should fight and conquer the world together, we should fight and win our love over and over again. Because that’s the way it should be. I don’t want to be the reason for our pain, can you help us be the reason we can still be together? I love you my darling.

56. I hope the heavens grant me my prayers, I hope they say amen to our reunion, I pray the angel of good tidings soften your heart towards me and I do hope the angel of love makes me a better person, for you and for me. I’m too sorry to let you down once more, I’m too pained to see you go through this hurt all alone. How benevolent of you to forgive me! How beautiful it would be to be welcomed back into your world. It isn’t mine to decide but, I humbly ask that we make a historical come back on this. I want you back! I want us back! I love you, ever and ever.

57. I feel like I’m in bond, carrying the weight of this division on me. I do hope, out of sight isn’t out of mind, cause you’ve been in my heart for as long as I can remember. I don’t want you to think badly of me despite our challenges. I hope the angel of love unburdens the yoke of regret off my shoulders. Would you be my angel of love? I need you now more than ever. Come give me what I’m missing. I miss your kisses but they’d taste more delicious if accompanied along with your forgiveness. Pls, do well to forgive me cause, I’m head over heels still in love with you.

58. I feel like I’ve committed the greatest sin against humanity. I feel stupid for my actions. How could I have let you down this way? I wonder every second of the day. My repentance hit me just as fast as I realized how wicked I have been to you. Sorrows I’ve been an unpleasant company, a fruit birth out of regret. Would you mind forgiving me? Would you mind being kind to me again? I’ve made you suffer, I’ve suffered our love but, I believe nothing is worth dwelling on the past for. Pls, forgive me. I love you, boo.

59. I couldn’t have been more wrong with my choice of words and actions. Maybe, if I hadn’t thrown caution into wind forgiving me would be less of a task! May the winds bring back my caution, may it whisper to you of my repentance, may the birds sing the song of my heart to you. It is a song of remorse, making it hard for me to breath. Let bygone be bygone, let our love be forever. I wanna caress your hairy skin once more, one of my favourite hobbies. Only when you forgive me can I do that. I’m sorry, my darling.

60. Believe you me, I can truly feel all the pain I’ve caused you. I’m weary but not of your love. I feel my soul dying, pls, wake me up with the gentle kisses of forgiveness. I look around and everything reminds me of you. Tell me then, how frustrating it can be, being apart from you! No thanks to me! Love binds us together as far as forgiveness can take us. Do not allow the fallen angel keep us apart. Hasten now to your love, I’m desperate for you. Enough of this hardship. Kindly, come take me back.

61. You’ve always made my dreams come true. I hope you don’t give up on me now that I need your magic wand more than ever. I now dream of your forgiveness even with my eyes wide open, I eagerly await the day I’ll find you standing in front of me, presenting your love anew to me. I promise not to abuse it or misuse it. I promise to return it with respect, and adoration. Tarry, not my love, I don’t wanna wait anymore. I just wanna be by your side, where my heart is.

62. Don’t doubt it a bit, my heart loves you still, now even more passionately. I gaze at the clock realizing just how wasteful too many seconds have been without you. I don’t want us to go through this pain anymore cause, time waits for no one. Best we make use of what’s left, so I genuinely ask for your forgiveness. Do not cast me away cause, it’s so hard to live without you. In my heart, I can feel your presence but in my arms is your absence. I want you back my love. I love you still.

63. Oh, my love! I’m truly sorry. I’ve cried my eyes out wishing you’d pick up the phone. I’ve prayed in tongues hoping you’d come knocking on my door. But telling you how sorry I am isn’t as good as showing how repentant I am to you. Pls, give me the chance to prove my state of mind to you, give me a second chance to show you that I care. Do not push me away, do not give up on me. The sky hasn’t been the same, the galaxy has seized its light from it. Would you bring back light upon it? Let your smile light up my world. I pray the moon and the sun bears witness of my heart so, they deliver my message of repentance to you as the light they shine on your path. I can’t think of anything else but you. I love you, boo.

