2023 Best Thank You God Prayers for Everything

There are times we forgot to thank God for everything we’ve been enjoying, the blessings, shelter, safety, protection, just to mention a few.

Thanksgiving is a very important thing in our lives, when we don’t feel like praying at all, giving thanks is another vital thing we can do, most importantly, we know the God we serve, is so fond of our gratitude, which is why we should give more praise to Him.

Here, we have loads of gratitude messages to show how grateful you’ve been over the years, during each day and for every situation.


Thank You God Prayers for All things

If anything will not come from our heart, it should not be like a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Giving thanks to God should not be a thing of a moment, from a grateful heart, it should be a life we live generally. Here are perfect thank you prayer to God for everything that you can pray daily and every time.

1. Lord, You have been awesome in our lives, Your grace has been so sufficient for us, in everything that we’ve been doing. Thank You for Your power that helped and save us from those evils that our ordinary eyes could not see, from every terror that hover over our lives at night and the many accidents we survived in our going out and our coming in, we didn’t take Your grace for granted, Lord, we’re here to offer You our gratitude for everything and everything. Thank You, Heavenly Father.

2. Gracious God, in Your word, it was written that we should “Enter Your gates with thanksgiving, and into Your courts with praise!” and for that reason, we have come to praise You, for the way You have been proving to us that You are God over everything in our lives, You’ve shown us that without Your power, we won’t have been alive safe and healthy, without Your grace, life could have turned sour for us, but for Your love and mercy, we say thank You for everything.

3. Oh Lord, there are so many things I have taken for granted, so many that I don’t even say thank You for, yet it’s never by my doings. Going through the road each day, I see all kinds of people, there are those that can’t feed themselves, those that have nowhere to pass the night or lay their head, there are those that get caught up in accidents and end up in clinics, there are those battling with internal diseases, but here I am, living a life full of happy moments, this morning, I come with my heart full of Your praise and I say thank You, Lord, for all that Your mercy is doing for me.

4. Thank You Lord, for provision of resources to give back to the society, for the wisdom to generate wealth and not be a beggar, for the grace given to me and my family, to see another beautiful day, to enjoy Your blessings and protection on every sides, for giving me a sound mind to think and reason in a rational way, for days filled with bliss of smiles and laughter from friends and loved ones, for good foods that give strength to our body and for love that makes us happy and excited, all these I am thankful for, oh Lord.

5. I am grateful for the new day, it’s by Your grace, I am thankful for the environment I found myself and the way You’ve helped me to adjust even when it’s a bit toxic, thank You for the opportunities coming my way, and for the amazing people that You made our path cross, thank You, God, for all of the wonderful faces You’ve empowered me to put smiles and also thankful for the ones You’ve sent to put smiles on my face too. You’re a great God and I’m happy to be one of the candidates for Your blessings and grace, thank You, Lord.

6. I have been down with sickness to the point of death, but for Your love and mercy that kept me alive to this moment, I would have been another dead soul, thank You for saving me from the pang of sickness, thank You for the strength You have given to my body over the years, thank You for Your daily mercies that’s renewed in my life, thank You for divine protection from diseases and pains, thank You for sound health. All in all, I want to say thank You for always strengthening me when I’m weak, I don’t know where I would’ve been without You, I’m grateful Lord for Your everything.

7. Every 365 days in every year, You have been my keeper, my savior, my guardian, guiding my every step, watching over my minutes, my hours, my weeks, my months and years, in every day, there are accidents claiming lives, confining people into ICUs in hospitals, there are people that are maimed in their bodies, some are mentally and psychologically broken, but all round the year, You have kept me alive to another year of life, I’m celebrating another birthday, all glory to Your name, thank You for my life and a happy birthday to me.

8. Thank You, Able Father, though I don’t like the situation I am in, but I’m thankful, oh Lord, because it could have been worse than this but You are always here to guide me through these tough moments, thank You for the seen and unseen blessings You have given to me in time past, thank You for the ones You’re giving me at the moment, and thank You for the ones You’ve planned for me in the future, thank You for being the giver of life and my guardian. Thank You, Lord.

9. Heavenly Father, today, I want to give to You gratitude from the depth of my heart, because there are things that You have done that cannot be explained in just a breath, my heart is filled with joy, for Your love, I kept asking myself, what have I done, why do I deserve this love, despite all of my shortcomings, You never for that reason neglect me, You are still the one who showers me with mercy and run after me with Your amazing love, thank You for everything.

10. For every trial, that has brought me this far, thank You, for they have helped me see life in another dimension, for all the time that I’ve had sleepless nights, thank You, for those moments brought me closer to You, for all the years I have lived on planet earth, thank You, because You have brought lovely people into my life over the years. Thank You for all the love You continually flourish over my life, and thank You for Your every day newly mercies, thank You for all.

11. Today, oh Lord, thank You for always waking me up every morning, it’s all by Your grace and I am grateful.

12. Thank You, gracious God, for the moon that You shine over my way every night, it’s a sign that You’re constantly watching over me.

