2024 Wednesday Inspirational Quotes to Wake Up To

Wednesdays are special days. They aren’t as welcome as Fridays nor as dreaded as Mondays. Wednesday means different things to different people at different times.

Wednesday is a midweek day. Sandwiched between two different extreme days. For someone with an heavy workload, who has deftly delved into the mountainous task; Wednesday provides a relief in sight for the job is almost done and the weekend relaxation beckons.

For people with an impossible target or workload, Wednesday is scary. It means the week is almost gone and nothing significant has been achieved.

Either way, the cup is always half empty or half full on Wednesdays. Nerves become frayed or jittery; the pressure or stress makes people moody, on edge and short tempered. Therein lies the need for a relaxed mind and a reduction in tension.

Tensed people aren’t productive or efficient. Tensed people yielding to the pressure of work or personal goals tend to become frustrated and uninspired. Energy is quickly dissipated or drained. A shot of adrenaline and confidence booster is in urgent need. Just at the start of the midweek day: Wednesday.

Wednesday is known as hump day because of its tendency to be difficult. Make a difference in the lives of your pals, colleagues and loved ones by sending them early morning prayers, quotes or inspirational words to ginger them up.

Do you want to be a life-transforming change agent? Do you want to turn a negative situation around to positive through a changed attitude? Care to inspire your burnt out colleague or weary team players? Want to save a project from becoming a total disaster or abandoned?

We’ve got the angles covered. You’ll have enough to be a hero for saving the day. Be a hero or angel by delving right into this and helping out your loved ones. Here we go:

Wednesday Morning Motivational Quotes

Best Wednesday morning Inspirational Quotes and Wednesday morning motivational Quotes.

1. A day like this is special. While others feel they haven’t accomplished half of what they set out to achieve; you are thrilled you still have just about enough chance to accomplish all your goals. It’s Wednesday: the week isn’t just half gone, you are halfway through. Have a fulfilling Wednesday!

2. It’s Wednesday! Don’t worry! Be happy! You are closer to your goal than you think. Diligent and persistence will get you there. Have a blessed Wednesday!

3. My favourite day of the week is here again. The stress and rigour of Monday is over and Friday is peeking through with lots of promises of rest, fun and relaxation. Happy Wednesday, friends!

4. Every day brings its own surprises. Wednesday is kind of special. It comes with the hope of an end to boredom, gives one plenty time to decide how to spend the weekend while anticipating the joy that comes with weekends. Have a fun filled Wednesday!

5. Calm down, it’s Wednesday already! Enjoy the day to the maximum. The monster of impossible workload has been reduced to an appreciable level. Brighten your mood, and enjoy the peace that comes with a sense of achievement of a job well done. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

6. Keep up the good work, don’t stop. Your goal is nearly in sight. Diligence is the ship that will get you to the seaport of accomplishments. Have an awesome Wednesday!

7. Work real hard and be efficient in your job. Let focus be the captain and hard taskmaster that will keep your mind from wandering towards the pleasures of weekends. You are almost there already. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

8. It’s that inspiring time of the week when the pressures of previous workloads bear heavily on us and we are tempted by the lures of weekends pleasure. Don’t give in just yet. Your task is awaiting your pleasure. Have a great Wednesday!

9. Wednesday is a good day to start. Someday may never arrive, yesterday is irretrievably gone; while Thursday and Friday are still in the future. Seize the moment, go for your dream! Happy glorious Wednesday!

10. It’s Wednesday! Set a goal, work diligently and achieve your dream. Expect awesome results, it’s in you. Have an amazing Wednesday!

11. The temptation to slack and slow down your pace is strongest on a beautiful day like this: don’t give in. Let not the sense of accomplishments of previous days stop you from achieving more today. The sky is your starting point. Have a lovely Wednesday!

12. Easy does it! Frenzy achieves but little. Slow, steady and consistence will get you to your desired goal faster than at a frenzied pace fraught with errors. Sure, the week’s almost over while so much is yet undone. But…Wednesday is just a reminder that you have just enough time to complete your task. Good morning. Have a splendid Wednesday.

