2023 Good Morning Prayers to Start the Day Right

Send a goody to your friends and loved ones, setting a mood for a great day ahead for them. A prayer for them is one of the best you can do for them. No matter where they are, or what they do, you really should pray for them, and if possible, daily.

Everyone needs prayers. If you can’t put your prayers into a text for them, or if you simply want a suggestion, then our collection of over 200 is for you. The collection even includes prayers for yourself, scattered around it, in different sections of the compilation.

Pray for someone today and watch the answers manifest, then you’ll be thankful that you contributed to the betterment of a person on earth.

Prayers for Peace:

The best good morning prayer points for peace from above.

1. You’ll have no reason to panic and no cause for alarm, no opponent to fight against and no force to challenge, no weapon to dodge and sights of arms risen against you, no system to fret over and no situations to bring you much worry. Your mind will be used to think and not worry. Your mind will be used to know more of God and God’s greatest peace will cover you like a pie, reside in you and surround you. Enjoy all the peace of today. Good morning.

2. If peace is liquid, may you have an ocean of it, and if it’s land, may you have a continent of it. More than any guarantee you can have, peace will be sure for you. Amen.

3. If there’s only one thing that will bring you peace, I pray that the activities of today will fit into the universe’s big plan to bring this one thing your way. Good morning, my friend.

4. I walk in the assurance of God’s plan for me to have peace, among other beautiful things. I believe that I’ll enjoy this peace and that the amount of it that will rub off on those around me will be more than enough for them. Today will be wonderful.

5. When I remember the peace God has given us in the past, I’m assured that there are more peaceful days ahead and that today can be peaceful too. I pray today brings us peace. Good morning.

6. While others spend time worrying about the content of the next day, you’ll be creatively thinking on how to make the day very profitable. I pray that your plans for the day are the best. Good morning, my dear.

7. When you have trouble, I pray that it changes, but when you find peace, I pray it stays forever. May you find so much peace in life that you doubt your presence on earth. Good morning to you.

8. Comfort will not be taken from you, fear will not be a part of you and peace will flow in you like a river, reside in you like a parasite and hold onto you as unrepentant doomed criminals hold unto crime. Good morning to you. Have a nice day.

9. May you have no reason to fear strangers and may they have no reason to harm you. Wealth and poverty, praises and mockery, nothing will break the peace in you. May your day be awesome throughout.

10. May you not disturb yourself over issues God has already settled and may you recognise the battles that are not yours to fight. Peace will be all you’ll know for the rest of the day and your life. Good day to you, love.

11. May your postures, property, personality, skills, activities, likes and dislikes, hobbies, profession, qualifications, your everything all contribute to giving you peace. Have an awesome and peaceful day.

12. Maybe your heart be filled with faith, so you won’t be knocked off when you see potential problems, and may you not have trouble as you go around spreading love. I pray your day goes blissfully.

13. In less than a day, you can and you will get a lasting solution to the thoughts that keep you up at night, the pains that keep you unproductive and every war you’re involved in. Your mind will be a battlefield for which to go for out of two awesome ideas and not how to escape trouble. May your day be lovely.

14. Your neighbours will treat you with much honour and your friends will treat you with great respect. You’ll be one who everyone looks to without trouble in mind. This and more are my prayers for you every day.

15. You’ll never wander from the paths of peace and trouble won’t misstep unto your paths. I also pray that you won’t find yourself in a place where you’ll beg to have peace around you. Have a peaceful day.

16. May you forget all war songs you’re used to and may you enjoy God’s own peace, the very kind he enjoys. It is my prayer that you become an ambassador of the kind of peace God can give. Good day to you.

17. May God and his peace be with you. One result you’ll get from every good thing you do is peace. Peace follows you like it can’t do without you. Good day to you, my friend.

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18. Dear Lord, I ask that you keep trouble from every part of my body, that I come out of every war without a scratch and that my contemporaries give me no headache at all. My day is set to be marvellous and I know it.

19. May you not lose peace over things that will put you in trouble and may you understand how God blesses us, so you’ll have peace. May your day bring good results.

