Trending Happy Inspirational Quotes

2024 Trending Happy Inspirational Quotes

Life can be most interesting when we find inspiration in almost everything. When you’re down, you need something to cheer you up; when you’re most vulnerable and feel everything’s crumbling, you need just one word to inspire you. Check this out for yourself:

Best Happy Inspirational Quotes

Best Happy Inspirational Quotes. Happiness Inspirational Quotes.

1. “Smile no matter the situation you find yourself presently. It says tomorrow is better.”

2. “Life may not come handy with you. What gain, however, do you get in telling the world on your face. Happiness in all situation is the key, my dear.”

3. “I lay in pain, I toil in agony, I eat in destitute. But no matter what, I wear a happy face because the future will always be bright.”

4. “Life is full of rough edges. You never know success without labour. The happier however you are, the faster you climb.”

5. “Smile, laugh, play, mingle. They make you look younger and attractive in all ramification. Life is too short to ignore these parts.”

6. “Dear Ninny, when it seems as though the world has abandoned you. Do not panic. Wear a simple smile and see how the world comes running back to you. Happiness is the key darling.”

7. “Behind every laugh is a hidden sorrow. Behind every smile is a pain; an agony undercover. But joy and happiness from the heart conceal all. It is therapeutic.”

8. “Joy is happiness revealed. Happiness is heaven on earth. that’s how it is for every time you choose to be happy.”

9. “To be happy is a choice. Whether you like it or yes, circumstances and challenges will always be there. Only joy can reduce its pain and stress.”

10. “It is something innate, a feeling I cannot explain. It is the excitement and sudden assurance that I feel. For a moment I hear the voice saying it shall pass. That’s happiness, my dear.”

11. “Don’t cry because you see it. Smile because it is over. And just like that, it becomes over. The power of happiness.”

12. “For every sixty seconds, you smile, you lose anger and pain. You avert misfortune and death.”

13. “Happiness brings inspiration. So instead of dying in anger because you are lost as to what to do in that situation. Get up, dust yourself and step out.”

14. “You are twice as happy as you make up your mind to be. Life cannot be any better without it.”

15. “You don’t need to keep sitting in that house when you are downcast. Get on the streets and you’ll see every reason to smile. Nature itself is happiness.”

16. “You think it is hard to smile when you’re in an unfriendly situation, clench a pencil to your teeth, and you’ll see just how easy it will come off.”

17. “If you can’t be happy for what you have now, how can you be happy for what is to come? Ungratefulness shuts the door to any success.”

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18. “I smile always because that is the only thing I’m best at. Life is happy and sweet living when you’re happy.”

19. “Happiness is meant for the moment. Thus, don’t let your past or the future define you. You make the most of the present.”

20. “Happiness can come from earning a fortune. But the best happiness comes from helping someone in need.”

21. “Never rely on anyone for your happiness and self-worth. You are independent and be that even amongst persons and you will find happiness.”

22. “Happiness is inbuilt and dormant. We activate it the moment we want to and at any time by ourselves. Happiness is personal.”

23. “People influence your living, but they do not define your personality. Live with happy people and let them influence you. It is a contagious feeling.”

24. “Accept who you are my dear: the good, the bad and the ugly. Make changes where you deem fit. Chase your dreams. Only then would you find joy and fulfilment.”

25. “What you have should not define your peace and joy. It is a product of choice. You can have nothing and still be charming because that’s who you decide to be.”

26. “Identify what makes you smile, what makes you laugh, what makes you cheerful and go for it. Never let suppressing feelings win the best part of you.”

27. “It is the die-hard feeling: Happiness is what drives me. Humanity backs me up.”

28. “For every minute you put a smile on someone’s face with the faintest smile, you are a hero. So don’t stop influencing that way.”

29. “I am younger and agile because all my years of living have been built on happiness. It is my watchword. It is my inspiration. I live and die by it.”

30. “You meet the worlds greatest minds when you keep an open mind by smiling. Smile even when you’re not supposed to, and the world will recognize you.”

31. “When you find yourself in a melancholic state at nights, step outside and let nature-grace your face and soothe your emotions. There is plenty of joy in nature.”