64. In the heat of the argument, my heart had whispered to me “a soft answer turns away wrath.” However, I chose to heed the loud voice of anger. Anger sure tears us apart but, an act of forgiveness draws us closer. I hope you choose wisdom as it is profitable to direct. I apologize for hurting you, my love. After the darkest night comes the morning. There is hope for us if we hold on tight to our love. I wonder when the morning will come? Something tells me the wait is over!

65. Can you please gift me a few minutes of your time and forever in your heart? Yes, I need some time to apologize, however true, is the fact that I need to live, forever more in your heart. It feels like it’s raining with thunders and lightning in the sky and I’m standing outside all alone waiting for an angel on a mission to rescue me. The clouds have gone dark, I hope after the downpour of rain from the mountains into the valley, there can be some peace and calm around me. Oh dear! Excuses can’t cover my sins, I’ve considered my actions and I see that they are unjustifiable. I’ve looked into your heart and I know that it is pure. My love, I’m waiting for you to forgive me and grant me peace and love again. Do not succumb to the other side of love.

66. A little anger speaks a lot of words, sometimes we don’t mean it and sometimes we do. An act of forgiveness concedes a lot of hurts. Sometimes we deserve it and sometimes we don’t. However the case may be, I seek for your kindness, I seek your forgiveness. Peace is all that my heart seeks for. I do not want to feel anymore the turbulence of the raging storm upon the waters. It’s scary so I seek shelter. My darling, pls forgive me. I ask cause I’m truly sorry. And I love you.

67. I’ll give whatever it takes to earn your forgiveness, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep our love shinning. Let’s not quench this fire that burns within our hearts, the fire of love. Anger is gone already, forgiveness should speak now. Pls take no pride in vengeance, nor in unforgiveness cause, we both know that we can’t love each other less. I love you more than anyone else in this world. Pls, have mercy on me.

68. Oh my Romeo, I need you more and more. Just like the flowers need the wind, just like the bird needs its wings. I wanna blossom again, I’ve to shrink with shame and guilt, I wanna fly again, amend my broken wings. Arrange these pieces of my heart, make it whole again with forgiveness. I wanna apologize to you the way I feel it in my heart but words fail to express my regrets and guilt. Sorrow profits us nothing, let’s do away with it. I love you to the moon and back.

69. Draw near to me my love, draw near to me, for you mean more than the world to me. The love which has blossomed from its conception, could it be the one shrinking in unforgiveness? If only we’ll let the past live in the past and hold onto the love, we know then, can we grow in love. No matter how compatible, two individuals can be, they cannot walk without disagreeing at times. With it, understanding is fostered, and love strengthened. This is our moment, how we handle it is what determines our future. I’m truly repentant, my love. So, make haste to come forgive me.

70. Words spoken in anger are not a true reflection of our hearts. So, I take back my words. “I hate you” is the greatest lie I’ve ever told, I don’t mind writing on the walls surrounding the town how much otherwise I feel for you, just so you know I’m willing to right my wrong. You are the reason why I smile so happily, however, now the smile is gone with the wind. You make me laugh, sadly now, I can’t help but cry my heart out because I’ve hurt you. You gave my heart the will to beat more, you gave my life the essence of it’s being. I want you more than I want myself. Pls, forgive me. In all assurance, it will not repeat itself again. I love you still, my darling.

71. If you stayed another day we can make our world all the more beautiful. I’ll fight for you like a soldier would give his life for his country. You are my country and I’m willing to go forever to defend your honour. Pls, pardon my unkindness to you, let’s put an end to our misery. Let’s walk down the streets together, let’s tear down walls together, let’s build our world together, cause we’ve got all that it takes. I’m tired of staying on my own, let’s do this together. I love you, more than my words can say.

72. My heart is made up never to let you go, my hope is in the words that you said, my trust is in the love that we shared. I dream of a moment you’d offer your love to me once again. I hope it isn’t too late to ask for your forgiveness. I’ve begged the angels to see to it that you forgive me, I’ve made promises to the heavens if my prayers are granted. It isn’t easy having tasted the sweet savour of love to endure the bitterness of separation especially when the weight of the blame is on you. Your forgiveness is all I seek, cause with it is a brighter future. I’m in love, but I ain’t perfect. I was wrong so I ask for your forgiveness. Pls take me back, I love you.