13. Gosh, it’s Wednesday! A day of endless possibilities. The week has been horrible so far? Count your losses, retrace your steps and do things differently to get a different result. You have enough time to pull it off. Have a miraculous Wednesday!

14. Good morning. The sun is out shining with loads of promises about to be fulfilled. Brace up to grab yours. Have a great Wednesday ahead.

15. May your day be full of joy and your cup of testimony overflows. May all that has eluded you so far, come to you effortlessly by grace. Good morning. Have a great Wednesday.

16. Mondays show up full of frenzied activities; Tuesdays come rushing in with impossible tasks. Wednesdays are specially made in heaven for cooling down, getting calm and realising that one thing at a time with focus accomplishes much. Have a fruitful Wednesday.

17. A productive Tuesday produces a serene Wednesday. May you experience extraordinary peace and calm as you anticipate the thrill of a fun-filled or relaxing weekend. Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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18. Are you overwhelmed or stressed out by the previous days? Have no fear: Mr Fix it all Wednesday is here. Relax and allow things to work out as you handle one task at a time. Have a fulfilling Wednesday.

19. It’s not a hump day, it’s Wednesday. A day to reflect on the previous days’ accomplishments. A positive assessment is an indication to proceed; a shortfall calls for revision and improvised plans. Nothing is set in stone. Have an awesome Wednesday!

20. A daily dose of self-motivation is highly recommended for persistence in goal achievement. An extra dose is prescribed to push through this special day. You are half way there; don’t give up! Have an amazing Wednesday!

21. Weary and wary souls take a much needed break on Wednesday to refresh for a fresh start, idea or inspiration. Good morning. Have a refreshing Wednesday!

22. Challenges do not come to destroy us, but to test our capacity and resilience. Challenges are character builders for a future of excellence. When today seems overwhelmingly challenging, don’t give up. Better days are ahead. Have an amazing Wednesday!

23. Challenges are interesting life’s occurrences packaged to bring meaning to our lives and establish purpose. Without the darkness of the cloud, a shining star remains obscure under the glare if the sun. Good morning. Have a meaningful Wednesday ahead.

24. You have the capacity to transform your challenges into success. Overcome your challenges with your innate ability or skill. Do not be overwhelmed by them; you have all it takes to tackle them and move on to the next level. Good morning. Have a transforming Wednesday!

25. Enjoy the joys, thrills and triumphs Wednesdays have to offer along with its tenseness, trials and challenges. Every dark cloud has its silver lining; Wednesday is no exception. Have a lovely day. Good morning.

26. Wake up, pretty angel. It’s time to conquer the monsters of Wednesday to enjoy the treasure they bring. Good morning, love. Have a beautiful Wednesday.

27. It’s a beautiful morning to contemplate changing gears and moving in a different direction. If you keep doing things the same way, you can’t expect a different result. Consistently wrong needs the change that comes with a Wednesday. Have a great day.

28. Wednesdays are unique. You get to push its predecessors to the past while anticipating the thrill of the succeeding days. Good morning. Have a beautiful day

29. One amazing fact about Wednesday is that when you take positive action; you get positive result sooner or later; same as other days. The result is in doing with all enthusiastic energy. Have a lovely Wednesday.

30. The simplest way to tackle challenges is to prioritise. Determine what’s important, stick to it till a logical conclusion and eliminate the clutters. This is why Wednesdays are indispensable. Good morning. Happy Wednesday!

31. Wow, it’s Wednesday already! Stay positive: good things happen to good people. It’s the law of magnetic attraction. Good morning. Have an optimistic Wednesday ahead.

32. It’s hump day; keep going as far as you can. When you can go no further: pause, and take a rest. Then, continue until you get to your goal/destination. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Good morning.

33. Good morning. Any idea what day it is? It’s Wednesday! I plan to do something unusual on this beautiful day. I am going to have a great day; meeting unrealistic target and enjoying myself while at it. Have a remarkable Wednesday!

