Happy 1st Birthday Wishes Messages Quotes

120+ Happy 1st Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes

Birthdays are very special occasions that call for merriment and even more for first birthdays. Having a baby around brings joy and sweet memories such as being kissed by the baby, he/she smiling and gurgling at your little jokes to he/she trying to call your name. There’s always this great joy and fulfilment you feel when you just realized that your little daughter, cousin, son, niece, nephew, brother or sister is turning a year old. They may not be able to remember the celebrations but they are sure to read the remarkable and loving wishes that were written for them.

Whether you want to print those wishes on a card, write them on a banner or recite them to everyone for that special one-year-old brother, sister, son, daughter, nephew, niece or cousin, we’re here to help you find the right one for him/her. Make your wise choice.

Happy First Year Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes

The best of happy 1st year birthday wishes, happy first year birthday messages and happy first year birthday quotes.

1. Our first year with you has been the most exceptional and memorable year of our lives. You’ll forever remain our one and only love. Happy birthday, Princess.

2. Happy birthday to my little Fairy Princess. Your sovereignty over the kingdom of our hearts has reached a full year. Happy birthday pretty niece.

3. Pink lips, bright eyes, gorgeous hair, you already look like a star! I’m pretty sure you’ll grow up to become one. Happy birthday, starboy!

4. My prince charming, I could never be able to give you a present as beautiful and amazing as the blessing you gave to us. We are richly favoured to have an amazing son like you. Happy birthday.

5. The taste of your cake may never stick to your mind forever, but I bet you will forever remember the love your big sister used in making it. Happy 1st birthday lil junior.

6. You’re the most lovable, charming, gifted and naughty nephew there is. Happy birthday to the best nephew in the world.

7. You are the perfect reminder of all that makes life beautiful. Thanks for bringing love and happiness to this family. Happy brother lil sister.

8. Today you’re one year old enough to protect mummy. Happy birthday to my little knight in shining armour. I can’t wait to celebrate your 21st birthday with you.

9. You are the most mischievous cousin, but still the sweetest. As you turn a year old today I pray that your years on earth will be fun-filled but less mischievous. Happy birthday Lil cousin.

10. You have dominated every inch of my heart and I wish you joy, happiness and greatness on your big day.

11. Happy birthday to the coolest and relaxed beautiful baby ever. On your special day, I wish that you grow into a beautiful, gifted and successful woman. Happy birthday pretty, aunty loves you very much.

12. You brought joy unspeakable and unlimited favours ever since you came into our lives. And on your special day, we are proud to be the first to wish you a happy birthday to our little damsel. Happy Birthday, darling!

13. UNCLE became the coolest word in the world by having you in my life. Happy birthday, cutie!

14. Ask for your favourite meal, favourite toy, an expensive treat, a huge birthday party or a birthday vacation – anything you need – it’s all yours. Happy Birthday, cute-face.

15. Happy birthday, birthday prince! May all your wishes come true today. I love you plenty.

16.Happy birthday to my darling princess! You are my rarest gem. May your day be filled with splendour and lovely memories you’ll forever cherish. Daddy loves you.

17. A brother as cute and fun as you are difficult to come by and I’m so blessed to have an amazing brother like you. May your day be filled with lots of gifts and cakes so we can both share. Happy Birthday!

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18. May success, happiness, good health and fortune follow you all the days of your life. Happy birthday dear!

19. Hurray! Our little celebrity is a year old today. Words can’t express how happy I am and how proud I am to call you my son. Happy birthday daddy’s boy.

20. Baking cake, cooking rice, unwrapping gift, playing games, blowing candles and eating cake. There’s so much work to be done… And you’re just 1. Happy Birthday, dear.

21. Don’t be sad if you can’t blow out all your candles as fast as you can make your wishes. It simply means you still have a lot to grow. Happy 1st Birthday cute one.

22. You’re my cutest heart. My sugar plum. My honey bunch. I can’t risk a day without seeing your innocent face. Happy Birthday to the most fabulous one-year-old son.

23. You’re the most adorable baby in town. Even when we get upset with you we can’t unleash our anger coz of that sweet, innocent and adorable face. Happy Birthday cute sister.

24. As tiny and small as you are. You have stolen the hearts of many. And on your day I wish you happiness, success, fun and more stealing of hearts. Happy Birthday.

25. It’s time to wake up Prince Charming or else you’d be missing your 1st and most amazing birthday of your life. Happy Birthday to my Prince.