20. There’s no way your life will end without peace that won’t drink up all the trouble you’ve ever experienced. There’s no way you won’t be a living proof of the best peace one can ever get. Have a great day.

Prayers for Help:

Good morning prayer points for divine help.

21. You’ll never walk alone when trouble bigger than you surrounds you. You’ll always find a superpower ready to fight in your favour. You’ll find money to buy what you can’t afford, boldness to say and do things you normally can’t say and do and, even when you’re unwilling, you’ll do the things you have to do to get all the good things kept in store for you. Your days will be incomplete if you don’t get help in it.

22. Help you don’t bargain for will have you in its plans and you’ll live in bliss. Unpronounceable will be the words that fit the description of how much help you’ll get today, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

23. All I’ll have to do today is cross my legs, eat, sleep and live. Because God’s effort will do all the work I can’t do, all the work that’s too hard for me. My day will be great.

24. Today will be different from every other day and the days ahead will be better. The help you’ll get in today will be shocking and the assistance will knock you off. Have an awesome day.

25. God will be the power behind every move your body makes today, every attempt at anything you try to do today. Just live and enjoy the day.

26. Your story about today will be one of help, one where you enjoyed ease because you achieved a lot with the little effort you put in. The day is yours.

27. My prayers for me are simple. That the day goes simple for me, that I’ll be hardworking, not trapped in unnecessary labour, and that God’s help will play in my activities. I love today already.

28. Victory is mine today. God helps me fight and helps me secure the victory. My only jobs will be to let him use me and to lift my trophy. I pray the same for my family.

29. As long as you live, God lives, so divine help won’t be an issue for you. It’ll so become a thing for you until it’s no longer a thing for you. It starts today and stays forever.

30. Every choice you make today will be the best, as God will help you make them. Even if you ignore his help, he’ll compel you into doing the best things today. Enjoy.

31. No time will be too little for you, because you’ll be working with help from God. He’ll make it as if you’re working faster and in fact more efficient. With the effort you can give off, you’ll be on top of the success ladder. Have a nice day.

32. I pray that everyone will see a reason to save you from hard labour and that they will desire to help you and that their desire will turn into actions. Enjoy a great day.

33. May you not lose your happiness due to much stress, may you not lose your strength due to too much labour and may you not lose yourself due to too much work. Have an awesome morning, afternoon and evening.

34. If shots are fired at you, you won’t need a shield to block them. If stones are thrown at you, you won’t need to dodge to escape them. If you are trapped, you won’t need to speak for yourself to get freedom. Help follows you throughout today.

35. You’re hardworking, but those you feed will eat more than your strength can ever provide. Be hardworking but, by God’s help, the results will belittle and disgrace all your efforts. A happy day I wish you.

36. Every word you say, even when not followed up, will do powerful things. You won’t have to shed blood to get things you love and want. Today will be easy for you because God’s help will take you through it.

37. You may be ignorant of it, but angels will definitely be running around, making the day as easy as possible and helping your inadequacies. Just thank God for a lovely day ahead.

38. If you do too much today, the result will be more than enough blessings for more than the whole of your family for the rest of your lives. Same thing if you do little. Good morning.

39. You’ll be so used to help that you will think laziness is on the way. May your love for hard work not die and may you have the understanding to handle help. Have a blessed day.

40. Far from when you think of lifting up your white flag, you’ll be assisted in fighting on. And even when you don’t need help, it will force its way into your life. May you celebrate help.

Prayers for Favour:

Good morning prayer quotes for favour.

41. Your life will be easier because divine gifts and favours will come your way, will follow you, will bless you. You’re set up for a lot of goodies and no one can stop you from enjoying them because God has decided to supervise you’re receiving them. Favours will help you go to places you can’t go to right now and make you talk to people you can’t talk to right now. Have a super day.

42. The highs and lows will seek to make you comfortable. The rich and poor will want to put food on your table. The old and the young will want to clear paths for you. All because you are yourself and nothing more. Good day ahead for you.