73. Never understood how lucky I was until I found you, never knew how stupid I could be until I hurt you. When our paths crossed, I found a love that could accentuate my strength and cover my weaknesses. I hope this weakness of mine was included. Truly, truly, I’ve fallen short of my confession to you, but I ask that your forgiveness binds us still together. I pray our love outweighs our shortcomings, now and in the time to come. Let this thirsty soul drink out of the cup of your benevolence, let it receive understanding from the plates of wisdom. Into your arms, I want to fall again. I love you, boo.

74. As I woke up to the dawn of a new day, I said a little prayer in the morning, I saw a ray of hope in the clouds, the gift of life was that hope. It made me realize how blessed I am, for as long as there is life, there is hope. What then is life without you, my love? Without your forgiveness, how can I go on? It’s hard to hold on to that hope, cause I got agitated seeing you ain’t by my side once again, it kills me inside knowing I pushed you to the wall this time. It hurts to know I caused my self a greater disservice for not yielding to the whispers of peace. As much as I am full of regrets, I looked up the clouds once again and there still appeared that ray of hope so, I chose to communicate my heart to you through my sad words, maybe then, I could find your mercy and forgiveness. My love, do not turn away the face of your darling. Let it please you to forgive me as I am truly sorry. I love you, forevermore. Do not let this hope fail my cause, it is all I got.

75. Who on earth is he that can live without the air they breathe? Who on earth can survive darkness all through the day? My love, I am as that man holding onto a frail hope! I wonder how long I can live this life without you? Would you pls accept my apologies? I shudder to live another moment without the air I breathe. It’s so hard, my love, and It’s killing me slowly. Pls, attend to your darling in distress. It hurts to not be by your side cause, I know it is where I belong. I love you still, kindly reconsider.

76. So many hours have gone by without your tender kisses, your beautiful gaze and your sweet love. It’s hard to live without any of those. I just wish you’d come back to me in no time. I wish I could turn back the hands of time so, I did things better. But I’ve learnt for a better future. So, here I am still hoping you’d take me back to the shelter of love and make me whole again, cause in my heart I know we were meant to be. I’m truly sorry my love. Pls, forgive me.

77. Reaching out to your love! Hope your forgiveness gets me there. I’m deeply ashamed of my actions and without you, I feel incomplete. Even in laughter, my heart is sorrowful. I’ve found comfort in the downpour of tears rolling down my cheeks. In my sleep, have I not found rest, cause my heart is troubled with guilt. I hope to return to your love in haste. Pls, forgive me, my love. I’ve learned, and unlearned.

78. There’s a pain that aches more than a heartbreak. It is the pain of regret for hurting a loved one. Now, my head is bowed in shame instead, adorned in its glory, flourishing in its crown. I wished my wailing could bring you back, but it dawned on me that you are so far away. I hope, out of sight isn’t out of mind. Cause, I still wanna live in your heart, my shelter of love. I’m truly sorry, pls forgive me. I love you so much. The dream of our love I still hold dear in my heart.

79. I wanna believe everything is gonna be alright. But the more I hoped, the more the shades of guilt beclouds my judgement. Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to clear my doubts, to humbly ask for your forgiveness cause, this guilt is killing me and worse than the guilt, is the confusion that befalls our love. I was wrong that I admit, I ask for your forgiveness, I hope you can give. I pray your love expresses itself through kindness once again. I wait on you, day and night, pls, do not tarry. I love you, still.

80. I wish my tears could bring back your arms wrapped around me, I wish this heaviness can amount to your laughter surrounding me. It’s been days without you, and still, It doesn’t get any better as I clearly realise how much I can’t live without you. I want you back my love. Your forgiveness is all my heart longs for. I pray you grant it to me. I love you!

81. I’ve been on the most strenuous journey of my life. It’s a path of loneliness accompanied by anger and guilt. It’s a walk of shame, knowing how I let our love down. I humbly ask that you come snatch me from this path of destruction through the wind of forgiveness, let it land me down safely back into your heart, the place I’ve always wanted to be. Kindly forgive my inadequacy. Imperfections are part of our human nature, I hope you look beyond mine. I have nothing to justify me but your mercy. I love you, boo. Pls, take me back!