26. It just dawned on me why everyone wants to have you in their arms. You always know how to use those cute charms on us all. Happy first birthday.

27. I’ve always loved you since you were just a tiny thing the size if am acorn in my womb. Now, I get to see your lovely face and watch you grow. Happy Birthday, my little princess.

28. I asked God for a gift, and he gave me you. I’m so happy I get to be your mom. Happy Birthday, my firstborn son.

29. You have the sweetest laugh and the cutest cry… But that doesn’t mean you should cry often. Happy Birthday dear aunty loves you very much.

30. Hurray! My little man is turning one. Let’s share the cake and have great fun. Happy Birthday.

31. A year ago you were not present here. But now you’re here – a toddler with no fear to blow out so many candles. Happy 1st Birthday.

32. Cousins are a little spice of joy and childhood. I’m thankful to God for having you in my life to love, cherish, play with and annoy. Happy one year Birthday dearest one.

33. Every birthday is a new chapter in your book of life. Make sure to fill it with love, generosity and wisdom from God. Happy Birthday, nephew.

34. You are cute, amazing, lovely, and generous. You could be more generous if you share that tasty cake with your big sister.

35. I wish you an awesome birthday filled with lots of love from all, tasty rice from mum, lots of presents from friends and family and specially made cake from uncle.

36. When you came into this world and carried you in my arms for the second time I felt fulfilment, peace and joy. I say second coz your mum was the first experience. Happy Birthday, pal. Daddy loves you so much.

37. Screaming at the top of my voice a Happy Birthday to my super baby. I hope you have a super duper birthday. I love you so much.

38. Happy Birthday to our amazing little girl. Mum and Dad love you very much and promise to make your day fun-filled, spectacular and memorable.

39. My cute angel, I pray that your day brings you happiness and fun as much as that you’ve given to us. Happy 1st Birthday.

40. The first is the best! I wish you a giant cake and a mountaintop of toys. Happy Birthday, cutie.

41. Happy Birthday fine face. May your day bring as much wonder, happiness and blessing that will carry as much as you desire.

42. The joy you have brought into my life is unspeakable and unimaginable. I can’t help but wish that your special turns out twice as fabulous as you. Happy Birthday, kiddo.

43. I really wanted to get you a gift as special as you. But I couldn’t find any. Thus I decided to forget about it. Just kidding. You’ll love your gift. Happy Birthday.

44. Happy Birthday to you. As you turn one today I pray that greatness, happiness and excellence will always accompany you. Happy Birthday, dear.

45. Happy 1st Birthday my little princess. I hope you have lots of gifts, cake and fun today with mum, dad and friends. Love you a million and one my little babe.

46. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous cousin. Uncle is sorry he couldn’t make it to the party. But I hope you had an awesome time with a massive cake. Love you loads.

47. Bringing birthday wishes to my sugar plum, the apple of my eye, my little sunshine. You’re my greatest blessing and I’m proud to have a son like you. Happy 1st Birthday.

48. From mummy and daddy, we just wanna say we love you and we are honoured to have you in our lives. Happy 1st Birthday darling.

49. When you first came by this time last year, you were so tiny that I got scared that you might slip out of my hands if I carried you often. Now you’re all looking strong and standing to cut your giant cake. Happy 1st Birthday tiny man.

50. Our miracle child. That’s what you’ll always be. And I pray that your day brings more surprising miracles to you. Happy Birthday, cutie.

51. Beautiful, smarter than her age, brilliant and innocent. You were such a perfect baby and now you’re gradually turning into a little perfect little girl. Happy 1st Birthday baby.

52. Time seems to have run so fast. Just the other day you were trying to crawl. Today I get to watch you stand to cut your cake and run around with friends. Seeing you grow has brought immense joy to my life. And I can only pray that every day of your life turns out to be as spectacular and beautiful as you. Happy Birthday, love.

53. Your presence in our lives is a proof of God’s love for this family. Ever since you came its been an amazing experience of blessings, peace and happiness. May God continually bless you. Happy Birthday, Princess.

54. The first day you came home from the hospital, you ruled over everyone like a pint-sized tyrant. Now on your birthday, we get to specially treat you like a King that you are. Happy 1st Birthday from one of your loyal subjects a.k.a your sister.

55. Anytime I’m feeling depressed all I need do is think of you and automatically happiness is switched on. And on your special day its time to celebrate more happiness. Happy birthdate to my vivacious niece.

