Good Morning Prayer for Friends

2022 Trending Good Morning Prayer for Friends

Be a part of the great day everyone wants to have by opening up the day for them with a prayer. Let them count you as part of that day’s success story.

Friends are a vital part of our lives and praying for them can only be good. Let’s not miss a chance to help them through the day.

Here are 100 messages to set the day rolling for your friends.

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Friends

It is good to start a day well. Morning Inspirational prayers you can send to your friends to have a blessed day.

1. Anytime I look at you, I honestly see a package of greatness and the strength to walk through life triumphantly. Wake up, rule and reign. Good morning.

2. May regrets not come at the end of your day and may positive feelings never leave your mind. The day is yours. Good morning.

3. Today, may your uniqueness work to your advantage and give you favours that are more than you can wish for. May you gain high acceptance. Good morning.

4. Every day is a chance to throw new shades of love at humanity. Every day is a chance for you to make yourself and others better beings. I pray you don’t fail. Good morning.

5. No one can replace you and what you are meant to do. Walk through life and do all your unique demands and wait for the blessings. Good morning. Powerful Good Morning Prayer for My Love

6. It’s a shame the world is yet to understand the greatness embedded in you. I know that you were built to reign and conquer. Good morning.

7. You’re more than enough to stand as great person. Your strength and works will grant you something to lean on every time. Good morning.

8. I pray you never forget the picture of greatness ahead of you and that you always remember that you can be anything you want to be. Good morning.

9. The way you walk, talk and live is, I noticed, one hell of a unique and special one. You have a lot of good in you and I pray they bring you favour. Good morning.

10. May every voice in your head speak peace to you and may you find encouragement in yourself. Good morning.

Morning Prayer for Prosperity

Below are powerful good morning prayer for prosperity that you can send to your friend, to inspire him for the great day.

1. Today, I pray it marks the day you begin to see the awesome results of every work your hands have been a part of. Good morning, my friend.

2. Your needs will not consume you, but I pray that you live above every limitation and that your prosper till it scares you. Good morning.

3. May you see a sign that will make you surer than ever that your prosperity is nearer than you ever thought it can be. Good morning, my friend.

4. From today, the business world, the country’s economy and other factors will not affect the weight of your pockets. Good morning.

5. I welcome you to today, a day where all your needs will be met and a day where lack will not be a word of relevance. Good morning.

6. As you slept last night, you dropped every austerity in the dream world. You’ve woken to a day that’s utterly bright and fair. Good morning.

7. One day, you’ll have so much of what you cry for that others will expect to get them free from you. This is my prayer. Good morning.

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8. May wealth and prosperity be like a shield and an umbrella to you so that hard things don’t strike you down. Good morning.

9. I pray that prosperity chooses you as one that it will stalk and keep up with for as long as it is relevant to man. Good morning.

10. May you prosper till you leave the prosperity ladder into a stage where you can’t fall from. I wish you get even better than this if possible. Good morning.

Morning Prayer for Daily Mercy

Everybody needs mercy as the day comes and pass, to be successful. The following good morning prayer for mercy daily will surely be your expectation. All you need to do is to copy it and send to your friends and family.

1. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. May mistakes of your past not have an effect on the brightness of your day. Good morning.

2. I pray you find relief from any trouble you may find yourself in today. Most of all, I pray you don’t get into trouble at all. Good morning.

3. I hope you find more mercy than you ever thought existed. I pray that you get used to it soon enough to live it like a normalcy. Good morning.

4. May fear of the results of mistakes you’ve made not ruin your peace of mind. May all your mistakes in the past be swallowed up. Good morning.

5. Fear not, my friend. God’s solidly behind you. He’ll make your ways more perfect than you deserve. Enjoy life. Good morning.

6. There are a lot of beautiful ways ahead of you. You may think you don’t deserve some of them, but God’s merciful to give them to you. Good morning.

7. I pray and trust that mercy will be your forerunner, preparing the way for you to get more blessed than you can pray for. Good morning.

8. Today, all the mercy you’ve shown to others will be shown to you in more folds than a hundred. Have a nice day. Good morning.

9. There’s nothing that will stand as a barrier between you and all the good you’ll get because of mercy. You’ll have an unhindered walk. Good morning.

10. There are days when things go all wrong, but today, God’s mercy will speak against every evil in Jesus Name. Amen. Good morning.