34. It’s Wednesday! For the gift of life, sound health, lovely friends, besotted family and gainful employment; be thankful. Have a carefree Wednesday!

35. Today is a divine gift, enjoy its blessings. Tackle its challenges, exploit its possibilities and overcome its troubles. Have an awesome Wednesday.

36. A beautiful day is here; enjoy its perks and triumphs. Disperse its negativity and let its drama play itself out without a wrinkle to your fine brow. Stay focused and keep evolving. Have a Wednesday free of stress.

37. It’s wellness Wednesday! Stay healthy! Be fit, be well and be focused! Consistently do what you ought to do to get to where you ought to be. Have a healthy Wednesday!

38. It’s a beautiful day. Follow your heart and believe in yourself. Love more, and stress less. Be a blessing to everyone that crosses your path. Happy Wednesday!

39. You are an awesome person. You are unique and special. You come from a limited version of a rare bleed. Keep on being amazing! Have a great Wednesday!

40. Stay positive and be positive. Where you want to be is quite close. Enjoy a positive Wednesday!

41. Your inner peace is under your control. Do not surrender leadership to forces bent on giving you bitter pills. Your peace; your choice. Have a peaceful Wednesday. Good morning.

42. The grass is always greener on the other side if you lose contentment. Appreciate what you have and aspire for what you desire. Do not allow the green monster called envy to shatter your dreams before they are realised. Envy is a friend close of misplaced priority, distraction is its first cousin and loss of focus, its brother. Good morning. Have an excellent Wednesday.

43. Wise and experienced eyes look for the hidden blessings in every hurdle. There’s always a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Keep digging. Good morning. Have an eventful Wednesday.

44. When all else has failed, hope will pull through for you. Whatever you do today, hold on tightly to your hope. Good morning. Have a bright Wednesday.

45. It may be dark now, but faith never sees the dark. It focuses on the brightness of the sun that’s sure to break through the dark cover of the night(trouble). Have faith: the storm is over. May your Wednesday be full of hope.

46. Good morning, sunshine. It’s a beautiful day; full of sunshine, hope and love. Rise up and bask in its aura of excellence. Have an amazing Wednesday.

47. Patience is a virtue learnt by adversity. Patience breeds joy and brings fulfillment. Do not be in too much haste to get to achieve your goal. Be patient with yourself. Good morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

48. Your comfort zone is your undoing. Dare to do the impossible: it’s your ticket out of mediocrity. Have a Wednesday full of daring achievement.

49. Don’t give up. Rest, if you must; but do not call it quits yet. You never know, your next step of action taken in faith will yield the breakthrough you so desired. Have an extraordinary Wednesday. Good morning.

50. A kind word sown in seasons saves a life. An act of kindness produces a ripple effect. Be an agent of change to those around you. What goes around, comes around. Good morning. Have a lovely Wednesday!

51. Good morning. Pleasant things always occur on Wednesdays. Be ready for extraordinary blessings today. Watch out!

52. You are what you say. You become what you think or believe. Today will be beautiful if you believe or say it is. Good morning. Have a distinguishing Wednesday.

53. When you take the high road of walking the extra mile, extraordinary results become the norms. Have a splendid Wednesday.

54. Do the things you fear and what you fear will fade into nothingness, and expect a specular result. Good morning, beloved. Have a spectacular Wednesday.

55. To move forward in life, you have to confront your fears and break the shackles of your insecurities. Your testimony awaits you on the other side of the fence. Enjoy a liberating Wednesday. Good morning.

56. Your handicap isn’t your physical disability or limitation. It’s in your mind. You are handicapped only,if you think you are. No physical disability can dissuade a winning heart. Good morning. Have a Wednesday free of limits.

57. In the march to success, Perseverance is the realisation that challenges are nothing but minor detours. Enjoy a promising Wednesday. Good morning.