32. “Sometimes, you can find happiness without, sometimes you find it within. The best is the inner peace you find. It is long-lasting.”

33. “To be kind to all is one thing; to do it from your heart is another thing. There are secret peace and joy in the soul after the act.”

34. “Why most people fail is because they fail to imbibe the right attitude. The right attitude is birthed from being happy always. You are happy because you see positivity in everything.”

35. “Happy people yield bountiful results in time of flight. You just do it even when you are not sure and you experience success.”

36. “Happiness is the only flame lightening the world. Imagine a world full of anger and bitterness.”

37. “At the beginning of carrying out an idea, we get overly excited. When however we experience obstacle, we frown, and that’s the beginning of failure. Always have a positive look dear.”

38. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is. Happiness births good attitude which in turn births success.”

39. “Man is a product of love. Love is a product of joy. Joy is God.”

40. “Mind your company. Follow positive thinkers. Create your own path in life. Listen and love. And you will never know anger, sadness and vexation.”

41. “You become a great thinker when you become an ever happy young man/woman.”

42. “Life is extremely short, not just too short. Mind what you do, what you say. Just live a simple happy life.”

43. “In happiness and joy, you never bear grudges, you never offend people. Live is easy to live when you make yourself happy.”

44. “I’ll tell you something! Never rely on anyone for your joy. You are the source of your joy and liveliness.”

45. “Out of every 365 days of your life, at least, 300 should comprise happy memories. Then you can evaluate how well you have lived.”

46. “Show me a man who is always happy and I’ll show you a man who would live very long.”

47. “We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because life is easier laughing.”

48. “Don’t cry because it is overwhelming, smile because you are learning something new; because you are becoming stronger.”

49. “Everything we do in life is because we want to make life better; because we want to live heaven on earth.”

50. “What is freedom? It is an absolute state of living free; where the body, mind and soul are unified with joy unspeakable.”

51. “There is more to life. you begin to only see it when you become a joyous person.”

52. “Do what you like doing best when you like doing best. It would help boost your conducive joyous atmosphere.”

53. “Happiness is not a myth. Joy is not a fantasy. You can live the rest of your days on an ecstasy filled world. If you dream it, you can achieve it.”

54. “When one door closes, another opens. That is the joy of living.”

55. “There is no end of the world. It is unhappy people that see life’s end because they give up too easily on themselves.”

56. “Stop looking at a closed door. Look away and you will see another route of escape.”

57. “Life is ten per cent of happens to you, but ninety per cent of your attitude towards it. You either choose to be happy and get out of that situation or not.”

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58. “True happiness emerges when you begin to look at the positives around you, forgetting the past and living in the present.”

59. “Time you enjoy partying is not time wasted. Imagine what life would become without harps, drums and keyboards.”

60. “There are three essentials to living a life worthy: love, hope and above all joy.”

61. “Any happy person is absolutely worthy of any person. They look young and fresh.”

62. “What makes me happy is totally from what makes you happy. Find your muse and get it right.”

63. “Sometimes, the moment you stopped just to be, rather than do, is a flush of emotions and encouragement.”

64. “Words are a powerful tool. You want to be careful of the words you use if you want to be happy and live long.”

65. “My mission in life has never been to survive. It has been to make the most out of life, giving myself the most pleasurable treat.”

66. “Our greatness lies not in the number of wealth we have been able to acquire. They lie in how well we’ve been able to make ourselves smile amidst storms and rains.”

67. “What a wonderful way to live one’s life; a life filled with joy and hope. You wake up every morning because it is the dawning of a new beginning leaving the past behind.”

68. “Yesterday is the definition of history. Today is the definition of hope and life of joy.”

69. “When we realize how great of a personality we are, it is then we find happiness and thus, see solutions to every problem.”

70. “Misery, anger and pain are what you get from being hopeless and unhappy in life. there is so much closed doors because you have chosen despondency.”

71. “Joy drives us, happiness burns our passion.”

72. “Greatness is not achieved through anger, desperation and pain. It is borne out of hope.”

73. “That I have been unhappy is not what has kept me living, it is the brightness of my future in delight.”

74. “God is hope. God is peace. God is joy. God is life.”