82. I don’t wanna talk about the days my favourite food tasted bitter, or when I was unconcerned about my looks, nor the days I became restless all through the night due to my guilt. My stupidity has caused me a lot of pain, my darling. Pls, let this go already. I ask for your forgiveness, sincerely. Let it please you to pardon my offences. Let’s take this as a path we need to sojourn to get to our destination. I love you more than my actions can help demonstrate.

83. In the coldness of this loneliness I bear, I write to let you know, how aware I am of my wrongdoing. It will be unkind of me to let us both most especially you, go on with this burden in our hearts. So, I humbly and honestly ask for your forgiveness cause, in fact, I have repented. I’ve grown, I’ve learnt, which is the beauty of mistakes. I can guarantee you the journey isn’t a waste. Again, I ask for your mercy. Take me back into your arms, the place I’d rather be. I love you too much.

84. What counts to me is your love, what matters to me most is our hearts. I slipped, I shouldn’t have, but my weaknesses failed me. Only if I could turn back the hands of time, I’ll sing the songs of love instead, and cry the tears of joy. But if wishes were horses beggars would ride. I’m deeply sorry, my love. I miss the good times we both shared, I miss the gentleness of your manliness and the beauty of your corrections. Pls, forgive me and take me back into your arms. I love you, ever and ever.

85. Who wouldn’t want to be in the serenity of your love? Who would not want to taste the deliciousness of your lips? Who wouldn’t want the comfort your smile brings? I wouldn’t want to be her cause, I find no joy in being apart from you, it breaks my heart to see us wonder about. I ask that you forgive me for being responsible for this pain and anguish. We can both right the wrong if we chose to, we can both go on if we want to. I honestly want us back and in love once again.

86. The grasses ain’t green anymore, the sun isn’t as bright as it used to, the moon has turned red cause, my love is gone away from me. How long would it take for us to come back again in love? What else can I do other than ask for your forgiveness? In the quietness of my loneliness I sought for your affection deeply, I imagined how nice it would’ve been, gazing into your eyes once more. If forgiveness would pave my way into your heart again, I humbly ask for it. I was truly wrong for picking a fight with you, my darling. Have mercy on me. Still, head over heels in love with you.

87. It’s a sad reality that love does not put an end to the weaknesses of man. Therefore, I’ll do anything to be perfect for you, what then is love without the blemishes of imperfections? What then is forgiveness without shortcomings, my love? I’m never proud of my deeds against you, but I want to be humbled by your forgiveness. My darling, henceforth, I’ll do all I can to treat you like the angel that you are, I’ll do it, over and over again cause, you deserve it and I’m still in love with you. Pls, let me into your heart like before.

88. I could go on and on about how sorry I am, however aptly, no words can truly describe how much heaviness I bear seeing your heart shattered by my misdeed. I’m truly sorry, angel, I wish I could wipe your pain away, and bear the burden of your heartbreak but none of that I can do cause my heart is full of regret and my shoulders carry the pain of guilt. Pls, look upon me with mercy cause, that’s what’s left to redeem my actions. I love you!

89. I’ve previously imagined how it would feel, being away from you! Never have I thought a separation from you would play out cruelly this way nor be this painful, it feels like a heart attack, an indescribable pain of shame and guilt. Oh, my love! I may not be good enough or deserving but I ask for your forgiveness. Have pity on me for all the good times we’ve shared and caused my heart still wants you. I still hold our dreams dear to my heart. I’m not ready to let go and I don’t wanna give up. I’ll wait for you, cause true hope fails not. I love you.

90. When forgiveness beholds repentance, true love again is birthed. I wish you’d come mend my broken heart with the thread of forgiveness and you’d let me heal your pain with the touch of repentance. I want us back together in the warmth of each other’s arms where we are mostly glad and wish the day would never end. If you’d let me into your world again, I promise to be the sweet love of your life once more and forevermore. Pls, do not be quick to judge me, have mercy and let’s go on.