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58. Early achievers or late starters; whatever it is, go for your dreams. Its better late than never. It’s never too late to become what you want to become. Have faith. Wish you a beautiful Wednesday.

59. Your happiness is in your hands. Break the unhealthy vicious cycle of despondency and depression. Be happy. Have a joyful Wednesday!

60. Set your goals and act on it. Therein lies your achievement when you are committed to acting daily in it. Good morning. Enjoy a Wednesday full of positive action.

61. Happy Wednesday! Time to focus on positive and inspiring thoughts. It’s a day excuses fail to work and it’s required of you to be motivated to excel.

62. It’s hump day! Thank God it’s Friday. It’s time to pack your renewable energy button at the fuel station. Refuel your power and head straight to the weekend at full steam. Have a powerful Wednesday!

63. Happy Wednesday! A positive mindset and a special treat of little breaks in between power meetings, conferences and tasks; will keep you effortlessly recharged.

64. Being on the right offers no guarantee of success if you don’t act. Being on the spot even while on the right track is an express invitation to get run over. Do you have good ideas? Work hard to make them work. Your success story is about to be written. Have a colourful Wednesday. Good morning.

65. When life’s challenges bring you down; it isn’t time to cry wolf or surrender leadership to failure. It’s time to keep your head high, chin up, smile like you have an ace up your sleeve. Being down isn’t been out. Have an awesome Wednesday!

66. One beautiful thing about Wednesday is that the job isn’t only halfway done, but it’s actually halfway to weekend and enjoyment galore. Enjoy your day. Good morning.

67. Change the world with your virtue of kindness, goodness and generosity. Don’t permit the world to change your virtue and values. Good morning. Have a lovely Wednesday.

68. Getting discouraged is easy when one’s best effort is frustrated. Pick yourself up, don’t give up. Nothing is over until it’s finally over. Your next move or effort might be the defining or turning point yet. Good morning. Have a beautiful Wednesday.

69. If nothing is working out for you right now, don’t throw in the towel yet. Hold on! Take a closer look: God is working behind the scenes. What He promised you, He still has every intention of bringing it to pass. Still keep faith alive on that issue. Good morning, have a splendid Wednesday!

70. Hey, it’s Wednesday! Time to stop talking about your problems and having a grasshopper mentality about your own ability to solve them. Choose to talk about your past triumphs, like David. This will give you the confidence to tackle and triumph over those challenges. Good morning, have a triumphant Wednesday!

71. Choices are powerful tools that determine the course of our destiny. Choices have consequences. We all have the free gift of personal choices: be careful not to make ones that will be detrimental to your progress. Make informed, wise, healthy and helpful choices today. Good morning. Enjoy a healthy Wednesday!

72. The past is history and irretrievably lost. Don’t travel backward or you’d be stuck in time. Move on! It’s a new day: embrace the new beginning. Good morning. Have a great Wednesday!

73. Life and time are world’s two teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the real value of life. Make hay while the sun still shines, but take time to enjoy the small pleasures life has to offer. It’s a beautiful Wednesday, go and do great exploits. Good morning!

74. We are humans with limited vision. No telescope can look into the future. Though we may not know what the future holds, we do know who holds the future: God. Therein, lies our confidence. Good morning, enjoy a blissful Wednesday!

75. Mistakes are part of our learning experiences that shape and groom us. They do not define us when we learn from them and move on. The frailty of human nature makes us vulnerable to error. Moving past them is the key to fulfillment. Good morning, have an awesome Wednesday!

76. Your vision is your motivator: feed it and keep it alive. In looking for encouragement from humans, you might end up getting discouraged to the point of giving up. Your vision, your responsibility! Have an enlightened Wednesday! Good morning.

77. When you get knocked down on every front by life’s adversity, you have to get back up again. God didn’t bring you this far to abandon you. Good morning. Enjoy a delightful Wednesday!

78. The Law of Attraction possesses the key to endless misery or unlimited joy. The choice is yours: what you think is what you get. Let your thoughts be positive and productive. Good morning, have a productive Wednesday!

