Best Prayers for Immediate Financial Help

2024 Best Prayers for Immediate Financial Help

Have you been in frantic search of the perfect words to express your longings and financial hopes to the one who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ever ask or think?

Here are a few words that completely help to accentuate your feelings. I hope you get the perfect words for your feelings and more importantly, I hope your wish is granted.

Powerful Prayers for Immediate Financial Help

Awesome Prayers for Immediate Financial Help for one’s self, friends and even family, that will ascertain divine prosperity from God almighty. Make use of it a witness great testimony that will follow.

1. Dear Lord, I acknowledge you as the source of help and a channel to financial breakthrough every day and I hope with all my heart that I begin to operate in the ambiance of your provision and divine breakthrough.

2. Emotions and other vital areas of my life have suffered greatly since the beginning of this financial relapse and I am sure these sufferings have a tendency to cease at a tremendous positive change in my finances. Meet my expectations dear lord and surpass them even as I continuously trust in you and your works.

3. As my only hope and source of living, I pray for a divine turn around in my finances. A type that will push me and mine to a greatness that is beyond imagination and worthy of celebration.

4. Dear lord, I need you now more than ever to visit my financial situation and cause a divine quake that will make me testify among others and bring out the fragrance that you have created in me.

5. Help me to get back to normal, be outstanding in finances, stay on track and never have a cause to beg or be in debt.

6. The beginning of enjoyment and prosperity is first found in the quality of being able to provide and give when necessary. By standard, I am nowhere close to enjoyment but I believe and pray that I will begin to live above my means and my life will be an explanation of success and prosperity.

7. I am most grateful for all the wonderful ways you have surprised me in the past and I hope with all my heart that my life will continuously be an example of God’s great work.

8. When people look at me, I want them to see God`s resolute blessing and when they embrace me, I want them to feel the assurance of God`s goodness and mercy. May this year be an answer to my prayers and an affirmation of my wishes.

9. Since my birth, you have been there for my financial, emotional and mental support and I have never taken all you do for granted. Just pray and wish for a continuous intervention especially in finances.

10. You are not just the God of salvation and abundant grace but also the God that provides and supports financially. I have always believed this and now hope that my believe works for my financial breakthrough even beyond my imagination.

11. Without your presence in my finances, all hope would be lost and there would be no reason to expect a miracle, but, with you in my business, I can only hope and pray for financial breakthrough and believe in the dividends. May my prayers be answered apace.

12. Gone are the days when I was my only hope for financial support. Now, I know better that you are my all in all. My finances are dependent on your provision. Supply all my needs Lord.

13. Take me higher than my expectations this year and surprise me continuously until I am financially buoyant and a source for other people.

14. May this life I have chosen be laced with joy, happiness and financial freedom.

15. Of all the things I wish for myself daily, your presence in my finances Is the most sought after. Visit me today and make me worry less about my finance.16. Make me root for people around me and more importantly a source of provision to my peers.

17. Bless me now and forever with all the good things of life and give me financial freedom like never before.

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18. My hope is built on no one else than you. Strengthen me daily with doses of financial breakthrough and never make me beg for food.

19. Before the end of the year, establish me like never before and give me reasons to always worship you.

20. Uplift me dear lord and cause your face to shine on me and everything that belongs to me this day and beyond.

21. Help me in ways I need to be helped and cause my finances to leap for joy.

22. Let my hope receive the light of yours and cause your hand to touch my finances that I may begin to operate from a divine source.

23. Show me a way that will lead me to financial breakthrough and help me remain in the ambiance.

24. May every day and minute be an opportunity to make more money and a reason to smile.

25. Bless me beyond expectations and lift me above complaints and management.

26. As from today, make me live in abundance and bless me to bless others in my circle.

27. Dear lord, cause the source of my finances to continuously overflow and never run dry on this New Year and beyond.

28. I need you more than ever before to take your place in my finances and cause me to smile with all happiness.

29. I hope with all my heart that this new day brings hope and take a positive effect on my finances. Because more than before my heart pants after financial breakthrough.

30. I have been tied down and wallowing for too long in this corner of financial management, all I now hope and wish for is the glorification of my finances and a lifting in my spending.

31. I testify greatly to all the beautiful things that you have done in my life and for my family and pray that all these tidings continue and never stop.

32. Before now, you have been my provider, I acknowledge this and pray that after now, you will still be providing for all my needs according to your riches in glory.

33. May every day be a reminder of who I am in Christ and a call to breakthrough in all areas, especially in finances.

34. Help me today and beyond to find favor in people`s eyes, my boss inclusive. With this, my finances will experience a better turn around.

35. Touch the heart of the person that has been destined to help me right now and let him have no choice than to bless me.

36. May I find favor in unexpected places today and have reasons to dance for joy.

37. Let my mouth shout for a joy born out of all-round breakthrough and financial freedom.

38. Make me relevant, a thriving solution to my generation and let my generation realize me and bless me.

39. Uphold me always and let there be an overflow of financial blessings now and forever.

40. More than I have ever thought of or imagined, cause your face to shine on my finances and let a breakthrough happen for me in all ramifications.