43. As you grow in God, today and forever, may it be a favour filled journey, with favours pouring in from those above and below you. Enjoy favours today. Amen.

44. There are things that will come your way because of favour, things that seem beyond you, things that seem too much for you to get by yourself. Good morning.

45. Favour will lead me out and bring me in. Favours I’ll get will beat my expectations. Favour will so happen to me that I’ll think it’s my name. My day will be great.

46. As the favoured of God, you’ll be able to walk with your head held high, because you’ll be taken to place where people will wish to be half of what you are. Good day to you.

47. On your way home, you’ll be without regrets, because the benefits from the favour you’ll receive today will be more than you can ever do on your own. A favoured day is what I wish you.

48. Everyone will run to you to favour you, at least everyone you come across. When you stand before people, they’ll see someone to favour. I pray these for you today.

49. Because of favours, you’ll never be dealt with severely by loss, depression and other negativities. Favour will make you come out of fires and make you come out refined too. Have a great day.

50. May your little throne attract those more able than you to favour you. You’ll enjoy favour before the lows, the highs and God himself. Your day is one that will make others jealous of you.

51. May your identity have a tag of favour. May your activities attract those who can and will favour you. Every day, you’ll love living more. Have a great day.

52. Believe the lies that God won’t favour you to your own disadvantage, because my prayers are that you’ll never go a day without favour from man and God. Enjoy today.

53. I pray for myself, that favour follows me, for my friends, that favour envelops them, for my family, that favour stays with them, and for all I know, that they live a life of daily favour. Amen.

54. You’ll be favoured into receiving great treasures, blessed into great achievements, favoured to be the best you can be. May time also work in your favour. Amen.

55. Ten men will bring together the best they’ve gotten from favours and the result will be a grain of sand to you, for your results from favours will be like a universe. May your day be sweet.

56. The result from the blessings that will come in form of favour today is the only sign I want to see to remember today. And I trust God to do this for you, for me, for us. Today will be great. Amen.

57. I pray that you’ll not run from the favours that will take you to where you dream to be, even when they come in ways that are unappealing. Get up and rock your day. My prayers got you.

58. I dare to pray that, today, you’ll earn more favours than people you look up to, people you consider bigger than you, people you want to be like. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

59. The kind of favour I want you to encounter is one that will kill most of the unwanted things in your life. The kind of favour I want you to enjoy is one that can make you everything you want to be. Have a blast.

60. The size of favour that will follow you is large enough to embrace the whole earth. When God wants to demonstrate his favour, he’ll use you like the lab rat. Today, you’ll enjoy these and more. Much love.

Prayers for Blessings:

Best good morning prayers for supernatural blessings

61. If you don’t get blessed today, I’ll assume no other got blessed too. If you don’t get blessed today, I’ll assume you found a way to escape from the day. And I’m not talking of the regular blessings, but the ones that will mean more than a thousand of the world to you. As you walk through the day, favours, peace, joy and much blessings will follow you through the day. Amen.

62. I pray you get to know more and more of God and that all the blessings that can come from knowing God will be noticeable in you. Enjoy God and his blessings.

63. All signs that lead to the best blessings for you won’t be missed by you. Every passage to your blessings will be visible to you, no matter how time they are. You’ll enjoy a new kind of blessing too.

64. I’ll enjoy the best of blessings, the ones anyone will be willing to kill for. I’ll enjoy undiluted blessings, hand-delivered, from God himself. My day is blessed.

65. I, my family and friends are blessed. In fact, we are in a competition for blessings and we are all doing well, thriving. We just walk in blessings all the time, with no effort put in at all.

66. There’s an ocean of blessings waiting for me today, and it must soak me completely before the day ends. I am so blessed that I don’t even know when some things go wrong around me. Amen.

67. It’s compulsory that I am blessed today, that I enjoy goodies from God today. All the good benefits from heaven are the possession all who concern me today. Amen.

68. The number of steps your feet take today will be too few when compared to the number of significant blessings you’ll get today. You will be blessed into not understanding the blessings. I pray for you.