91. You know I’ll always pick your side over anyone else’s. I’ll always choose to love you besides any man. It’s sad that words and actions can fail at times, but the intentions of my heart still remain pure and true. It was never my will to hurt you, never was it my thought to break you. Kindly, look beyond my fault and let this love lead us to a place of peace and joy. I know it may be hard but think it deeply and let the joy we shared guide your heart.

92. I’ve sought for words that could earn me your forgiveness, none does it better than the attributes of “mercy.” So, I simply hope that you have mercy on this heart of mine, shattered in guilt and regret. My actions were unjustifiable hence my request for your mercy. Tamper justice with mercy my love, temper justice with mercy! I look forward to hearing from you. I love you to the moon and back.

93. So many things I want to say to you. I wish I can look into your eyes to ask for your forgiveness but guilt wouldn’t let me. I wish I can say to you once more, how much I love you. The time is far spent on tears and sorrow, but there’s so much more to spend in love and in joy, if we put an end to this pain we lavish in. My love, I’m sorry for hurting you, I seek your redemption and salvation. Pls, forgive me.

94. I know you are a man of kindness and forgiveness. I know if I didn’t ask for your favour, you’d show me your gracious mercy still. However, I feel the need to tender my sincere apology to you cause, my heart aches from hurting you. You sure didn’t deserve my ill manners but in humility, I want you to forgive me from the bottom of your heart. It hurts to realise how guilt has torn us apart and how pain has separated these beautiful hearts of love. Our dreams can still come alive if we don’t doubt it. So, I promise to be a better woman for you, a lady deserving of your love. I do love you, but this time around more sweetly.

95. I wish if I sacrificed a meal of sincere apology to you, that would atone my offences against you. But obedience the Holy book says is better than sacrifice. Your mercy is all that’s left for me to rely upon, your forgiveness is my saving grace. Pls, draw me out of this pit with your love tied around my waist. It’s hot in there without you. I want to be by your side where all my worries disappear. Do not be deceived by my actions, I still love you greatly.

96. I wish I had gone dumb at the time of our argument but I’ve learnt to give a soft answer henceforth. Do not push me away from you. I’ve been everywhere yet, my heart still wants none but you. Quench my thirst with the waters of love and satisfy my hunger with the fruits of your love. I don’t know how to live without you knowing you are just a mile away. My love, hearken and forgive me. Tarry not the moment of forgiveness. I’m desperate for you.

97. I made a promise to always love you, now I’ve made another to be more loving and respectful to you. I was wrong to have spoken unruly to you. But, I ask that you forgive me still, I’ve cried my eyes to sleep hoping I’d wake up in your loving arms. Pls, my love, do not give up on our love, you mean more than the world to me. May this message meet you in happiness even if your heart is broken!

98. I don’t know if I’d survive the next minute without you, so I chose to write this letter to you asking for your forgiveness. It is easier to wallow in regret and wishes but with strength, I ask that you forgive me. I know the courage to forgive lies within your heart cause, you have proven to be full of tender mercies and love in the tempest of misunderstanding. In this time that I need your forgiveness and mercy the most, I ask that you bestow them upon me. I don’t want us to suffer anymore. I love you more than my words can say.

99. That was no way to treat the man who rescued me in the face of adversities, who fought my battles so well and delivered victories to me on a platter of gold, who endowed me with the treasures of his lips, who kissed me when I wanted it the most, and shielded me when I wanted an embrace. You did it all so well because you loved me. Now, guilts runs through my veins, making it hard for me to live, I wish you’d forgive me so I can treat you the way that you truly deserve. I’m genuinely sorry and want to right my wrongs. Pls, forgive me, sweetheart. There’s no way to move on unless you do forgive me wholeheartedly.

100. The route of guilt, sorrow and regret isn’t an easy road to ply. I desperately seek for salvation in the midst of its darkness and loneliness. My love, if my tears could draw you back, I’d cry some more, if my apologies could mend your broken heart, I’ll write some more. I’m truly sorry for my misdeeds. I hope my repentance can bring us together again. I pray this marks the beginning of our forever together. I love you more and more.


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