79. Be thankful for the struggles you go through. They make you stronger and wiser if you allow them. What is meant to break you should mold and make you better. Good morning, have a nice Wednesday!

80. When your preparation meets with opportunity, outstanding success is the result. Your miracle is on the way: be prepared! Your preparedness opens your eyes to opportunities that exist or comes out of the blue. Good morning, have a miraculous Wednesday!

81. Happy Wednesday, stay positive! Wednesdays always bring smiles to relieve the stress of the previous days, in preparation for the second half of the week. Good morning.

82. When writing the story of your life, control the narrative by holding the pen. Do not concede the pen to anyone else. Be in charge: it’s your life! Good morning, enjoy a decisive Wednesday!

83. Happy Wednesday! It’s the best day of the week for celebration. The week is half gone already, along with its stress, tension and obstacles. Good morning, have a joyous Wednesday!

84. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Remain unshaken as you keep your dream and hope alive. Good morning. Have a beautiful Wednesday devoid of distractions.

85. When a door of blessing closes, turn your back to it and be vigilantly on the lookout for another opportunity or open door. Do not allow a close door blind your eyes to other open doors. Good morning, have an insightful Wednesday.

86. Wednesday will be awesome! So, wake up, sweetie. Put on a knowing and winning smile and take on the world, on this beautiful day. Good morning, love.

87. Wake up, sleeping beauty! It’s time to do great exploit. Go, rule and rock your world! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

88. Real and lasting joy is found in the power to extract happiness from common things. The choice is yours, be happy! Good morning, have a joyful Wednesday!

89. The best part of my Wednesday, is you, my precious darling. For that, I’m eternally grateful to God. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you today and forever. Good morning, have a delightful Wednesday!

90. You can never have a better tomorrow if you think yesterday was your best ever. Actually, no matter how great your past achievement is, your best is yet to come. Good morning, have an inspiring Wednesday!

91. Today, God will give you the keys to every closed door. May your season of celebration start now. All your oppressors will surrender to you in Jesus’ name. You are unstoppable from today. Good morning, have a Wednesday full of jubilation.

92. Today, the peak of others shall be your starting point. You shall be singled out for an uncommon favor in Jesus mighty name. Good morning and do have glorious Wednesday ahead.

93. Joy is a conscious decision to trust a dependable God with your unpredictable circumstances. God has been tested, proved and found worthy. Trust Him with your cares; you have no more care to worry about. Good morning, enjoy a carefree Wednesday!

94. Failure Is Not Final! Failure is not the end, it’s just a bend. Find your way round the bend to reach your goal. Failure isn’t a full stop; it’s just a coma. So, get up and make another attempt and another, keep on trying till you get there. You are only an outstanding failure when you quit. Don’t quit! Good morning, have a successful Wednesday!

95. May your day be full of smiles, love and happiness. May the Lord renew your strength and fill you with abundant energy. Have a blessed Wednesday! Good morning.

96. Have no fear, only believe. God is able. The Lord will do immeasurably, exceedingly and abundantly above all you ask or imagine; according to His power at work within you. Thank God it’s Wednesday! Good morning.

97. A dream will remain in fantasy land unless you do whatever is necessary to keep the ship moving until it lands in reality. Keep on working, till it works! Good morning. Have a fruitful Wednesday!

98. Today is the best day to start afresh. Tomorrow may be too late. Someday may never come, no time like the present. A thousand miles begin with the first step. Take that tentative step, the rest will fall in line. Good morning. Have a purposeful Wednesday!

99. To get ahead, you have to get started. Your step of faith and action will attract destiny helpers to your path. Good morning. Have a fulfilling Wednesday.

100. Be thankful it’s Wednesday. You are alive and well. The rest is a matter of time. May the Lord reward your hard work and diligence with good success. Good morning. Enjoy a peaceful Wednesday!