69. The old will pass away and the new will come. The blessings that are best for you will hold you like you stole from it and not leave you until your time on earth is up. Enjoy blessings today.

70. There’s a lot to thank God for, but there’ll be more — much more — by the end of today, so much more that you’ll lose count, so much more that you’ll lack words to express how you feel. Enjoy God today.

71. Even when we don’t take the right steps, we’ll enjoy the best results. The blessings of God will come on us, not because of what we do. Have a blessed day.

72. May your distress be a dead thing and your life be filled with many blessings. There’s no way you won’t testify shocking testimonies. May blessings be like a flood on you.

73. All a human needs to go through life will be yours and you’ll lack no good thing. Everything around you will prove to be God’s instruments of blessings to you. Enjoy today.

74. I pray that I walk in strength every day, receive love, live on faith, sleep soundly, and enjoy every blessing that can be enjoyed daily. I pray same for you too, my love.

75. Bless me, Lord, till I can see nothing more interesting outside of you. Bless me, Lord, until I can’t live without your blessings, until doses of your blessings become a necessity for me. Amen.

76. Upon us all, I pray that God’s blessing will be like the number of sand grains that make up a mountain, so uncountable we’ll be called the blessed ones. Amen.

77. No sign will distract you from blessings and no symbol will rob you of them. No person will take your blessings from you and nothing on earth will take them from you. Enjoy blessings today.

78. As sure as Christmas and New Year dates are, so will your blessings surely come today. Your blessings will be much more than the human population. Remain blessed.

79. Be prepared, because blessings will attempt to sweep you off your feet. Be prepared, for the blessings coming your way can almost not be handled by you alone. Amen.

80. Dances of victory will be performed by you. And even that won’t be enough to express the feelings you’ll have over the much blessings you’ll receive today. Enjoy the best from the day.

Prayers for Peace:

Best good morning prayers for supernatural peace.

81. I pray that every pain caused from struggles become a thing of the past, that every discomfort caused by battles come to an end, that every fear caused by disagreement ceases. I pray that, as you know more of God, you’ll enjoy peace on earth and that your days will be spent giving others peace. I pray that you’ll be lost in peace and never be found. Amen.

82. Just like magic, peace will crash into your life, in a way you won’t believe it could come. A miracle of peace will crash your life as you walk through today. Amen.

83. All the haters you have will give you peace, and so will all the people you love. All your fights will end, and you’ll win those that are meant for you. Enjoy peace.

84. Every day will usher in enough safety to leave you peaceful, enough solutions to give your mind peace, enough provision to give your thoughts peace. Much blessings on you.

85. The ways that lead to peace will be the only ways for you. And a new arrangement will guide you through any road you’re on that leads to trouble. Peace is for you.

86. Every speech you listen to will support your peace and every action around you will work towards your peace. You’ll enjoy all things working together for your good in a new way.

87. May you experience, on earth, the peace you think is only possible in heaven. And may the peace begin from today and stay till you’re gone. I pray these for you.

88. Even if you pray for everything, and don’t ask for peace, you’ll get it more than whatever you ask for. Peace will force you to enjoy it. Enjoy a blessed day.

89. As God goes plenty steps ahead of you, may you understand the peace this brings and may you enjoy as much of it as possible. God’s got you, so go and conquer your day.

90. There’ll be so much peace for you to enjoy and you’ll enjoy all. You’ll also enjoy the height of good that can be enjoyed from the presence of peace in your life. Have a blessed day.

91. More than you’ve heard about, more than you’ve witnessed, more than you can even desire, peace will be on you. Enjoy the best kind of day and the first among many more to come.

92. May you get the peace you love and the calmness you desire. May you enjoy sounds of victory and may you enjoy, at the end of everything, perfect peace. God bless you.

93. You’ll not have to fight to enjoy peace; God will do it for you. You’ll not have to labour to enjoy peace; men will do it for you. These are just a few of many prayers for you.

94. While you spend many years on earth, may today be known as one when you began to enjoy a perfect peace that never came to an end. Have a great day.