13. Thank You, Amazing God, for not allowing my life to be controlled by fear, thank You for being mine and I, Yours.

14. Thank You for the life and breathe You gave, thank You, because it’s all free of charge, and I don’t have to pay for any of it all.

15. I have come to say thank You, for the love and unity and the continuous second chances You offer us on a daily basis.

16. Thank You for loving too much, Your love is so glaring and kind, that it overpowers all my weaknesses.

17. Being with You is a very blissful decision I have made for me, cause You make all things better always, thank You, Lord.

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18. Thank You, Father, for there are some who lack even the basic things of life but I am not one of them, Your grace has made everything possible for me, thank You.

19. You have made me a giver, by blessing me with so much out of the abundance in Your storage, thank You.

20. Thank You, Lord, for preserving my life from every evil of the day, for filling my days with happy moments, thank You.

21. Father, I realised how blessed and healthy I am because of You, because of Your ever loving nature towards me, I have come to say thank You, Lord.

22. Today, I am privileged to see this morning light again, no payment or sacrifice, it’s all by Your grace, my God, thank You.

23. Dear God, I humbly come before You with a grateful heart and with a happy mind, cause even as I’m not worthy, You still fix me up and make me relevant.

24. Thank You for Your grace, that never ends in my life, and thank You again, for the renewal of Your mercy always.

25. Though it seems so natural to wake up in the morning, and have food in the table to eat, there are some that don’t have the privilege of both, and for that, I want to thank You, Lord.

26. Father, thank You for shelter and protection over me and my families, and by extension, over my friends and loved ones.

27. Thank You for watching over me all round the year, thank You for making every 365 days of my life a special one.

28. Here is my thanksgiving to You, for my family, You’ve surrounded me with the best people to call family, thank You, Lord.

29. Gracious Lord, thank You for the job You’ve given to me, through it, You’ve helped me make wealth and to also cater for my family.

30. Lovely Father, God of the Universe, source of all good things, thank You for all the goodness You’ve been blessing me with, thank You.

31. Thank You, Father, for Your unlimited supplies of wisdom and ideas, that stands me out among the rest.

32. Lord, I thank You that I have free access to Your presence, that I’m able to call unto You any time of the day, thank You, Lord.

33. Dear God, You made me in Your own image, constantly watching over me and protecting me from daily evils, that’s how special I am to You, thank You.

34. Thank You for being so good, and lovely, not just to me but to everyone around me, close and far away, I’m thankful, my Lord.

35. Dear Lord, in Your kindness, You want us to make our wishes known to You, no matter how big or small it is, for always considering our matter, thank You, God.

36. If we’re to pay for all Your goodness and kindness, we won’t even have the means to pay up, You’re just too lovely, thank You, my gracious King.

37. For all the times You have brought me out of my poor situations and trials, thank You, Heavenly Father for everything.

38. Wish I had a thousand words to describe how grateful I am, for all Your blessings and for beautifying my life, here’s me showing my gratitude, dear Lord.

39. We give glory to You, we give You all the thanks, You are always there to help and restore hope to our unbelieving hearts, accept our thanks, Lord.

40. Today, my dear God, I want to thank You for Your promises, though, it may take time but it has never failed.

41. For all the words You have spoken into my life, directly or through the mouth of Your servants, thank You, my King, for You will fulfil them all.

42. Thank You, gracious Lord, for being able to bring to pass each of Your promises for our great nation, thank You, Able God.

43. Here we are today, standing in Your presence, oh Lord, to offer You our heartfelt gratitude for being our God, and for never letting us down.

44. For every moment we’ve stayed our mind on You and had never failed us, for being good to us in our every day to day, thank You, Lord.

45. Lord, You’re awesome, I don’t know where I would have been or what I’d be up to now, if it wasn’t for Your grace, thank You, God.

46. For every time I have gone astray, for every time You came looking for me as the good shepherd, here’s my thanksgiving, dear Lord.

47. Thank You, mighty God, for being everything to me, my peace, my shelter, my deliverer, my healer, and my everything.

48. Lord, I am thankful for the decisions that You allow me to make and I’m grateful for the way You made me understand so it doesn’t hurt me.

49. Eternal God, the unfailing King, thank You for being consistent in my life and never letting me go.

50. Testimonies, that’s what has been my story, all around me, it’s been one testimony or another, thank You, Lord, for all the many testimonies.

51. I am so full of praise today, I testify to Your grace and mercy in my life, thank You for not stopping this grace and mercy over me. Thank You, Lord.

52. When I think back on my life, thinking of every single moment that has happened and brought me this far, I can’t help but thank You, God.

53. Lord, I thank You for daily strength to go out on a daily basis, to my daily endeavours, thank You for always being here, my God.

54. Thank You, for constantly reminding me that it’s all about You, thank You for making know that it’s not about me but all about You, Jesus.

55. Thank You for counting me as a friend, as much as Your eyes are on the sparrow, I know You’re watching over me. Thank You, Lord.

56. Lord, thank You for the opportunity to be able to cast my burdens upon You, maybe little or too much, thank You for everything.