101. Success is never-ending. There are different levels of success: when you reach one, proceed to another. Failure is never final. The time or the method is wrong, that’s all. Whatever state you are, don’t give up. Keep trying. Good morning. Have a successful Wednesday!

102. Happy Wednesday! The pressure of work is considerably reduced. Time to start contemplating the fun that weekends offer. And yes, don’t daydream all day: your task is still awaiting your pleasure.

103. Depression takes hold of one who has given up hope while his gaze is firmly fixed on his troubles. Tear away your eyes from that which put you down and fix it on your strength, ability, potentials and everything that’s uplifting. It’s Wednesday, time to make a fresh move. Good morning.

104. Good morning. Today, may your aspirations and dreams come true. May the obstacles in your path be transformed to stepping stones to a greater height. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

105. Happy Wednesday! Look beyond today’s challenges and knotty issues. If you look hard enough, you’ll see something positive as the day unfolds. Let the positive vibes take over the mood. Good morning.

106. If today turns out to be one of the bad days, remind yourself that your track records reveal your ability to overcome even the worst of them. You are tough but to crack by knotty issues. Good morning, have a beautiful Wednesday.

107. Listen more, speak less. Learn wisdom even from the most foolish things. Sometimes answers aren’t found in the most conspicuous place. It hides in the simplest or overlooked places. Good morning. Have a Wednesday full of discovery!

108. Enjoy every great moment in your life. Treasure the memory of good times. In trying times, it is the anchor that will help you to treat life one day at a time and keep hope alive. May you find grace to excel at all times. Good morning, have an amazing Friday.

109. It’s Wednesday, don’t panic! Take a deep breath. Let go of your worry. Have faith. Keep your hope alive and watch the day unfold. The unraveling of your miracle is part of today’s agenda. Good morning, enjoy a miraculous Wednesday.

110. One day at a time might prove an impossible task on an impossible day like this. Take it a task at a time. A minute at a time. A meeting at a time and an obstacle at a time. What you fear may never appear. Let your anxiety be swallowed up by order and calm. Good morning, have a peaceful Wednesday.

111. Sometimes, the thing you fear is a figment of your imagination. Let go of fear, worry and anxiety. They bring only chaos and frustration. Relax, and have faith in your ability to tackle any problem that appears. Grace will speak for you. Good morning, have an awesome Wednesday!

112. It’s your life, hence your decision. You alone will experience the consequence of every choice you make. Choose wisely. Do not live your life to please others. Good morning, have a decisive Wednesday!

113. Living to please others is a licence to confusion, anxiety, and depression. Do not dab into it. Make up your mind and stand by your decision, unswayed by contrary wind of opinion.

114. Don’t waste today fixated on matters that will become irrelevant in a while. Don’t dwell too much in tomorrow; today’s trouble is sufficient for you. Good morning. Have a worry free Wednesday.

115. Be passionate about your work even when the reward or remuneration is but peanuts. Your passion will create the excellence that will make your work noticeable till it gets you to the level of reward you desire. The hands of the slack achieve nothing. Good morning. Have an excellent Wednesday.

116. Whatever the adversity you are going through, it will not last. Every problem has an expiry date. Hold on and have faith. This too shall pass. Have a lovely Wednesday. Good morning.

117. The darkest time is just before the dawn. That battle is most intense at the point of breakthrough. Don’t give up! Help is on the way. Have a pleasant day. Good morning.

118. Wednesdays are special. They are like Mondays in midweek. A gentle reminder to plod on with the mountain of work before you. Take a longing peep at the pleasures the beckoning weekend offers, but first, level the mountain of workload before you. Have a fruitful day. Good morning.

119. There’s no problem without a solution. When you are at your wit’s end; take a deep breath and ask God for divine help. The solution will elude you no more. Enjoy an awesome Wednesday. Good morning.

120. It’s super Wednesday! Work hard, but don’t give in to pressure, stress and anxiety. Take a break to enjoy the surprises and spontaneity the day offers. After you’re done chasing your dreams and smashing your goals…remember to live. Have a lively day. Good morning.

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