56. Cheers to more years of happiness. Cheers to more years of excellence. Cheers to more years of success and favour. Happy birthday, cousin.

57. An ‘amazing nephew’ makes an ‘amazing uncle’. Have an amazing happy birthday Nephew.

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58. Certainly, we must have done something good in life for God to have rewarded us with a special gift like you. Happy Birthday to our most cherished one.

59. Happy Birthday to the once upon a time prettiest baby in the world now the prettiest girl in the world. May all our wishes be granted in double-fold today. Have a great day. Happy birthday, dear.

60. To my dearest sister, God has indeed blessed us with such a wonderful blessing as you. Thanks for being the precious gem of this family. Happy birthday, sis.

61. There’s greatness and then there are nephews. Happy Birthday, Nephew.

62. I never realized what I had been missing in life until you came into this world. Thanks for being a perfect and awesome kid. Happy Birthday.

63. I’m totally amazed at how far you’ve come but stood in awe of how far you’ll go. May all your years on earth be astonishing and filled with excellence. Happy 1st birthday.

64. Hey, Cous don’t think of it as getting old. It’s just an opportunity to showcase to the world all wisdom and excellence God has blessed you with. Happy Birthday.

65. Life is one crazy thing after another. But not when it comes to your fun-filled birthday. Happy Birthday, dear.

66. You have adorned our lives for a full year now. Thanks for all that you’ve showered us. Happy Birthday!

67. You have blessed us with gifts every single day of our lives. Thus, a year with you has meant 365 special gifts for us. Now tell me how can we best pay back all of that if not to shower with love and happiness all the days of your life. Happy Birthday our priceless Jewel.

68. Today’s the special day of our family’s little wonder. Today is your day so steal the thunder. Happy 1st birthday.

69. Cheers to living life for one full year. In my heart and soul, you will always be near and dear. Happy birthday!

70. The sweetest and loveliest baby in the world is about to receive loads of presents in a row. Happy 1st birthday!

71. I hope you have a birthday as epic as the day you were born. Stay cute, smart and classy. Happy birthday!

72. Happy birthday to the most adorable, sweet and beautiful baby on planet earth. I hope your day is filled with rice, cake, drinks, love and fun.

73. Life is truly blessed with a child like you around. I hope that as you turn one today may this year be filled with happiness, success and exciting exploits. Happy 1st Birthday!

74. I bet your mum watched the movie – ‘Little Krishna’ – a lot before you were born. Coz you’re the trickiest yet adorable baby I’ve ever met. Still, I love you and wish you the happiest first birthday.

75. Cheers to you becoming a year old today. Cheers to celebrating your very first yet most memorable and happiest birthday.

76. On this day I promise to be next to you all your life. To be your mom, friend, counsellor and teacher. Happy birthday to you, sweet little one.

77. Sweetie, you have grown up into a delectable girl. May your cute smile never depart from your charming sweet face. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

78. Happy Birthday little princess. May God enrich you with all the most amazing things that you deserve in this life.

79. Happy, happy First Birthday cutie! May you maintain that cheerful glee and brimming charm for the rest of your life.

80. The warmest 1st birthday wishes to the most charming and littlest angel. May you continue to spread joy and happiness everywhere you go and may you have much in return.

81. The moment I first saw you, I knew you were a gift from God. This day I join the world to celebrate and thank God for my most treasured blessing. Happy 1st Birthday son.

82. A party, cake and gifts are just a little token of appreciation for the joy and fun you have graced me ever since you came into my life.

83. As you open your birthday gift from us, keep in mind that the gift you gave to us surpasses anything we give you. You’re a gift from heaven.

84. it’s a special day and a time to play. I hope your day surpasses all expectations and I hope you like your presents and have lots of fun. Happy 1st Birthday littlest one.

85. May all your dreams come true today and always. You’re always in my heart, mind, dreams and prayers. Happy 1st birthday.

86. Dear, there is no obstacle you cannot overcome in life. You’re excellence driven and determined and I tell you there is nothing you cannot do once you set your mind on it. I love you very much. Happy 1st birthday.

87. Happy 1st birthday! Happy one-year-old birthday! Happy beginning of a glorious and happy year! Happy womb-escape day sweetie!!

88. I am so excited that I have the privilege of calling myself your uncle. You are truly a delight to me. Happy birthday to my god-daughter.