Morning Prayer for Grace

Here are spirit inspired good morning prayer for grace to excel through the day, that you can send to your friends, colleague and so on.

1. Because you won’t do anything today to get the best results, you should know that God has marked you out for grace. Good morning.

2. A lot of terrible things won’t meet with you today because God’s grace will hold you in the right places. You won’t get to the wrong places. Good morning.

3. At the end of the day, people will talk about how awesome, beautiful and grace-filled your day was. Good morning, my dear friend.

4. Like the lights in the city at night, God’s grace will separate you for a special recognition. May God’s grace follow and keep you. Good morning.

5. Get up and watch beautiful things that can only be attributed to the grace of God come your way. Enjoy them. Good morning.

6. Even where your voice is not heard, I pray that the voices that are powerful will only speak what will be of your good. Good morning.

7. Rising up will not be an uphill task for you. God’s grace will help you to stand till you forget what it feels like to fall. Good morning.

8. Diamonds will be in shock when they see how much grace has made you shine. May you never feel like you lack grace. Good morning.

9. Ecstasy is what everyone with God’s grace deserves and I pray you don’t miss out on even a tiny bit of it. Keep enjoying. Good morning.

10. Even when people admire the results of grace on the life of others, the results in yours will be a wonder. Good morning.

Good Morning Prayer for Favour

The awesome effect of God’s favour can never be overestimated in the life of a successful man or woman. Here are powerful good morning prayers for friends, give it a trial and testify about the effect too.

1. Today was crafted especially for you make the best out of and all that is needed to harvest the best from today have been given to you. Good morning.

2. Help will come to you from all sides and kindness even from places you never expected to get it from. Good morning, my friend.

3. I pray that you get every goodwill that comes with the day and that benevolence overtakes you till at night. Good morning.

4. Every day is a gift that comes with more gifts in it for us. I pray you claim every single one of these gifts. Good morning.

5. May the worries and troubles of every day be mild and mitigated today and may you laugh at the end of the day. Good morning. Pray for Strength and Courage

6. I pray that you don’t go disregarded today and that every regard brings you more blessings than you can ever pray for. Good morning.

7. Everywhere you appear today is blessed and your looks attract blessings to you. May enemies not be able to stand your face. Good morning.

8. People may call it partiality, but it’s simply God favouring you. They may think that there’s a bias, but you know it’s favour. Good morning.

9. Today is a day of favour for you, so I pray that you and everyone you come in contact with will be soaked in it for as long as they live. Good morning.

10. I decided to pray for a random person today and that person turned out to be you. I pray you keep getting more favours than this. Good morning.

Prayer for Business

Prayer for Business for friends to start the day well.

1. From today, I pray that your clients double and your profits triple. And you increase in all aspects of life. Good morning.

2. This morning leads you to a life of success in many areas of life esp business and may your day confirm it. Good morning.

3. From when the sun rises, your business will be the most preferred and all you need to run it will be provided until the sun sets. Good morning.

4. May your products be so demanded that you run out of stock and may your services be asked for until you’re weary. Good morning.

5. I hope and pray that everyone that does business with you will have a reason to keep coming back and telling others about it. Good morning.

6. May everyone who hears of your business gets interested and may their interest not die until you are paid for what you offer. Good morning.

7. May prospective customers not miss the opportunity to hear about your services and may they not lack when they want to pay for it. Good morning.

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8. I pray that you find the strength to fight in your world and the encouragement to never give up. Have a blast. Good morning.

9. I hope and trust and pray that you’ll never get tired of running the great brand you’ve created. I hope you make it greater. Good morning.

10. God will definitely give you the strength to stand and preserve what he let you start. Trust God who never fails. Good morning.

Powerful Morning Prayer for Employment

Is your friend in need of new or fresh employment? Here are effective prayer points for employment that you can pray and also send to him or her.

1. You will find an engagement because God doesn’t will that the over two decades you spent trying to be qualified goes to waste. Good morning.

2. Because you’re diligent in whatever you set out to be part of, may only good things be used to reward you. Good morning, friend.

3. Your daily efforts you put in at work will not be disregarded in any way and no recognition from your employer will pass you by. Good morning.

4. The employment I pray that you get is one that fits your person, skill and expectations. I pray you love your job when it comes. Good morning.

5. Because you have so equipped yourself that even in your least state you’re still employable, may you get what you deserve? Good morning.