75. “Peaceful people are happy people. Embrace peace.”

76. “Live a life with a good conscience. Eat well. Play well. And you will see life is good.”

77. “You know at a point, we font notice whether it is rain or sunshine because we are happy. Anything and everything is good.”

78. “Success In life is when you’ve been able to make the people around you and the ones you meet every day happy.”

79. “Happiness and comfort are what you get from living a life filled with service to humanity.”

80. “Success is joy fulfilled. Joy fulfilled is life fulfilled.”

81. “You become the centre of attraction when you embrace joy, comfort and happiness.”

82. “The worst has happened when you see yourself drowning in shadows. The best will happen when you smile.”

83. “You want to smile, lie down in nature and begin to count the stars. You will see there are many of them.”

84. “The key: if you aren’t grateful for what you have, you can’t be hopeful for what the future holds.”

85. “So I wake up in the morning, say thank you Lord smiling and the rest of my day is glorious.”

86. “Just because you get a NO is not a reason to stop. You only stop to smile, think and strategies.”

87. “Don’t rumple your face, don’t squeeze it, they scare good and potential people around.”

88. “Life is very simple. Your choice to be sorrowful makes it hard.”

89. “You can always try again after failure at first attempt. Smiling makes it easier you know it.”

90. “Give someone you bread and water. Saving a soul is what keeps you alive and hail.”

91. “Having mercy and compassion is what gives you joy and freedom. Self-has never paid.”

92. “My mother is a happy woman because she sacrifices everything for everybody. You want to do the same if you want to be happy.”

93. “The biggest adventure you can begin is discovering what makes a man happy. You realize life is a product of joy.”

94. “In life, change is unavoidable, loss is inevitable. Attitude is everything, however. Happiness makes it easy.”

95. “Share with your friends your best and worst memories, and you’ll see the magic. Joy and hope are contagious.”

96. “Learn to value yourself, which means learn to be comfortable and happy with yourself.”

97. “Happiness births inspiration. Inspiration is wisdom mediated.”

98. “The best medication you can give yourself is to choose to be happy. It is the force of life.”

99. “All courage, all zeal, all fulfilment is gotten because you choose to be grateful.”

100. “I love joy. I love peace. I love life because joy gives me peace untold in the storm.”

101. “Man is a product of love and peace. You begin to miss it in life when you fall out of love. Love breeds happiness.”

102. “Humans will always need themselves in every situation. Embrace smile and you will find help in every direction.”

103. “If you want to be successful in life, stay away from anger, strive and sadists. Emotions are contagious.”

104. “There’s no mountain insurmountable with the right attitude. From a lively spirit comes best attitudes.”

105. “The greatest men and women on earth became so from great ideas birthed from the place of good spirit and good cheer.”

106. “Love is the language stronger than hate; it needs no weapon. Just smile.”

107. “Stop self, embrace selfless activities. They keep you alive and cheerful. It is the greatest service to man.”

108. “The good you do today creates a path for you tomorrow. It creates a life of peace, good cheer, and, merriment.”

109. “People favour you when you favour them. Keep an open profile.”

110. “What you built with years of sleepless night could come crashing down with just a single flip of an angry look. Watch it.”

111. “If I know you and don’t look after you, walk away I may be too dangerous for you.”

112. “Love people. Help people. Play with people. It is the only way out of the real troubled life.”

113. “I forgive you not because I need to, but because I love you as myself. We can be happy together in life when we take it upon ourselves to care for others.”

114. “Give the world the best of shots when needed. Know your limits but never stop living your life. it is what keeps you hearty.”

115. “For every minute you’re happy, the universe stops to bow at you. Everything seems suddenly easy.”

116. “Say NO when you need to say no. Say YES when you need to say it. It never means you from being jovial or uncaring. It only means you have principles.”

117. “Love is when all that matters to you is making that one person happy; putting smiles on that same person.”

118. “Being happy is a choice. you choose who you want to be in the end.”

119. “It is hard to forget pain and heartbreaks. It is those happy and cheering moments of our lives that ease the pain.”

120. “The only string you want to pull so hard is laughter. It wells from a clean and sanctimonious heart.”