95. Dear Lord, my desire is for peace. Grant to me and my neighbours true peace and many favours. Bless us with more wealth and long lives. Amen.

96. On earth, you’ll prove to others that trouble is normal. You’ll be a symbol of peace, one who people marvel at. The peace you’ll enjoy with men will be like that which God offered for man to enjoy with him. Amen.

97. Ever seen a child asleep? Your peace will beat whatever the child sleep depicts. Have you ever seen a water body calm? Your peace will depict whatever the water body illustrates. Amen.

98. My prayers are for the world to enjoy more peace, especially you. My prayer is that you’ll spend long periods of time without seeing troubles. Amen.

99. The only wars you’ll face are those that will work together for your good. A peace will sweep through your life and clear the other wars. Enjoy today.

100. No envy from others towards you will take away your peace, and nothing you do towards others, having grace to do what’s right, will disrupt your peace. May you enjoy peace today.

Prayers for Joy:

Best good morning prayers for endless joy.

101. More than words can express will your joy be and you’ll have enough to share for others. More than tongues can speak will your joy be and you’ll forget about sorrow because of it. A day of joy will today be and you’ll bask in the beautiful blessings God gives to humanity. You’ll be an ambassador of God’s blessings, especially joy, to the whole earth. Amen.

102. All the joy you need to never get tired of more of God will come to you. All the joy that can keep you away from ever being depressed comes to you too. Amen.

103. May joy fight to have you for itself, so he can give you all of itself. May joy take over you till there’s no place in you occupied by an opposing force. Amen.

104. The sun will rise with joy for you and won’t set with it. You’ll enjoy every good this prayer means too. May your joy be so much that I’ll see reasons to stop praying for joy for you. Have a joyful day.

105. So much joy is for us. God will guide us into them. We’ll be joyful in the day and night. All nothing that will bring tears to us will exist. Enjoy today.

106. Today is my day of joy. Every activity in it will leave me joyful and every person I come across will bring me joy. Today’s my day of joy and I’ll have nothing to cry about. Amen.

107. Fill me with so much joy till people think I’m mad. Let my expression of joy be sincere, from my heart. Let even those who don’t understand joy wish for it, because of the height of joy they see in me.

108. I pray that joy is something I get used to, so used to it that I can hardly live daily in it. That today, my heart enjoys so much joy till it can take no more. Amen.

109. I pray that joy crashes your day, storms it in a way that would have been instantly destructive if it was a negative thing. I pray that you’ll be the focus of joy today. Enjoy today.

110. If there’s anything like the best of joy, then you’ll get it today. If there’s nothing like that, then you’ll get as much joy as one person can get this morning, and even something better, if there is, in the evening. Amen.

111. Since your joy will be like a river, it won’t be able for anyone to sweep it away. Since your joy will be like a river, it won’t be possible for it to dry up. May this joy comes today and never go.

112. From your within your bones to your skin will joy reside. No one will have a proof of you not being joyful at a time that’s in or after today. Today’s going to be sweet for you.

113. With the joy you’ll get, you’ll live above sorrows. Your joy will create a world where you have little or no reason to cry, bringing more joy. Amen.

114. One thing you’ll get today will bring you so much joy that you’ll wonder if you’re the best person on earth. One thing you get today will bring you so much joy that you’ll conclude that you deserve the best on earth. Amen.

115. When tragedy strikes, before you cry in sorrow, an event that will bring more joy to you than is necessary will occur. You’ll get more good than harm. Enjoy.

116. True joy will replace all the pretenses you do about being joyful. True joy will come more often to you. Just enjoy God today and let him do his thing.

117. You’ll believe the reality of a joy that’s pure from today because you’ll experience it firsthand. You’ll be so joyful that you’ll be unable to keep all the joy to yourself. Amen.

118. Joy will be upon us for as long as we’re together, which is forever. Every other union will look at us and wish to have what we do. God bless us today and always.

119. Today, we’ll enjoy an addition of joy. Today, joy will break into our normal daily activities and make us remember today. Today, joy will sweep us off our feet. Amen.

