2023 Powerful Friday Morning Prayer Quotes and Blessings

Friday, the last working day of the week, comes with a lot of excitement, fun and expectations. Friday also begins the weekend, the rest period of every week. Have you ever thought of making your Friday better by saying a Friday Morning prayer?

Here are 100 Friday Morning Prayer Quotes and Blessings you can use to begin your Friday with!


Friday Morning Prayer Quotes for Someone You Love

Special Friday Morning Prayer Quotes and Blessings for your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife.

1. Thank God it’s Friday. Thank him for an awesome week that’s past and an amazing weekend ahead.

2. The Lord is my shield and my strength. I fear no evil. My days shine brighter and brighter. Thank God it’s Friday.

3. It’s Friday. May your Friday bring smiles to your face, laughter to your jaws and peace to your mind and soul.

4. May your day shine as the morning star and your nights hide you from all evils. Happy Friday.

5. Happy Friday. May you radiate God’s glory. May his grace be visible on you. May his peace overwhelm you today.

6. It’s Friday. Take a break from work and stress. And may your rest not be interrupted by any trouble.

7. Friday, the day when stress walks away, and fun comes to stay. May your Friday never be a waste.

8. Happy Friday. Never forget that the joy of the Lord is your strength. May joy fill your heart.

9. It’s Friday. Don’t waste it. Do your best. And may tune and chance work in your favour. May you be rewarded beyond your labour.

10. Like a middleman between work and rest, let all the week’s blessings come on Friday. Amen. Happy Friday.

11. May your day, your Friday, bring you an untold favour. May it be so made that you can happily say “Thank God It’s Friday.”

12. The man was made to work and rest. Friday is the gap between both. May you enter into your rest. Happy Friday.

13. Bread-winners and bread-eaters all look forward to Friday. The rich and the poor watch out for the great day. May you not miss out of it.

14. Like a fountain of life endlessly flowing, may your Friday be filled with all good things. Happy Friday.

15. Because Fridays are for fun, food and faith. May you have uninterrupted fun, eat to your fill and be drawn closer to God.

16. Won’t you say Friday is the best day of the week? Won’t you say no other day offers such relief? Thank God you’re in it.

17. Happy Friday. Friday is for rest, party, and other necessary distractions. May this Friday be for you.

18. It’s Friday. May your creativity be explored to prepare you for the next week ahead. Thank God it’s Friday.

19. May your Friday be filled with royalty and the authority of a king. Have a purple Friday.

20. When you wake up on Fridays, look to heaven and say, “Lord, this party begin”, because God wants your life to be as exciting as parties.

21. May your rest be buttered with peace, sandwiched with grace and built on love. Welcome to another Friday.

22. May life be exciting to you. May you party for the rest of your life. Enjoy all the good God prepared for you.

23. Life is for all whether you are lazy or strong like rain is for all whether they are black or white. Enjoy life. Happy Friday.

24. May your enemies be at peace with you. May your friends be the best of friends. And may your actions bring you an unspeakable favour. Happy Friday.

25. May this weekend bring you good tidings of great joy. May you have reasons to laugh and smile. Happy Friday. Pray for Strength and Courage

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26. I pray that love comes in and out of you for as long as you live. May your life revolve around love. Happy Friday.

27. Work and play rest by the two sides of Friday. May you be in the middle of all good things as they revolve around. Happy Friday.

28. May you never be held with restrictions. May your journeys be smooth. Happy Friday.

29. Today, favour locates you, peace finds you and joy reflects through you. Have a Friday that’s too amazing to be believable.

30. May your family and friends be impressed with what you have achieved. May your efforts yield results. Happy Friday.

Friday Morning Prayer Quotes and Blessings for Yourself

Awesome Friday Morning Prayer Quotes and Blessings You can use for Yourself. You can use them as your WhatsApp Status or Facebook Status.

31. Today, the hand of God is upon me, to increase the fruit of my labour and to protect them from being devoured. It’s Friday.

32. Dear Lord, I am grateful for Monday to Thursday and the work done. I’m grateful for Friday, today, the day I stand in. And for Saturday and Sunday, the days of rest.

33. It’s Friday. I walk through the valley of the shadow of death fearing no evil because you guide me.

34. It’s Friday. May God lead me in the right paths, making me do what I have to do for the sake of his name.

35. It’s Friday. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me stands condemned.

36. The power of the lord is upon me, so I can do all things. I take charge of my Friday.

37. May I never lose the profits of what I work for and may my rewards receive a boost. It’s Friday.

38. It’s Friday. May the glory of God shine upon me reflecting his goodness in me.

39. Dear Lord, protect my friends and family, so together we can share the favourite moments. It’s Friday.

40. I will lift up my eyes to the hill, where my help comes from, from the Lord. Thank God it’s Friday.

41. Oh Lord, I trust in you. Let my enemies not have victory over me. Let me not have a reason to fear what’s not you. Amen.

42. It’s Friday. May the Lord prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. And anoint me with royalty.

43. It’s Friday. I for forth as a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar person. I am blessed.

44. May many rise to my calling. May my name never die. May my generation live in comfort. Happy Friday.

45. It’s Friday. May my experiences only be stepping stones for me because all things work together for my good.

46. It’s Friday. May I be able to show love to all who come my way and may I have what it takes to live in peace with everyone around me.