57. Thank You for the rain You give to the earth, thank You for using it for our benefits and for bringing us calmness.

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58. Dear Father, I have so much to be thankful for, Your loving kindness and excess mercy over me and my family is topnotch, thank You, Father.

59. Oh redeemer of life, thank You for laying down Your life for the whole world, including me, thank You for Your precious blood.

60. This day, I am here to humbly give thanks for all You have done for me, for my family and loved ones. Thank You, Lord, for everything.

61. Gracious God, for always healing me and giving health to my flesh and bones, I am grateful for divine health.

62. Precious God, today, I don’t want to complain about anything, I just want to give thanks to You for all You stand for in my life.

63. Father, I humbly come before You with a grateful heart, to praise You, for I recognise Your hands in all of my going out and my coming in, thank You.

64. In my sickness and on my sickbed, You have been the one, who touches my body with Your healing hands, I bless You, Lord.

65. Thank You, Lord, for the food on my table, thank You for my taste bud that allows me enjoy and savour the meal, thank You.

66. In the abundance of my heart, You’ve given overflow of joy to me, filling my soul with so much happiness, thank You for everything, dear Lord.

67. Thank You for loving me and for helping me to love me and for teaching me to love my neighbours, thank You for love.

68. For everyone around me that make life very meaningful, for all love that makes life fun and happy, I thank You, everlasting King.

69. Thank You for Your great love and care, thank You for mercy and grace, thank You for Your kindness in all way, thank You.

70. In all my circumstances, in all my daily experiences, in all my endeavours, I acknowledge Your loving kindness and I’m thankful.

71. Dear Lord, I thank You for my health, though it’s threatened by ailment, thank You for always showing up for me when I needed Your help.

72. Thank You for the Church and the people, thank You for being our salvation, may all glory and honour be to Your name, oh Lord.

73. Lord, thank You for all the good things with which You’re blessing me with, both known and unknown, thank You.

74. Thank You, for every moment You never let me down, thank You for always showing up for me whenever I feel all hope is lost, thank You.

75. Dear God, I am pleased to know You, to have You in my life, and for the relationship I have with You, thank You for being simply the best.

76. For that sin that has cost us our peace of mind, we thank You for the forgiveness of sin and restoration of peace, thank You, Lord.

77. Precious God, thanks for strength that You gave to my mind and body, thank You for not allowing pain and suffering rule over my health.

78. I want to say thank You for every time You never looked away from our tears, and for every time You’re attentive to my supplications, thank You.

79. Thank You, gracious Lord, for forgiving me when I’m losing my way, for giving me another chance, for pursuing me, and showing me the way back to You.

80. In every battle of my life, You have been my champion, You’re the mighty man fighting for me every now and then, thank You, Lord, for being the warrior of my life.

81. Thank You for Your glory, always shining upon my life, over my family and my loved ones, thank You for the glory over us all.

82. Every day, in my going out and coming in, it’s been You watching over me and being my guard, thank You, God, for protecting me always.

83. Father, every gift that You’ve given me are perfect, thank You for every perfect gift You bestowed on me.

84. Thank You, Jesus, for always smiling down on me, every time I call to You, You’re quick to answer me.

85. You’re amazing, oh God, for Your blessings over my family and I, for the way You tenderly care for all of our needs, we give You glory.

86. Heavenly Lord, thank you for this day, for the breath to stay alive, and for life to live, all is by Your doings and I’m here with a grateful to praise You, great God.

87. For every time we call Your name for every storm that swirl around us, and You swiftly show up, thank You, God.

88. Every praise, every word of gratitude, to live this life, to feel alive, to bubble with life and to breath, belongs to You, oh mighty King.

89. Thank You, Lord, for the universe, thank You for family, thank You for friends in the community, thank You for Your thoughts towards us even before we were born.

90. Even if we’re still going through insurgency in the land, You are always keeping us who are Yours, thank You, my Lord Jesus.

91. Today is another day, thank You for another opportunity for this day that I’m sure You are going to use for my good and the good of those around me.

92. Oh Lord, You are the great physician, and a very compassionate one, thank You for not allowing the diseases in my body end my life.

93. Thank You, precious God, for all the daily breakthroughs of the sun in our daily lives, it’s a sign that You’re always thinking of us, thank You, Lord.

94. I am sorry for all the times that I’m supposed to be thankful but complain, I have realised now and I chose to be grateful for Your grace, oh God.

95. Thank You, my God, for the thought You have towards me, which I know it’s of good and not of evil, thank You.

96. Lord, thank You for the miracle of creation, for the creation of humanity with which we have relation, creation of air with which we live life, thank You, God.

97. Dear Lord, I am thankful on this day, that I woke up soundly, my heart is beating normally, and the day is going on smoothly thank You.

98. Everlasting God, for every known and unknown blessing, for every seen and unseen help offered by You, I thank You.

99. Glorious God, thank You for the children and teens in my family, for guiding their ways and ordering their steps, thank You for watching over them.

100. Dear Eternal God, for all-round blessings, for the constant protection, for daily mercies, for abundance provisions, and many more, thank You for everything, Lord.

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