121. “From work comes wealth, from conscience and human empathy springs pleasure, from service, come joy untold.”

122. “You will never find happiness if you keep searching desperately. Live your life thinking of others and you will find it.”

123. “It is one air I breathe in; it is the food I wish to continue eating; it the wine I never want to be parted with a life of good cheer.”

124. “Have you ever notice the relief and peace of mind you feel every time you laugh a good laugh? That’s the power of embracing joy.”

125. “Life has never been smooth living. You find thorns and thistles in every turn, but a cheerful heart makes light the stress.”

126. “It is death and sorrow that embraces a man of closed lips.”

127. “You know there is no limit to being good. Just be good because people will keep talking. But that can only bring the angel in you.”

128. “Be content. Be comfortable with the life you live now. You never know what the future holds for you.”

129. “Happiness is a lifetime commitment when you decide to dive in. it is the only thing that gives you hope.”

130. “When you begin to dwell on the past and how you could turn back the hands of time, you can never see happiness.”

131. “The only way of finding your limitations is going higher on the ladder of life. A cheerful heart keeps you up there.”

132. “Why choose to be unhappy when you can find paradise everywhere. You only need to look around dear.”

133. “Hardship and sufferings make you stronger. You don’t need to be unhappy at all. After one phase comes another.”

134. “The two most important thing you should consider while going out in the day: the prints you leave in peoples heart, and the joy you get.”

135. “That situation you think is the worst, someone else might be passing a tougher one and still be hopeful. There is always a reason to smile amidst storms.”

136. “You waste time living someone else’s life. live yours and you will ever be happy.”

137. “Accept no one’s definition of you. You are the definition you give yourself. Embrace it and live joyously.”

138. “Never let anyone coax you into silence. Never let any talk you into depression. Good cheer has always paid. Stay away from them. Run if you can.”

139. “The best and the most beautiful thing in this world is finding an ever cheerful heart. They give you inspiration and hold you strong.”

140. “When you live in the present, you live out your fears; leaving the past behind and relying on a future filled with hope when you smile.”

141. “Take some time out to laugh, take some time out to play. Life shouldn’t be too serious with you.”

142. “Now and then, it is good to pause in our pursuit of life. Take a time to love, to appreciate and be happy, and then continue.”

143. “People will forget what you did, the achievements you made. But they will remember how you made them feel.”

144. “Be excited about what you expect, be hopeful for the future ahead, be grateful for the life you live now.”

145. “When you realize the world has everything you want, you’ll begin to appreciate life anew. Everything in the universe is a gift, even to the life you live.”

146. “Money cannot buy you happiness, people cannot give you joy. Peace, joy and happiness are in you. Begin to look inwards.”

147. “Life is joy in everything it offers. It either makes you grow or gives you pleasure.”

148. “You never can no what gladdens a man’s heart, nevertheless, don’t stop at your good, because soon, it would find you.”

149. “Tension is in zeal to make life better. A heart that does things with relaxation never gets tired and remains at peace.”

150. “Life is about achievements; leaving your footprints in the hearts of men. It is the smile you put that they remember.”

151. “Are you searching for love, stop already. Love finds you at the point of service. And love is peace.”

152. “The strongest man on earth for me is that man who can draw spring of joy and gladness of heart from life’s many darts.”

153. “Amongst the most important wants, you will have to find: love, peace, understanding and Good humour. They will keep you. They will guide you.”

154. “Happiness is all that a man has ever wanted. He toils to get it. He fights to get it. He kills to acquire it.”

155. “Sometimes, we never can tell the mystery behind laughter; behind joy and good humour. I feel it is just what nature has decided to endow us with.”

156. “Happiness is a state of merriment; a point when your heart thinks nothing but life’s fragrance.”

157. “You never can run out of peace and good cheer when you embrace love. What is love? It is putting others before you.”

158. “Joy is a mystery. Love is a mystery. Good humour as well is. Every good thing nature has to offer is a mystery.”

159. “The expression of self-respect in all ramification gains you honour and gladness of heart.”

160. “If you start thinking of the one thousand and one problems out there, you never can be happy. Ignore them. Act like they don’t exist, and they truly will not exist.”