6. Even if you were not prepared, I pray that special consideration will be given to you to develop yourself for the very job. Good morning.

7. Because you have decided and desired to be busy, may your hands always have an honourable, a good and a noble task to do. Good morning.

8. Mighty works will spring forth from your current task and you’ll only attain heights that are above you. Good morning, my dear friend.

9. Even in your place of work, I pray every beautiful opportunity for you are maximized so your testimony can be great. Good morning.

10. If there should be any person that’s not to fail at his place of work, or as he looks for one, I pray you’re him. Good morning.

Awesome Morning Prayer for Encouragement

At a point or the other, every human being needs encouragement for friends or family. Here is a lovely prayer for encouraging friends or family, that you can send to your loved ones.

1. From today, I pray that you’ll always find the strength to rise when you fall and the will to never give up. Good morning.

2. From today, I pray that you won’t remain on the ground when you fall and that you’ll complete whatever you start. Good morning.

3. I pray you understand that there’s a lot you can do, be and achieve and I hope and pray you live up to this reality. Good morning.

4. May troubles and opposition not wear you out and may every single thing work together for your good. Good morning, my friend.

5. Knowing that at the end of every desert there’s an ocean, I pray you never give up but fight to the end. Good morning.

6. Knowing that at the end of every tunnel there’s a light, may the strength you need to reach the end not fail you. Good morning.

7. Seeing that rewards are only given to those who fight, may God provide all you need to fight and stay strong to the end. Good morning.

8. Until the world goes down in flames, you still have a chance to be anything you want to be. I pray you become just that. Good morning.

9. It’s been said that real tragedy is when you give up when victory is near. I pray you escape this in Jesus name. Good morning.

10. I know that greatness awaits you and that nothing can change it. I pray you believe in yourself more than I do. Good morning.

Powerful Morning Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Having financial stability is the major aim of any knowledgeable individual, every day and every time. Send the following lovely prayer points for a financial breakthrough to people around you and become the helper they need.

1. The days you sought for funds and found not will quickly come to an end and you’ll have a lot to be thankful for. Good morning.

2. I pray that your finances are so much that you will not only settle your needs but also help those around you to settle theirs too. Good morning.

3. When God will finally take care of your financial problems, you’ll be so amazed you’ll freeze for a few weeks in disbelief. Good morning.

4. I trust that one day, which is very soon, everything you ever need will be things you’re tired of because you possess so much of them. Good morning.

5. You may not be the first to be blessed financially, but God will make yours one that’s highly remarkable. Good morning.

6. I pray that you get so financially blessed that discounts don’t move you and promos don’t bug you. Have a great day. Good morning.

7. I pray that if God blesses people financially at the rate of one person per day, then today will be the day for you. Good morning, my friend.

8. If there’s one thing I pray for you today, it’s that those who depend on you will never go hungry or cry for want. Good morning.

9. Because you have given to God what he needs — service — I pray he gives you what you need — finances. Good morning, friend.

10. I pray that God prepares ways that will feed your pockets and bank accounts with amounts that are unbelievable. Good morning.

Good Morning Prayer for Safety

For a day like this to be successful, heavenly guidance and safety are needed. That is why the following powerful good morning prayers for safety is of great importance to you and everyone around you.

1. I pray your feet be guided away from trouble, your hands away from harm and your head away from blows. Be safe. Good morning.

2. I pray that as you open up your heart to the world, no poisonous element will take advantage of you and no harm will come to you. Good morning.

3. My prayer for you this morning is that safety will follow you like the police tracks a toxic criminal. And that it will successfully catch you. Good morning.

4. My wish for you is that something always comes in your way to danger and I pray all my wishes come to pass today. Good morning.

5. As you walk through life, I pray that you find all the safety that’ll bring you through without a single injury. Good morning, my friend.

6. Go into the world without fear or worry and may the safety that comes only from God preserve your every single step. Good morning.

7. I pray you ways are made plain so you can have a safe travel through every aspect of your adventurous life. Good morning.

8. There is a place in God that reeks of safety and I pray that you dwell there for the rest of your interesting life. Good morning.

9. As today progresses, may new levels of safety be unfolded before your eyes and may the day give you reasons to be thankful. Good morning.

10. Today is a day filled with a lot of trials and evils, but I pray that you will move around in safety. Good morning, dear friend.

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