120. I pray that you experience so much of the joy Jesus promised will be the motivation behind your sighs and that the shaking of your head will be in wonder at this same joy. Rock your day.

Prayers for Mercy:

Best good morning prayers for God’s mercy.

121. May the mercies of God favour you today and bring you to places you should be. May the mercies of God and of men find you today and do beautiful works in your life. May the mercies of God not be too complicated for you to understand, so you can make the most of it. And may you enjoy so much of the mercy he freely provides till you are satisfied. Amen.

122. Making the most of daily mercies will be your testimony from today and you’ll live your best life ever starting from today. Even when you fall, mercies will save the day. Enjoy.

123. Instead of a whip, you’ll get a sit. Instead of chains, you’ll get a bed. You’ll enjoy more blessings than you deserve since mercy never stops speaking for you, me and all men. Can I wish you merciful day?

124. Mercies will lead us into knowing God better and experiencing him more and better. Mercies will save our day all the time and create beautiful times for us. Amen.

125. In today will we find a day of perfect joy and perfect peace. Because God’s mercies are perfect, we’ll live above what most humans claim is possible. Have a sweet day.

126. I pray that you’ll remember a major blessing from today that was through God’s mercies. You’ll value God’s mercy because of the beautiful things it will bring your way. Have an excellent day.

127. Grand will the benefit of mercies be to you and your family. Strong will it make you, to excellence will it build you and to wealth will it take you. Amen.

128. Every shade of mercy will touch you from today and your experiences with mercy will bring a lot of people into enjoying it too. Have a great day.

129. You won’t miss the benefits of mercy and you’ll enjoy the most from it. The talks of your experience with mercy will be intimidating. Enjoy mercy and your day.

130. Today, mercy will prove to you in ways you understand that God loves you. Today, mercy will prove to you in ways you understand that God is very interested in you. Amen.

131. Today, you’ll realize all that mercy has for you and you’ll get them all for yourself. You’ll be above your league and competitors will look up to you. Amen.

132. God’s mercy will hold you in place and beautify you in ways you can’t resist. The love of God will be understood better by you and your friends will enjoy it through you.

133. Soft is the way life will treat you and calm is the way you’ll go through life, for you’ll enjoy these and more through God’s mercies. Rock your great day.

134. The right things won’t escape you and the best things will locate you. Blessings will be sure for you and more too. Mercies will make all these a reality. Amen.

135. Your best gifts will be guided to you by mercy. Your desires will be edited into perfect ones and these perfect list will be delivered by mercy. Amen.

136. I’ll be the favourite of mercy, the one who’ll enjoy so much of it until I’ll nearly forget the harshness of the everyday earth. Mercy will rock with me from today like were A, B and C. I’ll enjoy every moment today.

137. Today, mercy will follow you, and when you see how it put away “negative” things out of your life, you’ll refer to them as things of the past from today and henceforth. The best of the day is for you.

138. I’ll have to stay in the best of places today and countless favours will track me down. Mercy will make this happen today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

139. When you walk, mercy will keep you and trouble away from each other. When you sleep, mercy will do what it knows best to do for humans when they sleep. Rock-steady.

140. Because of the mercy you’ll enjoy today, trouble will avoid you. Then everyone will look for and find amazing ways to bless you. You’ll enjoy so much of mercy that you’ll think of changing your name to Mercy. Amen.


141. You’ll keep knowing God more and more and enjoying more of him and you’ll be madder about him today than ever. Enjoy a God filled day.

142. Every situation that will end in sadness will not be found from today and the productivity of today will dwarf the best you’ve ever had in a single day. Good morning.

143. There’s a lot of blessings for you today and not one of them will be missed by you. God will make you get all he has for you, even against your will. Amen.

144. I pray that dark days don’t come your way from today and that the brightest day you’ve ever seen will be today. Enjoyment of the best God offers is your portion in the day. Good morning.

145. You’ll get famous for much blessings, known for excess goodness and celebrated. Your achievements today will bring you to kings and make you stand as a force to be associated with. Amen.