41. Come to me in a way that you have never done and reveal all I have to do to be financially buoyant.

42. I will not be put to shame but shall always operate in abundance because I serve the God of provision.

43. I hope to live a life that is worthy of emulation and equally a prayer point for others. Bless me in all areas.

44. Bring me to the understanding of my position in this world and push me to operate in it with all gusto.

45. Draw my initiative nearer to yours and bless it with ideas that will launch me into lasting success and greatness.

46. Direct every step I take and make only your plans work together for my success.

47. In all areas, lift me and start a financial revival that will help me live in abundance and bask in the euphoria of good living.

48. I ask for the grace to always be worthy of God`s blessing and in time for his provision.

49. Lord, give me a constant hope and a lasting breakthrough in my finances.

50. It has occurred to me in your constant show of grace that you are my only hope for provision. Prove yourself mighty in all areas of my life now and forever.

51. I ask for lifting in all ramifications and pray that my financial relapse receives speed and poise.

52. May all that concern me be a reason to smile and testify.

53. Beyond my mental prowess and emotional stability, I desire a financial breakthrough. May this desire come to fruition quickly.

54. Help me to trust your process and channel my energy into your financial plans for my life.

55. Turn all these heart-wrenching stories into heartwarming glory for me and let me see the dividends in my spending.

56. Rid me of my shame and cause me to have a financial testimony that will surprise all and sundry.

57. Let your hand touch my pocket so I do not have to dig too deep before I can give or spend.

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58. I want to see your work in all ramifications of my life, especially in my finances.

59. Bless me oh lord beyond people`s expectation and outshine my own imagination in your cause to bless me.

60. Make me a chosen one and a royal priesthood in the literal form and make me stand before kings and not mere men.

61. Surpass my thoughts in your works on my life and create a source for permanent smile in my life.

62. Reach out to my deepest and darkest part and make light, love and success out of it all.

63. Take me in your arms, guide and direct my path to the street of the successful and make me one apace.

64. I desire to be one of your favorites, due for all round blessing and all time joy.

65. Your will to give me an expected end and make me a successful nation is all I want to come to fruition in my life.

66. Let me enter your book and be on top of the list of those you plan to bless abundantly forever.

67. I am eternally grateful for all the tremendous ways you have used to provide for me in the past and I pray that I continue to experience your miracle until eons.

68. Make me a pillar in my family and a force to reckon with in my generation.

69. Guide my path unto greatness so that I do not fall away and lose the focus.

70. Take away all that is draining me financially and bless me with all things that will make me a root and enjoy financial freedom.

71. May I continue to know the way forward at every point of life and never have a reason to be stranded.

72. I shall continue to savor God’s goodness and experience the speed of God in my finances.

73. Where I have been ridiculed and mocked, I will be called back for a raise and promotion to greater heights.

74. All men shall now begin to envy the goodness and mercy of God upon my life and I shall no longer be a subject of ridicule.

75. May I no longer fear men or tremble at people’s feet. But, be lifted and worthy of God’s blessing.

76. I ask for the strength and grace to experience God’s goodness and mercy with fervor this year and beyond.

77. Make all that has been a source of sorrow to me in past time go away and resurrect my source of joy, happiness, and financial freedom.

78. May all the amazing dreams and wonderful thoughts I have had receive wings to fly and strength to be rooted.

79. As I continue in the journey of life, may the eyes of God locate me in the valley and his hands lift me to greatness.

80. I desire to be pronounced beyond imagination and blessed among peers, may my desires come to fruition now and forever.

81. I shall no longer look to people for provision or wait on others before I eat. But, will now be a source of provision and blessing to others.

82. May the love in your eyes be consuming enough that all the aches of my heart will be dulled and replaced with exceeding joy.

83. Guide my heart diligently and push my path unto greatness so I can testify among men.

84. Let the amazing grace set me problems ablaze and build an empire apace from the ashes.

85. May I begin to see you in all areas of my life and come to the realization of your constant love, goodness and blessedness.

86. The greatness of God will not just be news to me and mine this year. But, we will experience it like never before in the most intense way.

87. Whatever comes my way, may I be bold and buoyant enough to conquer and come out a conqueror.

88. Wherever I have been stopped from moving forward, I overtake and begin to operate under open heavens.

89. May all that is connected to me begin to experience the favor and blessings of the most high.

90. I will be a star wherever I find myself and have no other choice but to shine among counterparts.

91. Dear Lord, may all that is my heart’s deepest desires receive the light of the day.

92. May I receive help at the most expected moment and continue living in the ambience of the help.

93. My God has been reliable and proven his faithfulness by protecting me and all that belongs to me. I hope this faithfulness is extended to my finance this year and beyond.

94. May the greatness that is the name of God manifest enough in my finances this year and overtake all debts and erase re-occurring worries.

95. May I begin to experience increase and see a reason to praise God in my finances.

96. May the eerie that comes with debt never find me as long as I live. I will only be a blessing to others.

97. The joy and happiness that come with being rich is all I crave right now. Dear God, feed my cravings and satisfy me.

98. It has never been by my power or might, I acknowledge the provider and pray that he never stops me from winning financially.

99. What is next in line in my life right now is to be financially independent and be a blessing to all the worthy people around. May I key into this next step and never relapse.

100. My earnest wishes are embedded in the hope that this year will launch me into the greatness that is beyond my imagination and that I experience health and wealth at its peak.

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