47. When I fall, catch me. When I fail, save me. When I’m down, pull me up. Thank God It’s Friday.

48. May my parents be wells to drink from and may my children be buckets to pour into. Thank God it’s Friday.

49. Dear Lord, let me not go anywhere if you won’t go with me. Let me go only where you go. Thank God it’s Friday.

50. It’s Friday. May my labour for the week be an immense contribution to the betterment of humanity.

51. May I find rest, from the worries of life, in the midst of storms, in the love of Christ. Happy Friday.

52. Today, may the Lord supply all my needs according to his riches in glory. Thank God it’s Friday.

53. May I utilise every opportunity I get to the fullest. May I not waste anything. Amen.

54. It’s Friday. May my ways be made straight. May distractions not take me away from what I was meant to do.

55. This Friday, may my family be proud of me, may my friends be happy to have me and may my enemies regret that they hate me.

56. When it’s all said and done, may I be counted as a lucky one, as a blessed one. Thank God it’s Friday.

57. Let joy follow me. Let excitement cling to me. Let happiness be my portion. Because it’s Friday.

58. May I never lose hope in myself, may I never lose my sense of wonder and may I never give up. Happy Friday.

59. Oh Lord, I am strengthened when I remember that you love me. I am grateful for Fridays. TGIF.

60. May my going out and coming in be filled with wonders, good tidings and amazement. Thank God it’s Friday.

Friday Morning Prayer Quotes for Your Friends and Family

The best of Friday Morning Prayer Quotes and Blessings for Your Special Friends and Family Members – your loved ones.

61. Happy Friday. Success, strength and excellence will follow us for as long as we live. Our days will be filled with love.

62. Happy Friday. May our focus shift from unnecessary things to those which are necessary so we can make the best use of our time.

63. Happy Friday. May God’s peace that passes all understanding dwell with us. May even our enemies be at peace with us.

64. Happy Friday. May joy build our strength. May peace be in our ways. And may love be our watchword.

65. May our days be bright and may we see things that make us remain optimistic. May our faith in the good grow stronger.

66. Happy Friday. May our tables be filled with meat and drinks and may our needs not lead us to dishonourable ways.

67. Happy Friday. May we get all that we deserve and may all the good we wish for be ours.

68. Happy Friday. May we labour only for what’s worth the labour and may we rest only when rest is needed.

69. Happy Friday. The best is reserved for us because we are the best version of ourselves. We deserve more.

70. Happy Friday. Friday is a great day that breaks the work days from the weekend. Let’s be grateful for it.

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71. Happy Friday. May time work to our advantage and may chance do the same. May our luck shine.

72. Happy Friday. We are unbeatable. The world is ours. We are more than conquerors. Thank God it’s Friday.

73. Happy Friday. May our lives reflect the true beauty. May our light shine without restrictions.

74. Happy Friday. May the wisdom and understanding needed to be the best we can be possessed by us.

75. Happy Friday. I pray that we all become what God intended for us to be. May his hands lead us on the right path.

76. Happy Friday. May everything that would cause disunity among is be lost. May we live as one.

77. Happy Friday. May we remain bound in love. May we remain rooted and grounded in unity.

78. Happy Friday. Reasons to celebrate are our desires. Reasons to wine and dine is a need for us. May they be met today.

79. Happy Friday. May all our wishes be granted. May all our needs be met. And may all our wants be provided for.

80. Happy Friday. May we have no sorrows. May our worries be less. And may we have reasons to rejoice.

81. It’s Friday. May our paths be lighted up and may we never lose direction. May we not be lost.

82. It’s Friday. May we have better tomorrows and worse yesterdays. Our days get better and better for the rest of our lives.

83. It’s Friday. Lord, you are a rock, a fortress, a shield and a strong tower to us. We fear no evil that comes our way.

84. It’s Friday. Lord, keep us from the path that leads to destruction. Let us walk only in the way you prepared for us.

85. It’s Friday. Lord, give us the strength not to fall into temptation and give us the courage to go through life.

86. It’s Friday. Lord, clear every heavy load on our mind. Free our hearts from every thought that would weigh is down.

87. It’s Friday. Even as we wake up, may we not forget our priorities. May we remember the things we ought to.

88. It’s Friday. Lord, we know you are faithful. Help us to trust you the way we ought to. Help our faith too.

89. It’s Friday. We are grateful for the roof over our heads, the covering on our body, for health and for provisions.

90. It’s Friday. Dear Lord, help us to trust you even when things don’t go the way we planned or expected them to.

91. This is another day that God has made. In it, let us rejoice and be glad. Thank God it’s Friday.

92. Help us to understand your ways. Teach us your parts. For we are thankful for today.

93. Lord, give us strength and peace to stand against confusion and hard times. Thank God it’s Friday.

94. May we be lighted up, enriched and inspired by love, truth and justice. Thank God it’s Friday.

95. Let our races be without hurdles, our shots without goalkeepers, our movements without restriction. Thank God it’s Friday.

96. Let us have a heart that forgives others and gives out without expecting anything in return. Happy Friday.

97. Happy Friday. May we be guided before our understanding leads us to destruction.

98. Happy Friday. May our courage never fail. May we never give in to discouragements. We draw our encouragement from you.

99. Happy Friday. Thank you, Lord, for comforting our hearts with your words. Thank you for your spirit.

100. Lord, grant us the ability to walk with you, talk with you and have a strong relationship with you. Thank you for Fridays.

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