146. Sounds of joy will ring from your mouth and you’ll enjoy peace. These today and many more will follow after today. Enjoy the best things of life. Amen.

147. I’ll celebrate everything that happens today in a way because its either they are major blessings in my life or leading to them. God be with me. Amen.

148. Every song I hear today will bring me a big blessing and everything that happens to me today will build me up for something big. My days will be filled with joy.

149. The value of a lot of new cars and houses is little compared to the value of what will be yours today. Everyday, I pray for something good to come your way, but today, I pray for something very good to come your way and to you. Amen.

150. Joy follows you from morning to night and you’ll never see a day of sadness. And if for any reason you get sad, then every good that can come out of it will be yours. Amen.

151. May you have more of God today and may you never have a reason to do things that will make you miss a blessing from God. May your days never know bad things. Amen.

152. Every day will bring you a big blessing, but today will bring a big blessing that you won’t be able to handle by yourself and that you won’t quickly recover from. Have a nice day, bro.

153. When you walk today, you’ll walk like there’s no problem, because there really is no problem. You will let God be in all you do. Amen.

154. I’ll break doors that can never open to me on their own because I’m in Christ, his strength can see me through every danger. I will enjoy my work on earth. Amen.

155. You’ll enjoy favours you can’t imagine. You’ll enjoy the escape from troubles, promotions, easy access and more because of the favour coming your way. Have a great day.

156. A set up for blessings will happen to you and every negative movement any part of your life is taking will only work for your good. You’ll enjoy blessings throughout today and you’ll never get bored of them.

157. Every day after today will be a sequel to the day before them as joy will feature in them all. You’ll enjoy joy from day to day that you’ll be content with it. Have a great day.

158. Just as it brings me peace to know that you love me, may you also find peace in every good thing you do, and may your mistakes, as you learn from them, not bring you trouble. Good morning, baby.

159. Today is a great day, a great day of help. Help will be so much in the day that you’ll go through it effortlessly. Enjoy today to the best. Good morning.

160. In victory brought to us through mercy, I pray that our day is an awesome one, with a lot of goodies in it for us. We will boast of a perfect day for ourselves. Amen.

161. As you step out today, I pray your going out is blessed and your coming in is blessed. Everything you put your hands to do today prospers in the name of Jesus. Good morning

162. May God cause his face to shine upon you. Let his countenance be favorable towards you today as you step out. No evil shall come near your dwelling. Good morning.

163. Good morning dearie. As you’ve entered this new day, all things work together for your good. Lines fall for you in pleasant places. Enjoy unlimited favor today.

164. He that watches over Israel never sleeps or slumbers. I decree and declare that you are protected on all sides. The angels of the Lord are dispatched on your behalf to help you. Have an awesome day. Good morning.

165. As you arise this morning, favor rises with you. Blessing encompasses you. Joy and happiness follow you. Peace resides with you. Enjoy an amazing day. Good morning.

166. As you step out today, let every one who sees you call you blessed. You are mightily helped of the Lord today. Be amazing today. Good morning.

167. Good morning, fam. I pray for you today, let favor embarrass you, let blessing overwhelm you, let glory overshadow you. Be amazing today, fam.

168. As you step out that door today, I decree and declare open doors for you. You will not be put to shame. That long-awaited testimony comes to you today. Go and excel. Good morning.

169. Just as you have seen a new morning, I say to that you have entered your morning season. You won’t have a reason or cause to cry. Evil is far from your habitation. Good morning, fam.

170. Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. You shine brightly and beautifully today as the Daystar. Go and enlighten your world, fam. Good morning.

171. Today I pray for you. Your bread and your water are blessed. Let there be a traffic of business your way today as you head out in Jesus name. Good morning.

172. You will not see wind, you will not see rain but the valley will be filled with water. As you step out this morning, I pray that you experience supernatural provision in the name of Jesus. Good morning.

173. I pray for you today that God makes your feet as hinds feet. You enjoy divine speed in everything you do today. Everything that once delayed is released on your behalf today in the name of Jesus. Good morning, fam.