89. I am nothing short of overjoyed to have such a funny, lovely and gorgeous brother. You bless my life in so many ways that I lose count. I hope your day is as fabulous as you.

90. You are a lot like a diamond. Brilliant, graceful and flawless. You’re such a rare gem not just to me but to everyone in the family. Happy First Birthday to our special treasure.

91. This is just your first of many “happy birthdays”. Have a fabulous and delightful 1st birthday cutie.

92. Watching you grow every single day is the most pleasant adventure. I’m certain you’ll grow up into a wonderful, amazing and brilliant person. Happy 1st birthday dearie.

93. When blowing out those colourful candles on your cake. Please stop by at the wishing pond and wish for time to stop moving so quickly. Happy 1st birthday my little angel.

94. Roses are red, violets are blue, today you’re one, next year you’ll plus that. Happy birthday!

95. On this day, I pray that you grow up into an amazing, great and dazzling person. May you fulfil a great purpose on earth and make tremendous exploits. Happy 1st birthday!

96. You are the reason everyone is so busy. You’re the reason the world woke up with a huge smile. You’re the reason there’s a huge cake on the table. You’re the reason why this family is so perfect. Happy Birthday to the finest baby in the world!

97. Wishing you the best of luck as you start your climbing phase. Happy birthday, sweetie.

98. On your first birthday, I celebrate the miracle of your birth and new life that God has graced you with. Happy 1st birthday. Enjoy!

99. In just a year you have made tremendous progress in moving from a mere ultrasound report to being a charming little toddler. Happy 1st birthday darling.

100. Roses are red, violets are blue, a baby like you deserves a worldwide celebration, coz you’re way too cool to be ignored. Happy 1st birthday dear.

101. To my dashing one-year-old nephew, have the happiest birthday. May all your days on earth be wonderful and blessed.

102. On your day I urge you to choose to be bold and courageous. Always remember that no matter what happens to you, there is something greater happening in you. Happy birthday little nugget!

103. On your most memorable big day, I pray that God bless you abundantly and watch over you always. Happy birthday, smarty. I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

104. Hello mum and dad. How’s my little man preparing for his big day? Sorry, I won’t be able to make it to the party but please send my warm wishes and kisses to him for me. Happy birthday my little man.

105. Happy birthday little cousin! May you both grow in wisdom, brilliance and beauty. Mum and dad love you both so much!

106. Happy birthday to my twin daughters! You both are so perfect! You both make every day beautiful! Your smiles are the cutest, your kisses are sweeter and your hearts are made of gold! Mum and dad love you both so much… never forget that.

107. May your one-year-old soul always stay pure. My obsessive love for you lacks a cure. Happy birthday to a super amazing one year old.

108. Your presence in our lives makes our lives glow. I love you is all that I want you to know. Happy first birthday sweetie.

109. First birthdays come only once in a lifetime, so enjoy yours as everyone entertains you with toys, cakes and chimes. Happy first birthday.

110. May your baby steps toward your beautiful cake become the beginning of your journey towards the best times in your life. Happy birthday, little one.

111. I hope that on your birthday you are showered with lots of blessings, not excluding mine. I’m certain that you will yield them to me ten-fold. Happy first birthday.

112. Happy birthday to the most fabulous brother. May your birthday be as fabulous as you!

113. You bring so much glee into our family’s lives. Thus, may our deepest wishes and prayers for you come true this year and forever. Happy 1st birthday.

114. On your special day, I just want to let you know that I love you and you will forever be an inimitable part of my life. I hope your birthday is as outstanding as you. Happy 1st birthday.

115. Congratulations on being an amazing human being for one year. I hope you continue to stay cool and amazing. Happy first birthday pessimist you!

116. Hope your little hands and puffy cheeks are ready for your first birthday cake. Because it’s your birthday, enjoy, have fun, and eat as much cake you can find. Wishing you a sweet and tasty 1st birthday.

117. Cheers on turning 12… months darling. Happy 1st birthday.

118. Congratulations on your first birthday cute little miracle. May it be exceptionally fun and delicious!

119. May victory, true love and untainted happiness accompany you every step of the way in life. Happy 1st birthday honey bunch!

120. I can see a magnificent future in your eyes. And an astounding world filled with joy and harmony. And I know you are brave and smart enough to succeed in it. Happy 1st Birthday to you darling!

So, we hope that you’ve made the right choice (s) and that one-year-old baby turns out to be a superstar and achieve the best in the world. Remember to share this awesome quotes with others.

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