Good Morning Religious Messages

2024 Good Morning Religious Messages

Religious Good Morning Messages: Each day with expectations for oneself and for others, each day comes with time to refresh and strengthen one another. These messages are to pass blessings and prayers to loved ones.

Religious Good Morning Messages

Religious good morning text messages for someone special.

1. Gracious God will bless you abundantly today. Good morning, do well in all your endeavours.

2. Lovely morning to you dear, hope you enjoyed your night! Greatness awaits you today, take care of yourself.

3.Good morning and I believe your night was great! I wish you a great day full of pleasant surprises.

4.Great morning to you dear. I pray that all men will love you, and your work is made easier as you go about your day.

5. Great day awaits you, dear! Rise and see what the lord has in plan for you. Good morning, how was your night?

6. A great day filled with lovely achievements is all I pray for, for you today. May you be blessed superfluously. Good morning!

7. As you move out this morning, your voice will matter and you will rise above hate in Jesus name. Good morning and be blessed.

8. May you always feel the eyes of the lord over you; his hands shall protect you all through the day. Good morning and hope you had a good night rest.

9.Good morning ma and how was your night ma? Walk and shine, work and be glad because no man can hurt you or stop you.

10. Stand up for the lord is ready to fight your battle. Good morning and do have a nice day at work.

11. Happy morning sis, I enjoyed my night, hope you did too? Have a nice day ahead.

12.Glory to God for a new day and thank God, we are part of it. I pray that your bills are paid and your needs are met in Jesus name.

13. The word of the lord for you today is that he will surprise you with the little you lay your hands on, as he will bless until overflow. Good morning, how was your night?

14. Without controversy, the promises of God shall come to pass in your life and nothing shall hinder it. Good morning.

15. Hello! Arise and shine for your light is come and the world will surely see your glory shine for all. Be blessed.

16.Good morning dear. Believe in what the word has written concerning you. Have faith in God and all will be settled by the grace of God.

17.Good morning sir. My prayer for you as you leave for work is that you will be favoured by all men and the Lord shall protect your going out and you’re coming in.

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18. The Lord bless your soul as you wake from your sleep. Go out today and succeed, do that which you are created for.

19.Good morning to you dear! The Lord shall supply your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. You are blessed.

20. Good morning, forget about yesterday and don’t be worried about today because the lord will take of it for you. Be rest assured!

21.I’m grateful to God for blessing with another day, stand and be glad because God’s got your back. Happy Monday morning to you dear

22. The lord is ready to surprise you beyond measures, be glad and go about today’s work. Good morning dear.

23. Thousands shall fall at your right hand and ten thousand shall fall by your side; only with your eyes shall you behold the reward of the wicked. Good morning!

24.Good morning ma. My prayer as you go out today is that the Lord shall bless your going and your coming. Your work today shall be successful.

25. As you stand up from your bed, the Lord shall strengthen you for the day’s job. Be strong in the lord and the power of his might.

26. May the almighty grant you success as you start today’s work. Do well in ease accompanied with great achievement.

27.Good morning! May you reach the peak and I pray that all that concerns you is perfected.

28. Good morning brother, I pray that your day will be filled with great joy and happiness. Have a lovely day ahead!

29. At the sound of the birds, and the whispering of the wind and at the heat of the sun tests the waking of the day, good morning dear. May your day be prosperous!

30. Good morning sir. May people be ready to assist you and I pray that the Lord will bless the work of your hand.

31. As you wake up today, let your heart be filled with joy and happiness; remember the suffering of Christ for you to be happy. Good morning.

32. Good morning to you. Remember to bring every thought into the obedience of Christ and obedience pays. Be blessed.

33. Each morning comes with its own strength and vigour, make use of it to get a great result. God’s got your back! Happy morning to you.

34. May your experience today be worthwhile, may joy spring out of your heart always. Good morning dear!

35. May you be granted speed to your success and breakthrough. Good morning.

36. Remember that God will never leave you to suffer. Good morning!

37. As you start your day, may the Lord grant you grace to succeed and excel in all your endeavours. Good morning friend!

38. Activate the blessings of the Lord upon your life by praying to the lord about your day. Good morning!

39. Activate the grace of the God upon your life by praying to the lord about your day. Good morning!

40. Trust in the lord and he will surely do exceedingly and abundantly. Good morning, have a wonderful day ahead.

41. The Lord is trustworthy and reliable, do your best to rely on him today. Good morning!

42. The afflictions of the righteous might be many but the Lord shall deliver them, so shall it be for you today. Have a great day friend.

43. Good morning, I pray that lines are falling for you in pleasant places and you will have all cause to glorify God.

44. If challenges come up today, believe you can overcome all because you’ve got the strength of Christ. The challenges will take you higher. Good morning!

45. Trials and temptations come in every man’s life, it prepares you for the next level. Good morning, you are aided by the spirit of God.

46.Good morning and I pray that the morning will be better and sweeter than yesterdays.

47. Arise and shine because the world awaits your illumination! Good morning, how was your night?

48. Arise and shine, cos the glory of God is not only for you but for others! Good morning and make sure you bless people.