174. You will run and not grow weary, you will walk and will not faint, for the Lord has gone before you and his joy would be your strength. The Lord is on your side. Good morning.

175. I pray for grace for you. I pray that God strengthens you with might in your inner man. You are graced for exploits today in Jesus name. Good morning.

176. Today as you step out, you enjoy the mercies of the Lord. Things work out for you. The Lord will cause your enemies to shake hands with you. Good morning, fam.

177. You’ve gone through trials. You’ve gone through challenges. You’ve gone through thick and thin but as you’ve seen this brand new day, the Lord has brought you into a wealthy place.

178. Even though you go through storms, God is with you. Today he sets a banquet table before you for your pleasure. Be merry, enjoy your day. Good morning.

179. As you step out this morning I pray that God floods your heart with light and illuminates your spirit. I pray that he blesses you with the gift of ideas. Be good today. Good morning.

180. Hey fam… As you step out today, God will not leave you or forsake you. His mighty hand is upon you to help you. You are protected on all sides. Good morning.

181. Today, may your day be as beautiful as you’ve desired it. May your day be as wonderful as you’ve envisioned it. I wish you an amazing morning. God bless you.

182. I Pray for tranquillity and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding for you. I pray that God endows you with the wisdom and understanding that you need to excel. Good morning dear one.

183. I pray for strength on all sides for you. I pray that the mercies and blessings of God be upon you today. I pray you experience his supernatural provision today. Good morning.

184. Let happiness continually surround you and be your barrack. Let joy be your companion and never let you go. Let the love of God always lead you. Good morning, fam.

185. As you step out this morning, I pray that your day produces good and sweetness for you. Let everything you’ve imagined come to pass. Let your expectations be exceeded. Good morning.

186. I am fully persuaded that God will bless you today. I am sure that no evil will befall you. I am sure that your day will be beautiful and bright. I am sure that today will be better than yesterday. Good morning.

187. Today I pray that you’ll be a thousand times better than what you are already. I pray a thousand smiles brighten your day as you step out. Enjoy your day.

188. I pray that lack is far from you. You enjoy plenty and abundance from now on. The Lord keep you and protect you from evil. Good morning.

189. As you engage life today, I pray that God would give you wisdom to tackle life’s issues and may you experience success today. Good morning friend.

190. I pray for you this morning that the angels of God are on guard for you. You will not experience harm or hurt. The Lord strengthens you on the part to your destiny.

191. You trample upon evil and it shall by no means harm you. The Lord will protect you as a hen would do for her chicks. You are loved and mightily helped. Good morning.

192. May you achieve your dreams today. May your heart desires come to pass today. The Lord favors you. You are blessed and highly sort for. Enjoy your day.

193. Today I pray that you enjoy the traffic of blessing. Let kings come to seek wisdom at your feet. Excel on all sides. Have an amazing day.

194. Today I pray that God crowns your effort with success. I pray that he blesses the works of your hands. Enter your day with the blessing of the Lord. Good morning, fam.

195. May the Lord fight your battles for you. Let grace speak for you. Let his peace garrison you. Experience favor today. Good morning, dear friend.

196. Let miracles unending locate you today. Let men bring to you today. I pray for you, you are the preferred in all your endeavors. Good morning.

197. As you begin your day, experience strength and joy. May you find the courage to go through today and live your dreams. May today bring you closer to your dreams. Good morning.

198. Today I pray for you that you rise above your trials and challenges. I pray that you never have a better yesterday. Excel in all you do. Good morning dearie.

199. Before you call, God will answer you. Before you ask, he’ll grant your request. Before you knock, the door will be opened. Enjoy grace unlimited. Good morning, fam.

200. You are chosen generation, a royal Priesthood. You have been set up for an elevation. The Lord bears you up in his wings, his mighty hand is here to save you. Good morning.

201. From now till you get home, the blessings you love most and that are for you now won’t stop flowing your way and you won’t have reason to reject any. Amen.

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