161. “Happiness cannot be traded for anything whatsoever. Good conscience breeds happiness. A man with a clean heart lives in peace.”

162. “You want to live right and long, embrace goodwill, shun evil and corruption and your heart will be at peace for the rest of your days.”

163. “Happiness is a personality. Good cheer is a trait. Build yourself inwards and it will naturally reflect outward.”

164. “The moment we begin to realize that happiness and love is everything. Our attitude in life soon changes.”

165. “Focus on the vision that lay before you. Do not stop by the left or turn to the right. Finish it and finish strong. Then, you will find joy and peace. You will find happiness.”

166. “How do you describe a man who looks at all his problems and smiles, grinning widely? He is the great man everyone searches for I tell you; a deliberate man in love and finding true happiness.”

167. “The universe and everything in it protect you the moment you start setting out to help others: the young, the old, the feeble, the weak, the lack.”

168. “Happiness increases by sharing with others. Let others share and celebrate in your success.”

169. “Thousands of people out there have failed, and now live a life hopeless and without a future because they’ve decided to remain in their weakness. Success and self-appreciation are borne out discovering yourself.”

170. “The best remedy for those living in fear of the unknown plays. Nature cures every form of depression.”

171. “Do you know the price given to a man of service and mighty valour? Joy, Peace, Rest of mind and Long life.”

172. “Sometimes, you just need to step out to the balcony and breathe in some air. It clears your mind. It restores happiness lost.”

173. “Life is short. It will be shorter when you stand to achieve nothing by being unhappy.”

174. “As long as you’re human, you’ll offend people, people will offend you. You’ll see life, life will see you. But the best you make out of it will keep you happy and fit.”

175. “In our lives, change is inevitable, loss is inevitable either. Our attitude to everything, however, rewrites our stories. Joy stems up.”

176. “Taking life deliberately and consciously making ourselves happy is what can make us survive the adventure.”

177. “Live every day practising. Live every day trying. Live every day exploring. It brings out the beauty in you. It sets your life in harmonious rhythm.”

178. “Choose with no regrets; do what you like doing best. Make friends. Meet new people every day. And you will see life is such fun living.”

179. “Live with the intention of living and making best out of life. die with a heart of fulfilment and joy, and you will meet heaven.”

180. “Never regret showing kindness to others no matter the ill response you get. What goes around surely come around.”

181. “Dream big. Follow the dream. Pursue life freely. But never leave the place of joy and peace.”

182. “When you are selfless, the world stands for you. Happy art thou.”

183. “Happiness can be a wish. Happiness can be a dream. Happiness can be real. Happiness can be living itself. It is what you define it to be that it becomes to you.”

184. “Man is a product of love and true happiness. God created him in life and fullness of joy.”

185. “Money should never be your god or your source of joy. You find essence and true happiness when you look within.”

186. “Happiness helps you endure. It helps you tolerate others. It helps you live a life of forgiveness.”

187. “Confidence is joy found in self-discovery. Ability to trust yourself beyond limitation.”

188. “I love others because I find happiness in doing so. Choose wisely your best counsel.”

189. “Everyone has a story to tell. Yesterday becomes history when you treat issues with the right state of mind in joy.”

190. “You learn to be happy when you begin to treat and see yourself as a Queen, a royalty and someone unique.”

191. “Choose to remember the memories that kept you smiling. They go a long way in encouraging and lifting your spirit.”

192. “Sadness and hardship is a far cry from those who know embrace and choose to be happy no matter what.”

193. “Even the happy ones find it difficult at some point in their lifetime. The difference, however, is their attitude and choice.”

194. “Don’t give up. Look forward. Focus on the price ahead and you will naturally find happiness.”

195. “If you live in peace with others, you can hang out with people as well without fear.”

196. “Happiness is the difference you make in one’s life per hour per day.”

197. “Happiness is not always having what you desire. Sometimes, it is appreciating that little you have.”

198. “Happiness makes living desirous and worth it.”

199. “Life is not a platter of gold. It can be a platter of gold however when we choose to embrace hard work and good cheer.”

200. “Happiness is finishing strong that task set before you. It the flush of emotions that comes welding after fulfilling one thing.”

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