49. Every day is a fresh new start and with great strength. Good morning and have a peaceful day.

50. Happy morning to you ma, I pray that your day will be filled with accomplishment. Go and do the impossible.

51. The Lord will bless you and multiply your work, may you be favoured as you go out today. Good morning.

52. Let happiness fill wherever you go to, cos it has been said that you are and will continue to be a source of joy. Good morning dear!

53.Thanks to God for another day like this to worship the Lord, arise and let’s go church. Good morning!

54. There is strength in a relationship, do not despise the gathering of the brethren. Good morning and happy Sunday to you.

55. The lord is for you, be glad and merry in all love and kindness. Good morning to you.

56. Happy morning to you, it promises to be great and worthwhile! The lord is ready to do that which you asked from him.

57. Beautiful morning to you dear, hope you had a lovely night. Be kind and humorous to people cos your face radiates light!

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58. Love is all we need and we’ve received so much from God our father, so extend this love to other people. Good morning to you.

59. Go to work with the aim of becoming better and making others better too, impact lives and be successful. Good day dear.

60. He is faithful to make his promise come true, always remember him as your father and that you are his kid. Good morning.

61. The love of God is enough to do the impossible for you, rely on and trust him to perform that which he promised. Good morning!

62. The lord is ready as usual to make you a better person, so rely on the most high to take you higher and to make you stronger. Good day!

63. You might not be strong now but mine up strength from the word of God, he will surely direct you. Good morning dear.

64. Have a lovely and impactful morning today ma. I pray that your life will continue to be a life of impact.

65. Your happiness will make your day blissful and joy is our nature. Good morning and put on a smile.

66. What the Lord has done for you, you can’t tell it all and he still promises to do more, so be strong in faith and all will be well. Good morning, have a pleasant day ahead.

67. You are precious to the Lord our maker, therefore he won’t suffer you nor forsake you. Good morning.

68. God is for you, who can be against you; stand upright and think of what God can do for you. Good morning, make yourself happy in the joy of the lord.

69. Definitely, if God is for you, who dare stand against you. Go your way and be happy, good morning to you!

70. For God is able to do much more than we can ask or think, therefore tender your petitions to the lord this morning. Good morning to you!

71. Be happy and smile, if life gives you hundreds of reasons to cry, you make sure you give life thousands of reason to smile and be joyful. Good morning.

72. Yesterday has turned to a story and today is a new sheet, do not worry yourself because God knows you are in need and he will provide. Good morning!

73. Have a fulfilled day ahead, filled with all the goodness and achievements. Good morning!

74. Love and forgiveness is the nature of a believer, wear the garment of love and be successful. Good morning brethren.

75. Fresh morning to you. Have a successful day filled with laughter, be forgiving and be loving.

76. You may not be able to control every situation yourself but the lord will take charge of every decision you make today. Good morning dear.

77.Happy morning to you, may you live a life of celebration as from today. Live well today and forever.

78. God is faithful to bless his children, be ready to receive the blessings of the lord! Good morning, have a blessed day.

79. God will indeed surprise you as you go about today’s business. Good morning and make sure you await the surprises. Good morning!

80. As you wake up today, let your heart be filled with great joy as you go about your day and I pray that he will make your ways prosperous.

81. The Lord shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ, you are blessed indeed today. Good morning ma.

82. God is willing to do much more for us, therefore be up and doing. The Lord will bless all that concerns you.

83. Thousands of blessings shall fall on you, may you enjoy the Lord all your life. Good morning!

84. May you be a helper for people far and near. Go and do exploit today, good morning.

85. May today bring answers that will wipe away your tears, be happy as from today. Good morning.

86. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will surely come in the morning. Be strong in the Lord.

87. Each morning is to be spent with new strength and enrichment. Be aglow for the lord today.

88. Good morning, my prayer for you this morning is that God’s plan for you will be your plan.

89. It’s a new day, give your heart to Thanksgiving and your mouth to praises for today’s journey will be smooth.

90. After a cool night, I hope you will have a great day ahead! Here’s wishing you success in all your endeavours today. Good morning.

91. Demand from God, what you want from him and I’m sure he will grant you all your heart desires. Happy Morning to you.

92. All good things come from the father of light, therefore be calm and receive them. Good morning

93. When I count my blessings each day, you are the greatest gift of them all and I pray that you will suffer no good thing.

94. May today bring with you every good thing that is in it, may you not bear any loss. Good morning.

95. May the Lord enlarge your coast today. All that concerns you grow favourably. Morning to you!

96. I ask the Almighty to bless you abundantly and that he protects you from the evil ones. Morning, how was your night?

97. May you never walk your path alone, the Lord surrounds you with vibrant men. Good morning, make sure you cherish the gift of God.

98. Make sure you cherish the gift of God, that’s within and outside, he will do exceedingly above what you expect from him.

99. God bless you in Everything that you do, you will be purpose filled all through your life. Be exceedingly glad cos he’s got your back. Coolest Morning and wishes to you.

100. I hope you will start your day with thanking God for what he has done and that which he’s about to do. Good morning God’s beloved.

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